Blake Lively, Who Can Pull It Off?

This Dress Looks Better on… Blake Lively VS Alexa Chung!

FP_5498138_Twelve_AAR_0728101 - This Dress Looks Better on... Blake Lively VS Alexa Chung!

2 finalists on Vogue’s Best Dressed Celebrities list, both wearing the exact same dress, but in very different ways: Blake sexying it up with heels and fabulous legs and Alexa playing it chic & relaxed.

This Dress Looks Better on… Blake Lively VS Alexa Chung!

2 individual pictures after the jump!

FP_5845844_ANG_Chanel_Arrivals_100510 - This Dress Looks Better on... Blake Lively VS Alexa Chung!

FP_5498136_Twelve_AAR_072810 - This Dress Looks Better on... Blake Lively VS Alexa Chung!

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  • Nina

    Blake !

    She is a tat more curvy and her legs looks wonderful 🙂

  • I prefer Blake’s body, but the dress (which I find ugly btw) looks better on Alexa, it suits her skin color, hair, etc.. and I prefer the relaxed & chic style

    • Nikki

      You said exactly what I would have said 🙂

    • MNG

      totally agree!

      • she

        Alexa’s body scares me. We live in the same neighborhood and I always see her waiting for the train and it makes me cringe. She is skin and bones – no muscle, no fat…
        Blake looks better IMHO

    • ginger

      Hey that was exactly what I was thinking!!!
      I mean, Blake’s just STUNNING.. but this dress is more Alexa-like.. It looks better on her.

    • snoops

      totally agree – the dress is ugly, and alexa looks way too thin and sickly, still though alexa pulls the dress of better than blake.

      I wish someone would tell blake to stop wearing her hair like that it looks so messy like she just left the gym – the shiney face just adds to the “just left the gym” look.

      • b

        I totally agree! I like Blake’s body better, but the reason why I like the dress on Alexa is because it’s not really supposed to be vampy like that. Showing the skin is vampy enough without the heels, etc.

  • Blake! I like the nude heels with this dress better than Alexa’s black flats.

    • vanessa


  • Mia

    super cute dress!! I think Blake wore it better, she has the legs to pull it off.

  • Melinaa

    Blake !!!

  • Emma

    They both look good, but I think Blake looks better just because she seems much happier.

  • Clio

    Blake! She looks happy and comfi with herself…Alexa doesnt

  • hays

    Blake looks like she is glowing! when you look like youre glowing you can pretty much make anything look good

    • Leah

      that’s true. but the legs do help…

  • rosie

    blake for sure. love the heels and her legs are awesome.

  • Ida

    Got to say Blake. She pulls the dress off with her freakin amazing body!

  • Astrid

    they both look nice, though the dress reminds me of a little girl’s play costume… not a jawdropping dress for either girls; doesn’t do that much.

  • Even though I don’t like the dress, Blake’s glow some how makes it look beautiful….Alexa looks tired

  • siennagold


  • CN

    BLAKE! Without a doubt

  • gaby

    i prefer alexa’s complexion. it looks more natural, although her skin looks slightly dull. the dress looks better on blake mainly because of how she accessorized it with heels vs. flats and it looks like she had it fitted to her body whereas alexa wore it as is.

  • Gaby

    Blake, no doubt. She has a waist, Alexa doesn’t.

  • Lynn

    Awesome dress!!!!!
    Blake for sure, her legs and the shoes just look amazing!

  • leonore

    Alexa. I really like the way the girl looks and her complexion resembles mine. Slightly anemic looking.

  • tink

    Blake, her body is killer.
    I don’t know why Alexa reminds me of a homeless person in all the pictures. I don’t like this pale look (I look similar when at my low weight).

  • i’m pretty sure blake would look better than her – and most people – in anything

  • Amy

    Wow I saw a Strawberry Kats dress in Topshop the other day that looks almost exactly the same!

    • Natalia

      soooo good to know, thnx!!! ;)))

  • Erica

    Blake by a mile – Alexa looks pale and sickly to me. She doesn’t look like she is happy or healthy – her whole body just looks too thin – and it also shows in her face.

    Blake just has a superb, thin and healthy figure and great skin, so she’s hard to beat – very few women would really look better than her in this dress. But Alexa can’t compete – she looks frail and ill, imo!

  • Izabela

    Lovvvve this Chanel dress. I pick Blake, even though I usually don’t like what she wears. It just hangs better on her body.

  • They both look good and the dress is gorgeous. I’m gonna go with Blake on this one though

  • Futon Fighter

    I’d say any woman with a more pronounced waist than either of them but if I HAVE to pick, then Blake, she makes the dress far more fun.

  • Bri

    okay, Blake looks stunning! The dress fits her perfectly and she actually looks in my opinion slimmer than alexa because it does fit her so well. Her legs are to die for! Gorgeous smile! The back of the dress is amazing.

    I think what is off about Alexa is that she’s not necessarily pale per-say, just very washed out! she has an olive skin tone…so it seems like she should be a bit tanner, yet she isn’t. I agree with all the people saying she looks a bit anemic.

  • Katy

    Blake looks better. But i’m really quite shocked how similar their bodies look in it. Either Alexa is getting less skeletal or Blake is getting more so! Hope it’s the former.


  • asdfkjh

    blake. unless of course you think the body *removed by admin*

    • asdfkjh

      why did the admin remove the second part of my comment? it was nothing bad! it was just saying that alexa chung had the body type of a young male. its not rude, its true!

      • Versus

        You chose different words the first time – and I will let the other visitors decide if it is rude or not.

