Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Who Is Hotter?

Olivia, Blake and Jessica – Achievement Award Hotties

Olivia-Blake-and-Jessica - Olivia, Blake and Jessica - Achievement Award Hotties

Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively and Jessica Alba all looked pretty and polished at the Footwear News 24th Annual Achievement Awards in New York City on Tuesday night.

Who’s got your favorite look on this occasion?

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  • shante

    amazingg! all of them, especially blake, shes glowing! and i lovee olivia’s outift eventhough shes a bit of a bitch ha!

  • shante

    ooh and first!

  • Erin M

    I think Jessica’s outfit is the best by far, and I love the Louboutin dominatrix shoes! Not a fan of her hair though..

  • Jessica’s outfit is quite cute! Blake’s is rather conservative for her haha. I think she has gotten WAY too thin which is sad; her body was lovely before.

    • solaxia

      i agree she has gotten thinner. I dont usually like thin legs (like i rarely like VS models legs) but i think Blakes are a good thin. They are toned but not overly muscular or boney…and a nice size. Though i preferred them before more

  • Serafiina

    Although Blake has amazing legs, I too think she looks better with more weight on her. Her body as a whole is better then.
    I think Jessica has changed her make up, at least different shadowings, and it is working. Last couple of times when we have seen her she has been wearing this kind of makeup and has been looking extremely radiant and ultra beautiful.
    What comes to outfits, I like Olivias best but Jessica is a close second.

  • Diana

    I like Jessica best! Oh gosh, she looks stunning! I want that outfit and shoes!!

  • jjj

    Blake looks amazing with the weight loss. It really looks great on her! She looks soo much younger and youthful at her new weight.

    Its close between Blake and Olivia.. Maybe Olivia gets the win today.

    • mel

      Agree! I thought I was the only one who thought she looked better with the weight loss.

  • Priscila

    Olivia is so beautiful!

  • Cristina

    Jessica – absolutely amazing style; she is definitely not the best actress, nor the smartest one, but her style and figure are yo die for. Blake is as interesting as a brick and i’m always biased about Olivia; imo she tries too hard, but she still is a pretty woman.

  • Mia

    Olivia is so beautiful IMO, it’s just too bad that she is so ugly on the inside (or at least, that’s what the her television persona leads me to believe).

  • Anna

    Love Olivia’s use of textures. Really like here here, though I agree jessica has been looking amazingly pretty recently. Olivia, Jessica and Leighton are definitely my girl-crushes at the moment!

  • Ophelie

    Olivia and Blake look amazing both in terms of styling and body wise. Jessica’s outfit especially with that hairstyle is boring to me.

  • ooh hard choice.
    all of them look fantastic! but it’s down to blake and olivia… although i would be more likely to wear blake’s dress i admire olivia’s style a lot.
    so olivia wins for me!

  • Sims

    I like Blake’s outfit the best. All of them are so pretty facially wise… it’s so hard to choose 🙁

  • Ida

    For me it’s always Blake, no matter what she’s wearing or when she’s wearing it .. Total fan of her body, and clothing style!

  • flossy

    Okay seriously i need some help here. What is all the fuss about this Olivia girl? Really I just don’t get it I turn away for two seconds and when I turn back she’s on the cover of every magazine including Vogue. Why? What has she done? And why has she suddenly become so popular and a media darling. I’m still scratching my head as why the Kardashians are so huge (apologies to Kim’s arse no pun intended). So if someone could explain i would be extremely grateful. Thanks

  • mel

    I love Olivia’s style, but I dont like the coat over that dress. I feel like it’s more of a centerpiece and is kind of at odds with the rest of her ensemble. I also love Blake and Jessica! This one’s really difficult, but I’ll choose Olivia.

  • Karla

    Blake looks fantastic!

  • Melanie

    All three have great bodies, faces and fashion.

  • Issa

    Such a difficult choice!!! I’d go with jessica though, her face is sooo gorgeous!

  • All are beautiful women but id choose Jessica. Although i love the colour of Blakes dress and the diferent textures of Olivia’s outfit 🙂

  • Nik

    Ahh, good old Boobs Legsly. Then again, who wouldn’t show off their legs all the time, if they had legs like hers! 🙂

  • Mo

    Blake Lively?
    Jessica Alba?
    Achievement? Eh?

    Oh… “Footwear News 24th Annual Achievement Awards”


  • MNG

    I don’t like their outfits, but they all look good!