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Kelly Brook: ‘Finding clothes that suit my curvy shape has been a struggle’

FP_5092118_Brook_Kelly_FP_EXCL_0527102 - Kelly Brook: 'Finding clothes that suit my curvy shape has been a struggle'

Even though some wouldn’t really call Kelly’s figure a challenging one (to dress), the glamour model / actress explains that:

Finding clothes that suit my curvy shape has been a struggle in the past. When I was younger, I was a trend follower without really thinking if it suited my body shape.

Now, rather than following what other people are doing, I stick to accentuating my waist, as it balances out my hips and boobs.

When I started getting into modelling as a teenager, I wasn’t your typical gazelle with petite perky breasts or an androgynous waif.

I was 5ft 6in with 36in hips, a 25in waist and large boobs, so I really struggled to begin with – I was the wrong girl, wrong time.

But then I looked for work in areas of the media that would accept me, such as pop videos.

If you want to take a closer and longer look at Kelly’s wardrobe and accessories, check out this article!

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  • And the repercussions? This hideous outfit.

    • she doesn’t look horrible, but she could look better! it’s that belly shirt that is throwing me off a bit..

      • i love those jeans though. i want them!

      • completely agree, for some reason that jacket kind of accentuates her top half making her look “top heavy.” this picture in contrast to the ones in the link versus provided doesn’t do her figure justice.

    • snoops

      Lol thats funny, it is not a pretty outfit

    • Mizzy

      haha. agreed. very cheesy outfit.

    • Exactly, hahahah!

    • b

      Lol agreed. My thought: Don’t stop looking. You have not found them yet.

  • Stella

    This is a great pic to illustrate the post, lol. Usually she does a much better job then this dressing herself. I won’t slam her for her statements, it’s not as if having a great body of any shape magically makes all clothes look fantastic on you. Everyone has to find fit, fabrics,and cuts that make them look and feel their best.

  • suzushii

    God, I hope those belly shirts don’t become fashionable again. It’s early 90s fashion, anyone remember that? Daisy pattened clothing (or other flowers), belly showing tops ugh

    • Lisa

      lol, this. I cringed when I saw the whole picture. Always worn with a multitude of butterfly clips, don’t forget!

  • nina

    i thought her hips are wider, not just 35inches. That’s normal and I think it’s pretty easy to find clothes for that kind of size.

    • Cathy

      Ah … nope it isn’t. If you have the 36 inch hips with your standard waist than thats doable but try the same hip measurement with a 25 – 23 inch waist and you are lost in trying to find a size that fits everywhere.
      I have the same problem everytime I decide to torture myself and go shopping.

      • Idara

        I totally know what you mean…I’ve 40 inch hips & 27 inch waist, & this is only now that I’ve lost some of the ‘baggage’ around my hips…I’ve just accepted that for me to be happy, I’ve to pay for most of my clothes twice. o_O

    • sarah

      Me too 🙁 its terrible! Since I was 13 I’ve never found a good fit. I have the large chest-then my hips are only 34 but my waist is 22! Its ridiculous. I end up hating clothes. Its all baggy in the middle.

      • Trisia

        me too.
        one time i tried on a hiugh-waisted skirt and it was extremely tight in the butt, hips and thighs… but ridiculously loose in the waist :S

        i had to check that i hadn’t put it on upside down.

        turns out i just have a different body type

        • MNG

          haha, I’ve got the same thing going on with the skirt, luckily mine is stretchy, so i just wear it a little lower ^^

      • jenP

        I especially hate it when the store workers pin the clothes on the waists of mannequins to make it look like the clothing is form fitting. Then you try it on and there is no tailored fit in the waist making you look like an old woman. Makes me mad.

    • Minnie

      She was also a teenager then.
      She could have gained weight.
      Her measurements are probably something like 35.5-26-38.5

      • suzushii

        No way that’s a 38 inch butt. She looks exactly like I do, only with longer legs (I’m 2 inches shorter). She’s definitely in the 35-36 inch range.

