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A Makeup-less Olivia Wilde in Shorts

a-makeup-less-olivia-wilde-in-shorts - A Makeup-less Olivia Wilde in Shorts

Here’s Olivia Wilde in a pair of short shorts, showing off her recently fuller (yet still slender) figure.

Olivia is a pretty girl, but how do you like her without make-up?

And what do you think of Olivia’s figure in these shots?

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a-makeup-less-olivia-wilde-in-shorts-3 - A Makeup-less Olivia Wilde in Shorts

a-makeup-less-olivia-wilde-in-shorts-2 - A Makeup-less Olivia Wilde in Shorts

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  • skirmute

    Beautiful girl.

  • Polina

    She`s very pretty.

  • samba

    i prefer her without makeup! she looks cute! cant believe how tiny her upper body is but her legs are quite thick…in a good way! looks cute as a button

  • suzushii

    How sad it is that she looks 1000x times better like this (with more weight, candid pic, no special lightining, no make up) then she does in most movies and magazines (where she is skinny as heck, and probably photoshopped on top of that).

  • ajt

    She’s very pretty. Looking at her legs in this pic definitely make me think her other photo’s were photoshopped…a lot. It’s nice to know that celebs do look like real people when not in a magazine. I am glad that lately I’ve been seeing more pics of girls with slim upper bodies and thicker muscular legs. Now I don’t feel so bad about my body type.

  • helena

    are people of maxim crazy??did they award her as the sexiest girl???looks like the girl next-door.and her legs are awful!she is just beautiful.nothing special

    • Paul

      I agree, her #1 spot on maxim hot list is due to the power of a good publicist. I don’t even think she’s that beautiful, pretty average IMHO

    • Anonymous

      “Sexy” is about more than just looks, it’s the way the woman carries/presents herself and her image also. Olivia has striking and expressive eyes and face, I’ve seen her on “House” where she just gives a look and it’s like “Damn!”. I don’t know if she deserves the “sexiest” title, but I can see how she got in the running for it. Right here, she is dressed in slumpy clothes, no makeup, isn’t posing/acting for the camera, etc…, so of course she’s going to look less sexy and less special. Anyone would, even Marilyn Monroe.

      And what’s wrong with her legs? I think they look very good. Maybe big when compared to her upper body, but she is a pear and that’s how they’re built.

      • Sarah

        Everyone can be sexy wearing tons of make up, expensive clothes, a great hairdo and having a stylist during the photoshoot, the question is, are you sexy and beautiful when you lack of all those things? Olivia isn’t.

        • pppccc

          Well, most if not al of the celebrities wear tons of make-up, expensive clothes, great hairdos and have stylists. So, can you say who is the sexiest???We don’t know if there really is someone better!!!

        • Anonymous

          IMO, she is still sexy and beautiful with out all of that, especially now that she’s gained some weight. I don’t think there would be too many guys that would be disappointed with her current wardrobe/makeup/hairstyle choice right up there if she was their partner. Quite a few guys don’t really care if a woman is gussied up or not, if she is pretty and sexy to them, she could be in a burlap sack and they wouldn’t care. And it is a subjective thing here, so while you, personally, don’t consider her to be beautiful and sexy un-gussied doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t beautiful or sexy at all, regardless of what she is or is not wearing(clothing style, makeup wise) 🙂

          Hope that makes sense 😛

          • samba

            perfect sense to me…=o)

    • g


  • Jamie

    She looks great! I think she put on a lot of muscle while training for the “Tron” sequel (which was apparently quite grueling). Apparently she’s a vegan, so even when she was really really skinny, I think she was still healthy…but I think she looks even better with the added muscle. I’ve seen interviews with her. She seems really cool, smart, and down to earth too!

  • Sarah

    Oh man am I glad that she’s a pear shape. I’ve always thought she was beautiful and with the added pounds, her shape is more apparent and she looks great.

  • pipi

    pretty and very pear shaped. which i like on her. people with cute faces can afford to have bigger thighs and butts 🙂

  • Dr. Truth

    Fuller but slender? Uh, NO. She is not fat but she’s certainly not “slender” in these pics. Thighs are a bit big if you ask me..

  • Rose

    she’s pretty, but nothing special. her legs are short and fat.

  • becca

    she’s really adorable here! she doesn’t look like a sexpot – and that’s awesome because we’re so used to her being vamped up.

    i like this look!

  • Jemima

    She’s gorgeous.

  • Uma

    I know i was looking at the maxim photoshoot and i was like omg she is half my size and she is the sexiest, so therefore i must be the same size to be sexy. Uhm, actually i am the smaller one, which is weird, guess photoshop does do miracles, more than anything else. I kind of like her natural look, especially her face, i honestly didn’t see anything special about it until now. It was always covered in make-up and she always poses the same way, that femme fatale look which was all wrong for her. And now, maybe she has some average looks, but at least she looks cute and pretty. And yes, as someone else was saying, it’s very easy too look sexy with make-up, great hair job, really expensive clothes, good lighting, good postures, good photoshop and so on.

