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Christina Hendricks in a See-Through Blouse Shares Style Thoughts

Christina-Hendricks-in-a-see-through-blouse - Christina Hendricks in a See-Through Blouse Shares Style Thoughts

Christina Hendricks was spotted at the Badgely Mischka show 3 das ago during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week… and she wore a see-through / lacey black top that revealed her bra. And with this occasion, Christina also shared a few thoughts on style and fashion:

“I’ve learned about tailoring, tailoring, tailoring. I don’t think I ever walk into a shop anymore and think, ‘Oh, I love it, I wish it fit.’ I think, ‘Oh, I love it. Let me go make it fit.’ Jeans I don’t generally have to tailor, but I have to oftentimes with tops because I’m a bit curvy. I’ve learned what’s flattering on me and what works for me.”

And which are Christina’s favorite colors?

“It’s that kind of color that redheads aren’t supposed to wear that I love. That sort of ballet-pink color.”

See some more pictures of her after the jump!

Christina-Hendricks-in-a-see-through-blouse-2 - Christina Hendricks in a See-Through Blouse Shares Style Thoughts

Christina-Hendricks-in-a-see-through-blouse-3 - Christina Hendricks in a See-Through Blouse Shares Style Thoughts

Christina-Hendricks-in-a-see-through-blouse-6 - Christina Hendricks in a See-Through Blouse Shares Style Thoughts

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  • alyce

    omg she really pretty and skin stone look fresh

  • Sidney

    She looks so lovely. Oddly enough i don’t find the completely visible bra offensive, she’s making it work. What irks me sometimes with her are the colors she chooses, she has such a fair skin that some colors wash her out completely, but here she manages to look glowing. Is it just the pics, or is her other eye a bit bigger, or rather more open, than the other? Also her pupils seem a bit different sizes, i’ve never notized that about her..

    • Shoegal

      OMG! Her left eye is so much smaller than her left!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • B.

        A LOT of people’s eyes look smaller like that, especially when they smile. It’s no big deal.
        She’s really, really lovely. I love how she doesn’t look like a lot of Hollywood: her boobs are real, she doesn’t have light blonde hair, she’s not tanned, and she’s not extremely thin.
        She looks just as good (or better, in my opinion) as those girls. Natural is beautiful!

  • Ally

    Oh my god, what’s going on with her hair?? Ever heard of a brush!

  • beckers!

    Hair and face are lovely. But that outfits not doing it for me.

  • liza

    she doesnt usually have to have her jeans tailored?? thats the complete opposite of most pears/hourglasses…and her face looks a bit different,i wonder if shes ad any work done??

    • Uma

      Well she is not a pear/hourglass. So…

      • sola

        yea i am quite hourglassy and ALWAYS need to get my pants tailored especially if they rise abouve the hips. I also have a sway back so pants are always tight around my belly (even when its flat) and then at the back there is tonnes of room! its so annoying!

        • londra

          Try Babyphat for jeans (even though they’re for under 20). I’m also a sway-backed hourglass and they fit acceptably without a trip to the tailor.

          • sola

            i havent heard of babyphat…is it online? i am early 20’s so hopefully it should be ok for me…yup Kae, I LOVE high waisted pants/ skirts and they look AWESOME on hourglasses or pears but they are always too baggy round the waist usually even in the smallest size. then if i gain and go up a size they are still to baggy and tight on hips! cant win

          • ann

            I got a pair of those jeans once, 60 dollars and I could still stick my whole hand down the back (two actually). I just gave up, I don’t feel like spending all that money when I have no serious need to look presentable on a daily basis. I spend too much money on books to bother anyway.

            Yea, they are online.

        • Kae

          Me too. I usually can’t wear high waisted pants either because they don’t fit properly. Dresses are usually a problem too, so I wear a stretchy fabric that clings.

          • jojo

            here where I live,most women are pears and hourglasses, so I’m lucky to don’t ever have to tailor my pants since they are made for my type of body LOL

    • ann

      I’m an hourglass, I don’t normally tailor anything cause I just don’t care to spend the money.

      • gen

        Good story.

  • pole

    she’s quite big ^^

    • artemis

      guess her boobs make her look so heavy

    • lowa

      quite big compared to what? she’s fine

  • sola

    she looks so pretty! i love her skin tone and hair colour. I

  • sola

    she looks so pretty! i love her skin tone and hair colour. I want to make mine that colour again too! she looks so fresh. and i think she works the top well. dont love the pants tho

  • Marty

    she’s starting to remind me of Scarlett Johanson. Why is she starting to almost purposely flaunt her breast and how she’s “different”.
    I love that its a good message but she tries way too hard.

    • alexad

      hey, got it flaunt it and when you have breasts that big you cant hide them. unless you are wearing hoodies or huge tshirts you will look like you are showing off i know cause im a DD and thats just how it is. hey shes not offending anyone with her boobs, flat chested girls like gossip girl cast can wear things with cuts down to their belly button and no one will care while this poor woman gets accused of crap by wearing anything

  • Sady

    Sorry , but I don’t think that was made a good work tailoring this pant, I can see camel toe.
    She is a beautiful woman, but seems her face has changed,maybe its botox or it’s just the flash/pose?

