Beyonce, Body Type and Clothes

Beyonce in a Minidress & Flats

beyonce-in-a-minidress-flats - Beyonce in a Minidress & Flats

Interesting look! It’s hard to pull off such a tiny dress, especially when pairing it with gladiator sandals.

How do you like this outfit on Beyonce’s figure?

One more on the 2nd page!

beyonce-in-a-minidress-flats-2 - Beyonce in a Minidress & Flats

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  • Paula

    LOVE THE SHOES! Those are awesome… I think Beyonce pretty good, but i think her dress could have been a little bit longer…

    • Paula


  • Alicia

    it should be longer with someone with such curvy figured legs…

  • she looks great curvy girls rock in short dresses it suits her and what can I say she is stunning

  • Jenna

    Beyonce doesn’t seem to have much tone or definition in her legs in this picture which is surprising as she does so much dancing. It could be she is wearing pantihose/tights as she seems to love those at the moment! The gladiators are totally cool though.

  • julia

    she is obv wearing a pantyhose, you can tell on her feet- and has very similar sandals.

  • julia

    just in case anyone’s interested- dont know if beyonce would wear aldo shoes, but they are exactly the same.

  • Bethy

    I think she looks totally hot! Its great to see someone who isnt stick thin with the confidence to wear whatever they want despite what the press/ people will say. I love her jacket too!

  • Angies

    She looks great!
    I agree that the dress could be a little longer.
    Love her shoes.

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t really like her legs, if I’m being 100% honest.
    But damn, she is gorgeous.

  • DT

    Great voice; horrible out of shape puffy legs.

    • Instant

      They are not puffy or out of shape.

      • DT

        To quote yourself ” Her legs are not fat. Thick, yes, but not fat”. You call them thick but I cannot say Puffy?
        You are a moron !

        • Instant


        • TJ

          Thats soooo not the same thing! LOL. Puffy is soft and untoned. Thick is just not thin. I have “thick” legs, but not puffy. I’m very in shape and muscular, but I’d be lying if I said my legs where skinny. Its very common in Latinas and Black women. Actually… I won’t discount the other races. Its common in various body types.

    • Kae

      Not interested in getting into an argument about this but…her legs are probably a result of her genetics. You may not like her legs and that’s quite obvious. I don’t care for their shape either but there are some things about our bodies that we cannot change. I still find her to be a beautiful woman with one hell of a voice.

      • DT

        For someone who doesn’t want to argue, why do you respond to my post then? To repeat I said ” Great Voice” and then I gave my opinion. Start a new thread and get a life.

        • Kae

          I’m not even going to dignify your comment with a response.

          • DT

            You just did…. grow up !!

        • Michelle

          This Loser is still hanging around and causing problems with everyone? Will you just go away already..geeze. Go annoy other people with your stupidity, DT. Go get a life or at least try to make up one.

  • diane

    I think she looks great! She has no reason to hide her legs. They look better than most women with skinny legs. Skinny does not always mean beautiful.

  • Susan

    She looks gorgeous as usual. But, is she wearing pantyhose???

  • pia

    her legs are too fat

  • britmel

    her legs look abnormal…

    • Jackie

      What’s “abnormal” about having thicker legs? You need help!

      • Jessica

        Eww I know. Her legs look fine to me. Legs come in all shape in sizes, so why are you saying “abnormal” as though they’re mutated? She looks fantastic!!!!

        • britmel

          her legs are abnormal to me cuz they barely have any shape. theyre not thick even. theyre skinny in the top as well as bottom. i think its cuz of her tights shes wearing. i have no idea why she wud wear em.

  • Hannah

    NOOOOOOO Pia you are wrong. Beyonce’s legs are not fat. Just because they’re not thin it doesn’t make them ugly. My legs are just like hers, and like someone mentioned, it’s genetic. All of the women in my family have thick legs. Even with hard work and exercise it’s hard to get small legs. So with a skinny/curvy figure, I defend her. She looks great and georgous! And seeing successful beauties like Beyonce make me feel a lot better about my figure.

  • Jackie

    Some of you guys are way over reacting when it comes to Beyonce’s legs. Men prefer Beyonce’s shapley legs anyways so I’m not sure why some of you are tripping. She looks fine leave her alone!

  • Instant

    Her legs are not fat. Thick, yes, but not fat.