      • Casey

        She doesn’t have a v-shape therefore she doesn’t have the body type of a young male. I would call her androgynous but she still resembles a woman in every way.

        I didn’t see your original comment but I can guess what it is if the admin chose to remove it, and I will say it’s about as rude as calling someone a fat whale. If you have no problems with that, then I understand you not thinking your comment was rude.

        • asdfkjh

          you can’t comment on something that you didn’t even read! it really wasn’t even that rude, i didn’t call her a fat whale. i said that she had the body type of a young boy and instead of young i used an age number. so that is definitely not the equivalent of “fat whale”. it is very presumptuous of you to comment on something you haven’t read. also, versus, i did not mean to be rude to you, i just didn’t understand why i what i said was removed. some people say wayyy nastier stufff, but it is your site and you can remove whatever you please! 🙂 i apologize.

  • The Princess

    I think Blake x

  • pixie

    Blake looks great. Alexa just looks sick and tired.

  • Ana

    Wow now Alexa is infamous for having those scrawny legs but Blakes don’t look that much different!! She has lost so much weight!

    Whats with the hair on both girls?

  • flossy

    Neither the dress looks cheap and nasty

  • hikari

    Yikes! Blake *has* gotten too thin for her frame. I don’t get what other people’s saying here. Alexa doesn’t look tired, she has that expression all the time, it’s natural. On the other hand, Blake, even as she smiles, looks a bit haggard. Even though Alexa is thinner than Blake, it suits her because I never saw her in bigger shape. I’ve seen Blake a little meatier and seriously it looks better than what left of her now.

  • Ozge

    Is it just me or Blake’s underwear is visible from the lace part of the dress. Anyway she looks gergeous. Also i think wearing a bra really helps with dress dress, which Alexa lacks obviously.

    • becky

      lol i was scrolling through the comments wondering why no ones mentioned that yet, it was the first thing i saw

  • What an ugly dress. Even Blake is struggling to make it look good to me. But Blake for sure. Also, can someone please tell me who Alexa Chung is?!

    • Nikki

      British model and TV presenter. Think she’s on an american show now, called “It’s On – with Alexa Chung”. And she’s dating Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys… lucky girl 😉

      • omigod you helpmed me remember her!The lucky lucky lucky goddamnfecking luky girl who dates Alex Turner!D:
        I would pick Alexa,since she created a better combination with her hair and shoes. Her legs are way too thin comapred to rest of her body but she sure has a great face!

      • I have no idea who the Arctic Monkeys are..LOL

  • Jemima

    I like the way Alex styled it more.

  • Sidney

    I’ve thought Alexa looks awfully skinny, not when she fisrt started at MTV but for a long time anyway, and here side by side they look almost the same size. And Blake still doesn’t look unhealthy or unattractive to me. It might be the proprtions of the photos, hard to tell if they’re really the same size, or Alexas slightly boho look, or her large eyes and largish head that give her that slightly malnourished look. They both look very pretty though. I like Alexa more and find her prettier facially, but Blake carries that dress better imo.

  • Inanna


  • mel

    Blake, but I don’t like the tan thing that’s sticking up in the sheer inset. If Alexa wore better shoes, they would have been tied.

  • neutra

    Alexa actually makes it look Chanel, as opposed to Blake who makes it look tacky. I do prefer Blakes body, but as for her ‘style’, it’s all so forced. Plus Alexas face is sooo beautiful- those eyes! Blakes face has all looked cheap and average to me- I think it has a lot to do with those shocking eyebrows.

    • neutra

      *has always looked

  • lc

    ALEXA!!!! She is so pretty, Blake is soo bland.

  • Kimberly

    Blake because Alexa looks tired and ill.

  • Ciillss
  • Casey

    I think the dress doesn’t look good on either one of them because it’s an ugly dress, but if I had to choose it would be Blake. I think the reason why Blake looks better is not because she weighs more than Alexa, it’s because she has better proportions than her…longer legs, smaller waist, bigger bust. Those things make a big difference.

    If Alexa had longer legs and a smaller waist and was still the same weight as she is now, I think the vote would be a lot more divided. People are a lot more forgiving of those who are underweight or overweight if they have good proportions. It makes a huge difference.

  • MrsHide

    Blake!!!! she’s almost perfect!!

  • prefers to be plush

    The back of the dress is too sexy for flats, but Blake’s beige slingbacks are too old lady. Blake should have worn dark pumps or ankestraps or low boots.

  • aimdawg

    um it looks pretty much the same on both of them..they’re both really skinny alexa’s just overly-so

  • Canadian

    Definitely BLAKE! She’s gorgeous in everything she wears :O

  • alana

    Blake has a better body but everything she wears is too short and looks cheap. It def looks better on Alexa.

  • Mirabela

    I think both looks good. Just the lights are different.

  • A:)

    I agree with all of you, Blake looks much healthier than Alexa, but this dress is very Alexa style and I don’t really think Blake pulls it of. She is beautiful though!

  • padme

    Blake, the other one looks like a heroin addict or something. Blake looks healthier, happier, and she has great legs to pull off the short dress.

  • samantha clemens

    Alexa is like my favorite person in the world. screw blake.

  • burckybear

    Alexa is classy and stunning – Blake is less so

  • I like alexa better because it’s more simple and it just looks more elegant 🙂

  • Weirdo

    Alexa is the best, the dress looks better on her because she has that beautiful skinny body and those long legs, her white skin is completely natural and her factions are beautiful, she is classy, Blake makes it look cheap, it’s a cute dress, but only beauties like Alexa can wear it and make it look great, otherwise, the dress will look realyy bad.

  • Elena

    Blake 🙂