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Blake Lively Is Vogue’s Best Dressed Celebrity

FP_4942745_Met_RAM_050210 - Blake Lively Is Vogue’s Best Dressed Celebrity

American Vogue’s Best Dressed of the Year list is out and it’s… surprising / strange / obvious? Hottie Blake Lively landed on top – but let’s take a look at the rest, too:

1. Blake Lively – “The Bombshell”
2. Marion Cotillard – “The Screen Siren”
3. Michelle Obama – “The Independent”
4. Jessica Biel – “The American Beauty”
5. Alexa Chung – “The Street Cool”
6. Sarah Jessica Parker – “Haute Bohemian”
7. Liya Kebede – “Conscious Cool”
8. Carey Mulligan – “The Free Spirit”
9. Lady Gaga – “The Visionary”

FP_5479893_TRG_ATeam_Spain_072610 - Blake Lively Is Vogue’s Best Dressed Celebrity

Do you agree with these choices?Who’s your personal favorite ‘best dressed celebrity’?

See the other 6 ladies after the jump!

FP_4945043_Chung_Alexa_NYC_050310 - Blake Lively Is Vogue’s Best Dressed Celebrity

FP_5885075_BARM_NeverLetMeGo_LFF_101310 - Blake Lively Is Vogue’s Best Dressed Celebrity

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  • Katy

    Blake Lively would look good in anything…Sarah Jessica Parker always has some of my favourite outfits! But I really don’t get what decides these contests.

  • Beetle

    Blake Lively best dressed 🙂 That’s funny…

    • Leah

      the fact that any of these people made a best-dressed list is funny. i can honestly say i do not like a single outfit on this page. but the fact that they would put blake at the top is just bizarre

    • b

      Seconded. Why Blake is so hyped…

      • Linds

        Anna Wintour worships Blake Lively and that is the sole reason she is Vogue’s best dressed celebrity. And the sad thing is that Blake isn’t the one who’s stylish -her character on Gossip Girl is but that hasn’t got anything to do with Blake’s own ability to dress herself.

        • Leah

          no one on gossip girl has any real style off the show, imo

    • nylon-addict

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Tomato

    and WHO decides…

  • Nicole

    errrrmmm…wtf does ‘the independent’ mean? independent from the fashion industry? bc michelle obama has a team of stylists…

    • Nicole

      this list is just sooo null and void, i like how they all dress buuuut ‘best dressed’ worthy? idk

      Giovanna Battaglia, the fashion editor at L’Uomo Vogue, is by far one of the best dressed, but its Vogue, so it makes sense

  • K Britt

    Oh love it! So happy to finally see Liya Kebede recognized as well. I’ve always loved her look and found her to be an incredibly strong woman. Body wise, Lively is probably my favorite. She’s one of the rare few that represents an average, healthy, and attainable body shape for most women. She’s never gotten scary skinny, but instead stays glowingly fit. Simply lovely!

  • southerngumdrops

    LOVE blake!!! she’s my absolutely fave. she is very able to pull off trends without being so far out there that your average women can’t even begin to relate ( lady gaga).

    she also has a killer body and wears anything well

  • Zoey

    Lady Gaga being on any best-dressed list is a joke. While I love her as an artist, what she wears is not fashion, it’s ‘costume’. Best-dressed people inspire others to follow the trends they set. No one wants to copy what Lady Gaga wears. Wacky? Yes.Creative? Absolutely. Fashion icon? I don’t think so.

  • Great, now they decided to encourage Lady Gaga into making more little meat outfits.

  • Oh Blake Lively makes my heart flutter. and I’m straight hahaha

  • Sophie

    ….jessica biel?

  • Erin

    Blake Lively is so plain. Idgi

    • Do you watch Gossip Girl? Before I watched it and had only seen pictures of her, I didn’t understand the hype. I actually found her rather unattractive. But then seeing her on the show, she’s just got this amazing appeal that I can only describe as the ‘it’ factor.

