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Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh in a Bikini

girls-alouds-kimberley-walsh-in-a-bikini - Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh in a Bikini

Wanna see a curvy pear-shaped girl in a zebra bikini?

No problem! Here’s Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh relaxing by the pool and showing off a really nice, slim, yet shapely figure.

If you want to compare, check out Kimberley in a bikini 2 years ago HERE!

Brief FAQ: She’s 27, and 5’5”.

Here’s what she says about her figure:

I prefer clothes that go in at the waist as it shows I’ve actually got a shape. I don’t love my legs so I won’t make them the feature of my outfit.

I don’t feel comfortable wearing cleavage baring clothes, either. If you’ve got a silhouette, that can be sexier than having your actual boobs or legs out. I find it hard to get trousers to fit because I’ve got a bigger bum and smaller waist.

girls-alouds-kimberley-walsh-in-a-bikini-2 - Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh in a Bikini

The Daily Mail says that Kimberly “has stolen” Cheryl’s beach look – see if they’re right on the second page!

Lots of pics from multiple perspectives after the jump!

girls-alouds-kimberley-walsh-in-a-bikini-31 - Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh in a Bikini

girls-alouds-kimberley-walsh-in-a-bikini-4 - Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh in a Bikini

girls-alouds-kimberley-walsh-in-a-bikini-7 - Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh in a Bikini

girls-alouds-kimberley-walsh-in-a-bikini-6 - Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh in a Bikini

girls-alouds-kimberley-walsh-in-a-bikini-5 - Girls Aloud's Kimberley Walsh in a Bikini

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Kae

    Nice waist!!!

  • Valentine

    Nice to see a gorgeous young woman who doesn’t have skinny legs – hers are exactly the same as mine and it makes me feel much better! She looks fabulous – and she’s proof that you can be very slim but still have curves – also, decisive proof that if you have heavier legs you can’t just make them disappear. Amen to that 🙂

    • alisa

      “and she’s proof that you can be very slim but still have curves”

      – that’s just because of her body type. not all women can be slim looking and curvy at the same time.

      • Valentine

        That’s what I was saying – it’s possible to be both slim and curvy, and she’s proof of that. Because of her body shape, obviously. But yeah, that’s what I was meaning!

        • Valentine

          Also – I wasn’t actually saying all women can be slim and curvy, at all. I was saying that she proves that, for some women, you can be both, there doesn’t always need to be a massive differentiation between ‘slim’ and ‘curvy’. See what I mean?

    • julia

      OMG! is this the valentina who’s always making nasty comments to everyone? A NICE COMMENT!?!?! I can’t believe it! why have you became so bitter about other bodies now? 🙁

      • Kae

        No, this is VALENTINE, not Valentina. Valentine usually has positive things to say, which is nice…

        • julia

          ohh, haha. Sorry ^^” Anyways, yeah. I agree with valentine, phew. I’m going to look like that in a few years, so it’s nice to know that people won’t think i’m hedious. I’m about fourteen and have really been packing on the pounds, :'(. Ah, I have some a freaking low self esteem :'(.

          • Valentine

            Aw thanks Kae 🙂 Yeah, I’ve been confused with Valentina before – maybe I should change my name!

            Julie – nothing wrong with looking like she does in a few years time, I’m 22 and I look like that now (with bigger boobs, but other than that!). I have to admit I’d rather have slimmer legs but if that’s your shape that’s your shape and I bet you will look fab anyway 🙂

          • Valentine

            Julia, sorry – not Julie. Dear me, we’re all getting confused left right and centre!

  • Instant

    When I saw the first two pics, my reaction was “Wooo!”. Wow, she has a very nice figure.

  • Emmily

    Huge thighs!! :O

    • Instant

      Are we looking at the same pictures? Her thighs aren’t “huge”.

      • Ramie

        *sigh*…they are huge compared to some thighs….

        • Instant

          To SOME, but not ALL, so no, her thighs are not “huge”.

          • Lauren

            you’re all too shallow. get over yourselves and accept every size.

    • pia

      i think that her thight are hug too…
      if we compare to some thight obviosly her legs are smaller than other…but if we compare lindsay’s body with an even skinnier body she would be curvy… if we compare our bodys with other we could be skinny or fat… i dont see the point of compare..
      if emmily and me see that her thight are huge.. THAT OUR POINT OF VIEW.. ok? 😉

      • Instant

        It’s an odd point of view, considering her thighs AREN’T huge.