        • MNG

          I’m 5 foot 6 1/2, hips 39.5, waist 27.5
          her hips look a broader than mine, so I’d say she hers are larger than 36 (unless she’s less tall than she claims she is)

        • kate1st

          To be honest, it’s really hard to tell (from a photo) someone’s hip size.

          Some women can have wide hips from the front but small circumference due to a flatter bottom. If you have a wide pelvic structure then a smaller hip measurement does not necessarily look narrower, just more bony and protruding.

          So she could be a 35-36″ hip or she could be a 38″-39″ hip, it’s very hard to say unless someone wants to go measure her hips!

      • shell

        Her hips don’t even look that wide! They are about 36 inches, a UK size 8 to 10, or US 2 to 4, which in comparison to the average woman is not wide. Kelly is well known to be 5ft8. She may have been 5ft6 as a teen, though, as she says. So, considering that she is 5ft 8, 36 inch hips are not wide. Even though Kelly has a flat butt, so all of the width from her hip measurement will be from the front, she still isn’t “wide”. I am 5ft 2 or 3, and have 36 inch hips. She may have a low waist hip ratio, but her hips are not big – it isn’t the same thing. People have either a small, medium or large skeleton. The bigger your skeleton, the more fat you have, because bone needs fat (which contains nutrients to protect the bone). A person who is healthy, and not bony looking, with 35/36 inch hips does not have wide hip bones.

  • Jenna

    Once again we see the word ‘curvy’ describing someone who is actually quite thin by most people’s standards. She’s probably only a UK size 10.

    I have similar proportions so I get what she means about most modern retailers not really cutting clothes to suit. It seems these days everything is quite baggy and unfitted around the waist as I think the apple shape is becoming more common here and people like to disguise their stomachs.

    Although dresses are ideal for hourglasses and I love wearing them you always end up feeling you are overdressed for every occasion. I’m an actress and whenever I turn up to an audition in a dress everyone else is in jeans looking skinny and casual.

    Still, I don’t really sympathize with her “struggle” as she can afford to buy vintage and get things tailored to fit.

    • Sally

      curvy does not mean fat or heavy. it means waist-hip ratio. So yes, she is curvy and thin.

      • Cathy

        Thanks Sally ! It always bugs me horribly when people equate curvy with fat.

    • suzushii

      Nah, she’s a UK8 for sure. I was a UK10 when my hips were 37-38, now that they’re 36, I’m a UK8 sometimes a 6 if it’s particularly stretchy. However a 12 inch difference between waist and hips IS curvy. Most people don’t have that difference.

      • kate1st

        I have 36 inch hips and wear either a UK size 8 or 10 trousers depending on the store.

        • katrina

          I also have 36 inch hips, and I have a 24 inch waist and I fit a size 8 UK.

          I thought she would be bigger, at least on her bottom half. We’re pretty much the same size on the bottom and I’m a very petite girl. Maybe its her boobs that make her look so curvy. Then again, even with the same measurements the frame can be different. Someone can have wider hips and less of a bum, or narrower hips and a big bum, something like that.

          • S

            She actually says her hips WERE 36″… When she first came into the modeling industry… therefore she is probably a bigger size now… I would say UK size 10-12 (by what i can see in these photos… she could be smaller) 🙂 … What do you guys think??

          • Essence

            @S I completely agree with you. People are thinking she means now but she means when she first started modeling.

          • shell

            Ah, me too! I have a 23 1/2 to 24 inch waist, and 36 to 37 inch hips. (You know, depending on water retention, time of the month etc lol).

          • Mary

            Yeah S she’s well known to actually fluctuate between a UK size 10 and 12 now. Definitely not the same size as when she was a teen!

