AnnaLynne McCord, Bikini Body Battle, Katy Perry

Bikini Body Battle! Katy Perry VS AnnaLynne McCord!

bikini-body-battle-katy-perry-vs-annalynne-mccord1 - Bikini Body Battle! Katy Perry VS AnnaLynne McCord!

Let’s see: Katy (24) is slim, but also a little curvy in the right spots, she’s busty and she’s got a softer (though definitely not untoned) look, compared to AnnaLynne.

AnnaLynne (22) on the other side, is a little thinner, very toned, she’s got an impossibly flat stomach, a very tiny torso and a smaller bra cup.

bikini-body-battle-katy-perry-vs-annalynne-mccord-2 - Bikini Body Battle! Katy Perry VS AnnaLynne McCord!

Both gorgeous ladies, both look amazing in bikinis, that’s for sure!

Bikini Body Battle! Katy Perry VS AnnaLynne McCord!

Pick your favorite!

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bikini-body-battle-katy-perry-vs-annalynne-mccord-3 - Bikini Body Battle! Katy Perry VS AnnaLynne McCord!

fp_3353253_mccord_annalynne_fp_080209 - Bikini Body Battle! Katy Perry VS AnnaLynne McCord!

Note: This so called “battle” is supposed to be a comparison, a way to present different body types, so please do not take it too literally, this post is not an actual “competition” – this site should remain lighthearted and fun – after all, we think all women are beautiful!

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  • luis

    katy !

  • Nicole

    Definitely AnnaLynne! I love how she takes great care of her body and even though she’s slender, she still has great curves. I don’t care for Katy’s body at all. I think if she were more toned, it would appeal more to me.

    • melina

      i like annalyne too but her knees are weird but still she has a nice body

  • anabel

    While I definitely like Katy’s body, AnnaLynne wins for me. She has one of the best bodies I can think of right now, I love how toned she is.

    • Kaiser

      Me to. Katy looks very good and while I also think a more softer body rocks a bikini better, Annalynne has just a stunning body. She’s naturally thin, not anorexic.

  • Hannah

    Katy Perry. I think AnnaLynne looks like a tranny. It doesn’t appeal to me when women are too toned/muscular.

    • Alyssa

      She neither too toned nor too muscular – she’s quite feminine and has a beautiful back and set of shoulders, and her arms are to die for. She look gorgeous in dresses.

      Katy Perry is okay, I mostly can’t get past her obnoxious persona to see her

    • lc

      A tranny??? Where the hell do you get that from?? SMDH.

  • gaby

    Is it just me or are annalynnes knees really long? the leg that is straight, the right on, or her left, looks really weird. regardless, she wins this. I actually prefer Katy’s body if it she were toned. both great bodies.

  • samba

    katy is disgustingly hot body wise! ugh! she is perfect! flawless UNTANNED skin =oD gorgeous curves and boobs and bum! bum is pert! tho she could do with A LITTLE toning in the belly…but that sbeing picky cuz i dont like too much tone! to me it makes Annalynne look too manly…

    • katy obsessed

      katy is flawless. shes everything you want from a women. if you are gay go with anne

  • Nay!

    I usually go for AnnaLynne all the way but i’m really loving Katy’s body right now it looks very feminine and simply flawless and maybe she doesn’t look much toned next to AL crazy hard abs but i’m 100% sure that those right placed curves are not just good genes she obviously works for it.

  • katy looks hot. anna loves triangle tops but they do nothing for her bust.

  • Emmily

    I prefer Katy’s butt and thighs, and AnnaLynne’s tummy.

  • Cheryl

    I prefer Katy’s body, but I would prefer it even more if she stood up straight. I think that is what is making her look a bit soft, especially around the middle. Not trying to sound like my mom or anything, but poor posture instantly makes you look 10 lbs heavier.

    • maRRina

      I prefer Katy`s body too and if she had a better posture and some bikini that actually fit her body she would look 20 times better !

