Britney Spears

Britney Spears – Denim Shorts on the Beach

FFN_g_51028211 - Britney Spears - Denim Shorts on the Beach

31 year-old Britney Spears took her boys to the beach this weekend – here she is in a pair of denim shorts having fun in the sun in Santa Barbara on Saturday.

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FFN_g_51028210 - Britney Spears - Denim Shorts on the Beach  FFN_g_51028213 - Britney Spears - Denim Shorts on the Beach FFN_g_51028214 - Britney Spears - Denim Shorts on the Beach FFN_g_51028216 - Britney Spears - Denim Shorts on the Beach FFN_g_51028223 - Britney Spears - Denim Shorts on the Beach FFN_g_51028226 - Britney Spears - Denim Shorts on the Beach FFN_g_51028227 - Britney Spears - Denim Shorts on the Beach

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  • Lucy

    I have legs very similar to hers, unfortunately. It’s very hard to make them look lean. I feel for ya, Brit.

    • ayu

      Mine are similar, but I really like this shape (on others) because they look fit and strong! I have too round knees.

    • Hazal

      Why do you feel sorry for her? There is nothing wrong with her legs. Yeah, they aren’t very thin but muscular. So, be happy with what you’ve got.

    • Mia

      My FIRST thought when looking at these pictures was that she has great legs. No lie. I really like the shape of her legs, and they look strong!

      • Loxy

        I agree, she has awesome legs! Imo

        • misscheeks

          Me too! I’ve always loved her thighs especially! <3 She looks slimmed down here and her the darker hair suits her imo.

        • Mishael

          I’m with you there. Although her legs are not super thin they have great muscles and look quite slim.

    • Jenn

      I have legs like hers too, and honestly, I show them off all the time! Guys have always complimented me on my “shapely legs” so why the heck not be proud to have strong muscular legs 🙂

    • swissmiss

      Mine too! And I hated it for quite a long time. But I started to accept it recently 😉

    • solaxia

      I think she likes them too as she has always shown them off! Heaps of people seem to like her legs! I have always loved hers! My legs are on the ‘bigger’ side even when I am fit…if you’re comparing them to models legs. Otherwise, I always wanted to get them MORE muscular like Britneys! I think lots of people like legs like these, but generally on sites like these most girls/ guys appear to like long thin legs because they are all into models. Which is fine! No criticism. Just, different groups of people/ populations will find different things attractive.
      Miss Cheeks- I always loved her thighs too =o) Her and and Salma Hayek (think Dusk till dawn) have some of the best legs ever imo.

    • myfun

      I have very similar almost exact legs like hers and I’ve always been insecure about them, the irony is a lot of men and women have complimented me on my legs. Ive come to learn if you maintain a healthy weight, they look great and shapely.

  • aimeejaq

    um this is like the best i have seen her look in a long time lol!

    • The brown hair looks so much better than the blonde

    • Aafje

      I think she almost always looks her best when she is being casual and not dressed up for red carpet stuff

  • annemarie

    That posture in the first picture is like a reverse of how Candice S. is usually posing and looks just as painful.

    Other than that Britney looks nice. The brown hair really suits her better than bleached blonde, but I just noticed it in these pictures where her skin is not orange.

  • TonyFae

    She’s slimmed down. Good for her…. But for godsake, she needs to wear a bra.

  • Tally

    I really like her legs especialky if she lost a bit of weight. I have this leg shape, & i find my calves are on the bigger side when i eat higher fat & continue to workout everyday. They stay nice and slim when i drop the junk in my diet and walk or run daily

  • mary

    shes lost weight and looks great..the best shes looked in years, and the darker hair suits her.

  • Marty

    Speak of the devil! I’m presently listening to her Oops I did it again album. I love this woman. She can do no wrong in my eyes! We have similar body types as well (though I’m scrawnier at the top)

  • Pixie

    She looks great! Dark hair looks soo much better on her!

