Blake Lively, Celebrity Quotes

Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style

FFN_g_50969485 - Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style

On her celebrity girl crushes:

“Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – she’s just perfect looking, always! She looks so regal and elegant all the time and I love that. I love that’s she’s a young woman who dresses of times past and isn’t afraid to dress up. It’s really special to be able to celebrate style like that.”

On being inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly:

“I love the sophistication and every single detail,” explains the star. “I would love it I could wear little cut off gloves everyday. Go to the grocery store in a beautiful hat with lace draping over your eye. That would make me so happy.”

… says Blake in Us Weekly.

FFN_g_50990483 - Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style

More pictures of Blake next!


FFN_g_50916478 - Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style FFN_g_50916479 - Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style FFN_g_50917415 - Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style FFN_g_50917416 - Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style FFN_g_50969482 - Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style FFN_g_50969483 - Blake Lively Talks Girl Crushes and Personal Style

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • eva

    she is sooooo pretty! And I think she is a really nice and out going girl! You guys should check out her interviews on youtube

    • Powwow

      I agree!! I love her and Grace Kelly was one of the most beautiful and graceful women that ever lived.

  • lillaliket

    doesn’t Rosie look a lot like Coco in that picture?!

    • Debbs


    • TonyFae

      …no lol.

  • sarah

    I am the only one who doesn’t see anything special in this girl.
    Ok she’s cute,she’s slim,she’s always laughing etc,but I don’t find her attractive at all and she’s also boring.

    • Linda

      Cute, slim, happy. But memorable? Neeh. Leighton Meester did that job much better.

    • JJ

      Nope, you’re not the only one. Gret hair, great figure, but not the least bit pretty. She looks like a guy.

    • Emeline

      Her body is great! I’d love to have her legs

    • Hazal

      I kinda agree. Her face isn’t pretty imo (but by no means ugly). Her figure, on the other hand, is great.

      • Trickster

        Agreed! She’s cute and has an excellent body (her legs are soooo nice!) but Miss Meester is prettier in the face to me. And she comes off as a little plain but whatever….I still like her though!

  • HazeL

    Blake’s gorgeous, normally when a celebrity says someone is ‘perfect looking’ it seems like they are trying to put them down a little. ‘I’ll never look like Gisele’ is a common one, but I don’t get that impression from Blake’s quote here. I love Rosie HW too, especially her off duty style in candids where she seems to look effortless. They’re both beautiful girls who also seem like really nice people.

    • La la la la

      i agree with this whole comment. they both are relatable and gorgeous, two of my favorite’s. i appreciate RHW’s style (on and off the red carpet) a bit more and Blake Lively’s personality a bit more. i like that blake loves to cook. i also like some of her style tips, how to fix your hair etc.

  • neutra

    Blake has never appealed to me but I do agree with her here! I am a big fan of old world glamour, and Rosie does always looks amazing, especially when “off duty”. Despite Blakes taste in others though, she gets it wrong with her personal style most of the time.

  • mary

    Blake is a terrible actress…gossip girl isn’t watchable. I dont like that red dress..makes her look boxy and shapeless. I agree with her that Rosie is gorgeous…

  • Ophelie

    Rosie is butchering that M Missoni dress. I actually own it and it is lovely with the neck closed and worn as a dress, not with track pants and Uggs. It is actually fattening on her worn like that. I don’t think either Blake or Rosie has exceptional style. Blake looks like she went Bedazzler happy on Michael Jackson’s red leather collection in that bottom photo. I do agree that Audrey is forever.

    • Ophelie

      Oops it was Blake in the track pants dress combo. Sorry Rosie.

    • JennM

      I am pretty sure that particular combo was on set, and she was just wearing the track pants and uggs to keep warm, so it isn’t really indicative of her style.

      So jealous you own that dress, it is gorgeous!

      • La la la la

        that explains it! i was thinking that outfit was a ‘miss’. but of course outfits on set are different!

      • Ophelie

        That does make sense.

  • marliellala

    She is nice and I like her body, her hair and her style but I don’t get the hype about her face!

  • serena

    Blake and Rosie both have great shapely legs! As for crushes, mine are Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, Emily Didonato, Adriana Lima, Daniella Van Graas, and Sara Sampaio (I think if I were a man I’d go after blue-eyed brunettes lol).

