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Victoria Beckham Brings the Quote of the Day

FP_5734405_Beckham_Victoria_CJNY_091510 - Victoria Beckham Brings the Quote of the Day

On the concept of her new clothing line, which includes tailored dresses:

‘I just want to celebrate a woman’s curves. Although, you’re right, I don’t have that many myself. I love a woman’s body and I want to make women look and feel fantastic.’

… says Victoria.

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  • Yanyan

    ya right… :))

  • jojo

    I’m so glad she didn’t claim to be curvy! I think she’s looking good and its nice that she appreciates different body types.

  • kayla

    Ironic this is coming from her.

  • Sidney

    Haha, she’s adorable in her own way. A bit ironic, mind you, she never was actually curvy even when she was a bit fuller. Though i do think the consept of curvy has been taken into a bit of a weird direction nowadays that it’s established that skinny can be curvy also. It’s like you have to have a huge WHR and not at all fat bc otherwise you’re just fat and all that. Aah, but Victoria, well from what i’ve seen of her line, i can believe her, there are some nicely flattering clothes there that can be worn by many shapes and sizes.

  • Princess

    I love the way she dress and if i have the money i`m sure i buy from her clothing line cos it`s really my style.
    The boots got 1 similar to it

  • I think she looks quite healthy in this photo which is rare in my opinion.

  • bst

    New standard of being hypocritical?I mean IF she loves curves as she claimes ,why is it so impotant to her to stay skinny?
    But she looks actually kinda of healthy in that shoots .

    • Nikki

      What’s for one person isn’t for all. I love Kim Kardashian’s curvy body and I don’t think she should lose any weight but I certainly don’t think those curves are meant for my body. It just wouldn’t look right.

    • lamni

      I hate when people are so judmental of skinny people, i am just like her, i don’t have curves at all, and if i gain wheight it doesn’t go to the ‘right’ places, ONLY to my belly. My legs, thighs and other parts of my body continue to be skinny and it gets very wierd looking, so i try to do not put on weight because i’ll never be curvy, that’s just not my body build, even i finding curvy women being the most beautiful.
      if i’m not mistaken, Victoria’s body build is not curvy either.

      • b

        Amen. I knew people would attack her for her comment, and I think it was a reasonable comment!!

        When I gain, I’m deliciously curvy–from the hips down. It sucks! My top looks thin and my face gets a little fuller…it’s gross. I like to stay thinner to look more even. If I could get a big fleshy busom to match, of course I’d love to be “curvy.”

      • Talitha

        i LOVE your comment! people are so quick to attack skinny and curvy people. calling the skinny ones anorexic and the curvy ones unhealthy and lazy! Why can’t we just appreciate what we have. Being a curvy girl I love it, but at the same time I can appreciate Victoria’s body as being beautiful!

      • i can’t tell from one photo, but it appears vb has a female shape.

        i get what you’re saying. i almost have a similar type of weight gain distribution. (though actually, almost nothing changes if i hit the calories. but I’m a guy.) IME, careful and time-consuming weight training is about all you can do to thicken legs etc which you think are “too thin”.

    • EllaLaLa

      She may admire a curvy, hourglass figure, but she can’t change her body type simply by putting on weight.

      I like both hourglass figures and long, lean figures, both pale skin and dark skin, both tall women and petite women, etc… it is impossible to be both, so why should someone HAVE to have a certain characteristic in order to be able to like it? There are plenty of people here who appreciate both slim and voluptuous bodies and can’t be both at the same time, so it doesn’t seem to be necessary that you represent a body type in order to admire it.

      • snoops

        well said EllaLaLa! I agree with you 100%!

      • Dr. Truth

        Um, are you familiar with what she looked like when she was in the Spice Girls? Curvy for sure! When someone becomes underweight, it’s hard to tell if they can be “curvy” or not. I know this from experience.

      • Isa

        Thank you. Just because your skinny doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a curvy figure or think that curvy woman are “fat.” Same with curvy women – no need to make “anorexic” attacks.

    • Diana

      Maybe it’s hard to her gain some pounds. I really don’t know if she is obsessed to stay skinny, I don’t know her history, but I’m saying that there are some skinny girls who enjoy curves altough don’t have it themselves. Myself, for example!

      By the way, nice legs!

    • Padme

      Oh yeah it’s so hypocritical to make clothes for people with a different body type from your own. How dare she!

      • Thora

        LOL! Loves it! xD

  • Jen

    There is absolutely nothing hypocritical about her comment.
    People are able to set standards for themselves that may differ from what they find beautiful in others.
    I can completely understand where she’s coming from. I feel more comfortable in my skin with a lower percentage of body fat, but I’m still able to admire curvier, softer women.
    The human body is like a work of art; No need to be exclusive and only appreciate one artist.

    On that note, I find that she looks as lovely as ever, and I adore the pairing of the trailing scarf and shorts. :3

    • Casey

      “The human body is like a work of art; No need to be exclusive and only appreciate one artist.”

      YES! So many people can’t seem to grasp that. Just because you like or prefer a particular body type doesn’t mean that you’re forbidden to praise other body types!

