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On pregnancy:

“I felt very maternal around eight months,” she remembers. “And I thought I couldn’t become any more until I saw the baby. . . . But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child. I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door. And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn’t think about my own pain. . . . We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication.”

Giving birth:

“My family and my closest people were there when I gave birth,” she says. “Everything that scared me just was not present in that room. So for me to really let go and really appreciate every contraction . . . it was the best day of my life.”

On the rumor she used a surrogate:

“That was very odd. Who even thinks that? Like, who would make that up. . . . You can’t take it too seriously.”

… says Beyonce in Vogue.

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  • Leila

    Nice pictures

    • Powwow

      Yes! Biased because I’m her NUMBER ONE FAN and she can do no wrong in my eyes tbh lol but in the second pic she look amazing! I love her darker hair and eyebrows too 🙂

      • artemis

        way better than the light blonde

        • kbaby

          @artemis and powwow: I disagree. Her hair being darker makes her look slightly older. If she had the black roots and blonde her or her signature blonde hair, she would look fresh to death!

  • misscheeks
    I’m just here for the impending “she’s a wannabe white” and surrogacy comments!

    • Junior

      lol! I have no understanding of how someone can want to look white and try to execute it by dying their hair blonde or “lightening” their skin. You still have color on your skin. And white races aren’t the only races with natural blonde heads. Dying your hair blonde doesn’t make your skin look any less “colored”….

      • serena

        Misscheeks It’s not that she *literally* wants to be white (as in European descent) but that some minorities are pressured to “white wash” their features to fit Hollywood standards. I know a 20 yr old Korean model who was told to have blepharoplasty to be more attractive (this eyelid surgery is common in Asia). A blonde weave and lighter skin doesn’t make Beyonce “white” but it lightens her features to bring her closer to the European norm. Many successful black women in Hollywood are mixed (Rihanna, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Tyra, Beyonce, etc). Women who don’t fit this mold are relegated to playing the “sassy black lady” for comic relief. Alex Wek is very successful model but can you imagine someone who looks like her being casted as the lead in a romantic comedy?

        • Winnie

          Rihanna’s not mixed. her dad is just of a lighter complexion.

          • serena

            On wiki it says her dad is part Irish. This could be wrong, but regardless she has green eyes and a lighter complexion, just like Tyra Banks and other women Hollywood holds up as the black standard of beauty. If you’re American I’m sure you realize many African Americans are mixed with white and native American ancestry due to hundreds of years of slavery and the 1-drop rule. For example Beyonce is creole and in the L’Oreal ad listed her ancestry as French and African.

          • Winnie

            oh yeah, I’m not American, but I’m not disgareeing with your point. but i just think it’s funny if Rihanna is considered “mixed” because her dad is part–not even half–Irish, yet her brother is simply considered black. same with Tyra Banks, both of her parents are black. sure there is probably European lineage down the line, but that’s the case with a large group of people. she said on her show once that people would ask her if she and her brother had the same parents because he is dark and she is light. my dad is part Turkish and Portuguese and he and his brothers really dark while my aunts are really light. all of us consider ourselves black. i don’t think it would ever cross anyone’s mind to ask my uncles if they were mixed, but my aunts/grandma get it all the time (my grandma actually is though).

          • serena

            I see your point but just because someone is black doesn’t mean they’re not mixed. Obama is black and often called the first African-American president but his mom was white. It’s just a made-up label! My point was only that minority women often feel pressured to change their features to fit a more caucasian beauty standard. Not just black women, but east asians, indians, etc. I’m not white either and this is just something I’ve observed, but I don’t want to go too off-topic because we’re not talking about Beyonce anymore lol.

          • Observer

            @serena: yeah don’t want to go OT either but I disagree with you that nonwhite women are pressured to adapt to more Caucasian features. I think they CHOOSE to do so. They do it either because they follow rituals they see on TV advertised for white women without thinking if it suits them, or they want to do it because they feel it looks better for themselves, or because (and I’ve seen this a lot) their men seem to be partial to white women and pay them more attention, which really isn’t whites’ problem or fault, it’s that group’s problem as one should appreciate their own before anything else.
            On Beyonce: despite how she claims to be a proud black woman it appears she doesn’t mind when she’s portrayed as more caucasian in shoots and in real life. Her choice, she just doesn’t want to present herself with her more natural features.