        • jane

          Its HuGE! LOL

  • maRRina

    That guy in the pool is checkin` her butt out ! =))

    • anya

      indeed he is but he is allowed, it’s her boyfriend.

      • maRRina

        I didn`t know he`s her boyfriend =D . I`m gonna google him cuz I`m curious if he`s someone known ( he`s face doesn`t tell me anything) .

        • anya

          He’s name is Justin and used to be in a band, but of course now I can’t remember the name of the band.

    • Kelli

      LOL! So is the xtra large women in the same pic. That lady is probably looking at Kimberly thinking “Bitch”.

    • Monkey

      and the lady in the deck chair is checking HIM out! lol

      • maRRina

        LOL =))

  • anya

    She has everything Cheryl doesn’t have. A gorgeous body, beautiful face and she seems like an amazingly nice person. She’s stunning inside and out.

    • dany

      What a stupid, stupid comment. I agree Cheryl may not have
      the best personality. To say she doesn’t have a beautiful face is
      absolute rubbish. Kim has a nice body, but her face is no where near
      as naturally pretty as Cheryl’s. Kim is orange and wears too much fake
      tan. That said she is still pretty. But not as pretty as Cheryl. You sound
      like a jealous little girl though.

  • Kate

    she’s beautiful and I love that she’s proud of her amazing body, as she should be. More GA posts please!!

  • Kristy

    She looks lovely from the waist up, but is so very bottom heavy. I don’t think it’s attractive when there is so much disproportion. She is very thin up top with her ribs visible and small breats, but I have to say those thighs are pretty big. Maybe if she was more even they wouldn’t look big, but to be honest, this is not the kind of figure I would want.

    • jane

      Agree 100% with kristy:)

    • VG

      shes like a real ife betty boop!! thats hot!!!

    • Kae

      I agree.

  • chechebelle

    i have this same body type and it’s very difficult to feel confident in a bathing suit. my ribs show all the time, no matter what.. but my thighs can get huge. i have to stay really skinny just to feel “normal.” (i’m 5’4” 110). i’m glad there are famous people flaunting this body. we might get ridiculed for being “disproportionate” but trust me, we age much better than apples. my mom is a gorgeous pear at 55 and still looks slim, whereas her apple friends (who once had the model leggy look) now have a gut on top of toothpicks.

    • Uma

      Hehe, i know exactly what you mean. I’m even the same height as you. And my mom is the same, just that she’s 52.

    • Monkey

      Is it just me, or does it seem like lots of comments from girls that refer to their own body, have the bigger thighs/bum shape?

      I cant talk though, Im that exact shape! I have bony shoulders and ribs, but a bigger bum 🙂

    • Minky

      I totally agree with this comment!! I have a skinny upper body and I wouldn’t say I have fat thighs but they are muscular/bulky in comparison to my upper body! My Mum has a pearshaped figure too and has maintained a great shape at age 60!!!

  • skirmute

    Nice waist! Her legs are ok but could be slimmer. Anyway, it’s her body type.

  • LB

    The first few shots aren’t the most flattering :s I love Kimberly though, she’s not afraid to admit keeping in shape is tough she always dresses really well for her shape and looks fab! Such a good role model for ‘healthy.’

  • luluS

    The most naturally beautiful out of all members of GA. Cherly gets all the attention but has starved herself to ‘perfection’ along with a boob job and facial work! Go Kim, she’s my faveourite

  • Elena

    I like her. I wouldn’t want her body, probably because mine is aprox the same, I’m a bit smaller from the waist down, but I think she pulls off very well her figure. I think she looks amazing for this kind of body. 🙂

  • Jenna

    She is my face GA girl as she has a normal, healthy body. I have similar problems with my legs, they just aren’t meant to be skinny.
    I am pretty sure that Kimberley has the body most men would prefer when compared to the other members of the band.

  • Philly4750

    she’s gorgeous!! i have the same body type, but a lot goal is to look like her.

    anyone got a good guess on her weight??

    • Uma

      130-135 lbs i guess, considering her height. I was around 127 at my top weight, same body shape, 5’4″ and looked kind of like her. Hard to tell though, b/c i had more muscle, so even tho my legs were thinner, they were “stronger”; and my boobs are bigger too so lol. Probably around 130 anywayz, give or take 5 lbs

      • natnat

        I dunno.. I’m 143 pounds, same height and shape and she is way skinnier than me… I’d put her at 127ish.. i too would love to look like this when I’ve lost my weight.. but with hopefully a bit bigger bust

        • Uma

          It really depends on how much muscle and how much fat you have. As i said, when i was at that weight i was more muscular – b/c that is how i am built – so i gather lbs without they actually showing. No one believed i was more than 120 lbs tops. So, hard to tell. She doesn’t look very muscular too me, you can tell by the legs.