      • Ashes

        I don’t like Gossip Girl but I’ve seen it on occasion. I think Blake has a great body but I don’t find her face very pretty. Nevertheless, I don’t find her to be that appealing on the show.

      • Josephinee

        Haha, I had the exact opposite reaction. I find her to be a terrible actress (or maybe her character doesn’t grant her the opportunity to showcase her talent) and didn’t like her face at all. I’ve come to appreciate her looks while watching interviews and red carpet events!

        • mel

          Me too! The way she speaks out of the side of her mouth kind of annoys me and I don’t think she’s that great an actress. Leighton, on the other hand …

          • Josephinee

            Haha indeed. Leighton Meester is the only reason I watch the show! Blake just fails to bring any emotion to the screen, like she only knows how to do two or three facial expressions. The strange thing is that she’s much more pleasant in interviews than in her role!

          • Emmanuelle

            I noticed that, too. She delivers her speech like the way stroke victims do. My baby sister, who is an avid GG fan, once mimics the way she speaks and that horrified me. Other than that, I find her very charming and attractive!

        • Oh i think she’s a terrible actress. I don’t find her face particularly attractive and i loathe her voice but her overall appearance to me is just so appealing, there’s something special about her.

          • mel

            Yeah, I get what you are saying. It’s more like the package, rather than the indivual features I guess? I’m starting to get tired of Serena van der Woodsen though!

          • I’m actually getting sick of the entire show haha. The current plot is boring the crap out of me.

  • burckybear

    Alexa Chung by a mile, American celebs are too fake…

  • marge

    Alexa Chung and Carey Mulligan are by far the best of the list! Jessica Biel doesn’t even know how to dress and Marion Cotillard is the worst dressed french celebrity ever (and I’m a fan).

  • Kimberly

    Blake Lively is a bombshell? Really? No, I think she’s buddies with Anna Wintour. This list is silly.

  • steph

    Blake Lively?? Really? Vogue, you are a joke. That girl dresses like a hooker half the time, and the other half she’s on GG and dressed by someone else. How about some love for Emma Watson or Natalie Portman??

    • Ashes

      I don’t really care for Emma Watson’s dress sense but Natalie Portman… WOW. I LOVE her sense of style.
      Also, I think Blake has a blockbuster movie coming out next year so this could be part of a massive publicity stunt.

      • steph

        being best pals with anna wintour doesn’t hurt either

    • Nicole

      it must be because anna wintour has a ginormous girl crush on her and karl lagerfeld backs her up

    • Priscila

      She does not have a stylist, that’s why everyone admires her in the fashion world.
      She always pick pieces that matches her style (what you call hooker) from various designers by herself. This shows she really has her own sense of style.

  • Polly

    Is there an extra lady in these pictures? Or is it the same one? Can’t tell because I’ve never heard of her. Blake Lively is the best dressed on the red carpet, she always looks amazing.

  • Cleo

    WTF Its ridiculous I dont agree at all. Beside Alexa Chung whose outfit is interresting all of them are ugly/standard. Obama’s outfit is the worst, even in small villages in Poland people dont dress like this to go to church!! I understand the lady gaga choice even tough IMO its disgusting and horrible.

  • mel

    Agree with Alexa Chung and Marion Cotillard, but I wouldn’t say Blake Lively is the best dresser. She always wears the same type of dress – short, tight, cleavage-baring, and although she has the body for that, she doesn’t really have much style in terms of combining accessories or layering. I think Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth, or Sienna Miller, or Zoe Saldana should be on here because they have amazing style! I definitely don’t agree with Carey Mulligan or Sarah Jessica Parker – did you see what she wore to the Sex and the City Premiere? It was seriously like she had a bird’s nest on top of her head.

  • Diana

    Marion Cotillard is sooo gorgeous!

  • Ellie

    I looove Blake, but I find this whole list a bit off apart from Alexa. Maybe she could be on it, just not number one.

    Blake is Anna Wintour’s baby right now though so it’s hardly surprising.

