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Blake Lively Talks Style, Beauty & Hair

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On her sense of style:

You look at Katherine Hepburn and her pant suits or you look at Grace Kelly and her incredibly feminine gowns that look like a princess – very fittingly. I look to women like that because I always look for style and not trends. There are two very different things. One can be iconic in any time period. I always want to wear things that my kids can look back on and say ‘mom, you look amazing.’ Not like ‘I can’t believe you wore that.’

Her haircare tips:

I’m actually a pretty shy person by nature so it’s very much a safety net for me. I love to have my hair down and I love to have it full. I always like it to look really relaxed. [Structured hair] just makes me feel stiff and uncomfortable. If I have my hair down, there’s something romantic about it. I feel like it looks lived it… it has a story. When I wash and dry my hair I have naturally wavy hair so I’ll dry it where it’s still a little bit wet and then I’ll put it just in a ballerina bun and then when I take it out it has a really nice natural deep wave… If you have any sort of natural bend in your hair, if you let it dry in that bun… make sure the bun is really tight then it will come out with really pretty waves.

Her beauty tips – improvise:

It’s always about ‘are there any accidents that are going to happen… let’s use eyelash glue’ [to glue down a dress so it doesn’t ride up]. My mom is very clever that way… always thinking of odd things in a pinch. My mom used Advil as blush once… she didn’t have blush, so she licked the Advil and took the pink off of it.

… says Blake.

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  • ary

    SEXY BODY. U go girl!

  • Sienna

    Love her! She’s the type of girl I like to be friends with. She seems so down to earth yet girly and fun, likes to dress up… She’s very attractive due to her body and something she radiates, even though her face is not classically beautiful. She actually is the same type of woman Jennifer Aniston is (and I like her too).

  • KK

    Love her!

  • Wizzer

    Blake and Amanda Seyfried have the best hair in Hollywood!!!

    • Agree! I like Sofia Vergara’s too.

  • HB

    I always love her look. It can get tired at times, but she’s classic. And her quotes sound really down to earth, and it’s cool that she’s so close with her mom!

  • CK

    haha, her mom seems very creative it can def come in handy esp when your daughter has to attend lots of red carpet events that’ll be forever captured in pics and also awards, you gotta be prepared for any malfunction))) i agree with her about “look for a style not for trends” cos i feel like people who maniacally follow fashion trends not only end up looking silly sometimes but also strike me as lacking any personality. so if you like simple and comfy wear it if you love fashion and do follow trends be smart about incorporating 1-2 of them into you own style in your own unique way.
    also agree with her bout the hair being a safety net, i’m a modest mouse too))) though tight bun sounds very uncomfortable, i think if she likes curls from time to time that is its better invest in good hair product and curling iron, i mean i looove my naturally curly hair but thx to co-washing and proff style products occasional straightening doesn’t affect their health at all.

  • Andrea

    I love what she said! In my opinion, she has one of the best bodies in Hollywood!

  • Stace

    Blake is definitely a style icon in her own right. She seems very sweet and down to earth.

  • lc


    • neutra

      More like mehhhhhhhh.

      Sometimes I think, “Hmm, maybe she just doesn’t translate well in photographs…” and so I watched that awful movie “Savages”. Turns out, she was even more underwhelming in motion. And not to mention a very, very terrible actress. Thankfully Tim Riggins made the film somewhat bearable!

  • Polska Blondynka

    Love her. So down to earth. I can relate to her mom too My mom is like this too and I love it!

  • Emme

    She wouldn’t be as popular if she didn’t have the fake boobs in. I can’t believe she’s more popular than leighton meester. Blake’s beauty gets old quick when she has nothing to back it up. I’m tired of her.

    • Powwow

      I like both Blake and Leighton for different reasons.

    • Wizzer

      Honest question why do Leighton Meester fans constantly bug out? Now in a post that has nothing to do with her or GG? GG ended almost a year ago, there’s nothing to connect the two of them anymore. Looking at IMDB, Leighton has definitely had film roles, she is the face of Missoni as well as Vera Wang. What’s with the victimisation, or theory of her not getting her ‘just rewards’? How is she being cheated by Blake?

