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Blake Lively Talks Style, Beauty & Hair

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On her sense of style:

You look at Katherine Hepburn and her pant suits or you look at Grace Kelly and her incredibly feminine gowns that look like a princess – very fittingly. I look to women like that because I always look for style and not trends. There are two very different things. One can be iconic in any time period. I always want to wear things that my kids can look back on and say ‘mom, you look amazing.’ Not like ‘I can’t believe you wore that.’

Her haircare tips:

I’m actually a pretty shy person by nature so it’s very much a safety net for me. I love to have my hair down and I love to have it full. I always like it to look really relaxed. [Structured hair] just makes me feel stiff and uncomfortable. If I have my hair down, there’s something romantic about it. I feel like it looks lived it… it has a story. When I wash and dry my hair I have naturally wavy hair so I’ll dry it where it’s still a little bit wet and then I’ll put it just in a ballerina bun and then when I take it out it has a really nice natural deep wave… If you have any sort of natural bend in your hair, if you let it dry in that bun… make sure the bun is really tight then it will come out with really pretty waves.

Her beauty tips – improvise:

It’s always about ‘are there any accidents that are going to happen… let’s use eyelash glue’ [to glue down a dress so it doesn’t ride up]. My mom is very clever that way… always thinking of odd things in a pinch. My mom used Advil as blush once… she didn’t have blush, so she licked the Advil and took the pink off of it.

… says Blake.

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