          • natnat

            WELL apparently she is 123 pounds!

      • J

        All thge reports are saying she’s dropped from 9.5 to 9 stone, but these are the same mags that stated that Rhianna is 8 stone!! I would say 130 due to good tone…

        • pppccc

          Rihanna must be more than 8stone, right???

          • anya

            How much is 130 pounds in kg. Rihanna is about 58-60 kgs or maybe more I don’t know, but I am pretty sure she is not under 58 kg.

          • J

            Yeah at her height (she’s about 5’8” isn’t she I would imagine she’s be 135-140 though maybe at the lower end since the Chris incident).

            Anya the conversion factor is 2.2 so 60kg is 132 lbs. I would only put Rhianna at the higher end as she is tall but no I can see her being under 130lbs.

          • J

            Sorry I mean can’t!

  • helena

    chubby legs…sweet face..nothing special to be a celebrity

    • Instant

      Being a celebrity is about more than “looking” like one. Granted, I’ve never seen this woman perform so I don’t know if she’s any good at what she does, but still.

  • HippoBanana

    My fave member of GA, has the most naturally beautiful face.
    And like Nicola, she keeps herself to herself and just focuses on being a singer.

    Im a pear shape, and though not as extreme as Kimberly its great to se someone who is a pear show of their beautiful bodies.

    I dont understand how and why people say ‘her legs could be thinner’, no they couldn’t Thats not her shape.
    Shes toned, slim, healthy and happy. Whatever her shape I envy her.

    • Instant

      “I dont understand how and why people say ‘her legs could be thinner’, no they couldn’t Thats not her shape.”

      Exactly 😀

  • Hannah

    Beautiful face! She has a very “normal” body too… an enviable stomach though!

  • What

    Perfect stomach. I don’t like her bottom half, but that’s probably because I’m also a pear shape. On a side note, I think Cheryl is gorgeous.

  • anna

    Ok so I was sitting, eating white bread, butter stuffed sandwich when this post came and was like “oh f*** another one of thees picture perfect” and was I happy to see she is normal??!! Guys she is one of us!! She has small to normal boobs and wide hips!!And she is not orange tanned, and has sexy bf!!!!

  • sweetpea

    Pear shaped bodies are the absolute best. I have a pear shape and I love it. I feel sorry for women who have that shape and hate it. When we are in shape like she is our bodies are the business.
    I have a tiny waist, beautiful arms and shoulders with banging hips and booty. The way a woman’s body should be.

    • jane

      Nooooo…the best body in the world is Hourglass shape,not PEAR shape!

      • maRRina

        Exactly !!! Lucky me =D

      • Nkeon

        Says you (and the majority of the world admittedly!)

        I like both body types. Pear shaped girls may not get the best legs but neither do hourglasses if you ask me, they just avoid bigger thighs better than pears do.
        Apple shaped girls have the best legs in my opinion, followed by boyish shaped girls. Some are combos of shapes of course so it varies really.

        Pears have the best waistlines and are more prone to flat stomachs! Then hourglasses have great symmetry and boyish types are slender.

        I could go on (!!!!!!) but i’ve made my point (i hope)

        • maRRina

          I am hourglass shaped and I have pretty legs( if I think a little better I might be a combination of hourglass and apple because my “problematic” area is the stomach.When I put wheight on that`s where it goes,while my legs and my but remain the same.But I also have great symetry;my shoulders,waist and hips make an hourglass … ) . Anyway, I agree with you,every shape has its combos. And I honestly haven`t seen a women who has it all … Personally,I`m proud of my brests and my legs(and the hourglass symetry my body has) =D

    • a woman’s body is a woman’s body made by god, regardless of what shape. to me that’s a woman.

  • ms_benes

    Her body would be perfect if it weren’t for the extra weigh on her upper thighs.

  • samba

    i actually said ‘wow she is hot’ out loud! lol! i dont do that for many people! she could knock the socks of pretty much any teenager I see walking around as skinny as anything, wearing no clothes and having no ‘real’ curves because they starve themselves so much! now this is a woman! wow! she looks awesome. sure, her legs may be too big for some ppls taste but she cant change that! and at least they are not fully cellulite ridden and look quite shapely and womanly!

