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Vida Guerra in Tight Latex Pants – Front and Back

vida-guerra-in-tight-latex-pants-front-and-back - Vida Guerra in Tight Latex Pants - Front and Back

Here’s Cuban model Vida Guerra in a pair of pants that she borrowed from Nicole Scherzinger: they’re super tight and super shiny and they expose Vida’s shapely assets.

What do you say? Does shee pull them off? Would she look better with a longer top?

For Vida Guerra in a bikini (plus measurements), click here!

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  • Kristy

    I think she looks GREAT from the back.. but from the front..? A longer top would have been more flattering to her thighs I guess.

  • slitt

    looks much betta wiv a fringe, everyone is doin it first kim then j.lo, beyonce now her. her body is banging, and face looks betta with as much covered as possible so i like.

  • Lilly

    great bum – it looks amazing there. a longer top would definitely have done her thighs more justice though…

  • she looks great! both front and back .. i don’t think big thighs means bad.. her bottom looks perfect, much better than on the bikini pics, and i think her legs look great.. and the top too
    so = great

    • Lilly

      I don’t think big thighs mean bad either 🙂 I am a lucky (or unlucky, depends how you look at it!) owner of big thighs, but I still think a longer top would have been more flattering. Not that her thighs look bad here though, because actually, they don’t 🙂 Plus, a long top would hide that fabulous bum and that would be no good at all!

      • yeah i see where you’re going 😉

  • mEEE

    I think she looks a bit slimmer in these two pics.

  • gaby

    hot bod, butterface

    • Natasha


  • Ariel

    She has a nice ass, her face is okay, but I would not want her body…It’s slightly curvier than I would want. But her butt is beautiful!

  • britmel

    woww, big big big differnece than before. she has toned herself BIG TIMEE! im so happy for her, (not really, i cud care less loll) that she has a new hairdo, because i always thot she was relying on her bigg juicy booty and nothing else, but she has found a hair style that works greattt for her. her booty is perky and i must say, muchhh toned and perkier than before.

  • britmel

    and i must say, that butt is quite different. its not big, as if it werre filled with cheesburgers and junk food. it looks so toned and perky. i wonder what her secret is ;] and she better not say “oh cuz im cuban” ive seen muchh small booty cubans and latinas. she must share!!!

    • agree!

    • rachael

      Answering your question: I have the same pants and I can tell you that they are the perfect outfit to “lift up” buttocks and make the butt look perfectly round and toned!
      I don’t think she specifically worked out her glutes, it’s the result of spandex pants.

  • pOtAtO

    very few people can pull this off but I think she did!

  • she looks great. skinny but also has curves.

  • Jadey

    shes look thick to wear them leggings..

  • janna

    I think she look great. I’m not crazy about the outfit, but she pulls it off because she’s toned. I like her hair too.

  • beam

    Who is this?
    How did she put those
    pants on???

  • Kae

    I like her butt…a lot!

  • hhh

    sexy mmmmmmmmmm

  • hhh

    juicy from the back.

  • shell

    I think the whole outfit together looks tacky, like a low class prostitute. She should have either;
    1) Teamed the leggings with a loose fit rock tee, and maybe a thin leather waist belt.
    2) Worn the corset style top with a knee length pencil skirt, or a 50s style petticoat skirt.


  • Hmmmmmmmm, she must wear the longer top with these latex pants, watch out more celebs in latex pants-