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Pamela Anderson in a Shiny Dress

pamela-anderson-in-a-shiny-dress2 - Pamela Anderson in a Shiny Dress

The good: 1. Pamela is not parading in a golden bathing suit and she isn’t covered in glitter. 2. Pamela isn’t treating us with one of her famous nipple slips. 3. Pamela is wearing one of the most decent dresses she owns.

The bad: Not a fan of how this dress looks on Pam’s middle area (especially with that collar-like thingy on the hips), it’s hard to pull off this fabric, even the slim celebs know it.

pamela-anderson-in-a-shiny-dress-21 - Pamela Anderson in a Shiny Dress

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  • Zuccini_Zest

    I love that you try to keep your comments positive!

    Pamela has great hair. If she toned down with the makeup (= less harsh) and wore a slightly looser dress, she could look amazing! She really does look good for her age, but she chooses the severe and dark makeup and really tight clothes that make her look older and chunkier.

  • BlackEssence

    That dress is way too small.

  • ya

    Im sorry.. but she looks like used up trailer trash.. I understand that when women age it is almost impossible to maintain their svelte physique.. but at the same time.. when your body ages and you continue to flaunt it off like it once was.. it is just sooo wrong on so many levels. she looks beyond tragic.. I love pamela.. dont get me wrong, shes an iconic blonde in American culture.. but at this time… she reeeaaaallllyyy needs to put it away. gross.

  • Ramie

    Well, I am just impressed she is wearing an actual dress. It’s not flattering, but let’s not be picky. It’s a dress. Much better than walking around in panties or swimsuits. 🙂

  • Ariel

    The cut does not fit her anyway, it looks sloppy and messy! I wish she would just one time wear natural make up, and hair and a decent dress. I bet she could look very pretty!!

  • ehhh

    When will she learn… i seriously feel for her kids

  • pOtAtO

    omg that dress is bad! not flattering for her middle section at all! BUT at least she covered her ass! 😛

  • Elena

    She def needs a stylist ’cause as a human, she’s really adorable.

  • Michelle

    I love Pamala but this outfit is horrible. I wish she would just go out in some nice casual clothes and keep it simple. I think she is a beautiful woman especially for her age but she needs to dress better.

  • salma’ben

    OH ! ALLAH ! is this the end of the world ! PAMELLA and dress at the same time ! how old is she guys cus my mom is 55 ( she is ok to tell her age I don’t need her permission ) and she looks younger even without botox plastic surgery and bla bla bla

  • e

    Hmm. Well, she has packed on a few pounds and the shiny material doesn’t help her. But she looks great for age…….now if only she’d dress it.

  • david

    It is hard being an aging sex symbol. She looks great for her age, but by sexe symbol standards not so good!

  • Looola

    Oh…. boy, she needs to retire!

  • Jadey

    wow look at her tummy in that o.o

  • Pamela Anderson is a great Mother to her two sons! She is very glamorous, but also domesticated, making a healthy home atmosphere, by doing her own house work and laundry.