Beyonce, Then and Now

Then and Now: Beyonce

then-and-now-beyonce - Then and Now: Beyonce

Beyonce has been up and down in weight and size, we all know that – here are just three of her previous and present weights that illustrate this fact. And even though her pounds on the scale oscillated quite a lot, she never seemed too skinny or unhealthily thick.

Which one is your favorite Beyonce? The very thin purple vision on the left, the super curvy Beyonce with thick thighs in the middle or the recently slimmed down Beyonce (that lost a great portion of her signature round hips)? Click here for more on Beyonce’s new weight loss.

Photo source: Celeb Utopia, A Class Celebs

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I think she looks great in all three pics. Yes even the middle one….she's curvy "not thick." The purple dress is a little too thin for her body type…not everyone is meant to be skinny or looks good skinny. She looks great in the newest pic. But I love her in every size, she is gorgeous.

Randomly Hiccuping Ballads
Randomly Hiccuping Ballads

“She’s curvy, not thick?” Huh? Thick and curvy IS the same thing. Thick is voluptuous as is curvy. Well, she used to be anyways. I personally think she looks better with her thicker legs and thighs, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still a gorgeous woman. When she first started her career and was with Destiny’s Child, and then onto her solo career, she had thick thighs and legs and it was beautiful. “Thick” is considered a colossal compliment in black community’s across America. Other people may not subscribe to it but in our culture that’s just what it is.… Read more »


I like the one in the middle. She is from Texas, the South, we are all thick and curvy ( healthy) in Texas. I don’t anything wrong with being curvy.