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Battle of the Cleavages! Nancy O’dell Versus Kathleen Robertson!

battle-of-the-cleavages-nancy-odell-versus-kathleen-robertson - Battle of the Cleavages! Nancy O'dell Versus Kathleen Robertson!

From the wide range of impressive and less impressive cleavages that were displayed on the red carpet at the Emmy’s last night, we picked two that clearly pop out, belonging to Nancy O’Dell and Kathleen Robertson. Sure, in Kathleen’s case, we’re talking about new mommy boobs, but it still counts.

Reason number 2 why we picked these 2 is that you’ve got 2 very different types and techniques of revealing your full bust:

Technique number 1: Grab a dress with a cut almost till the bellybutton and then let your bust (and the tape, in some cases) do the rest!

Technique number 2: Squeeze them tight & lift them up – works all the time!

Which cleavage do you like better? Nancy O’dell Versus Kathleen Robertson!


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  • Samuel



  • Amanda Pants

    Nancy’s cleavage wins this one for me, not so much her make up. Her face looks like a cake.

  • Amanda Pants

    Woopsie, I mean Kathleen

  • CountryGal777

    Nancy. Kathleen looks like she is gonna bust out of her dress like it was two sizes too small!

  • Elizabeth

    Squeeze them tight & lift them up, okay. But never THAT much.
    In conclusion I pick Nancy 😉