    • Emeline

      “I think if I were a man I’d go after blue-eyed brunettes” Lol me too, it’s the best combo imo

      • annabanana

        me too! i’m a woman and i go after blue eyed brown haired men 😉

      • Winnie

        i’ve always thought that, there’s just something so smouldering about that combination. although looking back at my relationship history over the past few years and they’ve been blondies for the most part. blond boys just tend to be really sweet, i find, and have this “good guy” angelic quality that i find appealing, while dark-haired boys are more sexy and that scares me a little. i don’t think i’ve ever been with a non blue-eyed boy before though (except for one waaayyy back in the high school days, and his eyes were hazel lol). so i guess it’s safe to say i’m a fan of the blue-eyed boys in general lol

    • lc

      Yep I like blue eyed brunettes too, and green eyed ones too. Dark hair+green eyes= Almost even better lol!

  • Natalia

    Face is a little above average, somewhat pretty, hair is ok, looks like it’s been colored/bleached w/ dark roots showing, great height, body is pretty good, but not really lean and toned. Outifits, H&M looking. Overall, pretty good but not great…

  • Natalia

    @Versus, me and my family moved today stepfather got different internet service so we have different computer service for internet, so just wanted you to know, yes we have different IP address and my comments don’t show moderation, but if you still moderate new address that is I am fine with that.

    • serena

      Aren’t you from Latvia? my new neighbor is from there, and she’s a model too lol.

      • Natalia

        no, Estonia

      • Natalia

        Me, my sisters and my aunt are going back there Friday for like 3 months….are you in US? your neighbore in US or in another part of northern Europe? maybe we can meet for coffee lol. I really can’t tell who is from where on this site, only certain spellings of words that are like UK, clues, etc. I am looking forward to the change, I get bored here, but it’s not under happy circumstances and sudden….

  • Polska Blondynka

    Both are stunning. Blake reminds me of a mermaid.

  • Stace

    Blake has always been a favorite of mine or “girl crush.” Her face isn’t classically beautiful like Grace Kelly for example. However, I think you can tell when someone is a joyful, genuine person and Blake radiates that type of beauty. Plus her legs are to die for!

  • Winnie

    i feel like all female celebrities have the same pool of girl crushes. i.e. *insert well-known model here (usually Adriana Lima or another VS angel of the past)*, Mila Kunis, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, *insert old Hollywood actress here (usually Marilyn or Audrey)* yawn. get a new shtick.

    • Casey

      I agree Winnie, but I’ve never heard any celebrity say that Rosie is their girl crush.

      • Winnie

        that’s true, so i guess she’s being “different” in that sense. i kind of rolled my eyes at her being “inspired” by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. aren’t they all? it’s either that or Marilyn and Elizabeth Taylor. Blake’s style is not reminiscent of Audrey’s at all in my opinion, i can see Grace a bit more when it comes to her red-carpet gowns. but for her to say that is just so cliché and overdone, on top it being untrue. it’s annoying. her personal style suits her though, which is why she’s often on “best dressed” lists, but these comments are a bit “try-hard” on her part.

  • Tally

    Those legs! <3

  • Casey

    My girl crush is Rosie, too.

    Also, Rose Byrne, and Alyssa Milano.

    I have a body crush/envy of Jessica Biel.

    • misscheeks

      “I have a body crush/envy of Jessica Biel.

      *swoons* me too Casey! Iuess it’s because I can relate to her body personally because I have the same “athletic” look (i.e. muscular thighs and booty, flat tummy but not super-nipped in waist) but Jessica has the loveliest combination of muscle tone and fat imo-feminine but sporty. Haha sorry for the randomness of this comment but I really can’t wait to get back to lifting consistently and get the same type of look! 🙂

      • misscheeks

        * I guess

      • Casey

        You must have a great body misscheeks! For me her body is ideal, although Idk if I could ever get that muscular look (unless I quit my day job 😛 ).

        • misscheeks

          Daww thanks Casey! 🙂

  • lc

    Rosie is about 100x more beautiful than Blake lol.

    • Wizzer

      Erm did Blake say anything to suggest otherwise?? Or is she is banned from admiring RHW because some hold that opinion? Us women are so catty aren’t we?

      • lc

        Errmm no she didn’t but I was just stating my opinion, you know, what the SITE is for. I have never found Blake even slightly attractive, “cattiness” has nothing to do with it.

        • JennM

          I personally think she is gorgeous, my favorite face in Hollywood (fake nose and all), but I get how some people don’t think so. Everyone has different opinions… Someone else mentioned on here that Kristen Stewart was their girl crush, and I thought EWW, she is hideous to me. But, I get some people think that about my beloved Blake.

          • lc

            Kristen Stewart is *MY* girl crush! (Out of actresses). I love her! I know she gets so much flak here but I still do lol.