  • pia


  • cusi


  • Maryna

    Both look good to me, but if I had to choose, I’d have Anna’s body. You can see that a lot of hard work goes into that body. Nothing wrong with Katy’s body though

  • Chey

    normally i would say AnnaLynne but i really like
    Katy’s body

    i really do like the pale skin dark hair look and Katy pulls it off well
    her body is nice because its curvy but not chubby

  • Uma

    They have similar legs, but the upper body makes the difference. Since i’m a small pear as Annalyne appears to be, i’ll go with her. Those abs are to die for, it is what i always wanted, never are able to achieve. Which just shows not only body shape is different, but also muscles. Some ppl have flat muscles, some have more bumby ones, that stick out.

  • anon

    Katy definate winner. She’s got an excellent body, thin yet curvy. I think women should have curves.
    I’ve never understood the appeal of Anna. I guess that just her natural body shape, she’s quite stright.

  • Ella

    Wow, look at the picture of Katy from behind: she is blatantly wearing a bikini top with a band size that is too big for her! It’s riding all the way up her back. Hope she wears the right bra size, else she’s getting absolutely no support whatsoever.

    I like both of their bodies, but have a slight preference for AnnaLynne because she is more toned. They both have short legs in proportion to their bodies, but it is less obvious with AnnaLynne.

  • Milly.


  • klara

    kate is better proportioned, while anna-lynn is plain skinny. kates bikini is ugly though and the top is not her size.

    • Uma

      No, she’s not plain skinny, look how shapely her legs are and how toned her abdomen is. Yes, she is thin, but she looks great. They have very similar body types, it’s the toning up that makes the difference, mostly.

      • klara

        by plain skinny i didn’t mean anna-lynn is not toned, but that her proportions are not as good as katie’s. as you mention she has very strong legs but a very skinny upper body, so if she’d gain wain, she wouldn’t look as balanced as katie, but probs have even thicker legs and keep the small upper body. katie has got strong legs and a good bust on her, with a nice waist and defined abs too.

        • Uma

          Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Sorry if i was a bit “angry” in my previous comment.

      • april

        definitely agree with you, also your other comments about j. alba.

        you cannot get any good or permanent results without exercise. you can be skinny like hell but that means nothing e.g. when you get any disease cozz you will have no power to fight back!

        I also have a small pear shape but people even do not recognize that since I can keep my butt under control with daily 30 to 45min exercise (running or swimming or both). it makes me feel healty, fit and of course happy!

        since I made this my life style, I cannot understand people who cannot get motivation for training. and those people -of course- cannot understand how I can be that fit even though I gave a birth (twins!) 🙂 if you have good abs before, it’s even possible to keep the stretch marks away, just as in my case.

        so, it’s nothing but excercise+healty food! no miracles!

  • Serafiina

    Katy. i love her body, she is really slender, thin but also quite curvy. She also has really beautiful skin. Nothing wrong with AnnaLynne, but I like Katy´s femininity.

  • Mizzy

    i dont think Annalynn works out that much, I think she just naturally has more prominent muscle tone….
    Katy’s body on the other hand is hands down amazing! she is very well proportioned and has a great butt, im officially jealous!

    • ajt

      I agree with Mizzy. Look at the pic of their butts. Katy’s is much more lifted and toned. Annalynne is naturally slimmer so she seems more toned, but as you can see from the 1st and 2nd pic they both have soft hips, just Annalynne has a slimmer middle. Katy is in great shape and has a great bust. Plus I am sure Annalynne’s tan makes her muscles show more. My pick is Katy. Although they both look nice.