  • bella

    Blake Livelys clothes arent beautiful SHE is beautiful. what a silly list.

  • ebby

    are you kidding me? jessica biel? blake, michelle, alexa and sarah jessica are the only ones that I think actually have a style. everyone else dresses very generically or in the case of gaga, wacky but not stylish. i would have included leighton meester, zooey deschanel, shingai shoniwa, and bjork. my number one would have bee shingai.

  • Erica

    Blake Lively has a great body for fashion and she often dresses well – but I don’t think she’s the best dressed celeb. I wouldn’t go for anyone on that list – especially Carey Mulligan! Her clothes choices might look good on someone else, but for some reason she looks really dowdy to me. I don’t want to be mean but I just never seem to like how she looks on the red carpet – but she’s a great actress! Marion Cotillard has a stunning figure and when she dresses well, she looks amazing, but she has made more than a few bad choices!

    I would chose someone like Sienna Miller, Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightley as my best dressed – sure they have bad days, but when they are on form they look so beautiful and elegant. I guess I find Blake a bit too model-like and she often dresses in very revealing outfits, which I find a little trashy, at times.
    Sienna, Anne and Keira embody my old Hollywood fashion sense, I guess – they are just classic and glamourous but have a twist of uniqueness as well.

  • adele

    Listen people, Blake can wear anything and still look stunning, because SHE IS a bombshell. She deserves it, I bet she works hard for it.

    Stop hating.

    • Daniel

      I don ‘t know this Blake, I don’t watch Gossip girl so I only say what I’m gonna say based on her looks, face and body. She is NOT a bombshell. Her face is really average and her body looks like all other starlets of Hollywood bodies. Next!

      Marillon Collitard is absolutely gorgeous and classy, as always. She is a great actress, the kind of really talented people who should never be judged on their looks. But she is too gorgeous for me not to mention it…

      • artemis


  • linny

    Blake looks always so boring and bored.

  • Burckybear

    Alexa is the best – she is stunning and classy

  • Lexie

    Liya K. is stunning!

  • Sidney

    I like all the choices. Could name a dozen other names as well, but to me these are still valid enough. I wouldn’t place them in any order though. I agree more or less with the categories they made for the ladies, but that’s it. Blake can have her “no 1 Bombshell” -label but all included she doesn’t top the list imo. None of them do, they’re too different. Who’s that lady in white though, after Liya?

  • Cleopatra

    It amazes me when people say they think that Blake Lively is even attractive,but I have never watched any shows/movies by her,maybe her personality is a good one and that is why people ” LOVE ” her.Face-wise,she is less than average.Body-wise,she has a thin-toned very attainable body.

    • Nicole

      I ran into her in CT when she was filming Sisterhood 2, but i digress, she is a lot less tall in person, hair and skin is stunnnnnnnnnnnnning (i mean, you would like to rip her hair off so you can make a wig out of it, stunning) and her features are more refined in person…

      • mel

        Haha well she is known for her hair! How tall was she about? I’m just curious … because I’ve heard between 5’8″ and 5’11” for her, and I’m not sure which one it is …

  • woopidoo

    loooove carey!!! she’s so cute and has a great fashion sense!

  • Pie

    Anna Wintour obviously owes Harvey Weinstein something, Vogue has gone crazy for Blake for no apparent reason.

    Now Marion Cotillard is someone I can get behind: beautiful, classy and talented. Love her.

  • Tessa

    Kate Moss got best dressed of the decade. Blake just got the bombshell.

  • So glad to see Michelle Obama on this list. Yeah so she has a team of stylists but most of them do. She still has her own independent stance and always manages to look graceful, classy and contemporary at the same time.

    • Mia

      I have mixed feelings about Michelle Obama’s fashion sense. She obviously has really nice clothes, but I don’t think she wears them well at all. She always looks kind of frumpy to me, like she doesn’t know how to dress right for her body type.

