Britney Spears

Britney Spears in a Little Black Dress

FFN_g_50972862 - Britney Spears in a Little Black Dress

Britney Spears posed for the cameras on the purple carpet as she attended ‘The X-Factor’ Season Finale Press Conference at CBS Studios in Los Angeles the other day – here she is in a little black dress matched with golden heels.

How do you find her outfit on this occasion?

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FFN_g_50972854 - Britney Spears in a Little Black Dress FFN_g_50972855 - Britney Spears in a Little Black Dress FFN_g_50972858 - Britney Spears in a Little Black Dress FFN_g_50972859 - Britney Spears in a Little Black Dress FFN_g_50972861 - Britney Spears in a Little Black Dress  FFN_g_50972906 - Britney Spears in a Little Black Dress

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  • Anastasia.

    What’s with the grin, it looks like she’s going to burst an artery in her neck.

  • jen

    what is with the hair what is with everything seriously millions of dollars and this is how u seriously blows the mind.. wtf

    • حنان aka hanan

      that’s not her hair

    • Mel


  • Ale

    Carly!!! <3 It's so awkward that Britney is Carly's mentor when Carly is so much more talented (and only 13 years old). Britney still looks fragile to me. Don't know exactly what it is, maybe the fake smile.

    • حنان aka hanan

      holy … , 13 !! i though that girl is 20 @least .

    • Priscila

      It’s not awkward. Britney have been sucessfull in the show biz for over a decade now. She can teach this girl some things about how the music industry works, specially because Britney was a child star as well.

  • urss

    Her body looks great! but her face…it seems she does not want to be there, looks like a terrified little girl doing what their parents force her to do

  • Katerine

    She looks… old. :\

  • Adia

    She looks so much older than 31, and very tense and uncomfortable.

    • حنان aka hanan

      @ “old” she smoke , so …

  • And to think that a few years ago so many people considered her the hottest thing ever because the media said so… She looked very much the same imo (minus the crazy eyes/ faces), but now she has fallen from grace and everybody suddenly sees her for the below the average looking woman that she has always been. How the media makes and brakes! Sad how so many people can’t think for themselves and fall for the cheapest kind of manipulation!

    • Ajla R

      I think Britney looked much better before all the chaos she went through, but good point anyway.

      That’s how I feel when it comes to the Kardashians (you can judge me, I don’t care) but I do not get why people keep talking sh*t about them for no reason? I’ve seen their show and their family seems so close which is nice. But my point is.. SO many people have not seen their show (especially not here (Denmark)) and yet they keep trashing them just because the media decided not to like them?

      I know a bunch of you will disagree now xD I guess it’s my own fault. Lol

      • serena

        “yet they keep trashing them just because the media decided not to like them?”

        Haha it’s the other way around! Here in America the media shove the Kardashians down our throats constantly – Kim has a show, and her sister Khloe has a show, and they’re constantly in the news, magazines, TV, etc. Just be grateful Kim doesn’t live in Denmark. As for Britney, the reason people adored her is because she was a beautiful girl once, and quite charming. She had a breakdown years ago and hasn’t been the same since, poor thing.

      • Anastasia.

        They trash them because they are famous for no reason. The media keeps trashing them because again, they are famous for no reason.
        Britney whether one is a fan or not, is famous because she had a massively successful career… unlike this gang of nobodies.

    • Casey

      “And to think that a few years ago so many people considered her the hottest thing ever because the media said so… She looked very much the same imo ”

      Have they though? The last time she was considered really hot was prior to her marriage, and back then, she WAS pretty hot, not going to lie.

      I don’t know what happened, but she hasn’t looked the same since she got married. Part of it is aging, but part of is that something just changed for her mentally.

      I am not even happy to see her at events anymore because she just looks so unhappy and uncomfortable…it’s quite obvious that she has checked out of the music scene but only does the required attendances so she has an income going.

      • Elle

        Wow… Your links reminded me of how hot she was indeed! What happened?? Now she looks like she could the “seasoned” mum of the girl on the photos… 🙁

    • Mel

      Sorry, I agree on the media but its not true with britney. She had such a sexy perfect toned body and was pretty. She never was the most gorgous woman on the planet but she was always sexy and smily and happy and now she seems sooooo different and like she is a completely different person…sometimes I think she’s crazy, literally. Also she was never a good singer but a great dancer and performer. Look at her!!