      • Uma

        wow, you really have no idea what toned means, do you? both of you…

    • Elizabeth

      I’m sorry, but nobody is naturally toned. Especially not THAT toned. You really think she didn’t have to work “that much” to get those abs?
      I personally prefer Katy’s body as well, but you need to give credit where credit is due… AnnaLynne’s body shows a lot of discipline and hard work.
      I just prefer the more curvy-slim look Katy’s got going on (great boobs! ;))

      • Mizzy

        actually, there are people who naturally display more muscle tone than others, it’s called body type – look into it.
        People constantly ask me if I lift weights and what kind of circuit training I do because I have such good muscle definition, and in reality I don’t do any weight training…the only exercise I do is running. Furthermore, I have been muscular ever since I was a little kid…so go figure! There are people who have to work a lot harder to have noticably tone, and people who don’t have to work as hard. sorry!

        • Elizabeth

          Okay, but people who naturally gain muscle easier than others are mesomorphs/endomorphs, ie people with medium to large frames and who are usually more boxy or stocky. And AnnaLynne is quite the opposite, with a small build, small bones, long limbs, etc.
          Also, you can speak for yourself with your supposed great muscle definition since you were a kid (not quite sure I buy that but anyway, I won’t get into that..), but what exactly makes you think it’s AnnaLynne’s case as well? Seriously, how can you tell, what makes you think she doesn’t spend her days at the gym to achieve her figure?

  • jjj

    I would have to say AnnaLynne. She really does have a perfect body, flat stomach, well pronounced muscle tone. She looks great in a bikini..

  • katy for boobs and the butt NICE CURVES ! I am really yelling
    annalynne for the nice bikini and the flat stomach and I won’t forget to mention that PERFECT hair .

  • Heather

    Definitely Katy! Her butt is way cuter and Anna Lynne has a gross outie belly button. Katy just looks more feminine.

  • Miranda

    As much as I love annalynne’s figure, Katy. I just wish Katy would stand up a little straighter.

  • Kae

    Katy, she’s thin with curves, which is what I prefer. I admire Annalynne’s toned figure but I like more up top. They’re both nice but I choose Katy.

  • nikki

    definitely definitely DEFINITELY annalynne.

    though katy is pretty sexy too. annalynne is just perfect

  • Jeanne

    Katy. She has a killer decolletage. Very feminine.

  • flipsflops

    don’t really see the appeal with annalynne. much prefer katy’s

  • annalynne!!! perfect body!!

  • ln

    KATY!!!!! By a freakin long shot!

  • TommyJ

    Katy, not a fan of the defined abs on a chick. I want a girl soft not hard.

  • chris

    how big do you think their thigh circumference is, please someone answer quick! i really want to know for both of them.

  • EM745

    Sorry, but a toned, chiseled, look is a very manly trait. There’s no such thing as “sexy” abs on a woman. A certain % of body-fat is required to smooth everything up. So guess which one I choose. 😉

    • lc

      I think this may be the dumbest comment ever.

      • Fielding


  • fickle

    I prefer Katy’s body, but AnnaLyne has that “ITgirl thing”, that you look at her and think: “Wow! She is having so much fun! And she is extremely sexy and charming…”
    So definetely AnnaLyne.

  • hunnybear312

    Katy. To be honest, I really don’t like AnnaLynne’s body. She is a little to ‘tones’ and doesn’t have much in the way of boobs. If Katy had better posture, she’d be much prettier!

  • artemis

    If Anna had bigger boobs, I bet all of you would choose her haha….btw katy isn’t that feminine anyway (broad shoulders)

    • Instant

      Her shoulder’s really aren’t that broad(they don’t appear too much broader than Anna’s, and mine beat both of them 😀 ), but they are less “masculine” looking than Anna’s muscled/toned look.

      TBH, I like how both of them look, and if Anna was put up against another person I would choose differently, but I do choose Katy over Anna because I prefer a woman with a softer looking body 😛

      • joell

        yeah, she only looks so skinny because she doesnt have much in the boob front and good on her because she works whast shes got!

        • ceb

          Actually girls with smaller chests look bigger not smaller, breast can a lot of time camouflage a slightly thicker mid section into looking slimmer than it actually is. While small chested girls can be sticks and have waist that look just as thick as a girl who has a good more amount of weight on them then a more slender one ( not that it is a bad thing beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes.)

