Body Comparisons, Britney Spears, Stephanie Pratt

Britney Spears & Stephanie Pratt Wear Daisy Dukes

FP_5573840_Spears_Britney_FP3_081210 - Britney Spears & Stephanie Pratt Wear Daisy Dukes

Britney Spears & Stephanie Pratt were in the mood for short denim shorts this week – match them with tank tops and either wedges or flip-flops and you’re ready for a stroll!

Do you think that daisy dukes look best on bootylicious girls with athletic legs, or on skinny girls with long legs?

See these girls after the jump as well!

FP_5573799_Spears_Britney_FP3_081210 - Britney Spears & Stephanie Pratt Wear Daisy Dukes

FP_5568590_Pratt_Stephanie_MOE_081110 - Britney Spears & Stephanie Pratt Wear Daisy Dukes

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  • justme

    i actually like Britney’s muscular legs but not the rest of the body
    Stephanie’s as pretty as always

    • RAchel

      Funny! I like britneys body except for her thighs xD They’re too.. chunky and that pratt chick is just ugly compared to britney, and her legs are far too thin

      • LOL

        I like Brit CAUSE of her thighs! Straight up muscle!

        • Leah

          same here. you can tell she works out, doesn’t just diet to stay slim.
          on a different note, britney’s outfit actually looks good here

  • christina

    I love stephanies expression in the last picture 🙂 but I think Britney looks better in daisy dukes esp having more of a butt to fill it? Either way they both look great!

    • Lacandy

      Totally agree with you. Brit’s back looks pretty good in here

  • Juls

    I agree with Christina. =)

  • artemis

    bootylicious duh 😀 but brits legs are a bit too muscular 😐

  • Britney pulls it off better since her butt is filling the dasiy dukes.And her shoes are nice as well but I am not a fan of her muscular legs,they are way too thick and toned for my taste..But the other girl looks very nice as well,despite the teensy weensy thighs..

  • lp23

    Britney has the booty and the muscular legs
    I go for Britney here.

    • christina

      totally agree!

  • anabel

    Wow, I’m surprised! I didn’t know Britney has such a great figure these days! Not only that, she’s looking pretty overall – I totally vote for her. Stephany looks alright, but kinda forgettable to be honest…she doesn’t catch my eye, really.

    • LOL

      Totally~ forgettable is a good word for that look!

  • suzushii

    My ideal is somewhere in the middle of these two. So booty – to fill those pants, but a more pilates-toned body. Neither scrawny like Stephanie, or bulky like Brit

  • Princess

    I prefer Britney,Stephanie`s legs are too thin,not my taste

  • chloe

    My vote goes to Stephanie,I don’t like Britney’s thickness.

  • Jennifer

    Britney wins this one for me, Stephanie doesn’t have the bum or legs to work daisy dukes. You’re supposed to be thick to wear them!

    • artemis

      thats true 😀 ure supposed to be thick 😀 for them 😀 i know.
      but i like my own legs rather than brits

  • snoops

    Im surprised someone would say you’re “supposed to be thick” to wear daisy dukes. Since when? I thought the criteria for looking hot in daisy dukes is just having good legs, period. Britney does not look good, she is a mess and sorry but her legs are just too bulky. Stephanie wins by a mile, she might not have much of a butt but she has great legs, having a butt doesnt make up for having massive legs. Of course britney has a butt, she is far from skinny its not genetics giving her a butt its just her size. Over all I guess the perfect figure to perfectly pull off tiny tiny shorts like these would be great legs and a decent ass, at least stephanie has one of these qualities.

    • suzushii

      No, you need to have a behind, otherwise, it looks just sad. Look at Stephanie, you can tell her butt is totally flat, there’s no curve to her upper thigh. It’s not too attractive IMO to look like a guy does in short shorts (no arse, skinny shapeless legs).

      I don’t think Britney has a butt because shes “far from skinny” – are you implying she’s so fat she has a butt from it? I completely disagree. Call her too bulky for your tastes, but she’s perfectly healthy and NOT FAT, just muscular.

      • snoops

        never called her fat. I think britney has an unattractive body, really bulky and just not hot, and yeah she is far from skinny, she is big boned, big muscles, and plenty “padding” on top and yeah most people at her size would have a “booty” her ass is nothing special at all IMO and l know plenty thin girls with nicer more defined butts. I just dont like her figure at all. Thats my opinion and i’m entitled to it, its not like im comparing her to a MAN.