          • Winnie

            oh, okay. i took your “mixed” comment to mean “biracial looking”. because that’s a pretty prevalent standard of beauty in black Hollywood. well, for women anyway. most popular black male actors are of darker complexions.

          • misscheeks

            Winnie, I don’t know why I always assumed you were American lol. I remember us having a discussion about football (Messi vs Ronaldo and some other randomness haha) I’m curious to know where you’re from now cos I’m not American either. 🙂

          • serena

            @Observer Well they choose to out of pressure, don’t they? Though I’m sure some of it is simply about wanting to look pretty and experiment with different hair and eye colors – nothing wrong with that. Pressure from within Beyonce and Aishwarya Ray, an Indian actress, were noticeably lightened in the L’Oreal ads and they got criticized for this.

          • Winnie

            lol yeah i remember that’s discussion. it’s so hard to find a fellow female footy connoisseur. anyway, I’m from Canada 🙂

          • misscheeks

            Ah Canadians are possibly the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with (for my job)! 🙂

        • binks

          I get what you are saying but Creole is NOT a race. Racially Beyoncé is black like many of the other women you listed in Hollywood besides Alicia Keys and Halle Berry (who identifies as black but racially are biracial) regardless of their skin tone or features. I find it funny that when it comes to black stars or other stars of color that there is always a debate to break them down so they won’t be viewed as “just black” or whatever. I remember getting into a heated argument with someone that was practically yelling how Gabrielle Union wasn’t “just black” but mixed. I am not arguing that these women don’t have a mixture of heritages (who doesn’t especially in America) but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that they are black. But I do agree that there is a racial hierarchy within Hollywood, have been for years, when it comes to people of color and who will be successful base on their looks/features. As for the cover, it’s kind of underwhelming by it and her quotes.

          • Winnie

            i agree with you 100% binks

          • serena

            Binks, I didn’t say creole was a race. Nor did I claim those women aren’t “black”; I said that they’re lighter complected and mixed. You seem to think race is a rigid scientific concept rather than a made-up concept that varies across culture. Obama, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry, Rashida Jones all have 1 White parent and yet all 4 are “Black” because of an antiquated concept called the 1-drop rule. Again, my point is not to start a debate about race here, but to point out the color bias in Hollywood. As for Beyonce – I thought she looked stupid with her platinum blonde wig. Brown hair suits her.

          • binks

            @Serena I get what you are saying but what does having a light complexion does with being mixed? You can have a dark complexion and be mixed. I know race is a social construct and that SOME people hold to the 1 drop rule but at the same time the people you name just now with 1 white parent identify THEMSELVES as black. At this point it is like the chicken or egg is it how others view them or how they view themselves but at this point it is all moot 🙂

        • binks

          @Observer your observation is very oversimplify and off the mark and reeks of selective privilege of what you choose to see and believe. The issue serena is referring to has been happening in Hollywood for years amd even today. So no it is not a choice but a necessary evil a lot of black stars take because in order to be deemed mainstream people in Hollywood want black stars or other races of stars to look a certain way.

          • Powwow

            @Binks Perfect comment to ‘Observer’

          • misscheeks

            Binks I agree 100% I love you for this comment, you’re way more articulate than I am haha! 🙂

    • Junior

      Oh, and lol at your pic: “Oh boy 3am!” 😀

      • misscheeks

        Heheh Junior!

    • misscheeks

      I was being sardonic with that comment you guys. And no offense Serena, but you’re preaching to the choir here :)! As a black woman who has studied Hollywood and the media extensively I know exactly what you’re talking about. Did you know Whitney Houston’s debut album cover was criticised as being “too ethnic” (for white audiences- *food for though Observer* because her “natural” (non-wigged up) hair was on display?…she wore wigs ever since (before she died obviously :(). And Observer, your comment is so wonderfully naive, I don’t know where to start. I can safely so you don’t know what you’re talking about, at all. I’ll stop now before I say something unladylike…¬_¬

  • mary

    cool outfits.
    but i cannot stand this arrogant overrated woman

    • JennI

      I feel the same. She always seems to think of herself as royalty or something.

      • linda

        +1 Kim K may have to defend her title as the ultimate narsissist.

