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Francia Raisa and Jenna Ushkowitz in Nude Dresses (and Bikini Flashbacks)

FP_5551565_RIJ_TEENCHOICE_SET2_080810 - Francia Raisa and Jenna Ushkowitz in Nude Dresses (and Bikini Flashbacks)

Francia Raisa (22) and Jenna Ushkowitz (24) both wore beige minidresses and pumps at the Teen Choice Awards last night, so I thought that they would make a great pair, especially since these girls represent 2 different body shapes. To make it even clearer, we’ve seen both girls in their bikinis this year – here’s a quick reminder:

different-body-shapes-in-bikinis - Francia Raisa and Jenna Ushkowitz in Nude Dresses (and Bikini Flashbacks)

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And see 2 close-ups after the jump!

FP_5551566_RIJ_TEENCHOICE_SET2_080810 - Francia Raisa and Jenna Ushkowitz in Nude Dresses (and Bikini Flashbacks)

FP_5551529_RIJ_TEENCHOICE_SET2_080810 - Francia Raisa and Jenna Ushkowitz in Nude Dresses (and Bikini Flashbacks)

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  • Lana

    i actually think jenna has a better body. she looks really healthy

    • Alyssa

      I don’t think these are “nude” dresses.. on whose skin tone?
      Call them Beige….

      • Mandy

        When they say nude they dont meant like alike to the skin color it means like a very muted color

  • MoMo

    Francia Raisa looks better IMO!

    The other girl has a very square midriff, shes more square over all and that dress makes her look like a pale box.

  • ginger

    I like Jenna’s look.. I don’t like Francia’s legs.. I know she’s a pear or something like that cause she’s got a tiny waist.. but her legs.. ugh.. Just can’t stand big thighs..

    • Ellen

      I think there are nicer ways of saying you don’t prefer big thighs. I mean, it’s the same as saying “I can’t stand huge breasts” or “I can’t stand small breasts”. It’s really rude, and there are more polite ways to voice your opinion.

    • Leah

      jenna’s legs aren’t that much smaller than francia’s, they just look a bit smaller in comparison to her midsection.
      personally i’d prefer to have francia’s body (and face), but that’s just my opinion, they both look pretty here

  • Francia takes this one. Nice hip-waist-ratio.

    Somehow, I don’t like the styling in both of them. They somehow look better when they’re not all dolled up! At least to me, that is. 🙂

    • francia’s dress was the better one but i agree the styling looks awful… francia’s foundation is 1 x10 ^87342896348975 shades lighter than the rest of her skin… /facepalm

      • b

        haha…I agree. Francia looks way prettier w/o makeup.

  • Ninian

    They both look great, healthy and beautiful! God I wish this is the future Hollywood trend, normal, healthy happy girls who eats and work out.. No super-skinny/plus-size ideal, just happy medium! This is exactly what I am missing in the media today!

    And yes, I know some girls are naturally skinnier or bigger, but most people are not,and I wish people would just stick to theyr natural sizes.. I say yes to healthy girls! =)

    • mEEE

      I agree! Those celebrities that have to be on super strict diets to “maintain” their figure are the ones that are fighting really hard to keep a body that nature didn’t intend for them. Hurray for “real” (be it thin, average, or thick) bodies in Hollywood!

  • snoops

    the one in the greyish dress looks better, she has a lovely shape. Pity about her eyebrows though they are really distracting, looks like she plucked them with a stencil or drew them in or something, not very hollywood.

    I will probably get flamed for this but I cant help but feel that the other girl would look more attractive if she lost a bit of weight, but maybe she knows that and just doesn’t care (like 95% of the population), which is fine.

  • kelli

    They are both cute and have youth on their side for sure BUT I personally would want to lose a little weight (nothing major) and tone up if I were them.

  • Kara

    Ooo! It’s a gleeathon today! I love it! lol

    Personally, I like Jenna’s body better. It’s more balanced. And if it’s one thing that many people take for granted – it’s balance. One’s body looks so much better (IMO) when boobs or legs aren’t a drastically out of proportion to the rest of their body. She could have, though dressed her body a bit better.

    Not the Francia isn’t gorgeous as well, I just think she could have dressed her body type better.

  • JenP

    When I was a really skinny girl I used to envy girls like Francia Raisa. Great curves yet slim with a great tummy.

  • Chillwaves

    They both look great!!! Nice healthy curves…I could not help but notice Jenna’s last name…which (to my understanding) is an eastern european type last name. Is she half european? Just curious….definitely too lazy to google it. I love her so much in glee though…hence my interest 😀

    • Ella

      She was adopted from Korea. I looked it up the last time she appeared on here because I myself am half East Asian, half white and didn’t think she looked like one.

  • Kimberly

    The girl on the left has a much better body, IMO. Nice WHR. Her legs aren’t great but that WHR makes up for it. The girl on the right is nothing special.