  • snoops

    Isn’t it the same for most girls? All our bodies are different and its hard to find clothes which fit and flatter – I’m tall and thin and trust me its just as hard to find clothes which are right for this body as it to find clothes which will flatter some one with more meat on them. Also I have small breasts and I think a lot of girls can identify with the difficulty that can create when finding tops or dresses that fit right. And I feel like jeans these days dont tend to have ass room, or are made for people with tiny hips or something, because when I’m buying jeans the problem is either they fit my legs but not my hips/butt, or I can go a size bigger to accomodate the hips but then they are too loose on the leg…!

    also I agree with the comment from Jenna that most clothes these days do not focus on the waist they cover and conceal it, which is a shame, for those of us who dont have big boobs to make a feature of but want to make a feature of our waist-hip ratio, where are the figure-flattering clothes for us?

    • RAchel

      Agreed. She’s just so proud of her boobs that she feels like giving a cocky statement like that.

    • Chrissy

      Amen sister!! sounds like you and I are in the same boat (which is odd for me, not sure about you). I used to have the problem in highschool when my waist was smaller and my hips larger, I lost weight changed my body around a little bit, still can’t find a good pair of jeans very easily, and usually spend time stretching out the butt once I put on a freshly washed pair.

      • snoops

        haha! Yeah I know what you mean, when my jeans come out of the wash it always feels like my ass must have grown since I last wore them 😛

  • Kel77

    Same measurements as me and I hate my hips…guess I should embrace them. I think i just breathed a sigh of relief:)

    • suzushii

      I have similar measurements (24.5 inch waist though) and I LOVE my hips. Seriously, out of all the bodies I could have been born with, I think mine’s pretty wicked (so yours too :P).

      • Kel77


        I have to agree that the men like the curves but they don’t always work with the hippy boho styles I prefer.

        BTW, I’m guessing she wears a US size 4 (like me). Is that a UK size 8?

        • Little J

          Not all men like curves in the same way that not all women like ripped muscly men. Its hurtful to make sweeping generalisations like that.

          • snoops

            some men definately dont like the curves, I have a 23 inch waist and 36-37 or so around the hips and have been insulted by men on occasions, once my male friend saw me in a bikini and said my waist and hips were too curvy, I said “so you mean you think i’m not attractive because of that?” and he said yeah, thats not attractive to him “no offense”. Not friends with him anymore lol . But then go figure, I have small breasts and have also been insulted for having a lack of curves.

            We should really not worry about men and just accept ourselves, a good man will love us regardless, my fiance thinks my body is perfect even if I gain or lose weight, only shallow guys will judge us so much on our bodies.

          • kate1st

            Oh snoops, men can be such pricks sometimes!

            Like saying ‘you are too curvy’, there is not exactly anything you can do to change that so why bother being so brutal.

          • Kel77

            I wasn’t meaning to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’m just saying that the men I know like curves alot more than I do. I would prefer to have slimmer hips. I do know there are plenty of men that like all different shapes. Sorry if I miss stated what I was trying to say:)

          • shell

            Snoops, you sound to have the same kind of shape as me. I have small boobs, my waist is 23/24 and my hips 36/27.
            I think that a lot of men are used to seeing the vase and lollipop shape in their Play boy magazines – the big boobs, slight, gently curving waist, thin hips.

  • Kel77

    BTW, I don’t really sympathize with her either. I deal with the same struggle but doesn’t every woman? I know women of lots of different shapes but we all complain about finding clothes to fit. We all have options out there, we just have to hunt to find them. Sometimes I just give up and don’t give a crap:) lol

    • amazon

      i odn’t think she is looking for sympathy necessarily just making a comment/ trying to identify with the average woman and her struggles. Who knows exactly but i would guess the writer and paper had more input then her over the overall tone and content of the article. she just answers their questions and takes her money:-)
      all the commetns here are interesting. i guess lots of people have trouble getting clothes to fit. I wear a uk 8 (mostly-stores vary) and my boobs aren’t as big as they used to be, although i am an e cup i have a 28inch back, so my overall measurement is 33.5, which i think is why i don’t find it that problematic to get things to fit, i do find it problematic to get things which look good. Fashion is not a friend to big boobs. lots of dresses/tops make you look either matronly or like a porn star 🙂