      • Mia

        Ugh. It doesn’t help that all these magazines treat her like royalty. I am so sick of seeing her everywhere. Every cover she gets goes directly to her head…it’s only natural.

    • lc

      I’m sick of her and think she is arrogant and overrated too. WAY overrated.

  • Hannah

    I just don’t get that. From watching One Born Every Minute and hearing friend’s horror stories I don’t understand how you could ever shut yourself off from that pain!

    • Brenda

      you can. It’s really not that bad once you surrender to the pain and not fight it. (I’ve had 2 kids)

      I thought it was super sweet how she was talking about communicating with her baby… like they were opening a “heavy door” together. haha.. cute

    • heathers

      Absolutely you can! Many women get so worked up months before that by the time they hit the delivery room they’re freaking the F out and making things worse. I had such a peaceful amazing delivery it was absolutely empowering. All natural… and YOUNG. Definitely possible 🙂

    • Powwow

      But you CAN meditate pain away.. The human mind is an incredible thing and in other cultures people meditation during pregnancy is normal. I know people who had a good experience whilst giving birth without pain medication.

    • Anastasia.

      The difference is those women are actually pregnant. It’s a lot harder to push out an actual baby, then it is to remove a prosthetic bump lolll.

  • MissMarilyn

    She’s gorgeous!!

  • Jacky Daniels

    well she is pretty.

  • marie

    Perhaps the folks who have watched you go from black to white, thick to Photoshopped thin to the fold in stomach and “I lost a million pounds”? Is anything real about this women at all?? Give me Kelly over this creation any day.

    • Powwow

      Boob job Kelly? lol

      • lillaliket

        Kelly is very open about that though!

      • Junior

        Did she (Kelly) also have a nose job or is that just a rumor??

    • Winnie

      i don’t know why everyone is so quick to give Kelly so much praise. Kelly’s also had her nose done, her boobs done, and her skin is noticeably lighter than before as well. plus her wigs are horrible a lot of the time. not cutting Beyoncé any slack, but they’re both fake, so appearance wise they’re one and the same to me. i prefer Kelly simply because she’s more down to earth.

      • Powwow

        Kelly has NOT had her skin lightened.
        Her style and the amount if makeup she uses has changed and she probably uses acid peels like most women but there’s no proff that she’s used ‘skin lightening’ treatments.
        If you’re a Black women, then you should know that dark skin also changes during the seasons! If you’re not, then please stop assuming that everyone wants to be white and accept that minority’s tan too and that hormonal changes can also change skin colour slightly.
        I’m so sick of every Black women being accused of bleaching their skin. Kerry Washington was accused of it and then everyone said she got darker, like wtf people, maybe she’d been to Hawaii!!??!

        • Winnie

          actually, i AM a black woman and as someone who lives in Canada and is noticeably darker during the summer months, i can spot a tan when i see one, thank you very much. HOWEVER, it is painfully obvious that her skin has gotten lighter recently. and don’t even start with that “seasons” change bs, because as far as i know, Kelly’s been in the game for over a decade now, and has only recently been appearing lighter, but i gues this must have been the first winter she’s been through, huh? save it.

          i don’t understand how someone could go from looking like this:

          to this:

          to now this:

          and have people still claim that it wasn’t intentional. the delusion is way too real. she may not have used creams or whatever else, but she definitely went out of her way to have something done to alter her complexion, whether you want to admit it or not. and since you mentioned make-up, in MAC terms, you don’t go from NW50 to NC45 from summer to winter, much less overnight.

          and for the record, i never accused Kelly of trying to be white. on the contrary, she embraces the fact that she is a black woman, unlike Beyoncé who goes out of her way to remind everyone that she is “Creole” and therefore part “Native” and “French. Kelly just did what she had to do to get ahead in the industry, and it worked for her because nobody was checking for her before those nose jobs.

          • Powwow

            The GQ picture didn’t open for me but regardless, the first two pics are show like the darkest pic of her I’ve ever seen lol she must’ve been super tanned. I’m not a fan of hers but seriously think that people just like to stir up fail she rumors. When did she change colour ‘overnight’? I don’t use MAC because that sh*t is wayy too thick for my young skin but I have gone up THREE shades in Bobbi Browns foundation in like two weeks in the summer so it’s not ‘painfully obvious’ to me. It is obvious that she uses a hell of a lot of makeup and that she even gets her body sprayed with it but I haven’t seen any proof of skin lightening treatments so I don’t believe that she’s had any.