  • zz

    Ohhh dear Britney…

  • Ajla R

    I remember how beautiful she was in Crossroads.. Now she just looks .. well, not as beautiful, I guess.
    And what’s with the pose? She’s been in the spotlight for many years now, she should know how to pose !!

  • Mariah

    I think her top half looks great in the dress, her bottom half is ehhh

  • seb

    she looks much better physically than she has in recent years… mentally, i’m not sure. I think she is doing her best to “get through” this xfactor thing. I’d be surprised if she stays on the show, unless she really needs the $$$$

  • Pixie

    I’ve never found her to be a pretty girl at all. But there’s something about her that’s endearing.

  • Pandora

    That’s one hot tranny!

  • mary

    Woof! Hard to believe the girl from baby one more time turned into this!

  • حنان aka hanan

    and when exactely is britney NOT in little dress ??!!
    it would be so refreashing to see her more covered , like in long dress / sleeves < it's classy too

    • Anastasia.

      That’s hardly a little dress, she’s covered to her knees for Gods sake, no cleavage in sight either.

    • serena

      If anything, I thought her dress should be hemmed a bit, maybe to knee-length.

      • kateuk

        I agree, Serena. This particular length of dress/skirt is never particularly flattering.

    • kateuk

      Sorry, but if this dress had sleeves and went down to her ankles, she’d look like she was attending a funeral! It’s okay to show a little leg or some arm, you know.

  • Sheri

    Is she planking? Lol she needs to learn how to stand for pictures coz she looks awkward. And her frindge looks really crooked. And her makeup…. I could go on

  • Puppe

    I like the dress. But i dont know why she or others like L Lohan, Miley C. … can never have a clean and simple look…is that so hard even with a fortune of money ? Or i guess a deranged personality shows out.

    • HB

      I think a simple clean look would be a good idea.

      She’s getting closer, I feel.

  • clara

    she always makes the weirdest faces haha

  • Jacky Daniels

    i love brit, she needs to fire her stylist she used to be so pretty.

  • melis

    wow! all that tanning Britney did in her younger days has caught up with her. She looks much older than her 31 years.

  • serena

    I don’t want to be harsh on Brit because I have a soft spot for her. But she is always styled so poorly and needs to fix it. Her hair would look so much better if it was a warm honey blonde/golden brown color like in the 90’s. This platinum blonde wig looks cheap and tacky. Less eyeliner and maybe softer makeup that makes her look more doe-eyed rather than crazy-eyed lol. Really though she is an example of how fame and a hollywood lifestyle can ruin a person. I wish she would leave Hollywood, move back to Louisiana and try to stay out of the spotlight.

    • serena

      This is the hair color I’m referring to – look at how fresh and lovely she was at 17!

      • Kate

        ^Yeah 17, she’s like 30 now. I don’t know why everyone is expecting her to look how she looked more than a decade ago

        She’s always had those “crazy”, droopy eyes but they are more pronounced because her face is aging and sagging

        • serena

          Lol can you not read? I said I liked the hair color she has in that picture of her at 17 and she would look good with it – not that I expect her to look like a teenager!

  • lizzy

    this poor woman has been through too much to keep being pushed in the spotlight… i get sad to see her so uncomfortable and awkward.

  • lol

    Britney Spears is talentless with a neck Mike Tyson would be jealous of.

    • kate

      hahahaa aw

  • Priscila

    I think she looks great, Altought I don’t like the uneven bang. I like the longer dress, it suits her.

    Also she has always been shy on the red carpet and I admire the fact that someone with a mental illness can still be out there, working, dating and living her life.

    You people may feel uncomfortable because she ~is not the same~ but I think it’s inspirational the fact that her team/family and herself work so hard to keep her active but safe at the same time.

    This woman has worked has whole life, I don’t think she would be happy to retire at such young age, to me it looks like her family always find ways to keep her working but with minimum pressure.

  • Natasha

    hair and outfit looks better!

  • raquel

    People really need to stop saying she has a “mental illness”. Do we REALLY know that?? No, Britney to me has always seemed like a sweetheart. My heart goes out to her. I think she’s been through a lot & deserves to be left alone, get out of the spotlight (if that’s what she wants) and spend time with her adorable boys.