  • mia

    thin legs or no thin legs – let’s just face it that she’s still hotter than any of us.

    • Elizabeth

      LOL. Well said.

    • DT

      Speak for yourself love,

      • rachael

        Lucky you! I think I speak for everybody here when I say that I’m dying to see pictures of yourself posted on this site DT!

        • DT

          I rather think you do speak for a very large audience… of one. Beyonce is a great singer and performer, and she is really cute and can even be hot looking, but in the picture above, she has horrible legs that are puffy, bloaty and look somewhat like a chubby three year old. Look at the many comments here that say roughly the same, and you see how silly you sound.

          • rachael

            Yeah, yeah, yawn…… whatever, you must be sooooo much better than her and more successful and hotter and richer etc. Take it easy, espèce de pétasse….

          • Jasmine

            can you please just shut the heck up?
            her legs look fine

            you need to get a life
            or better yet post your picture
            so that we can all nit pick about what you look like

        • DT

          Once again, we see the signs of an idiot. You make this personal rather than what it is supposed to be. A suggestion: just look at the pretty pictures and comment on them. Do not attack other people who post their comments. Your attacks only show what a beast you must be.

          • Michelle

            NO!! Please don’t post a picture of yourself DT. Well it would explain why you have such low self esteem and body image issues. It would also explain the Jealousy you have towards Woman with beauty. I was going to say don’t worry about being ugly because at least you have brains…but sorry i can’t even give you credit for that. lol

          • rachael

            Mmmhhh…… sure! Because when you wrote “speak for yourself, love” you were making a comment on the post and not replying to somebody’s comment, right????!

            Pleeeease! You tell others to do something and then you do exactly the opposite….. Let me tell you a secret: YOU are the idiot and the beast here.
            And Michelle has pointed out exactly what your comments are all about: a lot of jealousy and no brain.

          • DT

            Love this Gang Warfare mentality…..
            Mia said “let’s just face it that she’s still hotter than any of us ” . Since I do not agree that she ( Beyonce) is hotter than any of us on this Board, I advised her to simply speak for herself, kinda like ” she is hotter than me ( Mia ) “.
            If you had gone beyond the sixth grade, you would understand that. All I hear is how ugly I am, or how illiterate I am… just ‘casue I have the gumption to express real opinions, not a politically correct apology for saying what I prefer. My, how well you would do in a High School debate.
            Suggestion: Google ” How To Play Well With Others”

  • Ali

    Love that shoes! and Beyonce looks so good, she’s hot

  • klara

    woah, tasty!

  • Elena

    I had no idea she looks so good in gladiator flat sandals and a short skirt! You rock, Beyonce! She looks amazing!

  • jam

    to be honest. i don’t really like her figure in this outfit.
    she’s a beautiful girl with a kick ass body.

    but…this is just horrendous. her legs look like fat stalks. they have no definition. they look fat and bloated.

    im just say this out fit would be better suited on a skinnier person.
    say Lindsay lohan. coz she’d be able to pull it off.

    i have nothing against curves. i like all body types.
    im just commenting on the clothing choice..

    • Instant

      I really do not want to see Lindsay’s too thin legs in an outfit like this. Thin women aren’t the only ones that can pull off tiny outfits. Beyonce’s legs look less toned because she’s wearing flats and pantyhose. If she were bear legged, I think it would look better.

      • what’s wrong with seeing skinny women with a short dress on? i agree with the lindsay part but any skinny chick can pull it off than anybody else.

        • Instant

          Read again BigV, I said I didn’t want to see LINDSAY’S legs(who is unhealthily underweight(thin) and getting unattractive because of it), and I said thin women AREN’T the only ones that can pull off tiny outfits. I was NOT insulting thin women here, I was just stating my opinion that thin women aren’t the only ones that can look good.

          • DT

            Oh my Instant… feeling the pressure over simply wanting to state your own opinion??
            It is so nice to see you get some of your own medicine… haha

          • Michelle

            funny I was just gonna say the same thing to you DT…LOL

          • DT

            Well, be kind to poor Instant and say it to her.

          • Instant

            There’s a difference here, DT. I wasn’t being insulting and I wasn’t trying to justify my insults by calling them “opinions”. And I wasn’t being insulting to BigV when I explained myself either. I really don’t care if she doesn’t like my opinion, but she twisted what I said and I corrected her. No one twists what you say, you’re already twisted.