          • serena

            Kristen Stewart has so much potential. Her facial structure is quite nice, with lovely green eyes, clear skin, and gracile features. Problem is she looks as though she never bathes, brushes her hair, or stands up straight…I imagine she smells like weed and stale doritos -_-

          • Winnie

            lol @serena, such a good description of her. she actually cleans up well and can be quite attractive on the rare occasions where she looks like she bathes, otherwise she just looks so grimy and like she slept in her eye make-up from the night before. it’s so off-putting to me. ita with you on her posture as well. that’s actually my pet-peeve with her and Miley. as someone with a curved spine who was forever lectured about my (probable) future back problems as a child, i can’t stand bad posture (no pun intended lol)

          • lc

            True serena. It’s when she cleans up that she looks incredible, soo much potential there with the bone structure, smoldering green eyes, great legs, etc.! I remember a few years back she wore an INCREDIBLE red safety pin Balmain (my fave. designer) dress to the MTV movies awards, it was the first time I went “Wow!” at her.

        • Natalia

          lc that’s so funny, Kristen Stewart is my favorite actress, in fact the only one I like, even though she is technically ‘average’, she’s a pretty average, and has fantastic bone structure, I’m actually envious, her face is soooo lean…… matter if she gains or not. She also has great skin.

          • lc

            Yep! She does. I think she is awesome 🙂

        • Sabrush

          I absolutely agree. I just don’t get the hype about her.
          She is a cute girl, but I wouldn’t look twice if I saw her on the street.
          Rosie, on the other hand, is.breath.taking. Basically, they are not even on the same league. Just my opinion!

    • Candy

      Defintly, blake isn’t stunning to me she’s okay, not ugly but neither her face or body are great. Rosie is just amazing.

  • Heather

    I love Blake 🙂 I think she seems so genuinely nice. In interviews, she talks about liking to bake, etc and not really working out. You can tell she isn’t this workout queen with the best leanest body BUT that’s why I like her. She seems down to earth. I do hate her implants, though. They look so fake 🙁

    • JJ

      Seriously? I think she is SO full of herself and I always want to say, “try looking in a mirror, honey.” She is somebody who really lucked out, because there are thousands of women far prettier.

  • Kay

    What an awkward scene to do with your ex! Haha, I mean, I know they are professionals and had a civil breakup, and are friends and see each other on set…but if it were me, I dont know if I could be so relaxed about it.

  • ary

    i must be in the minority, but i have a hyper girl crush on K-Stew 😛 And Melanie Laurent…. and Karlie Kloss… and Rosario Dawson…. And Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace/Bill Killer. And Holli Would.

  • JennM

    My girl crushes are Blake Lively, Rose Byrne, and Leighton Meester.
    I know some people think Gossip Girl is unwatchable, but to each his (her in this case) own, because I loved Gossip Girl, and I never missed an episode. I even got my 40something husband addicted to it (although admittedly that may have something to do with Serena’s skimpy outfits).

    • Stace

      That’s funny! My best friend got her husband addicted to it too. He kept watching the 6th season even when she stopped keeping up with it.

  • La la la la

    my favorites are melanie laurent, audrey tatou (my most favorite, to me she’s the modern day audrey hepburn), RHW, barbara palvin, zoe saldana is really elegant, JLaw’s personality is great, erin heatherton is really naturally pretty, miranda is a little too cheesy for me these days but still beautiful, emma watson, and kiera knightley mostly for her acting skills. i’m sure there are more but i think many of those women have effortless beauty or project that.

    • La la la la

      how could i forget! cara delevigne is so interesting looking on the catwalk. her street style looks like she’s on crack (i know she’s not) but on the runway and in print ads she has a really captivating face!

      • Winnie

        haha on crack street style! i’m not a fan Cara’s but she does seem to be a big deal lately. she’s everywhere, people on tumblr are obsessed with her. i don’t see the hype. she seems a bit too “eager” if you know what i mean. attention-wh0ring with Rihanna and what not. i also don’t find her remarkable or striking.she looks like an Olsen twin. other than the fact that her eyebrows contrast so sharply with her hair (which i don’t think works on her anymore. she used to look much better before when they were a tad bit thinner and her hair was a more natural-looking shade of blond), she’s kind of “meh”. i also find her pug nose unattractive

  • Wizzer

    Blake is considered stylish by many, most recently

    Maybe this interview was in that context?

    Rosie H-W has the beautiful face for a roman coin and as a Burberry girl I’m not surprised she always looks on point.
    Care Develigne has overtaken her as the British fashion ‘it’ girl though.

  • Ana

    Since everyone is doing it then ill do it too. Mine are Anja Rubik, Freja beha.E, Liu Wen and Jessica Stam!

    • Ophelie

      I want to do it too. Mine are: Audrey Hepburn, Vanessa Paradis (I’ve liked her since I was a kid), Anna Selezneva, Diana Rigg, Edita Vilkevciute.