      • serena

        I agree, whenever I see posts about Leighton or Blake people inevitably start comparing the 2, just because they were both on Gossiping Girls. I think it’s because Leighton is a classically beautiful brunette vs. Blake who is a tall blonde with big boobs and for some reason girls feel the need to endlessly debate which type is better and appeals to guys more lol. Well I think they’re both very attractive. Blake has great legs and hair.

        • Winnie

          there was a spread in teen vogue once a few years ago called “guy hot” or “girl hot”. as you can imagine, Leighton was deemed “girl hot” and Black was deemed “guy hot”. i’m typically a fan of “guy hot” types i just find Blake to be facially underwhelming for the amount of praise she gets. i love Leighton, so i can definitely understand the annoyance of have the demure brunette constantly overshadowed by the blond bombshell.

          i think it has a lot to do with Gossip Girl and the dynamic of Blair and Serena’s characters actually. how Blair always had to try so much harder to get what she wanted, meanwhile everything seemed to go well so effortlessly for Serena. (more so in the books than the television show). it kind of seems to be working that way in Hollywood in Blake favour as well. she’s definitely an “It” girl in Hollywood right now and Leighton’s successful in her own right, she’s nowhere near as popular.

          • artemis

            lol, funny cause my bf sayd blake is unattractive and leighton is better, body wise too.

  • Sidney

    I can sort of agree with her about the style thing, mostly that you should have your own style and not be a slave to trends. But i also don’t think you need to have a “classic” look to not look ridiculous. The bun, i don’t get how her hair ever gets dry that way… My hair is a short bob and it still takes forever to dry, when i had long enough hair to pull it to a ponytail, it would still be wet after the day if i didn’t have the time to dry it in the morning. Maybe it’s because i have really glassy, straight hair, idk if curly hair is more porous or something..

    • Aafje

      I have very curly hair and it is porous. Porous hold water even longer than shiny slick hair. It also absorbs smells easily which can be good because I can smell like shampoo for days or bad like the time I got rancid milk in my hair and smelled like that for days lol.

      • Sidney

        Seems rational. Well, Blake has weird hair then, to be able to dry it like that 🙂

    • Debbs

      I have wavy hair and I was thinking the same thing. If I put my wet hair in a bun, it would never dry! I have tried this and woken up with damp hair – and it never looked like it was supposed to. Also, my hair is quite thick so maybe that has something to do with it.

    • Hazal

      I have curly hair as well and used to use styling mousse on wet hair and then dried it with a blower to create defined curls. However, I’ve recently discovered that my curls look best (and nicely natural) when I wash them in the evening and put my wet hair in a bun too. But unlike Blake, my advice is to do a loose bun -not a tight one. Then most of your hair dries until the next morning.

      • Aafje

        I use mousse and let it air dry but I have like white girl fro going on once my hair is completely dry so I have to try to contain it and not let it expand too quickly lol

  • Gen

    Haha, does she think she dresses in a classy, elegant way? She shows as much tit and leg as possible at about 80% of the events she goes to.

    I’m sure her kids will look back on that with pride, though, Blake. Definitely.

    • Aafje

      Yeah I dont get it I think the majority of her outfits are awful

  • HazeL

    I like the style verses trend comment, I consider myself a bit of a fashion disaster and I really can’t follow trends! I may have to follow her advice. She’s gorgeous as well, and I love her figure. Does anyone have any weight estimates? I’m a similar height/shape as her but nowhere near as thin and would like to know if it’s attainable?

    • Lauren

      Blake Lively is 5’10 and about 125 pounds, according to the information I’ve seen online (which could easily be wrong). My guess is that she’s a natural ectomorph, because she’s said in interviews that she doesn’t work out. According to the same site, she’s 34-25-36.

      • serena

        Hmm I’m 34-25-36 and my body is completely different than hers. I’m not even close to 5’10 though so that could explain it.

      • MissMarilyn

        those stats don’t seem likely to me, I would guess about 135-140 if she’s 5’10 ESPECIALLY since she’s probably got some muscle weight (she always looks pretty toned) but I could be wrong! I just think that 5’10 at 125 would be thinner than Blake is.

        • Bri

          I think she weights 135. I am 5’10 and 145 and I look similar to her but have bit more muscles than her and I work out 4 times a week with heavy weights. I’m sure she is active though even though she doesn’t use the gym.

