Britney Spears

Britney Is Slim & Smiley

britney-spears-looks-slim-especially-when-shes-covered-up - Britney Is Slim & Smiley

There’s a big difference between how Britney looks on stage in those tiny outfits and how she looks here, where she’s all covered up. And yes, she looks much slimmer here, fact which proves, once again, that there’s nothing wrong with her figure (esome still say that she should lose some lbs), there is just something wrong with her stage outfits.

How do you like Brit’s figure  & look here?


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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website
  • Caley

    God Brit is so great! Her figure is absolutely HOT and she has great, muscley legs……makes me think back to a few years ago when she was in her absolute prime and size zero hadnt even been invented yet! What the hell has happened to the world!

    • anna

      agreed she looks healthy and fit, much better than on stage though.. f*** size zero. I have such mental love/hate reletionship with it, drives me crazy

      • krystyn

        I used to have the worst mental relationship with size 0 when I worked retail but since I stopped I feel so much better about myself and I don’t try and squeeze myself into size 0s anymore!

  • Lizzie

    She looks so hot! Grey leggings are so hard to pull off.

  • Molly

    Britney looks fantastic, and healthy. Marisa Miller may claim she has a healthy appetite, but with a bony body like that, she is definitely restricting calories. Adult women are not made to have bodies that thin.

  • anonymous

    Very nice. And she has a great smile 😀

  • Charlotte

    Wow, she is looking great!

  • Elena

    It’s really hard for me to decide what’s her real shape and size since in every photo she appears to be so different! Still, like these photos. It reminds me about the old “Not a girl, not yet a woman” Britney… Good old times..

  • Ramie

    MUCH better with clothes. Leave those bits I’d rather not see to the imagination.

  • VK

    She looks gorgeous in this outfit. She really should refrain from showing off her not so great stomach on stage, it does her no favours because the rest of her body is hot!

  • pOtAtO

    she looks perfect just like this!

  • nybeauty

    She looks awesome. Shapely and healthy. Way to go Brittany!! Hope she is feeling good mentally as well!!

  • Serafiina

    Looking goood. Nice legs.

    • supergirl

      yes, the legs look great because of the loose boots covering the calves. the hole outfit makes her look great, especially if we compare with the outfits she uses on stage

  • salma’ben

    anyone knows her measurements ? THANK YOU

  • sasha

    ugh..but she looks much better with clothes on

  • It could be possible that when she had her initial fitting for her stage costumes, she was a bit smaller. I think she looks awesome. I know that sometimes I go shopping and I’ll buy something, and then one day I’m bloated and it won’t fit me at all. Women’s bodies fluctuate frequently – give her a break. She is awesome.

  • yeah yeah

    She looks amazing. I am not shocked about her clothes and body because I think she has been looking pretty good, except the grammy’s lol. BUt her hair and makeup look awesome. And the outfits great. I like her stage outfits, but I’ll admit she didn’t look as hot as I thought she owuld in them, but then again sometimes I’ll see pics of her in them and she looks amazing. I would also like to say remember when she just started performing womanizer and circus on the morning show and some kind of award show? Right as her comeback really cameback and it shocked ppl. Yeah those outfits were great! and she was super tiny. And maybe thats why her stage outfits for her concert now didn’t look the same, I mean u can be small one day and gain a few weeks later. But I am glad she is not stcik thin, because like always even when she is at her thinnest she still has curves and muscle tone. Even when she was in her slave for you days she was skinny, but curves and muscular too and I find that look to be sexy as hell. Damn she looks fine!!!!!