Britney Spears

Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

fp_3200330_spears_britney2_fp6_062609 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

Britney’s look on this occasion: slightly see-through top (goodie that she’s wearing a bra), Starbucks drink, daisy dukes, a pair of shapely legs and casual flip-flops.

Looking really good body-wise! The only thing that’s missing is a hair comb.

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fp_3200542_spears_britney2_fp6_062609 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

fp_3200334_spears_britney2_fp6_062609 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

fp_3200331_spears_britney2_fp6_062609 - Britney Spears in Daisy Dukes

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Miranda

    with all the money she has, you’d think she’d dress better. I mean come on, that see-through shirt looks tacky, and her hair looks like it hasnt been brushed in days. She’s a cute woman, but she always walks around like she just rolled out of bed.

  • anya

    Her outfit is horrible but her body looks sensational.

  • Kristy

    Her body looks fit and muscular but a little too “thick” for me. Not feeling that top though, totally not the cut for her. I heard she got engaged to her agent in the paper today.

  • Kae

    Has anyone noticed how much she’s aged in her face? Her personal life has really taken a toll on her face, IMO. She has a nice figure but she doesn’t seem to wear flattering clothes.

    • mEEE

      It’s all of the TANNING that has done a number not only on her face, but the rest of her body. I just saw a picture that was a close up and her skin looks terrible all the way down her chest (she was wearing a low v-neck dress). At this rate. she is going to look like a piece of leather by the time she is 35!

      • Kae

        Is that what’s going on? I thought it was the stress but you could be right. She does tan a lot. Or maybe it’s both. Many of these celebs don’t age well because of the hectic lifestyle.

  • kb

    her legs look really good!

  • Kelli

    From the waist down= Looks good, nice toned and shaped legs.
    From the waist up= OUCH! The top and bra make her look droopy. The hair is always a disaster and the skin TERRIBLE.

    Britney…spend a little cash on a stylist and bring “Sexy Back” lol. 🙂 yeah, I just had to go there.

  • Britney! I love her no matter what she’s wearing! Her change purse is super cute too!

  • Maryna

    The first word that came to mind when I saw these pics was SCARECROW.

  • Joanna

    I think you mean “hair comb”

  • Elena

    Her legs look exactly like Hayden’s Panattiere. And that’s good. Great legs! She just needs a hairbrush. As for the clothes, come on, we all know Brit was never a good rolemodel in style. 🙂

    • kara

      agreed. britney’s lovely in her own disaterous way and her body is really starting to look good again, but it’s more common to see her wear something a bit trailor trashy than not. that said, she still looks ok here IMO, minus the hair, but really just like a small town teen..

  • Emmily

    Her hair and face looks quite messy and the top that reveals her bra is horrible, but other than that, she looks quite ok..

  • Tess

    Her legs look great, but you’re right: the top and hair are tacky. I don’t understand why she is forever wearing those high-necked tops.

  • Georgiana

    Is she wearing an engagement ring?

  • ms_benes


  • motul8558

    Why she look ewww

    Patio Lighting

  • kayleigh83

    the only things missing are a hair comb and class, actually…