Britney Spears

Britney Spears Is Pretty in Pink

Britney-Spears-Is-Pretty-in-Pink - Britney Spears Is Pretty in Pink

Britney Spears abandoned her daily casual outfits and unpolished hairstyle and looked slim and pretty in a pale pink dress at the the premiere of Toy Story 3 on Sunday (June 13) at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

Nice makeover!

How do you guys like Brit here?

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Britney-Spears-Is-Pretty-in-Pink-2 - Britney Spears Is Pretty in Pink

Britney-Spears-Is-Pretty-in-Pink-3 - Britney Spears Is Pretty in Pink

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  • suzushii

    Best she has looked in YEARS.

    I don’t understand why she doesn’t take care of her appearance a teeny tiny more. Nothing major, just brushed hair, fitting flattering clothes, and appropriate shoes.

    • RAchel

      because no one looks good 24/7? When you got paparazzi up your ASS every single minute of the day they’re bound to catch her on her bad days.

      She always used to look good but back then she was a teenager, young and healthy.. she’s been through alot and is a mother now obviously she’s not gonna look good all the time. Give her a break.

      Btw i’m pretty sure she brushes her hair.. and her clothes look just fine and normal usually, just because she doesn’t go out looking like a w**** like miley cyrus or christina aguilera everyday doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of herself.

      Anyway that’s just what i think. As for brit she looks especially pretty in those pictures!

      • suzushii

        This would be understandable if she didn’t appear like a mess in pretty much all the photos we’ve seen over the past couple of years, even since her breakdown.

        Anyone can be caught looking non-perfect, but Britney has been caught hundreds of times wearing no bra, blouses too short, visible roots, 2-3 inches hair sticking out next to bad extensions, tired face, smeared make-up, etc, and that’s not even getting into the style problems.

        As for your “wh**e” comments, why don’t you take your misoginism somewhere else. I think women have enough on their plate before they get their sexual habits judged by the clothes they wear. I mean, how original.

        • lc

          I agree with RAchel 100%. Everybody out there gets caught with roots, extensions sticking out, etc., but they don’t get judged. Britney looks good, and this proves she is capable of doing so. I also agree with the wh*re Miley/Christina comment, just because she isn’t into wearing leotards and only underwear in public day in day out, or contrived “eclectic” wannabe GaGa styles doesn’t mean she can’t dress.

          • Nay

            Oh my God tone it down! i agree that this is the best i have seen her in a lot of time and I don’t even mean the no bra, blouses too short, visible roots photos even when she’s all dolled up or in her LEOTARDS edgy stage looks she still looks off, here she actually looks pretty and pulled together and i like it GO BRIT 🙂

          • lc

            Yes, LEOTARDS on stage. Not out wandering around the street…

      • Casey

        I actually think she had the paparazzi more on her a** when she was younger and a teenager than now, considering the fact that she was THE pop superstar back then and now she’s probably only in the top 20.

        So there was a greater chance of catching her on her “off” days back then than now. Yet that’s not what we’re seeing.

        I agree with suzushii. She really doesn’t put in that much effort into apperance these days. And don’t pull the wh*re card. Nobody is talking about her looking like a wh*re. There are not only two extremes…looking like you rolled out of bed or looking like a wh*re. You can look polished and stylish without looking like a wh*re. You can even keep it casual…shorts and a tee shirt. Like suzushii said, it’s a simple matter of brushing one’s hair, and putting on flattering clothes.

        And to be honest, not wearing a bra and having your breasts visible to the world is a lot more wh*reish to me than wearing a leotard.

        • lc

          Umm, that really wasn’t where I was going by talking about leotards. But ok…whatever. I still agree with RAchel.

      • Padme

        I’m pretty sure she does not brush her hair usually. There is no excuse for anyone to leave their house braless, in dirty clothes and ratty hair. Having kids is not an excuse for looking like a filthy slob. I don’t know what you mean by the whore comment. She’d be fine in clean jeans and a tshirt with a bra.

  • Sidney

    Aww it’s like the old Britney. She looks adorable.

  • size0??

    sort of chubby…

    • Em

      …. -_-

      • Right you are Em, there is nothing more to say 😉

  • formerly Sam

    Her neck looks Jessica Simpson-esque here lol

  • Asia

    Wow, she’s so georgious! It’s like the old Britney’s back!

  • Pie

    She looks much better, but I can’t get over the dull, blank look in her eyes…

    Lady looks like she’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal..

    • snoops

      totally agree, she really looks, well I dont want to be offensive but she looks kinda special.

      Anyway I’m not a fan of her music but im always hoping for her to clean up her act and look good again, she doesnt seem like a bad person, just stupid. She is looking better here, but still the “dress” is kind of short.