    • Kitten

      She’s not wearing that trademark eyeliner on her top lid. Google other images of her (as well as on Mad Men).
      I know it seems weird that eyeliner would make such a difference but I swear that’s it.

  • Barbara

    I know that she used to be extremely thin. Did she purposely gain weight for Mad Men?

    • Sidney

      She was in Firefly (2002), and though i think she was slimmer then, she wasn’t exactly skinny. Maybe she was encouraged not to lose weight or anything, but i’ve gotten the impression that if anything it was at her slimmest when she did what wasn’t natural to her body. I’m not sure though.

    • neutra

      i don’t know about weight, but I know that the producers don’t like them to work out because they want the girls to maintain a “softer” appearance for historical accuracy.

    • padme

      I don’t know if she gained weight for the role, but apparently she has been told not to lose any weight.

      Anyway that is an ugly shirt she’s wearing.

  • Casey

    I like this outfit. All of people have been saying that there are other people who think women can’t showcase their big breasts. I think these set of pictures prove that sometimes it does just look ridiculous, and other times it can be done tastefully. Last time it was ridiculous. This time, even though she is wearing a bra, she does it tastefully. She’s still showing off her cleavage, but her outfit is not all cleavage.

  • Beautiful woman!

  • londra

    This is a huge improvement on those unflattering dresses with chin-height cleavage, even with the trousers.

  • Nay

    Beautiful woman. Her skin in luminous! And I love her acting on MadMen.

    However, I don’t think this shirt/pants combo is very flattering on her. I think it makes her lose her waist.

  • Eve

    I do love her skin. It is soooo beautiful, actually girls like her made me to stop artificial tanning and start being proud of my naturally white skin.
    And with the red hair…she is so sexy.

    • sola

      me too =o)

  • gen

    I like her, I think she’s beautiful, but I’ll be honest. I’m not impressed with her waist. There is not enough of a contrast between her waist and her bust in my eye.

    • neutra

      I’ve never understood why people go on about her “tiny waist”. It’s not small at all. And this based on images when she is wearing dresses and hence probably shapewear underneath. I love hourglass figures, but I don’t think hers really is, at least not an enviable one anyway.

      I do love her colouring though, but that outfit looks nasty. I think it has to do with the lace inserts on the chest of the top, being worn over a lace bra. It looks messy.

      • sola

        i have to say. i do agree with you. I think she is more of an apple…but i still think she is lovely and she dresses well for her figure

  • Kae

    I’m not sure how I feel about this outfit. I don’t think it’s very flattering in the waist and her pants looks a little tight (she looks to have a camel toe going on).

    I like her, but she seems to be showcasing her breasts all the time. It’s starting to get really annoying. I do like that she showcases her femininity by wearing soft make-up and loose hairstyles, but the cleavage is sometimes a little overwhelming.

  • Amarige

    She looks wonderful and I so love her skin.

    Although… I wonder how long will it last before she ‘breaks.’ Sooner or later they all do. Her curvy look fits for ‘Mad Men’ … but what will happen when she will try to make the transition to the big screen?

  • Jane

    Wow her outfit is AWFUL! She looks like one of those tacky older women that has gotten fat and in order to compensate, piles on the sequins, the leopard print, the lace… Anyone from Eastern Europe or who has been to Brighton Beach will probably know what I mean!

  • Jon

    she is an apple shape, big tummy and boobs with slimmer legs.
    She just doesn’t have an attactive face though in my opinion.

  • Nilly

    A BIT CURVY ????seriously shes just FAT, and im not hating or any thing because i was about her same weight and i managed to lose weight, she should try dieting for change :S

  • Grace

    she is incredibly beautiful, and I really really admire her figure (her curves are EPIC) but I wouldn’t want it… I have I guess what could be called an hourglass shape and it is really difficult to find flattering clothes, I think it requires a lot more effort than a slimmer frame does to look good every day. and this outfit does her no favours – the trousers are ageing and I can’t get over the hideous fussiness of that blouse. actually, in general I’m pretty underwhelmed by her fashion sense – she’s beautifuul in photo shoots and mad men, but when she dresses herself she always looks more ungainly somehow…

  • BillyOcean

    That woman is gorgeous! Women, please stop starving yourselves and not building muscles….men love meat, and a little muscle. Curvy is sexy. Thick is in. Skinny is just gross.

    –Speaking for any sane man

  • I love this outfit. Its gothic=]

  • Anna

    but she is just a little bit fat!!! look at her belly, that is gross…why to feel jealous ??? because of the boobs???maybe i am the only one like that,but i never wanted big boobs,i have 34a, and i am so happy with it(and my boyfriend too…). when i was pregnant i hated my bigger boobs,i felt like a cow!!! so i dont understand why so many girls feel jealous for her…