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Lily Allen and an Interesting Choice of Pants

lily-allen-and-an-interesting-choice-of-pants3 - Lily Allen and an Interesting Choice of Pants

Since I wrote the title, which was exactly 3 seconds ago, I changed my mind about trading the word “interesting” for the word “terrible”. I’m not exactly gonna say that Lily doesn’t have the mini thighs that she would need in order to pull off those pants, because I’m pretty sure that they will look tacky on anyone, regardless of the thigh circumference.

Now besides the animal print (which works and rocks may clothing items, just not pants), she cut of the pants is truly unflattering – girls with pear body shapes can rarely pull off tight pants that are cut below the knees, especially light colored ones. And since the top is only accentuating Lily’s A shape and “small breasts-big thighs combo”, I’d say that the outfit is, unfortunately, terrible.

Photo credit: Wenn

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  • newbie

    at least its interesting I hate seeing conservative outifts all the time, I’d much rather bitch about how ugly something than looking at a particularly bland photo that evokes no arousal from me at all,

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  • Wow

    She has HUGE thighs but I love them. They look so fine! Lily Allen is hot!!! I wonder what her thigh circumference is. Over 60 cm? It has to be! I mean.. Britney has almost 60 cm and Lily’s are much larger… so maybe 65-66 something… does anyone know?

  • red

    you mean both thighs together or EACH thigh??? *so confused*

  • Wow

    One thigh… measure the fattest part of one thigh…

  • Palm

    I am 100% sure it’s more than 60 cm but does it matter? Well, maybe it does for you, but I think she rocks!