Britney Spears

Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

FFN_g_51040005 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

Britney Spears was all smiles in a casual outfit that showed off her figure as she stepped out ever the weekend to watch her sons play a soccer game in Woodland Hills, California.

Many shots next!


FFN_g_51039926 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039927 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039928 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039929 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039932 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039933 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039936 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039943 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039979 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51039990 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes   FFN_g_51040006 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51040153 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51040161 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51040167 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes FFN_g_51040169 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

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  • Maggie

    It’s great to see her looking so healthy and happy! She is blessed with a nice shape and it looks like she’s taking good care of herself.

    • Sharon

      I agree! and I know this seems like a back-handed compliment, but I love that she’s wearing a bra!! Yayyyy Brit Brit 🙂

  • Stace

    I think Britney looks pretty good here. Her legs look very strong and her hair is perfect this color.

    • alyssa


  • sarah

    I like her and I guess she’s a nice and down to earth person,so she deserves to be happy as she looks now.

  • Liv

    She looks awesome!

  • sarah

    I like her and I guess she’s a nice and down to earth person,so she deserves to be happy as she looks now.
    I’m not into her legs and arms,but her body looks fit and healthy,which is really good.

  • Mia

    she’s been looking so good lately, and I love the color of her hair right now. Hopefully this means she is in a good place emotionally.

  • Arianna

    She looks really good!

  • schuk

    she looks great here. and the haircolour suits her well. as many said before, she looks lovely and down to earth + a great body. nice to see her like this

  • Bellerina

    Britney looks great! She has a lot of muscle tone and she seems to be at a weight she can maintain. She looks healthy and strong, and I love the hair color on her.

  • Neri

    I think she looks kind of worn out and trashy… :/

  • HB

    As a Georgia girl, I think I can say she looks a bit… redneck… today.

  • Chloe

    I guess the ‘redneck’ kind of look is just part of who she is… So, considering Britney’s past looks and mental/psychical states, I think she looks great! She looks happy with her fam and strong and healthy, so good for her!

    • PMS

      I agree and at the same time it is refreshing to see a “celeb” just watching her kid, no fancy clothes, with everyday clothes you can get anywhere.

      • Plirr

        I don’t know if this is “everyday” clothing. In my area if you walked around like that on a day that wasn’t super hot or not at the beach (ripped up cut-offs and tight spaghetti strap tank plus flip-flops) you’d look super trashy.
        Why can’t she can’t dress like an everyday person? Just some nice fashionable clothing? I guess she just isn’t like that. And that’s fine. But to me it just looks trashy and uneducated.

  • ChocatoDrink

    She looks uncomfortable in her shorts since she’s always pulling at them..

    • JennM

      I thought I was only one noticing this! Even though she looks better than she has, I still think she should wear clothing that looks a little nicer.. if you notice most of the other moms or parents or friends at the soccer game, they look a little more appropriate… Not trying to be a prude, but I have a young son, and I wouldn’t show up to an event of his in clothing I kept having to pull down to cover my butt.

  • CK

    is it me or does her hair color looks bit lighter, like she’s started a slow transition back to blonde? i hope am just imagining things or its just the lightening cos i love her new color, it makes her looks so fresh…now if only she’d stopped fake tanning…

  • Emeline

    Her legs are a bit odd-looking with her calve as large as her thighs

  • kayla

    She looks hot! I know when I’ve gone from bleach blonde to brunette the blond color sort of leaks through after a while, but you are left with a nice “bronde” color.

  • Misha

    I guess that Britney will be wearing her favourite combo of jeans shorts and top untill she die 😀 I love her though. I hope she is happy…

  • Winnie

    she always looks so much happier dressed like this than she does on the red carpet, etc. i have a soft spot for Britney so i’m rooting for her. haven’t seen pictures of her looking this happy in a while so good for her 🙂

  • annemarie

    I hope she really is happy. I’ve always had a soft spot for her.

  • lc

    Aww looking good Brit! Healthy and happy.

  • Liz

    For the love of God woman, hire a stylist.

    • Polly

      Why ? She’s not touting herself to be a fashion designer like Posh or something. She’s not a stylist, and has no clothing line that I’m aware of (that is not her style of clothing). She looks great, if she’s happy and healthy, she should dress however she wants .

      • lc

        I actually think she looks decent here. At least her hair looks nice lol.

      • serena

        You think Britney should hire a stylist to dress her for her son’s soccer game? Haha that’s kind of ridiculous…I mean she’s not on the red carpet, she’s watching 7 yr olds kick a ball in the grass!

  • Isabel

    Wow, she reminds me of her pop princess days. Darker hair looks better on her.

  • solaxia

    She looks co cute!!! She looks happy! Genuinly happy! I really hope she is! If so, best come back ever. Love her hair this colour, though I hope she isn’t going back to blonde! I think she is a bit less toned than she used to be, but she looks great still! I like the outfit…it’s her. I think she likes her legs so why not show them off. She isn’t showing boobage or anything else, and she has a bra on!

    ONE comment I will make though…I wish she would stand a little prouder with her shoulders back. She should be proud =oD

  • Megan

    She looks so happy & healthy. lol, and her hair is not a hot mess anymore.

  • Rika W.

    I think she looks great! She looks really healthy and happy in these pictures (hopefully she is).

  • lol

    I will never understand why this woman is so popular. Not only is she talentless but she also has an average womans body. Totally overrated in every way possible.

    • veeeeev

      I think maybe you forgot that her stardom happened in the 90’s. Whether or not she has talent is questionable, but her body was amazing back then and she was really attractive. It’s been a while, she’s had kids, give her some slack.

  • annilicious

    she looks freakin’ good !!! lately you can really feel she is happy… it shows on her face and body !!

  • kat


  • Meg

    Best hair color in many years.

  • Kendra

    She hasn’t looked this good in awhile. I’m happy for her. Hopefully she’ll keep this up. And let’s hope that she gets her real hair healthy again. Extensions are really awful. Go natural girly!

  • Blake

    She’s looking really good. Her legs are pretty defined and muscular which I think is very sexy on a woman. Her arms are cute too.