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Olivia Wilde in Jeans

fp_3539726_enf_wilde_olivia_090309jpg - Olivia Wilde in Jeans

Olivia Wilde made an appearance on the set of Spain’s TV program ‘El Hormiguero’ in Madrid. She’s not wearing a pretty little silver dress that shows off her legs this time, but a pair of rolled blue jeans that embraces her thighs and booty.

What do you think of her look?

Enjoy the pics after the jump!

fp_3539725_enf_wilde_olivia_090309jpg - Olivia Wilde in Jeans

fp_3539732_enf_wilde_olivia_090309jpg - Olivia Wilde in Jeans

fp_3539735_enf_wilde_olivia_090309jpg - Olivia Wilde in Jeans

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  • Dorotea

    I thought Olivia looked S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. in the last post. I dont mind the clothes in this post, they are cute, but somehow she doesnt look as attractive anymore. I find her face slightly harsh looking in the closeup. I think they did her eyebrows differently.

    She is a gorgeous woman, just not looking her best here.

  • ha

    She has a square face and when she makes her lips up too harshly or plucks her eyebrows too much, she looks old or something. I thought she was super pretty when I used to watch House, but since Maxim put her on the top of their list, I’ve been more critical of her and somehow finding her less attractive.

  • Carmen

    You know what is funny, I´m spanish and saw that programme,and she looked really thin on tv. By the way she is super sweet and funny and Pablo Motos is the best!

  • KaT

    i like her body. its slim.. i think it just looks bigger in photos. but her side view is thin!

  • kai

    i think she put some weight since the maxim photo shoot but she still look beautiful and stunning.

  • artemis

    she’s so beautiful 😀 makes me proud I’m a pear shape lol 🙂 if the jeans weren’t rolled she’d look even better. I want her bolero 😛

  • pania

    ä it just me or are her thighs bigger than normally? shes still skinny dont get me wrong..its just my opinion..

  • skirmute

    I would trade my legs to hers. Definitely.

  • DT

    legs are too bulked… you can easily see through the jeans…

    • Instant

      And that’s bad… Why?

      • DT

        I like a more flowing look.. the bulk make the look stop and start…

        • Instant

          LOL That makes no sense at all

          • DT

            Try to imagine bumps in a road ( muscles above) , or a smooth silky ride ( thin and sleek ) ……..

          • Instant

            Hmmmmm, “bumps in the road” is MUCH better than “smooth silky ride”, IMO. At least the “bumps” are going to be stronger, healthier, and better looking the majority of the time when compared to “smooth”…

          • DT

            Haha try that with a cup of hot coffee,,,,

        • Kae

          I understand what you’re saying. It depends on what kind of drive you want. I would much rather have some nice smooth hills to go over than look at flat plains. There’s more visual interest with a drive like that. I find flat plains to be boring. But we’re all different…as long as we don’t cut each other down for liking different things.

  • Chey

    i think she looks fabulous

  • Amelie

    Her legs are so short. I don’t loke her at alllllll.

  • burn

    I’m not sure I get the big deal with her, shes definatley really pretty but I dont know if she’s the prettiest. However of course it must be noted that oliva was voted maxims SEXIEST woman and sexy and pretty are not neccesserily the same thing. And shes far more appealing than megan fox IMHO oliva seems to have a real personality and brain as oppossed to just a poorly constructed persona aimed to please and tease horny 14 year old boys, unlike Ms fox.

  • bia

    I think she looks fantastic

  • hella cute

  • Close Looker

    She has thick legs. Definitely not slim legs.

  • Guill5467

    So here´s Olivia Wilde looking slightly to the side and letting her hair down because she wants to hide her brick jaw, how large is her forehead and how huge her head is, plus she is wearing loose jeans with high heels to make her stumpy and shot legs look better She does know how to hide her physical imperfections to make everybody think she is hot (NO WAY !)