      • Polly

        She does have that mentally challenged look going here…Hmmm. I don’t know if it’s the self induced double chin or what….

        • Sidney

          Sadly i agree, about the dazy eyes. And the image i’ve got from her from interviews, even when she was relatively new to the business and hadn’t had all the problems, doesn’t help. Definitely not the sharpest tool in the box. Gosh am i being mean. I do adore her in a weird way, though i don’t think she can sing really.

  • lc

    She looks gorgeous! Not chubby, but just right!! Go Brit.

  • mEEEE

    Why do I feel like that “dress” is really a shirt? It is quite short and she is not very tall (I think she is 5’4″)?

    • woopidoo

      i was thinking the same..

      • Esther

        yeah me 3

  • kate

    How cute : )

  • solaxi

    awww britney looks so prettty! i love her! i hope she is happy. i just love her face and her bod

  • abby b

    she still looks messy to me, and she looks stoned.

  • saribird

    i can’t believe my eyes!! that’s actual nice looking hair!! she looks great, i think people should get used to the fact that is probably “the nicest” we will ever see her again. she will never go back to being perfect 2000er britney

    • suzushii

      People should get used to the fact that she is no longer a teenager, hence she is not going to look like she did in 2000.

      Whatever body she had then, it wasn’t fully formed yet.

    • candycorps

      I try to not judge her by what she used to look like but its hard not too. I personally don’t think she works as hard as everyone thinks she does and as a result her body doesn’t look all that great. I don’t think its because she isn’t a teenager anymore but that she doesn’t work out. All she ever had was her looks (she can’t sing, dance, or act) and now that they’re gone everytime I see her I wonder why she is still relevant.

      • formerly Sam

        I agree with you. She could have that body back, even better. But she doesn’t work out enough for that, and she eats junk. Back in the day, she was never photographed with a frappuccino glued to her hand.

        • solaxi

          i agree…she COULD have the famous britney body back, but even better now because she is a woman rather than a teen BUT i think she looks gorgeous now and probably doesnt care so much for what she look slike (good on her, i wish it was easier to be that way!). also, i disagree- i think she can sing but she is not a great singer and isnt marketted for that. like, she is not an awesome singer. but also her songs are not the type that show off her voice. also, she could def dance in the old days. now…she doesnt seem to concentrate on it so much

  • Hanna

    she looks fabulous!! I want moreee

  • Anna

    her body looks nice,but longer dress would be much better…
    but what a f*** with her face??? why she cant keep her mouth shut up? and those eyes…it looks like she is drunk, or something…or maybe its just her, well, she was never good at posing

  • Lucy

    SUPER cute!!! & she does look really good here compared to recent pictures of her.. happy, healthy and gorgeous! of course you have the usual trolls on here saying she looks chubby and blah blah blah but W/E! TEAM BRIT BRIT

  • Vanessa T.

    She looks very pretty. Her body looks fit and healthy not scrawny and drained of all life like some of her other celebrity counterparts who need to eat (i.e. Megan Fox bikini photos).

    More young women need to realize that being a healthy weight is actually very attractive.

  • nannou

    the dress is too short, but at least she appears to have something under it…bleh

  • Jj

    seriously? i think she looks cuckoo. i feel really bad because her illness is not a joke, but look at her eyes, it’s like she’s not even there.

    they need to deal with her bipolar disorder and help her with counseling. she’s going to self destruct again.

  • Princess

    Don`t find her sexy with this dress at all,she looks like she`s wearing a nghit dress and the dress looks cheap,and what about her hair always look messy,oily and dirty.And her make up…awful,she`s like she went to bed with the make up and woke up a total mess.Miss the old Britney

  • terri

    I think she looks so good.Shes not that much bigger than she was in 2003-2004 if you compare the pictures.

    Its good to see her done up but the thing I actually love about Britney is shes just herself.Even though she dresses trashy she jus her.

    • solaxi

      agreed. she doesnt seem to care. good on her! i hope she is happy

  • Hm, even though that dress looks like something tinkerbell would wear she still looks good. Bodywise she is fine and not too big at all. Oh and I like her teeth , sweet smile

    But I agree with many of you that she looks a little loco and distant like her brain left her body along with the shaved off hair.

  • she looks hot.. like the old days, good for her. get out there and look good!

  • she’s her old self again! yay! super cute:)

  • hayley

    THAT’s the britney i remember! yayyy!! i hope she keeps getting better and back towards the top! 🙂

  • Priscila

    She looks gorgeous!
    Pretty body and face;

    Having Bipolar disorder does not mean she is “special” , “loco”, or something like that. This kind of rude behavior makes people who need help feel scared of the world’s judgment.
    Also, she can sign , dance and act. She always worked a lot.