  • retrobanana

    her neck is so weird

    • swissmiss

      Her neck is really big…

  • melina

    Her body looks fine! Her face is nothing like it used to be though! That s really unfortunate considering she s still very young!

  • Sophia

    How in hell does she walk??

  • CK

    she looks great, beautiful & perfectly suitable brown hair (hope its here to stay!) and great legs, so toned, i don’t see a problem with them at all.also think she doesn’t have any (or much) of that terrible orange tan and looks so much better without it.

  • lc

    She looks awesome! Nice, fit, happy, and casual.

    • Natalia

      Goodbye lc! I am leaving this site again, not just bc weekend is over, but b/c most of my comments do not even make it through. This post, I said that I didn’t even think Britney Spears deserves a post, b/c I she is so average overall, and that wasn’t even ‘allowed’ lol. I can understand not wanting to promote unhealthy body image and some people are sensitive about weight b/c they have struggles, but this is just ridiculous, and an example of how PC America has become. There was no reason to block my comment about b/c I find Britney Spears to average to write an entire post about. And no, I can’t come back, if half my comments don’t make it thru, but that was probably the point. Good luck to you here, you’ll need it! 🙂

      • Natalia

        @Versus can you please remove this comment? I do not wish to leave site again, I get it, I said Britney does not deserve post b/c she is so average, I get it is not me to say who deserves post that’s why that comment didn’t make it. Plus, Ramona and other people here are so nice to me, it is refreshing and makes me feel good., I do not like to never come back here, I will just be more careful in how I express my opinion for reasons you told me about

      • lc

        Bye Natalia! Lol, thanks for the good luck. The trolls here have been out in FULL force towards me lately haha. Take care 🙂

        • Natalia

          I will stay, I always end up coming back anyway, my comments were under moderation when I came bk this time, but it’s cool if they show up and I can chat w/ some people here I honestly like. It’s way easy for me to ignore any negative/argumentative comments I may get here now, b/c I am in an LSAT prep course and that’s all we do is argue/debate. By the time I have come here to this site, I am all debated out and tired from all it. I think that’s what I needed, an outlet for my desire to debate. Anyway, yeah, I saw you take a beating by somebody here….I was praying for ya!

  • Casey

    It’s weird seeing THE Britney this way…as an average person at the beach. I don’t think I would recognize her. I don’t say that to criticize her; more than anything I feel sorry for her. It seems that she went through a lot, being in the international public spotlight so young.

    • lc

      Interesting! You know, I would not have thought about it like that if you hadn’t said anything. Lately, for me, seeing her like this is easier somehow. I don’t know why, it seems more fitting lately to see her “normal” than dolled up on the red carpet. Maybe because this is the kind of person she seems like she really is, not the lime-light loving red carpet staple she become a puppet of. Just my two cents lol.

    • lc

      Lol, Casey I am posting to you so much lately because you always make me think! I enjoy your comments. 🙂

      • Casey

        Thanks lc. 😀

        Yeah I think you’re right. Lately, it seems she looks painfully uncomfortable on the red carpet. Even her performances and dance routines…she just doesn’t seem into them, and looks self-conscious a lot of the time.

    • lol

      Yeah it must be hard being worth millions, so much you could go anyway and do anything. Save your sympathy for someone who actually deserves it and has no other options, rather than a spoiled celebrity who made their millions through marketing rather than any actual real talent. I don’t feel sorry for her or any other celebrity. they have it easy compared to the majority. She has two healthy children and a family, she should count her blessings.

      • Josephinee

        There is ALWAYS someone who has it worse than another person. If everyone reasoned like you, there’d be no sympathy left in this world.

        Being unhappy doesn’t always stem from sensible, objective factors. And Britney was obviously unhappy for a long time. Why do I know that? Oh, because the whole world was watching while she had a mental breakdown. As a person who can relate to those feelings, that sounds like an absolute nightmare.