          • Winnie

            @Powwow, maybe you’re right, maybe Kelly does spray on foundation that’s 5 shades too light for her complexion all over her body. who knows! all i know is that to me, she’s looked lighter recently than she has in the past few years and i don’t think that’s a coincidence

            p.s. the gq picture is just her at the grammies this past weekend

        • Bree

          I know what you mean, I have to change my foundation color when it’s summer time to a darker shade and a lighter shade during the winter/Fall. Also a lot of the times it could be the setting of the camera and the flash. I’ve notices in some of my school pictures that I looker lighter in others and darker in others. People are so quick to judge.

  • sarah

    OMG I can’t stand how much she’s fake.
    She’s everywhere right now and no one understands that she’s just acting and pretending to be down to earth.
    Anyway,I don’t believe the rumors about the fact that she had a surrogated.

  • sarah

    OMG I can’t stand how much she’s fake.
    Anyway,I don’t believe the rumors about the fact that she had a surrogated.

    • jjj2

      This isn’t really a rumor. But it all stems from the fact that she had NO baby bump at all during her first 4 months of being ‘pregnant’, posed in skimpy outfits on stage, wore corsets, and then didn’t show any evidence of a baby bump until being 5 months pregnant. Then she walks out on a talk show and while sitting down, her baby bump folds. You have to sit differently when you are pregnant because you can’t bend forward.. The baby is in the way! But with a fake baby bump, it’s easy then it folds.

      Here is a photo of her 3 months pregnant:

      Here is a photo of her 4 months pregnant:

      Here is is all of a sudden at 5 months pregnant:

      • PinkLadi

        I’m kind of over this whole Beyonce surrogate hoopla but I just wanted to say that it is actually not uncommon for women not to show up until their 5th month of pregnancy, especially if it’s their first time being pregnant. Many women do notice that they “pop” at a certain point and start showing when before they hadn’t at all. Have you heard of the tv show “I didn’t know I was pregnant”? Those are extreme cases but it goes to show that you don’t have to have a baby bump early on, or at all in some of their cases, to carry a healthy baby to term. Honestly, there are plenty of forums online where women discuss their pregnancies, including the progression of their baby bumps and everyone’s experiences are varied. So Beyonce’s bump, lack of a bump, sudden appearance of a bump, etc. doesn’t really prove anything, imo.

        • swissmiss

          When I was pregnant, I could easily hide my bump until week 20, I didn’t even buy maternity clothes before 6 months and I’m not the very skinny type of girl, without hips and stuff. I’m a pear and I thought I would show earlier. Beyonce was really fit at that time esp. in her stomach area. The muscles in your stomach slide to the side during the pregnancy in order to let the bump grow. If you are very toned, you are more likely to show later.

          The whole surrogate story was entertaining for a while, but come on, it’s getting old and all these pictures don’t proof anything. How do you know, that these pics show her exactly at that time of her pregnancy? Also, there is heavy Photoshop involved in every picture. She could also have had an arm missing, we would never find out 😉

          • Anna

            I agree, this debate is getting rather old. I read however that she apparently shows her bare belly at 9 months in her new documentary.

        • Mrsbee

          When I was pregnant I didn’t show until I was 7 months. Prior to that no one could tell at all! Beyonce is probably similar

        • jjj2

          In every case I have seen of women who didn’t know they were pregnant, they were very overweight to obese. All women are different and I suppose it is possible that a mildly overweight women could pop late too.

          She is clearly is not overweight and thus I don’t see how the baby could hide until being 5 months pregnant. Adapting a child is a beautiful thing, why lie about it and give stories about how great it is to give birth.

          • misscheeks

            Trust me jj2 that’s what I used to think too until I saw that show “I didn’t know I was pregnant.” One lady was a size 2 all throughout her pregnancy and she had a totally flat stomach in her last semester, in fact she was running pretty much everyday day until she had her baby. So it’s definitely possible for that to happen even if you’re slim.

      • misscheeks

        Lol jj2 when my mum had her first child, she didn’t have a bump til 7 months.

        • okoko

          But did her bump FOLD??

