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  • mEEE

    And as always, clothes/bikinis at least 1 size too small.

    • H

      I agree, Body doesn’t look too bad, but the Bikini is awful!

  • Kate

    That belly is gross!

    • Kelli

      She’s had 2 kids!?! It looks pretty darn good to me:)

    • suzushii

      Oh please, I’m as skinny as they get without being underweight, and my belly does the SAME thing when I slouch.

      I know VERY few people who don’t have skin folds when they slouch.

      • samba

        i agree! pretty much everyones would do that without sucking it in! she is actually looking fairly toned in the belly area! i mean, if you dont suck it in and just bend down then that happens! good for her for not being so paranoid about it!

        • Sidney

          especially the ones sith six-packs have that kind of tummy when they bend over, since they have the lines of the muscle that already kind of make that shape.. When it’s just a belly of fat it’s usually more like one or two rolls that also hang a lot lower.. IDK if that sounds weird, i might not be the best to expalin that but that’s what i’ve noticed. (Of course some very thin ppl have no rolls what so ever) I think Brit looks great, a bit big for my liking, but that has more to do with her body type than anything else. Great muscle definition, esp. the arms and shoulders.

      • Jackie

        Come on her kids are like 4 or 5 years..
        She have the money to look better.We know that her singins skills are not the best.She was all about the looks.

        • mEEE

          I agree! When most of your career was based on your “looks”, you better make sure you are in 100% tip-top shape if you are going to be dancing around half-naked.

        • Nkeon

          Well money can only do so much.

          As the others said, even the thinnest of people will have belly folds when the bend over. You can see standing upright that her tummy is toned flat. Moreover, she’s had kids and that can mess up a figure, no matter how much money you have. I’ve seen worse damage on women from pregnancy. The right professional trainer can only do so much and surgery doesn’t always perform miracles.

    • Susan

      Gross? are you kidding me? I bet you dont like that good!!!!!!!!!!!
      To me, someone that got pregnant twice, and has THAT BELLY is darn in an excellent shape!!

      I was pregnant 1 time and I don have half of that belly. AT ALL.


  • Ana

    Personally, don’t know what’s so “healthy” about her looks that people always mention?

  • rosie

    that girl needs to be careful in the sun. she’s going to look positively ancient in a few years. and i know she’s just hanging out.. but with all the money she has, why doesn’t she keep up her hair?

    • gigit

      Yes, she does need to stay out of the sun, her skin looks much older than she does.

      About her hair: do you mean keep covering the dark roots or that it needs to be “styled” in this type of situation? I think her hair style is fine for what she’s doing in these pics, but if you’re talking about her roots (that she often lets show), then I agree, she should be able to keep up with her hair more. But, maybe she lets her roots grow out intentionally, who knows lol.

      • gabby

        i think she is referring to how shitty her hair is in general. her extensions are crap and it always looks like a rats nest.

        • dinah

          she still smokes too. i wish she would stop. i don’t understand..she’s had 2 kids, so she stopped smoking for basically 2 years, and then started again. how can you come so far and then start it up again

          • red

            maybe she smokes to keep her appetite at bay? she put on a lot of weight during pregnancy – specially the first one.

    • Cheryl

      That was one of the first things that jumped out at me when I saw her pictures. You can see quite a bit of sun damage all over her body (since she does always seem to be in a bikini). She really needs to start slathering on sunscreen hard core.

  • liza

    on alot of message boards posters wee saying they were jealous of her butt..um i dont really see anything to be envious about.

    and 2 me it seems like her shape changed..is she lifting weights maybe? her shoulders seem much wider than her hips now. 2 kids and no hips. she does have a great bod though

    • mEEE

      No, she actually just has wide shoulders; that’s why some of the commenters in other sites say she has the body of a football linebacker.

  • Suji

    She’s been looking so trashy recently. Her hair seriously looks like a mess. But at least I’m glad to see a toned body that is not super skinny.

  • LA90004

    Why is she so buff/muscular? I always thought of her as being quite small framed but now shw reminds me of Brooke Hogan. Do you think it is just hitting the gym or some sort of supplement?

    • liza

      yeah, it looks to me like shes gotten bigger too..if you compare to when she came out in 99/00 she was still slim but nowhere near this muscular and she had a curved cinched in waist…now her abs are straight up and down

      • mEEE

        She was a teen! Her “real” body had yet to fully developed, as evidenced by her complete change in body shape by the time “In The Zone” came out; it also didn’t help that she no longer worked out as if her career (which it really did!) depend on it.

        • liza

          @ meee
          um i think its the opposite..females waists get narrow after puberty not get wider….

          anyhoo i just read an interesting article where it talked about this very thing..when britney just came out, her little sister had told a magazine that britney would eat bags of chips then do a thousand sit ups cause she was scared of gaining weight…and basically the fitness trainer(who wrote the article) said that is what caused her torso to get wider, the muscle build. and now that she has gained weight, she looks big, because theres muscle underneath.but shes not fat.