  • Cheryl’s body is perfect, she definitely rocks it better than Kimberley.

  • pia

    hot body… i like pear shaped bodies
    and her skin looks flawless 🙂

  • dennise

    lmao she doesnt look that fat compared to the one laying down. so thank god for that fatty in the pic

  • Maryna

    Great body! She might have be a pear shape, but she’s surely doing it justice!

  • maya

    Hideous hideous hideous body type!!! the worst you can get… At least shes 5’5 not 5’2 or something .

    • Maryna

      She doesn’t look hideous to me. She can’t change her body type, and I think that she is making the best of what she has been dealt, and she is rocking it! She looks great! You can’t say someone looks hideous because of their body type, I would rather commend her for keeping slim and healthy. You’re born with a certain body type and you can’t change it, but you can make it look as good as possible and this girl looks fab!

    • Leanna

      That’s a bit harsh.

      I’m a 5ft2 pear shape (basically the body type you are saying is ‘hideous’) so thanks for the…er…insult.

      But one thing I didn’t really get was what the height had to do with anything. In the pic she could be any height so what difference would it make if she had have been 5ft2 instead of 5ft5, the proportions would still have been the same.

    • Kae

      I wouldn’t classify her body as hideous but I wouldn’t want her body type either. Her waist and stomach are amazing and this sort of body type shows it off the best. The lower body is obviously larger and there’s not much she can do about it. She’s still attractive to me though.

  • I think she’s beautiful, love her body. Even if her legs are a bit fatty, her beautiful face and “silhouette” completely save her!
    Beautiful girl, and by the way, she wears the zebra print way better than Cheryl, who’s body is just so childish.

  • brittany

    shes got a great body!

  • Fabulous

    she is BEAUTIFUL. perfect body!!!! not skinny not fat just perfect.

  • J

    Thanks for the post- some of these have been heavily photoshopped in UK mags to have ribs sticking out. I think she looks great- she’s lost a few lbs with the tour and looks great (lovely face great smile). Funny thing is she has the same top half as Cheryl but bigger bottom half…

    • Nkeon

      Cheryl Cole has big boobs whereas Kimberly Walsh’s are not that big.
      They are the reverse really, Cheryl’s top heavy and Kimberly is bottom heavy.

      • J

        I mean in that pic- cheryls don’t look big at all in that pic- like two wee fried eggs…

        • Nkeon


      • Kae

        Does anyone know if Cheryl has implants? It’s no big deal if she does…I was just wondering!

        • J

          No I don’t think she has- anytime she’s bralass she’s flat. I think it’s a combo of good push up and Chicken fillets!

          • Kae

            Thanks J, I was just wondering. She’s such a tiny woman. I was thinking implants or fabulous push-up bra!

  • Ella

    I always thought I was pear-shaped because I have more hips than I do boobs, but my legs would look like toothpicks next to hers. I think that is why some people see her legs as ‘huge’: they are probably comparing to their own body, which is what is ‘normal’ for them. Though if I were to compare her legs to people I see on the street, her legs would be a bit above average in size.

    • Nkeon

      Just because you’re slim doesn’t mean you’re not pear-shaped! Some are thinner than others e.g. Keira Knightly, Alexis Blidel, Jennifer Metcalfe and Jessica Alba. It also depends on your build. Jessica Alba has great slender legs so people assume she is a ruler but if you really look you will see that she has hips and that her legs and hips are bigger in proportion to her top half. Kimberly Walsh probably has a bigger build so even if she did slim down more her legs would still stand out as being bigger in comparison to her top half.

      • anya

        Exactly. All bodyshapes comes in different sizes. You can be a pear shape and look like Kimberly, be a pear shape and look like michelle trachtenberg or a pear shape and look like lauren conrad. You don’t have to have much bigger to be a pear. You can still be a pear and have slimmer legs but its still your bottom half thats bigger than your upper.

    • Ella

      Thanks for the replies. It’s just I had read and been told so often that pear shapes HAD to have heavy legs in comparison to their upper bodies in order to be a pear shape. So I was under the impression that I was wrong in thinking I was a pear even if my hips are bigger than my bust.

      • Nkeon

        Nah, heavy legs are a normal trait for pear shapes but it doesn’t apply to all of them e.g. you!