          • lc

            Lol AND collapse…cave in…

          • Junior

            I really would’t be surprised if she was wearing padding to exaggerate the bump. Performers are supposed to give people what they want to see and maybe she/the people around her felt like it would be disappointing if she was one of the many women who don’t show until much later. But that’s just my view.

          • misscheeks

            But she wasn’t enhancing it with padding either…

        • Paisley

          I think she had padding on. I have HBO Go and in the preview for her doc you see a small bump. Maybe she shows more later…but I know she at least shows a small bump in the beginning.

  • Pixie

    Gorgeous woman! She looks amazing in this shoot! 🙂

  • Mary

    I just don’t like her anymore…

  • Jay

    i really don’t get why everyone hates on beyonce so hard. she’s beautiful, talented, and has a great work ethic. while i hate the direction she’s taken with her music lately, i still respect the hell out of her.

    • Casey

      I don’t either.

      She is a little arrogant, but I also like the fact that she seems to be and encourage being a strong woman without being a femi-Nazi, she IS talented, both vocally and performance-wise, and I do think she’s beautiful but I guess that part is subjective.

      Idk, I think it has just become really popular to hate on her because she’s so successful and has that “Yeah I know it” attitude about it.

      • Paisley

        I agree. I think her all female band is awesome. There is a great article about it…but I am not sure if we are allowed to link to other blogs. But if you google “Beyonce all female band” it is the first thing that comes up.

      • AnnieC

        I’d like to encourage you to be pro-women by removing the hateful term “femi Nazi” from your vocabulary. That term was coined by a hateful, deceitful man. Equating women fighting for basic rights to those monsters who murdered millions of people during the worst war this planet has ever seen is ignorant, coarse and unnecessary. Don’t forget – the women who came before us fought for our rights to vote, have financial and educational rights and make our way in this world, unhampered by our gender.

    • Junior

      I don’t get the hate either. Except that I know that people love having someone that they can hate, whether they know them or not.

    • Winnie

      i don’t like her because i feel like she’s always been overrated and overexposed, ever since her Destiny’s Child days. i didn’t really mind then, until i saw an interview with the three of them and it all went downhill from there. first of all, she was pretty much the only one who talked. God knows why, because she sounds like a complete dolt. vapid, cliché, absolutely boring, made no sense, and just sounded DUMB. i remember when Wendy Williams, said she had the vocabulary of a third-grader or something, and received a lot of blacklash, but it’s true! lots of celebrities chose to forego basic education to pursue their careers and you’d never guess, but Beyoncé is uneducated and it shows! i actually cringe whenever i hear her speak. this hasn’t gotten any better with age so i guess she’s what you call, for lack of a better word “basic”.

      so while i enjoy her music from time to time and “respect her hustle” as a recording artist, i can’t get over the fact that her personality kinda sucks. it also kind of grates my nerves that people assume that because i’m a black girl, i should idolize her or find her inspirational or something…um, what for? she’s an idiot and i don’t aspire to be like her at all.

      also, i don’t find her as pretty as she used to be. in her “Crazy In Love” days i thought she was super-gorgeous, but her beauty has faded, she just seems so plain now somehow. she’s still pretty, don’t get me wrong, but she’s just “meh” to me now. then again, i probably just got “used to her” because she’s freaking everywhere.

  • Ana

    I can’t believe that they actually photoshopped her to be Jessica alba’s size, after we all saw her “thick” legs at the Super Bowl.

  • Lee

    Whether she had a surrogate or not I don’t really care. Her comments about childbirth and motherhood are just kind of bizarre and I feel like would be coming from someone eating a patchouli burger with a side of pot for dessert. I’ve never been a big Beyonce fan anyways. Nothing personal just the style of music she sings isn’t to my taste. Shes talented, pretty, and seemingly happy so good for her?

  • jay-lisa

    She’s looking good on those pictures, really gorgeous but those comments are just…weird : “really appreciate every contraction”?? appreciate??? seriously?? “I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door” I don’t know, it just sounds really weird to me…

  • Annie

    Yeah pushing a cushion must be so hard!

    • nicki


    • Anastasia.

      loll hahaha.

  • Hazal

    She looks gorgeous in this shoot.

    I used to LOVE her… well, but now I find her very annoying and -as others have already said- fake!
    But she is very talented. I was at one of her concerts and the show was amazing. How anybody can jump, dance, sing and still carry all tunes at the same time is beyond me.