  • kate1st

    Ha ha, those are my exact measurements…..25″ waist and 36″ hips! Although I don’t have the large boobs and I’m only 5ft2, but still what an ego boost knowing you share your stats with Kelly Brook : P

    • Kels

      Haha! I have a 26 inch waist and 35 inch hips and I’m 5’2 as well. So we’re pretty close! Woo! Go short girls! 🙂

  • blah

    thank god i didnt end up with the perfect body and have to deal with such “struggles”… life must be so hard for her, the poor thing.

    • Sarah


    • Hihihi true! It’s not that I don’t believe what she’s saying, I just think that body is probably worth the struggle! xD

    • Kara

      It really is difficult to dress a body like that – with such a drastic difference between waist and the hips and boobs. I were a size 32F bra, and a US6 pants. I can never find a shirt that tailors to both my small waist and large breasts which ends up making me look very large some times.

      However, I am a bit larger than Kelly Brook, and I feel that leads to even more of a problem for me because it really is easy to look quite big if the clothes don’t fit properly.

      I’m not saying that a curvy body like that doesn’t have advantages, but I’ve cried many times over being unable to find clothes with a good fit. I went a year without wearing a pair of jeans because I couldn’t find a pair that didn’t look hideous.

    • cay

      she never said she has the perfect body, just that it’s hard to dress her body when it’s like the way it is (which is true)

  • I think everybody has trouble finding clothes that fit them the right way, regardless of their body type. I have the opposite figure of Kelly Brook, I’m very long and lean, have a short mid section with little waist to hip ratio, but super long legs. I have to find clothes that create the illusion of curves and it can be easily as difficult and finding clothes to flatter them.

    • Mizzy

      it’s true, i can’t think of anyone who has an easy time buying clothes, unless they don’t care about fit. The trick is finding a few stores whose clothes fit right and sticking to those designers. I don’t think this problem is exclusive to women though, my husband is 6’3 and has super long skinny legs (the lucky SOB) and he has a really hard time finding pants that fit right and shirts with long enough sleeves.

      • Lisa

        Yep. Or altering your own clothes after, because even some of the best brands don’t fit perfectly. I hate having to hem and take things in, but if that’s what it takes…!

  • Katy

    ooh i have similar hip to waist measurements to her (last time I measured at least!) I feel all special now! But yeah, dresses are hard to get, you have to get structured for hourglass shape, or tight and stretchy to go in out. Dresses always go straight!

  • Em

    Guess she didnt find a shirt that fits. hurp durp :p

  • lily

    I hate shopping. as I am 36in B/C cup (depending on the store -24-38, it`s pretty hard to find clothes. I`m usually an M in bust and hips, but XS in waist, so IT SUCKS! I`m also 5`10 and 80% of the clothes are simply too short for me.
    and I am not so lucky to have such skinny legs as she does. I recently got some stretchy skinny jeans from H&M and I wear something flowy and pretty big over them, so my legs would look ok in them, but then it looks like I have no waistline.
    If I wear smth that fits me good on bottom and on top, I look tooooo curvy. ><

    and I don`t know a single guy, who doesn`t find her hot. My guyfriends always say that they like women with curves, and she is the perfect example of one!

  • Omigod,I love her t-shirt!and it’s totally weird my measures are 32-25-36.5 and it’s too easy for me to find clothes tough I don’t look as curvy as her:(Is it because I don’t have giant boobs?:[And really this woman is like a trick she looks very curvy and not slim at all in bikini shoots,but in clothes she is a normal curvy woman..Nice jeans and bootsbtw!

  • edit:firstly,my waist is not 25 it’s 24,I am still not really curvy,since my arse is bulging outward rather than sides,and
    @snoopos:you’re totally right,there is NO body that everyone likes,so I am just putting the clothes on and feel ok,no matter as long as my bf thinks I am dead hot!:D

  • Casey

    I don’t know what she’s talking about. I’m kind of curvy too, in the sense that my waist size is smaller than my hip size, and is smaller than my top size.