          • DT

            Why thank you my dear. Coming from you, it’s all complimentary.
            BUT…… I wasn’t talking to you, so crawl back.

  • anabel

    wow, gorgeous lady in a cool outfit! why expect that everything is flawless when she looks so good overall?

  • Rose

    she looks amazing
    i saw het live saturday and she looks so much thinner in real live

  • anya

    Someone who can wear a miniskirt and shoes that cuts her ankles off, and still manage to have long, gorgeous and toned legs is just pure perfection in my book.

    • DT

      You are soooo right !!!!!! Too bad it is not Beyonce.

  • Juliette

    She looks effing hot! I wish I had the legs, and the confidence, to pull that outfit off!

  • Amy

    Beyonce is gorgeous. The outift not so much. I hate the skirt, would have been hot if it was black. While I am impressed that she looks so good in gladiators and flats no less I think the rest of the outfit doesn’t do her curves justice and the mini is a little too mini. Maybe another inch or two on it. And too the people that keep saying you can’t help thick legs, no you can’t but you can tone them up a bit more. I think all legs look best when they are a bit more muscular.

  • Sara

    Beyonce does work out a lot. I think her legs are fine. But that’s just me.

  • Allison

    I don’t like Beyonce at all but I actually think this looks great–“puffy”, “abnormal” legs and all.

  • Betsy

    shapeless legs.

  • ms_benes

    Horrible legs, should keep them covered.
    Beautiful face!!!

  • Leanna

    Yes Beyonce has thick thighs….why on earth do people have to keep point out the obvious.

    But at the end of the day her legs have always been bigger, she has more muscle (not just fat) in her lower body and that’s down to her genetics and all the dancing she does.

    It’s not fair to keep calling her legs fat when they clearly aren’t.

  • Vera

    The shoes don’t flatter her legs. But I don’t think they’re unattractive or fat. I also think she’s beautiful and like her outfit.

  • Liz

    Gladiators should NEVER be paired with thick, cankly, shapeless legs…. its not the shoe, its the leg.. TRUST ME. maybe the shoes accentuate the shapelessness.. if you put Gladiators on Amanda Bynes.. Jennifer Lopez, Camilla Belle (random celebs that I think have great legs) it will not matter.. legs will still look skinny and hot. but the minute you slap some gladiators on lets say .. Michelle Trachtenburg, Sophia Bush, or Beyonce.. its tragic on sooo many levels. kida like the above pictures.

  • Liz

    I AGREE WITH DT.. yet again : )

    • DT

      and with such eloquence….. thank you…..

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  • Ela

    She looks FINE. Beyonce’s the epitome of hotness to me, I’d kill for her body. Her legs are incredibly muscular and toned that’s why they look like they do. Not feeling the jacket though, bit GaGa

  • Chika

    I love her legs and those shoes are kick a$$! She is perfect!

  • a1in

    perfect legs, P E R F E C T, she looks like a winner – very confident and happy, she is stunning!

    • Celine

      since when does fat translate to “P E R F E C T”?

  • bb

    i dont like her legs but she is gorgeous

    • Portia AkA Ms.Priss

      so what and u love em!!!!!

  • Beautiful face!!!

  • Yvonne

    I found this website and was appalled at such mean comments so felt the need to put something.

    Beyonce has a wonderful figure – not opinion it is fact – and those of you who think she’s ‘big’ will never be able to get their head round the fact that unlike them, she has the whole package.

    As for her legs – they are interesting to look at because they have shape – not to mention that they are tanned and toned. They are by no means fat! Who the hell wants to look at dodgy chicken legs anyway?

    Its all very well having nice legs but when your face aint up to much ???????? Ironically – you are probably the people saying these things. Maybe you should try growing personalities. Water them well and they should be ripe by late summer!

    I hope Beyonce keeps strutting it – shes a great role model with a bit of class.Thank goodness the harsh criticism of you shallow people don’t bother her or she’d cover up and ruin it for the rest of us!!!

  • Portia AkA Ms.Priss

    B is Just B if ur on this site talking about her no matter what u say hate it or love it ur doing ya job!!!! Thanks!!! ur mouth sells more albums than u kno now watch those legs walk to the bank and cash checks!

  • Portia AkA Ms.Priss

    BTW Werk!!!!!

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