      • Casey

        I’m not sure to even respond to your comment.

        Britney does have money. And as a result, she can fix a lot of financial problems that she has. But being rich doesn’t make you immune to emotional problems, and being rich doesn’t solve them either. What is she going to do? Buy a new family instead of her fame whoring one? Buy a time machine and go back in time and get her childhood back? Buy new DNA so she doesn’t have to have bipolar disorder? Buy self-esteem and pay people not to mock her or look at her now as a cautionary tale?

        I don’t feel sympathy towards her because I think of her as poor, struggling to make ends meet. Obviously she doesn’t have those problems. But she also obviously didn’t have a normal life and it took a toll on her, and I CAN feel sorry for her because of that, because in terms of that, she’s in the same place as the rest of us.

        Some people have it worse, because they have both financial problems and emotional problems, and for them, I will feel even more sympathetic, but, I have enough sympathy for her too.

  • jessica_rabbit

    i love brit. she should fire her hairstylist she could look much better!

  • Natalia

    Doesn’t deserve a post.

  • JennM

    I don’t understand why she isn’t actually playing with her children in any of the shots. Maybe it is just that the paps didn’t take pictures of her down in the sand with them, but I have never taken my son to the beach or park and just stood there the whole time… But, I also don’t have photographers following me, so, who knows…

    She looks cute body-wise, I like the shirt a lot on her, but something always seems off about her face and hairline to me.

    • Abby

      Thought the same. Why is she just standing there looking lost. She seems like a kid who has kids. All her minders have to watch her and her kids. See how they even guiding the kids home in the last pic.

      • Priscila

        Other sites have pictures of her buring her son in the sand, but this site has picked the best shots of her body.

  • Jessica M

    I’ve never actually considered her attractive until now. The dark hair is perfect, and HOLY SMOKE those legs!

    To think that she was considered a tabloid trash tart 5 years ago… she seems to be doing so well!

  • lol

    Short stubby tree trunk legs.

  • lex

    Her legs look great! They’re not skinny but they are lean, muscular, and shapely. If I had her legs I’d be very happy.

  • serena

    Looks better with dark hair than the bleached blonde extensions she had for years. Her calves are as wide as the widest part of her thighs, which is pretty unusual, I don’t think I’ve seen women with legs like hers before.

  • solaxia

    She looks so trim! Look at her belly in the first pic! It’s so flat! I wish she was wearing a bikini, because I think she would freakin rock one now! Though, I know she probably is just trying to lie low ad spend time with her kiddies! Great legs, and I wish her bum was being showed off as I saw some pics on the dm a few weeks back in yoga pants…omg! Best butt I probably ever saw!

  • Avelyn

    You always assume the rich and famous show up to the beach in a designer bikini with full makeup and tons of jewelry (cough*kimK*coughcough) but here britney just looks like a completely normal person, makes me wonder how many millionaires i’ve met but just didn’t know it!

  • D

    She actually looks really cute in a casual/not caring kind of way. I think her legs are nice.

  • Megan

    She seems back to her old self. Wonder if she is still under conservatorship.

  • Milla

    She is looking good, love the brown hair! I think, what makes her looking “not so good”, it’s her neck. And when she wears her hair high, it’s more prominet! But we all have “bad” features, so who cares. And her legs looking great!!!

    I never ever judge acting in paparazzi shots! We don’t know exactly whats up there!!! Come on! If I had the choice between my super cool bodyguard and my mum, as a boy, who would I choose! When my kids want to grab the hand of another caregiver, I respect that. How about seeing it like that!

    I try to imagine to be out, and realizing someone is making photos of me, regardless what I’m wearing, I would be uncomfi too.
    Just thinking….

  • Indigo Lace

    She looks relaxed and comfortable. Good for her. Her legs are so firm and pretty imo.

  • Aims

    She actually looks pretty good. Its been a while britany!