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Demi Lovato in a Bandage Dress

Demi-Lovato-in-a-Bikini - Demi Lovato in a Bandage Dress

How does great THIS figure look in a skintight bandage dress?

Like this:

demi - Demi Lovato in a Bandage Dress

Pictured: Demi at VH1’s 2010 Do Something Awards on Monday.

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demi-lovato-071910-2 - Demi Lovato in a Bandage Dress

demi-lovato-071910-4 - Demi Lovato in a Bandage Dress

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  • dilenci

    @ versus
    Is she a pear ?

    • Versus

      Yes, I think so.

    • artemis

      yes a weird one

      • haha lol i agree!
        her boobs are soo high but this hair color is soooo much BETTER.


    • fl4isa

      i think she is more hourglass than a pear…’cause pears got narrower shoulders and then noticeably wider hips,where most of fat accumulates…even tho she got smaller breasts,she looks like a hourglass to me….

    • She looks freakin’ yummy! I love that rounded barbie doll body!

  • Aryn

    LOVING it from the front, but not so much from the side. She has a rocking body, but you have to have a very very particular shape to pull this dress off, atleast in my opinion. If her stomach was completely flat and toned I think it’d be 100 percent. With a dress like this there’s no camoflaging anything. The only celeb I can think of off the top of my head who looks perfect in a dress like this is KK.

    • lc

      KK/Kim K.? I think Demi looks 100x times better in this dress, and I’m not the biggest fan of her figure.

      • agreed. kim k looks very odd in bandage dresses. i swear there have been times where it looks like her ass is padded. demi looks cute but not sure about that hair color.

        • Janelle

          I disagree. I think Kim K looks very good in bandage dresses. Her curves are well defined and her stomach looks really flat. These dresses really suck you in.

          • lc

            I’m saying I prefer Demi’s non-overly-pronounced curves in the tight dress, and I think her stomach is better.

        • I’m not a fan of her hair color either, but she’s still young-she’ll figure it out. lol

      • fl4isa

        i agree! c’mon,if we talk about weird bodies,than that’s kk!! demi looks 100 times better! everything hangs on kk,from tits to her nasty ass!!! lol

  • georgette

    wow… that’s one tiny waist. love her body.

  • Emma

    She looks fabulous, and being that we’re a close age and built almost identically (I’m a little heavier than her), she’s definitely my body inspiration. I hope when I lose the rest of the weight I need to lose that I look like that.

  • jane

    i think she doesn’t have the perfect shape for this type of dress.
    you need to have big breasts and thigs for this dress or else you will look not very good.
    this dress doesn’t advantage her at all:(

    • shell

      Completely disagree. What is wrong with small boobs? Demi’s bust looks high and perky, nothing wrong with it.

      • kriszta

        there’s nothing wrong with small boobs.
        jane told that this dress looks better on somebody who has big(ger) boobs.

        • Cathy

          Usually true although there are a few exeptions ^^. I remember Alexis Bledel rocking one of these dresses with an awesome small cleveage.
          But I agree that her bust looks weird , it seems so constricted and squashed into the dress.

      • jane

        i have nothing with her boobs; )
        it just looks weird on her

        • Chrissy

          I think she may be too young to pull off something like this. These dresses exude SEX. But that’s not what I’m seeing. This is the prettiest I’ve seen her though, imo

        • shell

          Oh ok, no problem lol =D

      • fl4isa

        exactly!! i’m sorry,but if a chick with bigger breasts and wider hips would wear this kinda of dress,she would look like everythin’ is overflowing! on her, it looks just right!!

  • she looks great! but I used to like her dark hair, this colour is not doing much for her.

  • Chloe

    I have her body shape, and aspire to be this toned!

  • Deon

    She has a beautiful shape.

    • Dani

      I agree.She has a beautiful body and that dress is really perfect for her,I need to get one soon :D.I don’t like the haircolor though…Go back to black Demi!!!

  • omg! she looks fabulous 🙂

    • shell

      Agreed! She looks great from both front and side angles – amazing waist, curvy hips…. Perfect shape for this tight dress. =D

      • couldn’t agree more. this dress was made for her!

        • Jemima

          Agreed. She looks great!

  • snoops

    not crazy about the dress on her, how old is she? Something about her seems kinda child-like, kinda like not yet a woman, still a girl, so she isn’t really pulling the dress off. She looks better in the bikini pics, they could have found a prettier dress for her.