    However, I think I’ve had about the same problem finding nice fitting clothes as everyone else. Apple shapes have their own issues with fitting clothes…not being “baggy” in the hip area, jeans can’t fit the waist, etc. Pears also have their problems.

    So it’s not just an hourglass figure thing. Quite frankly, with vanity sizing and variations in what certain sizes mean…I’ve learned a long time ago that I need to try on ALL my clothes before I buy them. Anything that doesn’t fit right, I’ll either not buy or get it tailored. With her money, I don’t think she has much basis for complaining.

    • Trisia

      i find different labels cater for different body types. ive heard that often designers use their own proportions as a guide.

  • ppp

    poor girl, having that body must be soo hard…
    what an idiot

  • Aww, it must be SO HARD to have precisely the body that women are reminded every day is the only one that men like. Cry me a river.

    • Essence

      LOL you took the words right out of my mouth. Everyone has a problem with finding clothes that fit, no matter the body shape.

  • Minnie

    I don’t necessarily like Kelly Brooke, but here’s my honest opinion because I think that I do understand her comments….
    She’s not whining. She was probably asked about if finding clothing is hard and was probably explaining how she got to where she is today when it comes to her career. She was likely just making a matter-of-fact statement.

    Also, not everyone female on the planet has a hard time buying jeans. I am a true 0 when it comes to measurements and can walk into most clothing stores and just buy a pair of jeans. Except for some stores (for example) Aeropostale/AE because they’re vanity sized like crazy. I bought a 00 from there and it fit like a 4. Some stores like Urban Outfitters vary. But if I walk into Abercrombie, the jeans fit like they were made for me.
    I’m not gloating btw, I’m just pointing out that it’s not hard for every female to find a properly fitting pair of jeans.

    • Minnie

      Ouch. Typo central.

    • Kel77

      I buy AE jeans mostly and I haven’t noticed the vanity sizing. How do you know they do that? I normally wear a 4 everywhere I go whether it be AE, Abercrombie or Urban Outfitters but I have heard that AE and Gap use vanity sizing before. Just curious. Thanks:)

      • Minnie

        I don’t know.
        Gap is cut a little larger also.
        Whenever I buy Abercrombie, I wear a 0 and it fits perfectly. Urban Outfitters varies.
        Whenever I go to AE, their 00 is too big.
        It’s the same with Aeropostale and Gap.

    • Ellen

      This comment is just a general one, and isn’t pointed at anyone….but vanity sizing, shmanity shmizing! If the jeans fit and look good, that’s all that matters. I’ve been everything from a 3/4 all the way to a 7/8, but at the end of the day, it’s the fit that counts!

    • Mary

      I think it depends on the jean. Even different jeans in the same store are cut differently. I shopped at AE once when I was a heavier and got sooo depressed because I couldn’t fit into their size 8’s. I got another pair and the 8’s were loose. Both pairs were from AE.

      It’s the same in every store. Old Navy and GAP clothes are quite vanity sized in their women’s section. But if you buy their low cut shorts, they seem a little less vanity sized.

      I find that wal-mart pants are never vanity sized. At least not most of the time. I wear a size 5/6 in most stores and in wal-mart I have to get 8/9’s. It’s depressing. But all the women I know say the same. They have to but jeans that are 3 sizes bigger at wal-mart. At least if they shop in the junior’s section.

  • lizzy

    she is really starting to annoy me.

  • Hays

    It would be hard to be a celebrity when asked questions like that. Because if she said that she had no trouble fitting clothes, people would think she sounded snobby most likely. Someone will always disagree with a comment that somebody makes.

  • Mia

    Well, i think she’s curvy, i don’t like curvy girls personally, i mean the body type.. but she does look good i must say 🙂
    i do have a question for you guys in here..a bit personal for me though haha

    i am 36in hips and 27in waist .. oh and i am 5’10.
    am i fat ??