  • Memo

    Katy WithOut a Doubt !
    Very Nice and Womanly Body !

  • LOL

    I can’t decide. Katy has better curves, but as agirl with a toned body I think about Anne.

  • Robin

    KATY FOR SURE! she actually looks like a real woman while Anne looks like a little anorexic boy with a tan.

    • ceb

      That very harsh to say. Beauty comes from all shapes and sizes. And real beauty comes within. Not all girls have a bottom or a chest, and not all have a toned stomach or tan. That is what makes us so stunning we all have something that another person does not have and that is beautiful. Heck some days i would want to look like” a boy with a tan” if i looked like that in a bikini! Some days i would want to look like a curvier more pale “boy.” Its all very pretty but no doubt on all days I am more than happy with what i got, i beautiful scar on my lower abdomen from having my baby into my life.

  • joell

    i think they both have amazing figures! im all for loving curves and accepting variation but is it me or has everyone just started scrutinizing naturally skinny people?
    im seven and a half stone, have been since i was like 13 and probably wont get much heavier. my mums the same. i eat like a pig and dont exercise :P, i dont really have much in the boob front but i have a huge arse!
    most boys think ive got a nice figure and most girls want it but there is always thepeople that just assume you must be obsessive about your weight and say sly comments things like, your not womanly or curvy etc. when i wouldnt say anything about there weight!
    and also i have the same body measurements as dita von teese and most of the victorias secret angels except the cup size!id like to see someone say dita von teese is ‘boyish’ haha

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  • Katy looks amazing.

  • Kia

    I prefer Annalynne’s body. nice abs, arms, and thighs. Katy has a HUGE, ass. She should really tone up or wear a smaller bikini size. Wearing bigger stuff makes u look fatter Kat.

    Anna on the other hand is wearing clothes that make her body look BEAutifulll. And unlike Perry she actually has a tan.

  • Eve

    I’ll go for Katy’s extremely feminine body, although I’ll have to give the credit for Anna’s enviable tone. And I agree that Katy should stand up straighter.

  • mark

    AnnaLynne, her figure is near perfect.

  • Cassie

    Both have great Bodys but I love AnnaLynne’s more.

  • Anna

    KATY ALL THE WAY! A true realistic female body… boobs & bum but no cellulite (!!!), beautiful skin, soft curves… the other chick needs a cheeseburger or two.

    • Jade

      if you are thin,it doesn’t automatically means you don’t eat much.It can be because of hyperthyroidism or it’s just genetically 😉
      but I also prefer Katy

  • jay

    Definately Katy.
    She doesn’t have the body of a 12 year old boy…Like Annalynne.

    • Emily

      Dude. Stop with the 12-year-old stuff.

      Katy wins, hands-down, but Annalynne is still a woman!

  • andy

    it’s absolutely Katy, beautiful.

  • captaincarolina

    Annalynbe! In this case both are very hot and pretty toned but I would like to debunk the myth that all guys always pick the bigger breasts. Having dated women who are really athletic and fit, I can say hands down that they are the most fun in bed. You can see that Annalynne has crazy strong ab, leg and back muscles. The thought of those legs wrapping around me and squeezing…wow.

  • Emily

    Katy needs a smaller band size on that bikini! Jeez! 😀

  • jay1

    Katy overall, but Annalynne has a much flatter toned stomach.

  • lc

    Katy looks TERRIBLE IMO. I would never, ever want to look as flabby and untoned as she does. Annalynne ALL the way.

  • Fielding

    I prefer Annalynne

    Katy is a bit too soft for my liking, and I don’t like the shape of her legs

    lc: notice all the comments comparing Annalynne to 12 year old boys? wtf is wrong with people?

    • lc

      Yeah I didn’t know this was still so prevalent here either…smh.

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  • Grisu Keller

    both have great bodies – so it is very difficult to decide – maybe annalyn looks fitter