        • Uma

          My legs are “heavy” compared to the rest of my body. If you’re a pear your legs and lower body are bigger. B/c that what pear means. However, my thigh is around 18-18.5″ at it’s widest point. I think that is pretty slim compared to other people, don’t you? So heavy is just a stupid word to use. Pear does not equal fat! Just like skinny does not equal boyish or ruler. You can’t actually change your body shape

          • Ella

            I don’t understand how ‘heavy in comparison to their upper body’ is stupid or calling anyone ‘fat’. ‘Pear shapes carry more weight in their lower body’ is saying the exact same thing and is not the same as calling someone overweight.

          • Uma

            Ella, i was reffering to the fact that you said you have tootpicks next to kimberly and also someone else saying they have pretty legs even though they are pear shapes, thus suggesting that pear shapes should have heavy legs, not only compared to their selves but also compared to other people. You just said you don’t think you are pear b/c you don’t have heavy legs like Kimberley over here. If i got thinks all wrong, i appologize, i don’t want to argue, i just want to settle things and just want to show – like so many other people on this site – how shapes and sizes are really different

          • Ella

            Uma, when I mentioned ‘toothpicks’ I was under the impression that was given to me by OTHER people. Plus, I don’t see how it is attacking her type of legs, when ‘toothpicks’ isn’t exactly a compliment to MY legs either!It is more an emphasis on how ridiculously thin my legs are and was meant to be taken as a silly comment. (I should remember that, on the internet, no one knows when to take something seriously or as a joke. :s) Now, if I had said, ‘her legs look like hippo legs next to mine’ or something similar, THEN I would perfectly understand getting angry reactions.

            I have already been corrected by two other people above and explained that I had always read or been told that pears had larger lower bodies and that was my reason for believing so. I don’t think I need to be told any more that it is not true.

            I still do not believe that ‘heavy in comparison to their upper body’ is insulting. There I was also comparing to their own bodies and not to others’. I DID mention that others’ above may have been comparing to their own bodies when they said Kimberly’s legs are ‘huge’ and perhaps you misinterpreted it. These people are most likely very slim and have their body in their minds as what is ‘normal’ (as I think most people should to keep a healthy body image: too many people think of themselves as freaks even when they are at a good weight).

            I hope that clears things up.

          • Nkeon

            I meant heavy ‘in comparison’ to the top half. Note the keyword is comparison. If you read my previous comment to Ella you will see that i recognise that pear-shape by no means equates fat. All i meant is that with pear shapes their legs and hips are the biggest part of their body, and therefore heavier than the top half, but that doesn’t mean they are fat or big period.
            I recognise the difference between body shape and body size thanks

  • Amy

    She looks great but I think her bikini top is a tiny bit too small for her?

  • Grey

    I’m loving the baby whale in the background on the 2nd last pic. And people think this Kimberley chick is fat.

    • ccameron

      hahaha i just saw that. ur sooo right kimberly looks amazing!!

  • becca

    great body!
    pear shape, but she’s fit, so she’s making it work! very very well, if I might add.

  • raluca

    wow, she looks awesome!!!! toned and cute!

  • miaa

    oh my 🙁

  • ccameron

    I WISH I had that body type. i have such tiny legs and a huuuugggeee stomach. i definitely don’t look proportionate b/c my limbs are so small but my middle is unsightly!!! honestly pear shapes look better than me in dresses and bikinis and clothes in general!

  • iry

    I have the same problem with buying pants :p

    She looks awesome!!

  • maybebaby

    great body! tiny waist and bigger bottom half is so much more feminine than skinny legs and a chunky middle section. she looks amazing.

  • Sarah

    I don’t think she has anything to be ashamed of. Love her midsection!

  • alisa

    i soo wish i had a pear shape body type…. she can have extra weight on her… as she does… but it looks ok cause it’s on her hips and legs…. i go above 120 at 5’6 and my belly gets a pudge….. tear. although i have to say that all the compliments having to do with her being in shape and toned and yada yada……. is just not right…. because her legs are not toned and her upper body only looks toned because fat doesn’t go there! it alllllll has to do with body type. take the extra weight from her legs and put it on another girl with a different body type and you will all call her fat.

    • Point Neuf

      You are actually right. She could do with a bit of exercising to tone up. She is just thin because she is young and is probably careful with her diet, but she doesn’t have any muscle tone whatsoever.

      Still, I think that she is very pretty and has a lovely shape. We can only imagine how well she would look if she actually toned up with exercise.

  • katrín


  • Anna

    I think her skin is a gorgeous colour and gives off that toned look which is harder to attain if your pale. I also think that she has a great figure and she is lucky that her waist is small and that her fat will go to her bum and hips which are really sexy!

