Britney Spears Rocks the Stage in Tiny Outfits

Here’s a collection of tiny stage outfits, worn by no other than Britney Spears as she performed her ‘Piece Of Me’ show at the Axis Theatre Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas.

Check out our gallery and pick your favorite look!



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4 thoughts on “Britney Spears Rocks the Stage in Tiny Outfits”

  1. Does the same person do all of these celebrity stage outfits? They all look the same, and rarely flatter anyone.

    I like the outfit in picture 8, but that’s about it. I wish more singers/performers would branch out and if they want to incorporate this look fine, but at least incorporate other looks too.

  2. Way? Just way? What is IT all about, that f—g fishnet nylons? Please explain, universe! :/ She looks awesome, why ruining it with outfits like that. Who designs that s—? Seriously, they are overpaid j—s.

  3. I love Britney! I miss her signature pants and crop top looks that she used to rock in her other tours. Every pop star is in a leotard these days.

  4. Her hair is atrocious. That’s all I ever see when I look at her, except for her new botox-y face. Her body looks good though.

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