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Kelly Clarkson in Black Pants

kelly-clarkson-in-black-pants - Kelly Clarkson in Black Pants

So we’ve recently seen Kelly in a side-by-side comparison that featured her THEN and NOW and we all concluded that she’s gained some weight. Well, she has, but the outfit she wore on that occasion also takes part of the blame, as well as the “stage angle” and her positions during the performance. Check out the pictures by clicking HERE!

A longer top with sleeves definitely flatters her, much more than the last sleeveless, sparkly top she wore.

How do you all like Kelly here?

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  • slitt

    she doesn’t seem comfortable at that weight. i don’t like the stick insect look but she does need to lose some

  • Ela

    She does look better here but that’s mostly because of the angle and the cover-up in black. But why is she still wearing those heinous glitter-insert pants? They are so ugly!

    She is quite petite in height I think… And some of the things she wears have too much length for someone so petite.

    A lot of people think she’s too heavy but each to their own. She doesn’t carry extra weight nearly as well as Jennifer Hudson or America Fererra but she does make some awful clothing choices.

  • Kristy

    She looks a lot better than in the other post actually. I thought she looked, to be blunt, fat, the other day but here she looks a lot more within the “normal” spectrum. I’d say a uk size 14..I do think she looks better slimmer but she looks pretty and reasonably comfortable.

    • Sofia

      a 14?! quite easily an 18

      • Kristy

        Yeah actually, I was looking at this post on my phone… blatantly underestimated her size! 16 on top, 18 on the bottom?

        • Leanna

          At the very least a UK size 14 on top and 16 on the bottom, but agree could well be pushing a size 18.

  • Imster

    I think if I saw her walking down the street, I def wouldn’t think she’s fat.
    seeing her on this site, next to hundreds of slimmer, healthier looking women, which, from last week, we know she is capable of being, has convinced me she should lose weight.
    I wouldn’t be able to cope with being that big.

  • jenny

    If she was just a regular person and I saw her at my school or at my job I’d think she was just an average, pretty girl.

    I don’t think she needs to lose weight just to fit in. As far as I know, people are still buying her albums, right?

  • DT

    Sorry but it is so sad looking at pictures of her, trying to minimize what is a weight problem. Those open toe sandals showing chubby toes to the chubby fingers,,,,,, she actually has a lovely smiles so it doesn’t really matter, but she should continue to wear black and oversized clothes that hide stuff… and eat some fruit and whole wheat pasta…

    • mizzy

      i dont think you can tell whether someone is at a healthy weight by looking at their toes and fingers! you have to be really obese before the weight gain starts showing in your extremeties. Some people just have stubby toes and fingers, despite being in extremely good health.

      I personally think she looks fine. she may be a little “chubby”, but who cares? she is not obese, and no where near obese, and I find it hard to believe that her current weight is at all a detriment to her overall health.

    • Instant

      No, I don’t think she should continue to wear black and oversized clothes. For one, while black is very slimming, it is also featureless, it hides the good features along with the bad ones, wearing dark colors would accomplish the same as black with the added bonus of showing off her good features. As for oversized, she was wearing an oversized top in the other pictures, and it made her look a lot bigger than she is, where as the more fitted shirt she is wearing in this pic shows that she still has a nice shape and isn’t as big as originally thought.


      • DT

        I don’t know…. my x-ray eyes tell me she has no waist, no boobs, a bloated stomach and hips that don’t lie 🙂 so……… what were those good points you were alluding to? oh, and Hi Instant !!

        • anonymous

          The dark colors and fitted shirt would camouflage her “bloated stomach” and hips, would give her the illusion of a waist, and show off her still shapely legs and bum. As for the boobs, well, She can wear a “miracle” bra, and a v-neck to show some cleavage, which will draw the attention upwards 😛 Oh, and because of how she gained the weight, sleeved shirts are her best bet.

          • anonymous

            BTW, I have a similar body to hers(my boobs are bigger though), so I know for a fact that black and oversized does NOT flatter us 😛

          • DT

            OK thanks for the first hand lesson. I guess then you are right !!

  • julia

    Lets all face it- She does look heaviER. Should it be our business to judge her so critically? perhaps no. But the truth is, she is a celebrity and is under scrutiny at all times which makes us believe that it is ‘ok’ to say a couple of things about her. I dont think it is fair to assume she is overweight because of her ‘toes and fingers’, I personally think that it is wrong. I am actually a size 0 and at 5’10 and I dont think Kelly Clarkson is obese at all even though she is a couple sizes more than I am. I just think she makes poor fashion choices, which we all do at some point of our lives.

    • Miranda

      Well said. I’d say she’s overweight, but not obese. Probably a size 13. We need to remember that these women don’t look as big in person.

  • essss

    what an ugly pants

  • Miranda

    Those pants are ugly. Who picks out her clothes? She needs to fire them. Kelly is beautiful and very talented, but I wouldn’t want her body. She looked better when she was toned.

  • Kae

    I don’t care for this outfit either, but her heavier weight is so hard to dress. She looks better in the other photo but…she does need to lose some weight. I have such a hard time being critical of her because I think her weight has always been an issue for her and it must be frustrating. And she seems like such a nice person, and she has a lot of talent.

  • BlackEssence

    Yes, it’s more figure flattering. But those pants are atrocious.

  • ms_benes

    long torso and short legs makers her weight distribute oddly.

  • Blanca

    She’s obviously let herself go.. but looks happy! so who cares..

  • Ramie

    The only reason she looks “thinner” than the previous pix…her black sleeves hide her heavy arms.

    Unfortunate pants and flip flops. 🙁

  • Uma

    I don’t get it: she could wear some nice looking pants, some other fabric, with high heals and then, really, she would not look that happy. But this only cries out the i am kinda fat and whatever attitude. Being extra skinny is wrong, but going to the other extreme just to prove you’re not that addicted to your weight – it is equally wrong. Her biggest problem: clearly, horrible choice of clothing. Especially pants.

  • Shannon

    You kno if this was Jessica Simpson the media would be all over Kelly’s ass right now! but alas that’s not the case IMO she does look a bit bigger but the difference with Kelly and Jessica is Kelly has talent her new album was #1 and Jessica needs the publicity, but as much as it pains me to say this becasue I really like Kelly. If the media did focus on her who knows it might make her lose a couple and go down to a more healthier weight. aka “Hollywood standards” which is sad but hey they are in the entertainment industry and as much as it shoud be about talent half the ppl in la la land wouldn’t be anywhere if they didnt have the looks as well.

  • HippoBanana

    The first thing I notice is the unflattering haircut, she is such a goegeous girl with a great smile and that hair style/cut does nothing for her face. Her hair the the video for ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ is great on her.
    A pair of bootleg jeans and a loose top that nips in at the waist would make a world of difference.

  • Lisa

    I don’t think she’s fat; that’s just an incredibly laid back outfit.