  • Priscila

    I love SJP and Alexa. I’m happy they made it into the list.
    I also would love if they had chosen:Olivia Palermo, Cate Blanchet, Camila Belle, Kate Bosworth,The Olsens, Florence Welsh and Evan Rachel Wood,

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  • ellentjie

    SJP does not dress well when her stylist is not around because seeing her in daily life, she looks she couldn’t care less about clothes. Blake Lively’s face just annoys me, that pout of hers. I never really thought her style was her own…sort of just someone handed it to her and she wore it

  • I quite like this list. Especially Liya, Carey, Parker and Alexa. I’m glad they added GaGa as well 😀
    Bosworth & a few others should be there too though

  • Valerie

    Considering Blake Lively dresses herself (doesn’t have a stylist) and has a fantastic body and gorgeous yet not your typical face, it would make sense why she’s on that list.

  • Liz

    Lady Gaga! Weird as her outfits may be, she’s still my fashion icon. I love her style.

  • hikari

    Eeeeww! Blake has gotten skinnier again. She’s a lot prettier and more “glowing” before. Or maybe that’s just her expression which is weird and makes her face looks gaunt.

  • flossy

    The women are beautiful but best dressed? Lordy! Vogue really have lost the plot. Mind you they fell off the fashion wagon years ago. Seriously they used to create the trends but now they’re just a joke which is a real shame.

  • Fuksia

    That is not true, the best dresses of the decade was Kate Moss, obviously, Blake Lively can’t be compared with her, it’s just not fair…

  • ari

    worst list EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why isnt Leighton Meester in this list she’s the one with a real fashion sense. the only people who deserves to be on that list are Alexa, Carey and Michelle. Blake seriously get outta here

  • Nikki

    Blake is my girl body crush. Gorgeous glowing body. But style icon? Joke imo! She is always cleavage AND legs in super short dresses. She can pull it off, no argument there, but not classy. Where is Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba? They always dress really nice imo.
    As for Blake’s Gossip Girl character, Serena, that made me like her less. I really liked her in the beginning, but Serena is freakishly annoying now, which has made me like Blake less, stupid, i know, but this is the only “personality” I know from Blake, and personality means a lot with regards to beauty. Which is positive!
    But I loved Blakes/Serena’s style in the 1st season, more toned down, jeans and awesome accessories 🙂

    • mel

      Agree with everything you said – Serena has definitely made me dislike Blake more because she is so extremely annoying. She irritates me to the point that Gossip Girl has just lost most of its appeal for me. Rachel Bilson, Kate Moss, and Jessica Alba definitely deserve to be on the list.

      • Nikki

        Same for me. I’m starting to like the show less. When one of the main character’s annoying and unsympathetic then u have problem. I remember OC had the same problem, when viewers started to find Marissa really annoying.

  • mic

    IT’S OBVIOUS considering her close relationship to Anna wwintour. Surprise, surprise, isn’t it?

  • prefers to be plush

    1. Blake Lively – business deal with Anna Wintour
    2. Marion Cotillard – business deal with Carine Roitfeld
    3. Michelle Obama – obligatory entry
    4. Jessica Biel – ????
    5. Alexa Chung – the real #1
    6. Sarah Jessica Parker – the real #3
    7. Liya Kebede – another business deal
    8. Carey Mulligan – the real #2
    9. Lady Gaga – deserves a special award

    No disrespect to Mrs. Obama, but most of the time she looks like crap! Every one in a while she gets it right and looks stunning, but the cardigans and boob belts thing does NOT work and I wonder why she keeps repeating it!

  • Oh. Okay.

  • kimi

    I agree about Alexa and Carey, eventually SJP. Blake has a great body so she looks goos in everything but her taste is not always so good… I miss Keira Knightley, Zoe Saldana and Emma Watson on the list.

  • Nessa

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww Lady gaga should never be on any best dressed anything. She is hideous

  • fader

    Alexa chung is the only one there that should be on that list. Probably #1 or 2. I would have also included Rachel Bilson, Zoe deschanel, sienna miller and Chloe sevigny.

  • Blake is the most beautiful girl in the world