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Nelly Furtado in Leggings on Stage

nelly-furtado-in-leggings-on-stage2 - Nelly Furtado in Leggings on Stage

I hear that Nelly has been receiving a little criticism for her slightly thick (in Hollywood) legs. I don’t think that she should lose any weight, as I’m pretty sure that she’s at a healthy weight that presupposes eating on regular basis (unlike some), but I will say that she could benefit from choosing more flattering outfits for her body type.

Outfits like what? Like a knee-length dress for starters, since she appears to define the pear body shape and carries her weight on her legs. Good points for choosing bright colors on her (smaller) top and slimming black on her (thicker) bottom.

What are your thoughts?

Photo source: Celebutopia

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  • pia

    i think that she’s fat… before she was skinnier but not bonny.. and that much better that the fat legs.

    • rc

      “bonny”? why don’t you learn how to spell before you post?

  • Matt

    tsk tsk nelly. what happened? shes gorgeous. but her legs are so tree trunky. she looked perfect in :promiscuious(?) girl.” she was perfect. ohh nelly. =[

  • Tony The

    I love Nelly’s thighs! They are so extreamly huge and sexy! 🙂

  • Lizan

    Too bad you can’t see her belly in this photo. I absolutely LOVE her abs!!! Because when unflexed, her belly looks so soft and feminine but when she flexes for real (yes, she did it once, a tv-show host asked her to) you will se abs strong as the ones of a fitness queen.

  • gigi

    Her legs are great.thick and curvy.this kind of legs I’d like to see more instead of the usual skinnines…:d
    she’s not fat…people need to make a difference between being “solid” and being fat.
    Fat is when you are deformed and is actually “fat” on you…

    • Moon

      How can you see if her legs are fat or solid? Tell me. Anyway, I like her legs.

  • train

    wow she’s damn sexy those thick legs are pure gems

  • NFurt

    Don’t you dare say she’s fat!!! She is the best looking woman ever, and her thighs are perfect. She is fit, and sexy!


  • tyler

    I think when we use a European model of beauty, I could (maybe) see how someone could consider this “extra weight gain”.

    Fortunately, that is not the only standard of beauty. Others have recognized the difference between “thick” and “fat”, For those of you that are unfamiliar with these terms, “Thick” is a good term. It is used to describe a woman who has weight in “the right places”. The places that make a woman look like a woman, particularly in the hip & things regions.(think about Beyonce). It is not to be confused with fat. Although more weight could make a thick woman chubby.

    I wish WOMEN would stop “hating” on Women. It’s not your body, not your life period.

  • woopidoo


  • Jeremy


  • DIO

    The prettiest legs i ever seen!

  • walter

    I love thick legs on women,she looks so beautiful,great curves!

  • rc

    She’s a real woman with a REAL BODY! No fake boobs and not anorexic. She’s beautiful and I feel sorry for all the girls and women out there that have bought into society’s lie that skinny is beautiful, because it’s not.

  • Mike

    She’s sexy as hell as long as she’s got those things plugged into her ears!

  • Renren

    My body’s like hers.s….almost exatly like hers. if that’s considered sexy then i’m so proud!

  • fenotte

    She has a very gorgeous body and beautiful legs. I had a similar body but too much partying and enjoying eating I got fatter, however I’m not ashamed of my body

  • Dan

    Nelly’s body is disproportioned. And yeah, her legs look huge, comparing to the rest of her body. That’s not sexy to me.

  • Jon

    These people are crazy, I LOVE women with her body type, so attaching and these type of women atract men a lot more, at least for me.

  • Klaus

    That’s great! I love she!