    • snoops

      Lol, come on, 36 inch hips isn’t fat, if it is then I guess most of us are fat!

      • Mia

        hahaha thanks ..i guess your comment made me feel so much better 😀

    • Well, on me, 36 inch hips would be pushing it; I’m normally around a 32 or 33, but I’m also pretty far from the “womanly ideal” where curves are concerned. A shape is neither “fat” nor “thin,” so offering us your measurements is less useful than showing a headless photo, or giving us your weight with a note of how muscular you are/where the fat is distributed (big butt, big boobs, belly, thighs, etc).

    • Gigi


      • Essence

        @ Gigi LOL!!!!!!

  • Susan

    I read her hips are 34 i’m glad those unrealistic rumours have been put to rest.

  • nannou

    yeah the top is too short and the pants are too tight : / lol I don’t even know who she is…

  • Gigi

    Totally agree with her. I’m 5’1″, 32D-23-35, and my boobs look huge since I’m so short. A lot of people think clothes look so much better when you have boobs, but when you have big boobs and you wear anything that’s not going to be form fitting around your waist, the fabric is going to fall on top of your boobs and you look 10 times wider and thicker than you actually are. This eliminates the possiblity of wearing just about 3/4 of the clothes that are trendy right now.

  • gh

    i think her body is the idle for curvy not fake ass KIM Kardashian i think she’s perfect

    • Chickydee

      Agreed. Kelly is a lot more natural looking.

  • Stina

    I think Kelly is gorgeous and has (my idea) of the perfect body, but…. something is off. She doesn’t look modern. I’m not sure why, but she looks very 90’s sometimes. Maybe it is her style. The picture of her with the belly shirt is the perfect example of what I mean.

  • I know this may sound a little self-absorved, but I fully understand her, I have big boobs and hips, and an impossible thin waist to my size, clothes always look baggy in the middle, and makes my body tipe no justice at all. We always have to worry how accentuate our waist to not look bigger than we really are. But this outfit she chose does not help her!!

  • Who is Kelly brook?

    • kate1st

      She’s an english model/actress.

  • Anna

    maybe its her height but i find those measurements hard to believe
    i’m a 39-27-39 and she doesnt look that much smaller but she also has a few inches on me

    • Gigi

      I agree. My proportions are a couple of inches smaller, I’m shorter, and I definitely don’t look THAT vavavavoom-ish. I believe her waist size but the hip size has to be a few inches bigger.

  • Asha

    Honestly, I’m 5′ tall, a 00/ 000 with a D cup bust. Don’t even talk about finding clothing hard to find. i have to shop in the childrens section for shorts. Everyone has the same problem just different body types.

    • i agree. women of all sizes have a hard time trying to find clothes that fit them right.

  • Having a low waist to hip ratio can be difficult to dress. For me the trouble is having full thighs with slim calves and a small waist. Most jeans, no matter what style, are designed for women with straight legs, so apple shaped and ruler shaped women look great in them. For me the slide over my claves easy enough, then battle with my thighs and hang loosely on my waist! Dresses are slightly easier as they are designed for smaller waists mostly. I imagine a top heavy woman will have my problems in reverse.

  • CC

    She’s talking a bunch of bull – I have her same measurements and as she is slim it not much of struggle to find clothes – her stats aren’t that extreme enough to find that much trouble when shopping on the high street and most of the time she’s in elastic dresses, jeans, and/or floaty shapeless tops.

    I really feel some of these articles are just placed there to bring attention to the person than really presenting someone with a genuine difficulty and showing how to solve it.

    Someone like KK or Jennifer Metcalfe maybe but Kelly Brook is over exaggerating for sure as its very simple when you know well fitting labels.

    • Jennifer Metcalfe may not have that problem anymore since she’s forked out 2 grand on lipo

  • Sakura

    I think that, for a woman of her pelvic structure, her legs are quite thin.

  • she looks like white trash dressed like that