Britney Spears

Britney Posts Personal Bikini Pictures from Her Vacation

britney-posts-personal-bikini-pictures-from-her-vacation - Britney Posts Personal Bikini Pictures from Her Vacation

Because it’s Sunday and we all need a little (imaginary) vacation, here’s Britney enjoying her holiday at Atlantis Resort in Bahamas.

Looks tanned and slim, but more importantly, happy & healthy!

britney-posts-personal-bikini-pictures-from-her-vacation-2 - Britney Posts Personal Bikini Pictures from Her Vacation

If you want to see the rest of the pictures from the same vacation, click here!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Kristy

    Wow she looks a lot slimmer than in the last post imo, the power of angles! Weight aside, she looks lovely, healthy and happy.

  • Emily

    Nice to see her happy, and her boys are so cute.

    • Leanna

      Yes, it’s great to see her smiling and having fun.

    • Jade

      What cute boys! Really adorable!

  • Wow she has really come a long way since all the controversy surrounding her when she lost her two boys. It is great to see that she has bettered herself both physically and emotionally.

  • Princessof DK

    Words cannot describe how good it feels to see her being so healthy, happy and glowing !

    Love you B!

  • it’s great to see britney coming back from hell she is stunning I envy her and I am happy for her yaaaaaaay she is smilling and looking sexy/slim/fit GO ON BRIT BRIT !

  • skirmute

    She looks very good. Way to go, Brit.

  • keller

    she looks happy, hope it’s not an act, or selflying, she just seems like such a mentally fagile girl in all the interviews that i’ve seen from her. right now i think her boys R the best thing in her life, though it once seemed a bit..out of place, the pregnancy. brit sure looks great here.

    • keller


  • babi steph

    seem like she is getting normal, good for her.
    by the way, she looks pretty, thanks GOD

  • ms_benes

    So good to see her looking happy, healthy and toned.

  • jennifer

    Anyone else notice in the shots on her site her stomach looks a bit more toned then in the paparrazzi shots? like, possibly her shots were re-touched a bit??? I mean she looked great in the candid shots so if they did re-touch, seems a bit obsessive……

  • J

    Hmm- I’m happy for Brit- but funny all the shots I’ve seen she varies greatly in size….

  • Bruna

    So good to see britney happy , healthy , with her boys (by the way… soo cute) and.. can i say.. hot!
    love you brit!

  • kat

    wow, i have the same body type as britney and this is my inspiration to keep going to the gym, she looks happy anf gorgeous!