Beyonce, Who Can Pull It Off?

Who Pulls It Off? Cassie Versus Beyonce!

who-pulls-it-off-cassie-vs-beyonce - Who Pulls It Off? Cassie Versus Beyonce!

It’s leather pants week! Proof? Cassie and Beyonce seem to say so!

Definitely not a piece of cake to pull off super tight and super shiny pants, but these ladies seem to do a pretty good job.

What do you say? Who pulls off these pants better? Cassie Versus Beyonce!

Cast in your votes!

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  • Denise

    Both pull it off great, but I gotta give it to Cassie

  • Barbie

    Beyoncee looks great!

  • raluca

    Cassie would pull it off without those pants and beyonce would, too..but without that jacket.

  • anya


  • susan

    Cassie looks way better

  • freedom

    cassie . she has an aamzing body.

  • change.

    whats going on with beyonce?? cassie’s hips look bigger than hers. cassie has a wonderful small hourglass figure now. i remember when she looked way too skinny in that dancing movie. she loooks great now, her body is one of my personal favoritess. beyonce looks great, but i prefer her with more weight on, =\

  • i’m sorry… but carrie’s just gorgeous.

  • Rebecca

    Beyonces jacket is awful! And what’s up with the flat hair? Cassie looks better.

  • zoe

    cassie, although i really dont like it with that tshirt.

  • essss

    if i only look at the legs I think it actually looks better on beyonce!

  • Both of them pull it off in my opinion.
    They’re both utterly beautiful and stylish. Love them.
    Beyoncé’s thighs are looking much skinnier than usual which is so ironic since leather leggings surely make thighs look bigger?
    I simply can’t pick a winner. It’s a tie.
    My main opinion though is that they are both so beautiful with gorgeous figures. Can’t say it enough.

  • fluffy

    beyonce definetly…..don’t like cassie’s legs….she is still too skinny….

  • Jai

    I prefer Cassie’s look. I’ve seen Beyonce look a lot better than that. Proof that not everybody looks great with every look.

  • kaykay

    cassie is so cute she needs to be more fatter i like 2 of them

  • Catarina

    I´m sorry Bey, but cassie is superb. Much better you are.

  • afro

    both are beautiful but CASSIE gets my vote in this one, she looks alot better than beyonce here