          • Neri

            I think 140 at 5’10 is pretty spot on. She can’t be 125 pounds – that sounds way off, she would look really skinny if so, and she certainly doesn’t!

            I love her bubbly personality… She’s got a nice attitude and radiance. I also like a body… I don’t think she had her breasts done though…

  • Pixie

    Great body and gorgeous hair!!

  • annemarie

    Her hair always looks so shiny and healthy. Is she a natural blonde, like Amanda Seyfried?

    • Debbs

      Really? There are several times when I’ve seen her pictures and thought “her hair looks dirty.”

  • Lauren

    I love her look, love her hair, love her attitude. She seems fairly down to earth, especially when talking about style tips from her mom in a magazine 🙂

  • Tia

    She has one of the best bodies out here and although she annoyed me as Serena, she seems like a nice girl. I usually like her style…seriously with that body you can pull off anything.
    I love her quote about hair, because like her I am uber shy so I feel like my big curly hair is kind of a protection but as well sign of my feisty personality.

  • Hazal

    Great figure indeed. But I don’t find her pretty.

  • Aims

    She is a nice girl and I like her too – but she is not very pretty. Proof Ryan went for kindness and sweetness over looks.

  • binks

    She sounds kind of boring in her approach to style overall. I think everybody needs that “I can’t believe I wore that or did that to my hair…” moment then always playing it safe because they are afraid to step out of the box or dare to be different but that is just me…shrugs. But overall. Blake is pretty but meh to me, I love her height/legs but other than that she is forgettable.

  • vanessa

    don’t understand why people are obsessed with her. her face is ok.

  • MissMarilyn

    BLAKE <3 I've always thought she was the most attractive woman in hollywood. DEM LEGS! and her hair always looks amazing

  • anonymous

    I dont really know much about Blake Lively and honestly I dont care… But she is a beautiful woman.

  • Anastasia.

    Great body, if she had a pretty face, she’d be a knock out.

  • anushka

    I like blakes body. And shes an Okay actress. I like leighton more but blakes nice too.
    Just wondering , does she have a boob job? Cause sometimes in Gossip Girl her boobs look really stiff and awkward. xD

    • D

      She has had her boobs and nose done.

  • D

    Never got the hype – her face isnt attractive at all. Laughed @ her shy comment, yeah shy enough to have cellphone nudes all over the web

    • Anouk

      Yeah cause she put that on the internet herself right?-_- dont be so judgemental

  • Amatevi

    She is absolutely right about the ballerina bun. I have naturally wavy/ curly hair that looks a bit dead but if I put it up in a tight bun when it’s damp, it opens up to look very volumnious. Great tip she’s given! She has a great Vase figure as well.
    Versus, is it possible to be a vase with medium breasts? I’m a 32C or 34B, and they look medium on my tiny frame, not large but not small. My hips and shoulders ( shoulders are prominent) are pretty much the same width and I do have a defined waist plus a bit of a tummy plus long slim legs. I always thought I was a slightly curvy ruler but when I see my shilloutte overall, a vase comes to mind. Which other celebrities are vase shaped? It’s hard to tell my shape because Im so thin in general 🙁

    • CK

      body snatcher alert!!! hahah, i’m kidding, but your body sound sooo much like mine, though my tummy is more like abs, anyway we’re very lucky girls if you ask me, its a nice shape)))) i’m not much good at body type thing but i also consider myself a sort of vase, but we’ll wait for Versus’s “verdict”, haha))) and as far as i remember Kate Winslet is considered a vase and Kelly Brook is a combo – vase/hourglass.

      • Amatevi

        Good to know you have a similar body but I just found out my measurements today and I feel depressed haha (that sounds horrible, one should always be thankful), My bust was measuring around 32C-25-34, so by my measurements I’m a ruler but I’m not straight up & down, I have subtle curves. Whatever your measurements are I’m sure you have a lovely figure. Ive started exercising for a fuller lower body and a more sculpted waist.Maybe it’s possible to a combination of a ruler & a vase?

  • retrobanana

    i used to love her but she really cannot act at all…i think gossip girl is really all she has and een the designers seem to have forgotton about her i saw one of her marchesa looks on worst dressed loosk the other days i was in shock….does she look great yes and she has wonderful legs…but she aint miranda kerr…and i think the designers realized that she isnt a model..and her face looks about 100…

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