  • Ella

    I think they are both pretty. Their bodies are not my idea of perfect, but I don’t think there is anything ‘wrong’ with them either.

  • Jemima

    Both are super pretty. I love Jenna, though, and I think she looked fantastic at TCA’s.

  • katie

    I like jennas look more I don’t think the dress is too completely unflattering I mean it shows off her nice legs and I just think she’s prettier. I bet in like real life she’s tiny like other actresses

  • Jimena

    lol i dont want to sound rude but they both remind me of lilo & stich’s characters like nanny and lilo herself with huge legs…That said, i think they both look really healthy and pretty, they both seem completley comfortable with their bodies and thats nice to see just for a change…good for them!

  • lina

    ok I see two pairs of VERY similar legs! really try looking at just the legs..

  • Nessa

    I prefer their body types to the super skinny ones. They both look very healthy. do like Jenna’s legs more though, she has a curve in her knees, which makes any legs better.

  • Katy

    I think they both look great! I could never pull off beige.

  • selene

    I just love Jenna, she can do no wrong in my opinion.
    Francia is a gorgeous girl with a great body, no complaints from me.
    Versus you should post pictures of Amber Riley from the TCA, she looked absolutely fabulous.

  • Kt

    Both look fresh and healthy.
    I prefer Francia, I love her shape and I think she is just stunning, whereas I look at Jenna and “cute” is the first thing pops into my head – not that cute is a bad thing though.

  • madeleine

    no to both…………..too bottom heavy but i guess thats just their body type

  • Essence

    Francia is the girl from Secret Life right?? The girl on the left?? Just wanna get names right lol

    That said the girl from secret life is much more attractive in my eyes. She is curvier, and that exactly the type of body i dream of having when i gain weight (im skinny lol)

    • kris

      yes thats her! she has a pretty face ITA with u!

  • kris

    IMO they are both pretty thick. Not attractive bodies at all.

    • Essence

      Thick bodies is a good thing! I’m guessing you like super skinny….

    • aj

      All that means is that you watch too much TV and spend too much time on internet sites that praise skinny people like they’re God.. .Kinda sad imo!

      • kris

        Actually your wrong. I lost 100 pounds and train daily. I take a lot of pride and work with my body.

  • Minnie

    Jenna’s face with Francia’s body=perfection

    Can we make that with science?

  • shell

    I much prefer Francia’s body shape, and i think she has a prettier face too. She has a great waist hip ratio, and seems to be a pear/hourglass shape (are her boobs real? They don’t look it, but that could just be the style of bikini top).

  • aj

    I don’t know how anyone can think Francia isn’t the most stunning female alive… she is so underrated. Look at her face and her figure, absolute perfection. Though, I have a similar shape to Francia (shes more toned and has bigger boobs though) and I read something in a psych paper that said you think people similar to you = attractive. haha but shes so pretty

  • I think they both look great and each wore outfits that bring out the best in their bodies.

  • kathy

    someone knows the height and weight of francia raisa?

    • Essence

      I know her height is 5’3″.(Source: chikipedia lol)
      Cant help you with the weight though =/

  • CurvesRule

    The Coke Can vs the Classic Coke Bottle.

    From a man’s perspective, the curvy Coke Bottle wins every time. Men would be more interested in Francia simply because of that waist to hip ratio. Jenna is a nice girl, but the straighter you are in the hips the more you remind us guys of a 12 year old.

  • jjj

    Francia has the nicer body. Francia is thinner, but they both have the same size legs (as for the comments that like Jenna’s legs better).

  • Mary

    Francia definitely has the better body. Hands down. Sure her legs might be a little thick, but they aren’t covered in cellulite or flabby, they are toned and smooth. Jenna has an inverted triangle shape and that bikini does her shape absolutely no justice. It makes her lower body from the waist down kind of look a little manly and her shoulders look broad and her waist look wide.

    Men like a nice whr, and some curves. It looks like Francia works hard to have that body. Not that Jenno doesn’t, I just think Francia looks 100 times better in these particular pictures.

  • omg francia is 1000000X sexier than wats her face…
    her boy is bangin && her face is sexc && her eyebrows
    r not weird they r nice :] coming frm a 17 yeaar old girl lol..
    that other chick is um not so flattering at all :/
    idc if iupset anyone with that 😀

  • Jade

    francia: top till hips
    jenna’s bottom.francias thighs look fatter.although I’d prefer her dress

  • Martin

    I saw Francia last week in Cutting Edge 3. She is realky so beautiful, sexy and most of all so romantic in a natural way. Film touched me like as much as Notting Hill with Julia Roberts. Hope to see more films from Francia like Cutting Edge. Thanks Martin

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  • HealthyBeauty

    Francia has the better figure (hour glass) but both at least look healthy! So both are winners in my book.