Bikini Body Battle! Katy Perry VS AnnaLynne McCord!

August 4, 2009 in AnnaLynne McCord, Bikini Body Battle, Katy Perry by Versus


Let’s see: Katy (24) is slim, but also a little curvy in the right spots, she’s busty and she’s got a softer (though definitely not untoned) look, compared to AnnaLynne.

AnnaLynne (22) on the other side, is a little thinner, very toned, she’s got an impossibly flat stomach, a very tiny torso and a smaller bra cup.


Both gorgeous ladies, both look amazing in bikinis, that’s for sure!

Bikini Body Battle! Katy Perry VS AnnaLynne McCord!

Pick your favorite!

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Note: This so called “battle” is supposed to be a comparison, a way to present different body types, so please do not take it too literally, this post is not an actual “competition” – this site should remain lighthearted and fun – after all, we think all women are beautiful!

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