  • Ozge

    Once a male friend saw Blake on Gossip Girl and commented: “Is this the one who is supposed to be pretty in this show?”. I think this sentence summarizes Blake’s situation, she will be the dream girl for guys. Period. But she is definitely the one who most of the girls want to be. She is always smiley, looks elegant, wears tasteful dresses, has great body and hair so of course we all want to look like her! And she is not outwordly pretty so we can relate to her. But she is not hot or sexy. I find her situaation very similar to SJP in that sense, celebrity crush for the girls.

    • Wizzer

      Interesting, I actually hear the opposite. People who see Blake in real life in NY say she’s much better looking/animated in person than on camera.
      As for not being hot or sexy Blake is a constant in these ‘sexiest’ ‘hottest’ men’s list e.t.c which SJP never was.
      I will add though that SJP has never claimed to be a sex symbol so I dunno why people are hard on her aesthetics.The woman dated JFK Jr (OMG), Robert Downey Jr and has first dibs on fashion trends.
      So I won’t mind her life/looks at all!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ramona

    Somehow I really like Blake, which makes her automatically more attractive to me. Yes her face may not be the prettiest in Hollywood or overall, but she has a cute vibe and she seems like such a nice girl.
    I also guess that she’s more pretty in real life, because I like her better in motion than on still pictures. And depending on the camera-angle she can be SO pretty, but sometimes aswell quite.. ugly?!

    Her hair is to die for and so is her body. I LOVE her body.

    • ramona

      Oh and forgot to say, that even tough I know that lots and lots of people find Rosie beautiful, she actually does nothing to me.
      Objectivly, yes I do understand that she is possibly attractive(she has nice facial featurs) but somehow something screams “discusting”(or highly unattractive) when I look at her. I don’t know what it is, I don’t have anything against her.

      • Heather

        I totally agree with you. I love Blake yet find Rosie meh…I’m not saying Blake is always pretty. Sometimes she isn’t but I find her interesting.

  • retrobanana

    blah yawn blah i loved blake for about ten seconds in 2008 then realized she cannot act her face looked looked rundown and beat up on he big screen and her voice makes me want to bang my head against the wall..her body is hot! her style is nothing new…anything looks greatt on gams like hers..

    • Liv

      I agree, I really hate that she can’t act… Except I did like her in The Town… when she’s trashy and slutty… she did it well… other than that she’s so boring, so so so boring. I also do not feel wowed by her (it’s probably because of the acting). I really hate bad acting, it bothers me so much no matter how pretty or handsome someone is. She’s alright, I feel she’s High School pretty… would be like the prettiest girl in high school and look ok after, still pretty but that’s it. I also do not think she has a very “classic” style. It’s super trendy, at least whenever I see photos of her just in the street. And that red dress, not “classic” at all. Oh well, she’s doing something right.

  • retrobanana

    my girl crushes are mila kunis number one of all time followed by jess alba and rihanna

  • rebecka

    My girl crushes is rihanna, scsrlett johanson, ciara , jesica simpsson (when she was skinnier) kim kardashian, hayden penetier and kate upton.

  • Snip

    The term “girl crush” makes me want to barf.

    • Liv


  • HeatherE.
  • Kimberley

    What annoys me (besides the fact I think this girl is overrated) is the fact that she said :

    “I would love it I “COULD” wear little cut off gloves everyday. Go to the grocery store in a beautiful hat with lace draping over your eye. That would make me so happy.”

    – Why can’t you?

    • cinnamon

      Well at first i thought that sentence was stupid, but after thinking about it, i think she meant that she would like to wear it but it isnt “appropriate”. I guess she’s too shy to pull it off.
      I have these super high, chic boots and i’ve worn them only once because somehow I’m afraid they’re too much.(i know they aren’t, I’ve seen them looking awesome on other girls).. hope you get my point

  • solaxia

    Rosie looks really in that black dress! I’m not usually a huge fan of her. I like Blake, she seems nice! She is ‘pretty’ and has a ‘nice’ body, but nothing about her wows me. I do like that she isn’t super skinny (as in too skinny for HER frame) and that she doesn’t usually dress like a tart though. Something refreshing!

  • HB

    Rosie looks TERRIBLE in that pic. Blake is precious.

  • Pixie

    I’ve always thought Blake had an amazing body, slim yet just enough curve, hot!! She has gorgeous hair too! 🙂

  • ellentjie

    If she likes Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn why doesn’t she dress more like them with a little more length to her dresses.

  • Lauren

    I like Blake, looks-wise she isn’t my favorite but I quite like her personality, from her interviews she seems fun and radiant.

    My girl crushes are..Rosie HW, Rooney Mara, and Anna Selezneva

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