  • it’sjustme

    yeah i think that she looks fantastic!i think that she’s 5’7” and about 135-140,because i have the same body as her(but more breasts)and i’m a few inches shorter and i’m about this weight…
    It’s so beautiful to say someone who is curvy yet slim and sexy!

  • it’sjustme


  • klara

    wow, very curvy, but very nice too! fits with the cute face and she’s got a healthy and balanced shape.

  • Steve

    Yes i seen that girl on u tube she has got a great butt
    Some band in the uk. Yes she is stunning.

  • jennifer

    I have this exact body shape (pear). I work out 30min-1hr of running in the morning, then I do another 1hr-1 1/2 hrs of weight and muscle strengthening in the evening 6 days a week and my legs and butt are still fat like that but my top is skinny. I wear a size 3-4 in waist, but with my thighs I have to get a size 5-6 in pants, it really sucks.

    • Instant

      You wear a 5/6, and workout a lot, and you think your thighs and butt are fat? 🙁

      • spankxx

        i also wear a 5/6 but have big thighs, sometimes it just happens. in proportion to my body they are big, but i’m an athlete so i’ve learned to be okay with it. Plus my bf doesn’t mind so i’m cool with it lol! 🙂

  • eric

    I’d definitely hit that!

  • Emmily

    I don’t get how a girl can have such a tiny waist and such a big hips…

    • Nkeon

      Have you never seen this body type before? J’Lo and Shakira are like this as well.
      Kelly Brook and Salma Hayek also have tiny waists and big hips as hourglasses.

  • tomkat

    she is hot nice ass

  • She looks fine… do you see the women sitting behind her…. Please she is a real person she is not plastic… SHE LOOKS NICE!! LIKE A WOMEN!!! Heavy at the bottom my a$$

  • Matthew

    ohhhh my god it’s jerkoff time!!!! Kimberly look perfect in those photos, what a body man i just wanna worship her sexy booty lick that ass 24/7 baby

  • jw_photography

    Kimberley looks great. Her body is nice and natural, she has a nice toned tummy, good thighs and nice shapely legs, her ass looks great and her breasts are a bit small, but still look good.

  • DAZZLE666

    Pear shape is my favorite body shape, very sexy! although i prefer bigger girls than Kimberley to be honest.

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  • Tim

    Pretty ugly to be honest

    give me Cheryl anyday, I’d leave her face looking like plasterers radio.

  • shell

    Great body! Brilliant waist. She has larger legs, but they’re no where near “huge” as someone said, and just because they’re large it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with them. Her legs look fine to me.

  • Michelle

    Well, I think she’s gorgeous and there is nothing wrong with being pear shaped. And I can’t believe people think her thighs are “huge.” So many of the above comments speak volumes in regards to just how messed up society is when it comes to body image and size. She carries more weight in her bottom half which there is nothing wrong with. We should be more focused on being healthy and taking care of our bodies instead of always fixating on being skinnier and skinnier. Trust me, life is too short to live in constant self loathing. Just focus on being the best YOU can be.

  • Kimerley is gorgeous!! Completely laughable to compare her to Cheryl. Cheryl is utterly vacuous…. a walking wall of make-up devoid of any gillmer of nice (or interesting!) personality or talent. She is, well, nothing. Kimberley however – down to earth, natural, a good and friendly person. Cheryl who!?

    And YES, I have spent time in the company of each (sometimes both together at the same functions), so speak from experience.

  • caitlin

    Why are all of you women so critical? I know each and every one of you have things that you would like to change about your body, but yet you want to put other women down because they arent perfect? No one is perfect. Celebrate each others bodies instead of critiquing everyone.

  • katrina

    my husband has always had trouble making love to me. I am not pretty, and had come to accept my unsatisfactory love life. I then discovered that my husband had been making a collection of pictures of kimberley. we discussed this and now, before making love, we look through these pictures first. these, especially those showing kimberley’s legs, give him a firm and long-lasting erection enabling him to satisfy me.
    I bet kimberley’s partner doesn’t suffer from erectile dysfunction, the lucky bitch! but thank god for her legs!

  • Ash

    Actually can’t believe people are saying her thighs are HUGE! She’s a perfectly healthy weight and size for her height. The majority of men love a good bum & thighs. There are probably young girls reading these comments and worrying over a figure they were born with and will make themselves ill trying to change something they can’t! Please people grow up & think before you make nasty comments. She won’t read them n probably doesn’t care but lots of young girls will!