          • Ramie

            she is just beefy. not delicate at all. and she will always be WT in my eyes.

          • ann

            There is some truth to what the trainer said. Notice a lot of pilates (sp?) instructors have square torsos. Sophia Loren never worked out according to her many interviews (save for some kind of waist twisting she did for about 10 minutes a day) and she was quite famous for her small waist. Working can’t really help you if you aren’t built like that to begin with.

          • mEEE

            @ liza (1:14 am)

            Females’ waists and hips get wider at puberty, not the other way around….it’s all part of nature’s evil plan to prepare us for childbirth! 😉

      • ann

        Actually go look at her unphotoshopped stills from VMA performances. She didn’t have much of a waist back then either. The “Slave for you” performance ( I refuse to lower myself to changing words into numbers in everyday speech) is probably the best example of that. She looked like she had some kind of curvature because of that huge fake rack she used to sport.

        • liza

          yes ive heard of her having implants…her boobs look smaller now than they were before she had kids and thats not usually the case

  • kelly

    Give her some rest she had 2 children back- to back of course her body is different.She should take care of her skin though.

  • Casey

    Britney looks as good as she can with her body figure. It is not in my taste, and I prefered her old figure from when she was younger, but I cannot say she is not toned, looks unhealthy, etc. She looks like she is in shape. I just happen to not like the shape.

    • Uma

      I agree. She is a bit bulkish, that’s how she is built, but subjectively i cannot like it. She looks decent to me, that’s about it.

  • better to have lots of little belly folds than one big one! GO BRIT!
    nice bum…

    • liza

      Um just wondering…what do you find nice about it?

      • liza

        about her butt i mean:)

  • ckmj787

    she lost me after Justin…and I haven’t been able to be swayed back…
    she is just…gross….

  • Jemima

    Sunscreen would be good for her. Her body is looking pretty good, but I’m not a fan of the bikini.

  • raluca


  • fit girl

    i’m trying to figure out why she still hasn’t grown much hair. she shaved it almost three years ago, and you can tell how short it is where her weave separates. you’d think that she’d at least have enough hair for a short bob by now.

    • anon

      probably because it gets so damaged from all the dye jobs and sun exposure that it keeps breaking off before she can grow it out very long

    • ann

      Bad diet, maybe she just likes it short though.

  • afluffybunny

    I hate it when people say ” she has lots of money..why can’t she lose weight..why doesn’t she do anything with her hair ”
    Some people have been very mean and judgemental..also.

    • LA90004

      Don’t you think that to some extent a celebrity’s job is to keep themselves looking good? They trade their looks and their talent and their privacy for huge amounts of money. Sure they are just regular people but there are tons of regular people (not me) who put a lot of effort into looking really good and they aren’t even paid for it.

    • ann

      Like you??

  • maya

    She looks like trailor trash! she has money! GET YOUR ROOTS DONE! she is performing etc id have them done!

  • She’s had 2 kids!?! It looks pretty darn good to me:)

  • Monique

    She’s healthy, toned, a normal woman! (of course there are way more worse looking women out there) 🙂 Love her!

  • Ida

    Nice looks! She looks hot!

  • melanie

    She looks real good.. she seems to have been staying at this weight for a while now =)

  • terri

    she never really had a waist back in 2001 she has alway been very straight i liked her figure in 2004 the best but her body type chages sometimes and she has hips then sometimes shes straight she should go what i do pilates and yoga it keeps you lean i have muscles but they arent bulky but she is toned she should wear this bikini is does nothing for her i do think she has a great ass though

  • Juliette

    Britney needs to have somebody help her with her hair. Natalie Portman also shaved her head once upon a time and she hasn’t had the same hair-issues as Britney.

  • London

    photos like this make me sad. does this woman get any privacy, at all? ever? wow. She must be so lonely. I feel so sorry for people like her and Michael Jackson (RIP).

    • Nkeon

      Yes, I know how you feel. Sometimes I feel ridiculous coming on this site because it’s not as though the way celebs look is really any of my business or is going to effect my life in any way. In general I try to mind my biz about celebs lives, but i do like discussions so this site is especially addictive.

      I’m a moth to the flame!

      • London

        Yeah i’m the same. i never read “gossip magazines” or any of that sort of crap, but this website is unusually addictive XD

  • Sandra

    I had a baby only few months ago and I don’t haw a belly, actually it needed only 2weeks to get back the same shape, but I never had a problem with weight. I think if you work out after and during the pregnancy don’t eat all kind of crap, there shouldn’t be any problems!

  • jw_photography

    I think everyone should give Britney a break. I’m not a big fan, but give the girl some credit, I mean how many kids has she got? 2 or 3…Firstly her breasts still look great, they are firm and a nice size. Her stomach looks good, no stretch marks and not flabby, and what a cute little ass..
    Keep it up Britney!

  • mim

    sorry. but her body is not good. it would look better though if she didnt wear bikinis that were too small for her. and if she covered up a bit more on stage. she looks like she should lose about 5kg….used to be so much more hotter. her skin was a lot better too. stop tannnning.