Britney Spears

Britney Is in a Bikini Again!

Britney-Is-in-a-Bikini-Again - Britney Is in a Bikini Again!

Nice booty shot!

Britney and her hot bikini figure (plus boyfriend, plus 2 kids) were on vacation in Mexico this weekend.

Her body is in good shape, I just keep on thinking how unflattering her stage outfits are, it’s not fair.

How do you all like Brit in these black bikini shots?

More from other angles after the jump!

Britney-Is-in-a-Bikini-Again-2 - Britney Is in a Bikini Again!

Britney-Is-in-a-Bikini-Again-3 - Britney Is in a Bikini Again!

Britney-Is-in-a-Bikini-Again7 - Britney Is in a Bikini Again!

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  • noa

    first!;) she looks great.. I like it..

  • Juliette

    So clearly she hasn’t gained weight, as she appeared to have in her bizarre-posed 3 video photo.

    Or if she has, she needs to come out with a diet program because that was quick as hell weight loss.

  • krystyn

    Wow, she does look great. Whoever is her stylist or costume designer for her shows should be fired immediately.

  • amy

    she is beautiful as always:)

  • serafiina

    nice butt!

  • Carmen

    She looks so great and fit! the only thing that I don´t like about her is her extensions

  • Kristy

    Wow I didn’t realise she had such a curvy bum! That could rival KK! Looking good Brit 🙂

    • BlackEssence

      Well…I don’t know about rivaling KK, not even close, but Brit has always had an awesome booty. Agreed, she is looking good.

      • BlackEssence

        That guy looks like Billy Bob Thorton.

      • Kristy

        Ha yeah maybe an exaggeration! And he DOES look like BBT!

        • Nkeon

          wow he DOES look like BBT!

          Britney’s booty is nothing likr KK’s but it doesn’t need to be because it’s great as it is!

  • mEEE

    She insists on wearing bikinis that are a size too small, just like the rest of her wardrobe.

  • xo

    Brits waay hotter than Kim Kardashian in my opinion, waay nicer ASSets ; ). Agree that the extensions are just god awful! I hate hair extensions, period. but if you got to do it, do it right.. those looks sick.

  • Pilu

    WWWWOOOOWWWW Great Bod!!!! Curvy

  • Kae

    She’s looking good, except the for the extensions.

    • Juliette

      For some bizarre reasons, she got fusions – and if she’s trying to grow her hair out, those are a HORRIBLE choice to go with as fusions will freaking rip your hair out….besides, they look bad on her.

      She needs to go to Beyonce’s hair stylist or Kourtney Kardashian’s.

      • amy

        and beyonce wears wigs….britney should too

  • yeaitsme

    wow! she is too hot! so toned and curvy and sexy! best body ever! best bum ever! right! im off to work out!

  • Casey

    Aside from her slight belly, her figure looks good. Proof that white girls can have booty.

  • Katie

    I want that bathing suit soooooooooooo bad does anyone have any idea where it is from?

  • terri

    she looks great she wears unflattering clothes that make her appear bigger than she is she should have left her hair the way it was short i hate it with extentions britney has always had a great booty and hers is natural unlike kims i wish i had her body

  • jill

    i just can’t understand how a celebrity like britney can have such awful hair. if any one of us normal people walked around town with hair like that, we’d get laughed at. or if we wore some of her outfits, like the one she wore to target the other day. it’s crazy.

    • jill

      but her body is truly beautiful

  • Does anyone know where her Bikini is from? I love it!

    • liza

      your local target

  • Somebody Somewhere

    Not impressed; much better than a couple years ago though, phew

  • lauren

    she looks great..the curve of her back is very sexy

  • Mike

    I’m not a fan of her, but her booty looks great! Hmm, I guess it looks like Kate Hudson’s.

  • 7Nyne

    That’s – in my eyes – the definition of a healthy, feminine and curvy female body ! Keep up the great work Brit 😉

  • Claudia

    The nice thing about Britney is, even being with a little extra, she is always toned and muscular 🙂

  • xo

    She has the best Bum! after giving birth to two big boys.. Id LOVE to look like that!

  • jw_photography

    I gotta say the more I see Britnays sweet ass the more I love it!

  • yeah yeah

    She looks damn good. She is just so hot. She totally got it back. First that sexy 3 video and even her everyday life she looks hot. I am so jealous of her boyfriend lol.

  • yeah yeah

    ……man she is fine lol