    • b

      agreed. 100%

    • Kim

      She’s 18 I think =]

  • Natasha

    She looks awesome and is quickly becoming one of my style icons. BTW I know I can’t be the only one who thinks that she does have boobs she’s prob a b cup or small c. Her waist looks oh so tiny 🙂

    • Adrienne

      No she’s definitely not a B or C

      She’s very small chested, but that isn’t a bad thing!!! it’s just a push up bra making her look a little bustier.

      • kate

        Since when is cup size definitive? A bust that size could probably be anywhere from an A to an E cup depending the band measurement.

        My guess is she is probably a 32C or 30D. If that’s considered a very small bust, so be it.

        • Chrissy

          I’d say 34B, she’s def bigger than I am

          • Sara

            34B and 32C are the same size, how does no one know how bras work?

      • since she’s a pear i agree with kate, she must be 30 or 32 around, my guess is also 32 c 🙂

        • shell

          Yeah, i would guess 32C or maybe 32B, it’s hard to tell when she’s wearing this dress. =D

  • Polly

    I do not like this hair color on Demi. It reminds me of when Kim K. went blonde, blegh. Demi looks great bodywise…she seems to be working out a lot if you ever glanced at her twitter page.

    • Amie

      Agreed! The hair, in my opinion, does not suit her at all. I much preferred her darker locks.
      And body-wise, I think she looks amazing(:

  • Tonia

    I think she has to be more skinny to wear a dress like that!

  • her waist is killer! i want it…

  • Amy

    The dress is hideous.Look like a competition bathsuit.And that man looking at her is gross.All disney girls ended up bad.

    • Kim

      how exactly has she ended up ‘bad’ lol ?

  • Kristin

    Love her WHR ! And her breasts are beautiful and perfect for her body.

  • Kristin

    BTW, is it just me or does she look a little like Candice Swanepoel in the second picture ( facewise ) ?

    • Casey

      Yes, and I think the resemblence is enhanced by her figure…which is very similar to Candice’s. 😛

      • shell

        She does have a similar figure to Candice doesn’t she? They have the same body type, they’re both slim pear shapes, except Candice is taller and a little thinner. Both have brilliant figures IMO. =D

  • Sara

    Ugh I have that same dip in my hips and I HATE it. In the first picture, where your stomach/sides curve, and then it goes in just below your hipbones and then your leg has a different curve. It always makes me look so lumpy in tight dresses. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

    • janeir0

      i have that tooo!!!!! it is sooo annoying. i know you can’t spot reduce, but i’m trying to get my legs in better shape

    • lola

      ME TOO! Ugh I wish I could get rid of it! Even when I’m at my skinniest I have it! I’ve put on a couple of lbs and see that its just my body I guess. I dont think it has to do with weight or anything.

      • SZE

        Hate that freacking dip as well! I refuse to wear dresses which are tight in the hips because of it…

    • Cathy

      Same here. Stupid combination of small love handels and small saddlebags. If I’m really toned and eat healthily they tend to mostly go away.

    • fl4isa

      hahahaha i’m dealing with the same problem!!! and honestly i think there’s no fix for it!! it would be good if they had procedure where the fat could be transfered to to that “gap”between hipbone and where the leg curve starts!! i hate it sometimes,and yes ,especially if i wear a tight dress! omg i wish that could be fixed,my hips would look perfect dammit!! lol oh well,it’s a part of us,who cares?! 😉

  • lola

    I think she has such a beautiful body! Love how tiny her waist is! I think she looks so good in that dress.

  • kelli

    she has a stunning face. she has sausage arms like me, which makes me feel better because it doesn’t look horrible on her. she would look tons better if she were more toned.

  • wonderwoman21

    I think she has a gorgeous body, absolutely divine even lol. She looks something like a Greek Venus statue in my opinion.

  • Janie’s got a gun

    She looks really great here! 🙂 The only thing I don’t like is her hair color, but it doesn’t look too bad.

  • Kimberly

    Great body and I like the dress on her.

  • Anna

    I have the dip too! Whats worse is that i’ve always had it, even when I was way underweight it was there, or at time when i’ve been very muscular and fit it NEVER goes away

    • leonore

      What is this dip you´re all talking about? I can´t understand it from the description made. Is it that the hip just starts curving abruptly? Please shed some light on it.

