Britney Spears

Britney Spears in a Bikini!

britney-spears-in-a-bikini - Britney Spears in a Bikini!

Vacation time for Britney! And since vacation = bikini, here’s Britney wearing a brown one while relaxing on the beach in the Caribbeans.

We’ve seen Britney in a bikini a couple of months ago and I’ll say that she looks even better now. More tanned, more toned, healthy-looking.


britney-spears-in-a-bikini-2 - Britney Spears in a Bikini!

So how do you all like Britney’s current bikini figure?

Check out the rest of the pics after the jump!


britney-spears-in-a-bikini-3 - Britney Spears in a Bikini!

britney-spears-in-a-bikini-4 - Britney Spears in a Bikini!

britney-spears-in-a-bikini-5 - Britney Spears in a Bikini!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • mEEE

    Nope…looks pretty much the same as she did in Miami a few months ago; she just has the tan working in her favor by hidding her “flaws” (cellulite, softness in her belly). Regardless, yes, she looks good: toned, curvy (for her body shape), and healthy.

    • Martine

      She has the body of a man with tits. And where is her neck? Does she hunch it into her shoulders? Gross.

    • Martine

      Its not just the tan. Look at how fuzzy the pictures are. they probably got tired of Brit trying to sue the world for calling her fat. She still has ever bit of the cellulite when in a normal picture.

  • Miranda

    No matter what, I have a feeling that she’ll never get down to her pre-crazy body. She’s got a beer-belly type thing going on, like her stomach looks bloated all the time. She doesn’t look bad, but she doesn’t look all that good either.

  • jennifer

    I think she looks pretty good. Maybe not Hollywood good but definitly regular life good….

  • Kristy

    She looks alright.. the tan is working in her favour, but I wouldn’t say she looks “toned” as such, although she looks healthy. Her thighs are pretty hefty though.

    • mEEE

      Yeah, she’s always had bulky thighs, even when she was super fit; bulky either because they are overly muscular or a combo of muscle and regular good ol’ flesh. But she can’t escape it cause that’s the way her body is built: short and stocky/sturdy.

      • Kristy

        I agree, her body shape is very stocky, broad, thick neck etc. I suppose I’d of said she looked her best in her “oops” days but then again she was about 12.

  • Hayley

    i think she looks good . .obviously shes never gunna be as good as the pre-crazy stage as she was much younger and shes had 2 children!

    • Miranda

      Having children hasn’t stopped plenty of other celebs from getting back in shape, I mean the woman definitely has the resources/money.

      I mean I don’t actually expect her to bounce back to where she was before, but I think her past lifestyle (with the drugs and alcohol and overall craziness) is why her body won’t ever be back to where it was before, not the kids.

      • toobz

        it could be the kids though, isn’t her daddy in control of her money now. I don’t think drugs can make you stay out of shape forever thats kinda crazy and I don’t think kids can either. Maybe she just doesnt want to.

        • Kae

          I think it’s the kids more than anything else. Some women’s bodies never go back to what they were, regardless of diet and exercise. I’ve had a child and my stomach looks similar to hers and I’m fit as a fiddle:(

  • Instant

    I want her calves. Hell, her legs period 😛 I think she looks very good, who cares if she’s not what she used to be or isn’t up to “Hollywood standards”.

    • toobz

      exactly. I mean shes on tour or was and is going to be which mean she prolly practices her 6 hour a day which is alot and she’s not back to her skinny days but she was younger than too. So maybe just maybe shes like at her body’s meant-to-be weight. Maybe she was sexy in her “slave 4 u” days but she might of been miserable too.

  • Fiona

    She looks ok but not great, not tonned, and she could diet and exercise more

    • Milla

      this is for everyone with the same opinion….could diet and exercise more…..what are you talking!!!????!!!!!

      do you ever think of psychotherapeutic drugs! The most medication for mental disorder make it impossible to get in shape. its the same thing with cortisone!!!

      Look in her face, its always like soaked! Thats typical for that kind of medication!!! And thats a fact, she isn’t able to change! And I think we all either want!!!

      I think, her body and face, and whatever are not for discussion!!!

      (sorry for my bad english, I’m from germany!)

  • Milla

    do you ever think of psychotherapeutic drugs! The most medication for mental disorder make it impossible to get in shape. its the same thing with cortisone!!!

    Look in her face, its always like soaked! Thats typical for that kind of medication!!! And thats a fact, she isn’t able to change! And I think we all either want!!!

    I think, her body and face, and whatever are not for discussion!!!

    sorry for my bad english, I’m from germany!

    • mEEE

      I think, her body and face, and whatever are not for discussion!!!


      Um…are we not on a discussion board of a site that deals with celebrity bodies? Of course we are going to discuss it!

  • Sammie


  • Ela

    She looks lovely and like she’s having fun. And I love her muscled legs.

  • Julie

    Yes I agree the meds probably make it hard for her to lose any more weight. How could she possibly get any fitter when she dances hours a day?

    AND, I would guess, she could also be on BC Pills, which make it hard to lose weight.

    • toobz

      amen 🙂

  • Julie

    Oh and forgot to mention, I’d love to have her body. Not everybody’s body type responds to tons of exercise, so i really doubt the lack of tone is from laziness.

  • Princessof DK

    to me, Britney is just such a natural beauty.
    She looks healthy, fit and curvy.

    I LOVE it !

  • keller

    she looks really fit these days, she definitely gains muscle and strenght easier than loses fat, and she looks stunning as she is, but i think it would just take some more time if she wanted to get to being veery slim and toned again, she has come a long way already. some people just get their body back differently, by fist losing fat and getting down sizes more quickly but then having to work on the toning/muscle definition part. somehow i doubt we’ll see her skinny any time soon though, maby that’s for the better. i’m just waiting for her to snap again, once she’s beginning to overdo everything and making everything unnatural for her again…

    • Leanna

      Yeah, she’s an endomorph. I think she is better of working with her body type and not against it.

