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  • Kate

    omg i am rubbish!

  • Cinthee

    Shenae Grimes, always looks so cute and petite in everything she wears.

  • Moon Doggie

    Shenae had boobs while she was Degrassi, what happened?

    • LuluS

      Didn’t she lose a ton of weight for 90210?

      • MoonDoggie

        Yeah, she was 15 pounds underweight but gained 9-12 pounds back to be only slightly underweight. I guess the boobs are still suffering for the weight loss :[

  • Julia

    Both look so cute!! but im going with Shenae this time, perfect outfit for her frame.

  • bec

    Shenae always looks so adorable. Love her.

  • IzBee

    There’s absolutely no question. Blake’s legs (and hair!) are gorgeous!