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Britney Spears and Ugly Boots Number 17

britney-spears-and-ugly-boots-number-17 - Britney Spears and Ugly Boots Number 17

The first thing that comes into my mind when looking at the above picture is that Britney Spears must have a very, very large collection of very, very ugly boots. How else are the boots? Terribly unflattering would be the answer. Especially if they are paired up with tight shorts and some “not exactly stockings catalog material” legs.

We’ve seen that Britney has been working out and while I can definitely see some muscle definition, this choice of clothes surely isn’t doing Britney’s thicker figure any favors. How do you like it? Can Britney pull of short shorts or not?

Versus’s expert advice: Tip no. 1: Please wear pants. Long pants, that is. Tip no. 2: Or a middle-length skirt – show off your knees but not your thighs, yet. Tip no. 3: Throw the boots in the ocean.

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