      • tintin

        i’ll try to describe it with my bad english:
        normally you have a small waist, if you are a pear and then your waist goes over into your hips, in a soft line.
        people with this dip (like me) have very whide hip-bones (i think that’s the reason), so you look as if you have two “hips”. the one right below your waist and another one, because of the shape of the legs (which are mostly a bit “thicker” if you are a pear). the only possibility is to tone up your legs really good, because without it you look like a .. bleh.
        > <
        ( )
        ( )
        II II

        (don't know if it works)

        • Casey

          I think tintin is referring to a figure like Brooklyn Decker’s. It’s when people have really high hip bones so they have a wide point there, and then another wide point where their legs begin.

        • Ellen

          I have it too. But in my experience, and from what I read on here… having a pear-shaped body is one of the best ones you can have. Yes, I hate the dip in my hips, but I’m thankful I don’t gain any in my stomach…

          • SZE

            That dip doesn’t neccessarily come with a certain shape. I’m a lollipop/inverted-triangle (never will be able to tell which one!) and have it as well. i think it’s due to having high hip bones like Casey said, not wide ones.

        • Kristin

          OMFG ! I didn`t even notice untill now . I have that dip too. It`s not very pronounced, but it`s still there. I never imagined i could have that dip because I`m a pear shape, I`m thin and I have small breasts. But IDK, it doesn`t seem to be that much of a problem to me.

        • shell

          OMG i have that too!! I still wear tight dresses any way though, if there’s one that i like lol. =D

  • Anna

    Oh and is it just me or does the last picture look just not right to anyone else?
    Maybe it’s the angle but her waist looks smaller in that picture than any other, to an unbelievable degree, and she has a bobblehead look not seen in any other photo…

    • Janie’s got a gun

      Yea I see that too. It looks like her waist is the size of her head!

  • Sanzida

    is it just me or does her waist seem a little higher than regualr?

  • bonnie

    she is a beautiful girl, but really needs to lift some weights or something. I can’t stand that sloping arm look, where there isn’t an ounce of muscle or tone. Not saying she needs big bulging biceps, just a bit of definition.

    • Ellen

      To be real honest, I don’t know why her arms are such a big issue. She looks smoking hot. Has a beautiful face. Rockin body, with a great whr. Her arms are seriously nothing she needs to worry about.

  • Her waist looks tiny! but prefer her pale and dark hair. The blonde tan thing is too hollywood.

  • Brittany

    wow her body is amazing! she looks so great in that dress!!

    any guesses on her height and weight?

    • babybrighstar

      she can be 5’3 and half and 118 pounds or something not less , she is like my cousin who is 118 p. and looks just like her , same body type!

      • MythicRomance

        she’s shorter than that – like 5’1 = 158 cm.

  • Ikram

    CUTE !!!!

  • Cassidy(:

    i like the dress 🙂

  • myriam

    Actually my body looks almost just like Demi’s, I’m a pear shape, with a tiny waist and a bigger bootom in proportion (although i have a low BMI) but the thing is I really hate my diproportionate shape!!!!!!so girls, does anyone feel the way i do?? what do u think of this kind of shape? I tried EVERYTHING from working out to dieting i just cant change my shape..any advice @Versus ?? please help thnx

    • Versus

      You really shouldn’t try to change your shape – after all, your shape is mostly given by your bone structure. Demi here looks amazing as a pear shape and I bet that so do you.

  • Val

    IMO Her boobs seem to be quite high. The dress kind of accentuates it.

  • babybrighstar

    yeah you are right her boobs are so high! i don’t really like it , to be honest ! the dress is awful , her body is strange , i don’t envy her ! but what a waist! it’s like mine , i thought i was the only one who had this waist i’m 14 so wow ! she is 17 and has my waist !

  • Casey

    Hmm. I’m not sure she is a pear. Her figure looks pretty hourglass-y to me. The only thing that indicates she’s a pear is her small breasts, but then, she could be a class of her own: the small-breasted hourglass (Candice S. is one too).

    Either way, I think she has a gorgeous figure and I see nothing wrong with her dress choice. Yes, her tummy bulges out a little, but with a waist that small the bulge doesn’t matter. You can get away with a lot with a good WHR, because you’ll still look slim and curvy.

  • Ellen

    Some of the things I’m reading on here are ridiculous. Sausage arms? Bulgy tummy? Sometimes I think people don’t get out anymore. Walk out of your front door and look at a majority of the people walking by, I don’t think any of them look HALF as good as Demi. I mean, really. Curvy, beautiful, small in the waist, cleavage? Yup. It’s all there. Any more thin, and she’d have comments on here saying “she’s so anorexic” or “where are her curves”? You can’t win with some people. It’s really sad. I say, Demi is drop dead gorgeous, and she is rocking that dress.