  • lola

    i think she looks great her legs are just yummyyyy and i don’t mind her middle part either but it would be nice to have a big britney smile to go with those 🙂

  • Milla

    i think she got a great figure….POINT…..

  • kb

    she has some work to do, but she looks great compared to some of the other pictures we’ve seen of her.

  • julia

    I think she looks fantastic! she’ll be in an even better shape if she keeps up with the dancing. I dont know what u guys are criticizing, her comeback is admirable.

  • jo

    Wait!!! some people on here think britney needs to diet more? are they so used to seeing 500cals a day celebrities, you are comparing britney to that? hmm ok….no wonder my flatmate refuses to eat again. this is serious guys, when somebody looks as good as ritney does here and a lot of people believing she needs to lose more or tone more or watever, the world has official gone mad. So many people willing to to extremely thin and ill for fashion, we dont know what is normal anymore, or we dont care or we are to blind to see it.. i remember seeing an american woman who was a size double zero go for plastic surgery to reduce her thighs, people just dont get WE ARE ALL STRUCTURED DIFFERENTLY, AND ARE BIOLOGICALLY PROGRAMMED TO DEPOSIT FAT/MUSCLE IN CERTAIN PLACES AND THIS WOULD NOT CHANGE UNLESS YOU TRIED SOMETHING DRASTIC AND UNHEALTHY. britnry founf her happy place;shes not a bag of bones and muscle, nor is she terribly fat, shes fine!

    think twice,who are u comparing her to? is it the 500cals a day or less 24hr gym type celebs? thank god she doesnt look like them! they’re ready to colapse.

  • beck

    she looks good di*k heads (aimed at the fools insulting her only)

  • Mrs. L

    I think it is ridiculos that people are saying she needs to tone up, or lose weight…

    I’m sorry but, aren’t women supposed to look like women, and not like a boy? and the obsession with being so sickly thin is very sad. Most of the women in modeling/hollywood are underweight; I’m sorry but that is not sexy or healthy or anything young girls should be looking up to, or looking at period. Throughout much of history women in paintings were portrayed as soft, and round with hips, full thighs, soft tummies and ample chests! it was the ideal…a soft feminine fertile mate. Now, to see these “starlets” straight up and down, and unhealthy to get a role in a movie or model in a size 0-2-4; it’s just sad. And as far as I can tell, most men like a woman with some meat on em’… some hips and an ass.
    Just sayin…bottom line is guarantee you she is medically healthy with her BMI, and that’s probably more than other celebrities can say.

    I think she looks amazing for a woman that has had a rough past few years, and a woman who has had 2 children. Her legs are muscular, she looks fit and has a cute “softer” stomach. And she has the sexiest thing…CONFIDENCE, to rock a bikini like that.

    • mEEE

      I agree with your statements and I believe all of that for women “in general”. Britney, however, is in a very distinct category that leads or may lead to plenty of criticism: Girlfriend made a career out of her looks! She can’t sing, can no longer dance (who knows if its due to laziness or to her previous knee injury), so the only thing she has got going for her is her “looks”; if she cant keep that up, what else does she have left? If Victoria Beckham got pudgy, she might as well leave the scene cause she would have nothing left to give to the celebrity world (half-a**ed attempts at crappy clothing design dont count!).

      • toobz

        if she can no longer dance due to her knee injury then how do you expect her to keep up her old skinny looks too?

    • just because a girl that is skinny doesn’t mean they look like boys. i mean come on. since when being skinny makes you look like a boy? i’m not for women starving themselves but there are plenty of women that’s naturally skinny but yet they still get name called? a woman is a woman regardless of what shape as long as she takes care of herself.

      • Mrs.L

        Everyone is entitled to there opinions…

        But I have to disagree to a certain extent; even the skeletal structure of a female is different than that of a male…we as women are meant to have broader hips than a boy, to carry a child. During puberty, which launches our path to ‘womanhood”, the lower half of the pelvis and thus HIPS widen (providing a larger birth canal). Fat tissue increases to a greater percentage of the body composition than in males, especially in the typical female distribution of breasts, hips, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, and pubis. Progressive differences in fat distribution as well as sex differences in local skeletal growth contribute to the typical female body shape by the end of puberty. At age 10 years, the average girl has 6% more body fat than the average boy, but by the end of puberty the average difference is nearly 50%.

        The main point I was trying to make is that I think it is ridiculous that the majority of starlets and models are medically unhealthy when you plug in there heignt and weight for BMI and that is what is being portrayed to women, that looking like an adolescent boy or pre pu-bescent girl is sexy…and that throughout history in paintings and even pictures, women were idealized for having a “womanly” figure, that set them apart from there “mates” which would be a man, who do not have hips, for bearing children.

        Sure there are skinny women, and if they are healthy good for them, but we as women are not supposed to appear physically structured as a male.

  • jenny

    I think she looks incredible! Better than she did years ago, pre k-fed and pre-kids. She looks really great filled out a bit with some curves. 🙂

  • ….NiKouLa….

    She looks great!!She has lost weight and she has definately started finding herself again!!She looks healthy and I totally prefer her from some other celebrtities who are just a bunch of bones…

  • Carolyn

    I think she looks great and perfectly healthy. Like many have said, it might not be Hollywood “perfection” but I like her with curves like this. I’m just glad to see her getting better and better all the time – go Britney!

  • Bruna

    She look HOT!!
    Her body is amazing! So healthy and tonned!

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  • Linda

    i think she looks great and her legs are awesome.

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