  • Avelyn

    nope, still creeped out by hearing about peoples birthing experiences. my sister jokes that if she ever has kids she wants to be unconscious when it happens!

  • roonie

    I believe that she did have her own baby, as in she didn’t use a surrogate. The outfits here are cool, escpecially the first two, and the scenes I like, but the posing and her facial expressions are not working for me, it looks cheesy and her smily poses in the first and fourth photos just look awkward.

  • jenna

    They photoshopped like 20 lbs off her!!!

  • Observer

    LMAO at her pregnancy and dellivery quotes.
    “Who even thinks that?”
    Who the hell talks like that?
    And these pics are beyond fake, can’t believe everyone’s going off about how fab she looks. They slimmed her down, lightened her beyond good reason and sculpted her features…and the hair, crap she looks just like a white woman here.

    She is full of s h ! t, IMO. She should stop with her bizarre pregnancy quotes, they don’t help to quell suspicions on her indeed strange pregnancy and delivery. I like how she merely dismisses…I’m not buying though.

    • okoko

      I don’t believe her either. Oh, and her sucking up to the Obamas is also annoying

  • loller

    To all the people who believe Beyonce really carried and gave birth to her baby, I would like to ask:
    – have you seen the footage of her folding belly?
    – have you read her comments on how she ‘lost the baby weight’ and have you ever seen one picture where this weight gain was actually visible?
    – have you seen her reaction when katie couric touched her pregnant belly?

    How do you explain these things for yourself? For me, the only logical explanation is that it was fake.

    • justme

      1) Beyonce uses padding all the time, depending on what she’s wearing. I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if she exaggerated her pregnancy belly with padding. A number of hollywood moms have done the surrogacy thing (always because of “fertility issues” which may or may not be true), and I don’t see a good reason to hide it. If she wanted to do the surrogate mom thing, she could have gotten a fair amount of sympathetic press due to fertility struggles, people eat that stuff up.

      2) Yes, and I think the weight gain/loss was wildly exaggerated, but I do think she gained some.

      3) I guess I need a link for that one, hadn’t heard it before. Without seeing it, I will throw out that some people do NOT like being touched without permission, and her reaction may have been based on?

      Beyonce may be full of b.s., but I can see both sides. ::shrugs:: Not really sure why it matters though, or why I’m arguing about it… lol

      • swissmiss

        Thank you justme, you said it all! Here is a link for 3)

        I don’t see anything weird in her reaction, she’s just surprised because a completely strange woman starts touching her bump. In my pregnancy, I hated strangers touching my belly. I had to surpress the urge to push them away everytime and I still think it is a total privacy invasion to do that!

        • Anastasia.

          Uhhh it’s Katie Couric, not some crazed fan on the street. Why’d did she get weirded out like that? She’s a celebrity being interviewed by a well known journalist, about a pregnancy that she announced on stage in front of millions of people. And it was barely a touch, not like Katie grabbed a hold of her with both hands, and yet she still freaked out.

        • justme

          ha, I was expecting a much more dramatic reaction after reading the comments! She looked caught off guard, and…that’s pretty much it. Permission before touching is VERY important to some people (I don’t like it when my friends touch me without warning!), and I would imagine that the causal pregnancy groping is difficult to handle for many.

      • Junior

        I agree. Especially about #3. Pregnant or not, don’t effin touch me…

  • Adele

    Well hello, photoshop!

    Why do they even bother having Beyonce as their model if they’re going to photoshop her body & face beyond recognition? It’s ridiculous.

  • Isabel

    Beautiful and sexy, yet classy. These ones make up for the pics taken previously where she had blonde her and trashy outfits.

    It seems she dropped some weight or was photoshoped.

  • lillaliket

    @versus, you should do a post on JLH RIDICULOUSLY photoshopped cover for Shape!

  • Chelsea

    Man, I want photoshopped.

  • lc

    LOL. Yeah sure sure. Stfu Beyonce.

  • Sara

    You can tell she was photoshopped in first picture. Do they think we’re that stupid??

    • lillaliket

      I’m pretty sure she was massively photoshopped in all the pictures.

  • Junior

    I love Beyoncé & love this shoot, but I’m not sure how I feel about the eye makeup….

  • Anastasia.