    • Pistola

      I’m sad for you. To see a picture in a magazine, then think “I need to look like this to be sexy” is unfortunate. There is no one definition of sexy. Also, to put this woman down because you just realized that you are thinner than she is is simply mean.

      • Uma

        You didn’t understand a thing. Read again. You still have a chance. Yes, i’ve realised that on this site, for some people, calling someone else beautiful or cute means being a bitch and putting in down. And also adding i just realised how pretty she actually is means putting her down as well. Again, read everything. If you can’t understand what i’m saying, shut up. Or ask, it may be my fault, english is my third language so excuse me for not being perfect.

        • Diana

          I understood you fine Uma even if I don’t find Olivia Wilde pretty you have a point.

      • Anonymous

        “Also, to put this woman down because you just realized that you are thinner than she is is simply mean.”

        Where did she put Olivia down by stating she realized she is actually smaller than her?

    • Elena

      Agreed on everything. And yeah, she has a very pretty face with no make-up on.

  • Amelie

    she is so short an ugly 🙁

    • Julia

      completely agree. Her gain weight for me is not a positive- not good body proportions.

    • Ariel

      Someone ate too many donuts this summer

      • jem

        she looks fabulous and at a normal weight. she doesnt have to be a negative size 0 to be considered sexy gtfoh

        • Ariel

          I’m glad she’s a normal weight but I don’t like that she tried to sell us something that she isn’t in those Maxim shots. I can’t stop thinking about young girls wishing they had her body and starving to death when her idol doesn’t even look like a skeleton. She should have asked for the pictures not to be retouched.

          • Uma

            Can you blaim her? Look what they did to Kelly Clarkson, and it’s not even for a magazine as is Maxim… i honestly am so happy to see these kind of shots, b/c magazines are so photoshoped they make you believe nothing is good enough, there is no more true beauty left and so on.

    • ohwowlovely

      Short? She’s 5’7″. And her face is gorgeous.

  • jenni

    gorgeous without make up. she looks the same.

  • Rafe


  • ohwowlovely

    Wow, she has a really long torso compared to her legs. I do too….it sucks. Weight naturally goes to your lower body, because there isn’t as much room for it to distribute itself as there is for your torso.

    • Jilin

      That is not the reason. I have always very slender legs although i have short legs and a long torso. I am an hour glass and any weight gain distributes evenly on my body.

      • ohwowlovely

        well I just have to say, you are lucky!

        I’m a pear plus I have short legs….it sucks.

  • mazza

    Holy crap i thought she had long model legs

    • Charlotte

      Same! Maxim has a great photoshop team I guess…

  • mazza

    Her body is TERRIBLE.. the proportions!

  • suzushii

    I’m surprised at people being surprised at Photoshopping crazy MAXIM photoshopping someone…

    Hello, most of their pictures are paintings, not photos….

    • april

      ha ha, that’s correct! 🙂

      but seriously, I never thought she was changed so dramatically!
      maybe some retouch the eye pouch or skin colour or even digitally weight loss but those pictures still seemed quite convincing.
      I got exactly the same feeling about my body as Uma. so it’s fun to see her under “daylight” now.. 🙂
      anyway, I still think it cannot be the photoshop the only one to blame, in this case. she obviously gained a little weight since then and we all see where it gone.

      it didn’t change the fact that I like this girl though. she is cool.

  • Elena

    i think her legs are shorter that the rest of her body

  • Anonymous

    She’s wearing flats. Low waisted, really short, dark colored shorts. A long white tank top. And she’s a pear shape. I would think that any pear(especially slim pear), no matter how long their legs are, is going to look like they have short legs when dressed like that.

    • Dan

      And she’s put on weight

  • Lauren

    she’s definitely gained some weight recently. but I think its partly the outfit she’s wearing that makes it look worse. and like everyone else has mentioned, her being photoshopped in every single magazine doesn’t help. I still think she’s gorgeous though, and she seems like a really chill, sweet person from all her interviews.

  • jane

    i wouldn’t put her on maxim sexiest list. she’s a pretty girl but nothing special.
    i guess with the right makeup/lighting/photoshop anyone can be one maxims sexiest list. but i do think she looks much better with a little meat on her. my goodness she was looking skeletal! every time i saw her i wanted to force feed her chocolate!!

  • She looks better without makeup, and her outfit looks good on her.

  • Nahla

    “Pretty girl but nothing special”??! R u kidding me?!?! *evidently not.* She has the most stunning eyes I’ve ever seen, and great facial structure. She’s just gorgeous. I could show you “pretty girl but nothing special” at my school and you’d recoil in dusgust.

  • Sam

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. Her lower half really isn’t that large at all, but it just seems like it is because of her upper half which is really skinny. Either way, Olivia Wilde is beautiful, and the outfit… really isn’t flattering. She’s famous though, so of course she’s going to be photoshopped the shit out of. Everyone is.