    • Ellen

      And adding to my comment, this is one of the first Disney stars I’ve seen in a long time that hasn’t been straight up and down body-wise.. and she’s still as beautiful as the rest of them.

    • Kim

      I love love love this comment. It’s nice reading a healthy body image. x

    • shell

      Agreed 100 %! =D Some people have such a warped perception of what a healthy body size, and healthy amount of fat, is. Demi is a slim girl; many womens’ stomachs naturally protrude outwards a little below the waist, in order to protect our wombs and ovaries. It isn’t overweightness, it’s the natural shape of womens’ bodies.

  • Trisia

    finally a celebrity with a similar body type to me! curvy bottom half with small boobs. i like the bandage dress on her.
    cute face too 🙂

  • CLD

    i think I’m the only one haha but I actually like her hair ! its sultry and kinda warms her up.

  • Yowza

    I’ll have to keep my eye out for her in the future

    but first I need to lie down

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  • bla

    I’m pretty sure that first pic is Miley Cyrus with her stupid tattoo under her breast. I could be wrong but from the fugly teeth to reddish hair color it’s pretty mch a dead ringer for Miley in that first pic.

  • she is looking pretty hot in that dress. almost better than bikini pic.

  • Eve

    This girl is absolutely amazing. She is toned and curvy. Perfection. There is no need to loose any weight. She is stunning IMO

  • name

    Strange figure.. especially in the last picture.
    and she probably wears spanx

  • pinacolada

    honestly im a very skinny pear and i hate it!

    • why? I’m also a pear, probably not super skinny, but quite little, thin pear, and of course my body isn’t a pure perfection but i like my body shape

    • MythicRomance

      i can absolutely relate to you – with me it’s the same.. i’m a naturally skinny pear. my arms & upper body look almost skeleton-ish, i like the shape of my boobs but they’re freakin’ teeny-tiny – & my legs r just normally thin.. ppl say i kinda look weird 😛

  • i thought these dresses only look hot and sexy on flawless bodies but that turns out to be wrong, because her bikini body is kinda average but she looks beautiful in that dress

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  • Nessa

    I love her body shape. It looks healthy and sexy

  • neutra

    The girl looks radioactive! Not to mention completely uncomfortable- the style does not suit her whatsoever. She kind of looks as if she could be playing dressups with that dress, makeup and hair. Bodywise though she looks healthy and cute.

  • Niknikniken

    She looks good, I love her figure and the dress but the hair just doesn’t look right to me, I think dark hair with her tan looks better. Very beautiful girl, I must admit it I’m so jealous

  • lola

    omg i LOVE her body! i wish my shape was more like that.. mine is very smilar to naomi campbell’s.. but i have always wanted a figure like this 🙁

    • fl4isa

      damn, your body is similar to Naomi’s and you’re complaining!!?? you should love it! Naomi’s type of bodies are great looking and trust me not every woman can achieve that look,because that’s just the way she is build! Mine is similar to Naomi’s type too and i love it!! it’s simply SEXY! 😉

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  • Sakura

    I don’t know, but there is definitely something seriously weird-looking about her shoulders/ribcage. Her arms look inflated and her ribcage looks too narrow, and I dunno, STRANGE. :S

  • yeah i agree she has an amazing body shape .and its perfect for this dress .she looks stunning .i mean she is a pear shape .smaller on the top. and bigger on the bottom, .she has curvy hips,big thighs . and i mean im the total opissite of her shape .im like a stick size 0 and i would like horrible in this dress . demi wears size 10 jean and small in tops

  • woh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    what a figure i like your body.I love u

  • sarah

    can someone please explain the diference between a pear-shape body and an hourglass one?

    • A pear is like an hourglass however the top part of the torso like a pear is smaller than the bottom.
      In her case her breasts are too small to give her the hourglass shape


      big top
      small waist
      big hips


      small top
      small waist
      big hips

      • sarah

        beyonce has the description of an hourglass, i mean she has big breast, small waist and big hips, but everybody here says she’s a pear! why is that?

  • Laura

    Gorgeeee!!!! The way everyone should look, She’s curvy on her hips but she’s skinny everywhere else, I love it!!!!! Just like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • I think she looks great – the trick really with any dress for me is shapewear or super slimming undergarments. It seems like the bandage dresses act sort of like Spanx or Flexees – the question is do you do a body shaper slip under the body shaping bandage dress?

  • muffinojoy

    I think she has a real tiny waist but bigger in the hip section. So it looks kinda weird, but not bad.