    It’s pretty easy not to feel pain, when she’s not the one doing the pushing. Honestly, the more she talks about this subject, the more I believe that she absolutely didn’t give birth to that baby. Who the hell talks like this?! If she just shut up about it from the beginning, maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be all this controversy around her supposed pregnancy. But, she just keeps talking and coming up with these bizarre quotes. And oh ya, how come in her documentary, they never show the face attached to the pregnant body?????????????

    • swissmiss

      Ohhh it seems you never heard fresh mothers talk about birth and their babies! 😀 Believe me, I heard some crazy stuff, while sitting with my son at the playground. And when I was pregnant, I had total strangers approaching me, telling me all these stories about their birth, vagina issues and I don’t know what…total TMI alert, ALL THE TIME!

      I think her quote is a bit off, true that, but also kind of cute! 😉

  • serena

    She looks much better with brown hair/eyebrows than the platinum blonde she tried to pull off…it looked so foolish on her. I think women with dark skin, eyes, hair look unnatural as blondes. I have very dark hair myself and would look ridiculous blonde.

  • Winnie

    why is she always photoshopped to look so skinny? there’s nothing wrong with her natural body. if they don’t like it, they shouldn’t use her. not that she cares too much anyway.

  • Hanna

    It amazes me how some people are so beyond invested in trying to prove this ridiculous idea that she faked a pregnancy. When I read these comments, I just see a bunch of people who enjoy perpetuating a rumor for some weird reason. Since when does she have to prove every step of her pregnancy? Do you expect her to bullet point and number every day of every trimester like you so stalkerishly did about her “lack of pregnancy”?

    I am a HUGE Beyonce fan, but for all the people who came on here to hate on her and further this fake baby bump business – you guys are the true fans, because you must love some Beyonce.

    • jane

      I think that people get annoyed when someone is BSing them and have a natural impulse to call the person out on it. No one likes being lied to — it implies that the other person thinks you’re stupid or blind. So that’s what makes people upset about Beyonce’s fake pregnancy stories (of course the ones who believe she had a real pregnancy don’t feel that way).

      I think she most likely did use a surrogate, but wants to hide that because it would tarnish her image. Maybe she also wants to keep it a secret from the kid. I don’t think it’s very far-fetched to use a surrogate, either, especially if you have money and if your career depends in part on your body and you struggle with weight. But if you’re going to use a surrogate, just be discreet about it and don’t lie to people’s faces that you birthed the baby yourself, because being lied to is very irritating.

      • loller

        Exactly. She seems to think people are blind – and apparently a lot of them actually are 😉

  • pilotwife

    What new mom refers to their baby as their “child”? It’s always, “my baby” or “my daughter/son”, but only in instances where I’ve seen problems attaching has a baby been a child. It’s not something that strikes a lot of people, just that the comment seemed off for some reason. But moms, think about how you referred to your newborns……

    • Winnie

      lol really? i can kind of see where other people have their doubts about Beyoncé giving birth, but don’t you think this is kind of reaching?

  • Alex

    I feel like since she’s you know-Beyonce she should be addressed on all counts.
    1st and foremost Talent- I think she has a great powerful voice and I think she’s an amazing dancer.
    2nd Image- I feel like it would literally be stupid to consider her anything less then a beautiful women. Easily in top 10% (I personally believe top 1%). She has beautiful skin, hair, eyes,and an incredible body! Seriously-so toned and curvy at once. She also usually finds the balance between glamorous looking and elegant looking which I think is difficult.
    Pregnancy- I mean there isn’t much evidence to the contrary- some little flimsy dress and not showing much. Who cares?! That isn’t solid evidence and it really isn’t her job to prove to the general population that she is! I think that almost anyone in her position just couldn’t do that-simply for the risk factor of someone finding out! I mean look already at all the speculation!

  • Mish

    she sounds like a fking crazy person

  • lol

    Photoshop overload In real life her legs are 3 times bigger than they appear on these pictures.

  • clara

    those pictures are gorgeous!

  • CK

    oh, look its the saint Be-yawn-ce and her annoying story about giving birth to an angel in the heavens of Hollywood! (zzzzz….)
    i love the make up, the pics are ok, nothing interesting though, the look in the 1st pic reminds me of her dejavu promos and video…

  • retrobanana

    i think she looks cute good vogue and i actually think she loks her race in these shots shes a gorgeous lady…

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