      I feel like sometimes people criticize the body types that aren’t their favorite even if they really don’t want to criticize them…simply because they don’t get that they can say Christina H looks good even if they prefer someone like Victoria Beckham. 🙂

    • apricotmuffins

      “The human body is like a work of art; No need to be exclusive and only appreciate one artist.”

      This comment right here is amazing. I want to quote you all over the internet and back. I’m shocked to find it on a site like this, where 95% of the comments are griping and bitching over what defines curvy, and how anything above a certain size is just fat and is UNHEALTHY and anything under a certain size, which seems to be 5lbs away from being too fat, is too thin and is just ugly but also oh so aspirational…

      yeah. anyway. Thankyou. Its a great comment. Mind if i pinch it and whip it out the next occasion its needed?

      • 95%, really?

        and maybe I’ve landed on only the “acceptance” posts on this site? (I’ve never been here before, that i recall.)
        i see plenty of comments with same “acceptance” opinion.

        you’ve already had the same thoughts…

        “Vive la différence, etc” 😉

  • lc

    Well, I like her figure, but I absolutely LOVE her outfit!

  • Bloody hell! Must she be caught devouring burgers to be believable?!

    What you admire on others isn’t necessarily what you want for yourself. I love Serena William’s muscular curvy body but I personally would not want to look like that myself. I also like Jessica Alba’s slim look but I wouldn’t want to be that slim myself.

    • Monique

      “What you admire on others isn’t necessarily what you want for yourself”
      Completely agree! Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

  • Jay

    I really like her. Yes, she is very thin but obviously that’s what she’s comfortable being. She never claims to be curvy or that she never exercises- she has stated many times that she is naturally slender and eats a very strict, healthy diet to keep it that way. Lots of people think she’s snobby because she’s into high fashion and always looks smug in pictures, but if you’ve ever seen or read one of her interviews, she is very down to earth, gracious and funny. Plus, her dress designs are very well made and flattering, from what I’ve seen.

  • Crittle

    Its nice to hear that from her. I don’t understand how she’s being hypocritical, she said she loves women’s bodies and curves, even though she doesn’t have them. So are skinny people only aloud to appreciate other skinny people? I’m very tiny, and I love my body, but I also love curves.

  • Kimberly

    Victoria is looking better these days. Not so fragile. I would never want her body but I think she looks a little healthier.

  • Dr. Truth

    She was certainly “curvy” when she was in the Spice Girls- but she was also a binge eater.

  • Jemima

    At least she admits her lack of curves.

  • Talitha

    versus whats my body type my measurements are 38-31-41? and i consider myself an hourglass because i have 34 D cup boobs, bigger hips than my waist, my waist is the smallest part of my body,and I’m 5’7. would you consider be too big or overweight? im usually a size 6-8 US

    • Versus

      I don’t think that you are overweight at all at 5’7” and size 6 / 8, just healthy, normal sized.
      Your waist / hip ratio is 0.75, hourglasses have less than that, so I am inclined to say that you are a cello – cellos are like hourglasses, butt their waist isn’t as small. They are very proportionate and carry the weight well.

      • Talitha

        thats exactly what my trainer said!
        umm what you consider me plus sized?

        • Chrissy

          there is no way on earth that you’re plus-sized. you should have more confidence in yourself! you sound like a looker all the way around! 🙂

    • I’m not being confrontational because i don’t care about label size claims, but.. 41″ butt/hips can fit into sz 8? sounds like labels are terribly erratic. imo, the labels should give real measurements, as on men’s pants. (though i realize actual measurements on labels are limited, because they cannot describe the fit.)

      38″ = 34″ D hmm, educational. 🙂

  • Crittle

    I also have to add, she’s been looking much healthier lately and less severe. I like it

  • Laura

    Total garbage she eats grapefruit for lunch, fruit and steamed vegetables, try that for a few years and we could all be like that, she was a curvy girl in spice girls, it’s years of discipline and the love of staying thin.

  • gg

    All she “just wants to do ” is sell her clothing to the normal woman. An average woman won’t buy is she had claimed I want to celebrate skinniness.

    • a range of models

      but will her line use different builds of models in the catalog or ad shots? short, tall, “pear”, “apple”, etc.

  • well i’m glad she didn’t considered herself as a curvy woman but she does appreciate other different body types. and how is she being hypocritical? she said what she felt and there is nothing wrong with skinny women liking a different body type. is it a crime to like a skinny woman’s body without people getting all riled up?

  • Calro

    I don’t get all the criticism for this statement! Are the people who are so quick to jump on the bandwagon to hate her, even familiar with her clothing line?

    Her line totally celebrates curves and the style and cut of her dresses and skirts would look absolutely fantastic on pears and hourglass shapes.

    • Chrissy

      there are many people who dislike this woman for no apparent reason. If you go to UK newspaper sites, they rip her apart for not smiling while being photographed

      • Calro

        Yeah, there seems to be a big hatreed for Footballers’ Wives yet the soap with the same name was hugely popular (my cousin lives in London).

        • oh, no no no no noooo

          “The Footballers’ Wives of Orange County”

          (btw, “foot balling” sounds “eccentric”)

  • Emm’

    she gained sum weitght for sure,she looks way better!!!!!!! aand i looove her outfit!! <3<3<3

  • Angie

    now that’s how someone can sell their own clothing line…