      • Brena

        Right, so just to be sure, I have a natural lack of arse, and that’s really sad (boo hoo crying in ma breakky), and I shouldn’t wear shorts? Glad we got that sorted.

        • Brena

          Sorry snoops, that was intended for suzushii. I’m new to this :-/

        • suzushii

          Welcome to personal opinions. Everyone has one about what looks good and what doesn’t. Notice the IMO? I never told anyone what to wear but yes, in my opinion shorts don’t flatter people with flat butts.

          • artemis

            ure right they look ugly on skinny chicks so girls dont try too hard to be skinny

          • LOL

            No butt or willowy stick legs with no muscle + short shorts makes me think of senior citizens 🙂

            I’d like to see toned, muscular butt/legs in little clothes, not the weird, ‘invalid’ look that is popular with some people right now :/

      • Ellen

        Regardless of the differing comments, I’m glad people are saying “yes” to bootylicious/ little more thick-legged girls in short shorts, seeing as I’m one of those people, and I like to rock them every summer. But by the same token, I think girls with skinny legs can pull them off too. They’re different looks, and I don’t think that daisy dukes are reserved for one body type only!

        • snoops

          fair comment, i like muscular legs too, but britneys whole body just looks so…puffy and awful, like she eats loads of junk food. jessica biel for example has lovely legs. but so do skinny chicks, I like both types.

      • mel

        I’m definitely not flat-assed, so this isn’t out of defensiveness, but your comment came across as a bit rude. Saying that someone who doesn’t have a butt is “sad” and “looks like a guy” in daisy dukes is really insulting. It would be like me saying I think it’s “sad” when people with chunky thighs wear daisy dukes and that unless they want to look manly, they should be reserved for skinny people only. And although I do think that they just naturally work better (like most clothes do) on that modelesque body type, I don’t think that other people should be prevented from wearing them. And I guess it’s because I’ll always value my legs the most, but I’d rather have a flat ass and fantastic legs than bulky legs and a bubble butt.

        • suzushii

          Like I said above – personal opinions. You can’t chose what you find unattractive. And flat butts aren’t unattractive per se to me. Just in daisy dukes. But put into question something like those pepper short pants (shorts that stick out like a bell pepper) – those are DESIGNED for flat butts. I can never wear them. And yes, if I wore them, with my big ass, it would look ridiculous, and sad :P.

          People, stop taking things so personally. Certain things flatter certain people, and yes certain things don’t. Long skinny shapeless legs with a flat butt – in daisy dukes – makes you look like a guy.

  • serena2

    stephanie definitel y

  • Troy

    removed by admin*

    Britney Spears has toned legs but her arms are a little “loose.”

    She looks pretty good, notwithstanding the nuttiness factor.

    The other girl looks like a skeleton in doll’s clothing.

  • Cleo

    Pretty is very pretty, Im happy to see she looks good again, she has her childish beautiful face.
    But, Pratt looks better with the daisy dukes in my opinion.

    • Cleo

      Brit I mean not pretty, sorrry!

      • solaxi

        ha ha i was so confused at first!
        i love brit i think she looks great here compared to how she has looked of late. such a pretty girl with a gorgeous body tho i dont like the platforms…even tho they are high somehow i think they make her look bulkier?

  • Miglena

    Damn! Britney’s got a great butt!

  • I think Stephanie looks better. Brit still looks great, don’t get me wrong, but i prefer Steph’s body type.

  • meghan

    No preference here. Brit’s legs are a bit too bulky and Steph has those twig legs that personally kinda freak me out. I also don’t like the bulkiness of Brit’s. My own legs can get close to that look but I am taller than her so my legs are longer and I focus on doing the right exercises that don’t bulk me up. I think if Britney wore slingback wedges that her legs would like much better. If we could add a little bulk to steph’s legs and attach them to brit’s butt that would be more proportionate.

    • tanja

      sorry, what are these exercises that dont add bulk? i think i added toooooo much, i was skinny before going to gym and after a half year i couldnt fit in my jeans ( i did a lot of strenght trainings….

      as for daisy dukes i go for steph….i love brit, i think she used to have the best body around 2001/2002…but now she is does tooo thick legs….they are NOT fat, but i like a more leaner look

  • madeleine

    britney looks kind of fat in those shorts in my opinion…or stocky….like a line backer or something…..steph has fantastic legs but a flat bum…….ehhh neither of them are amazing but out of the two steph wins by a mile

  • formerly Sam

    I don’t like Britney’s body because she always looks like she’s gonna gain a million pounds any seconds. And that frapuccino accesoire of hers only adds to that effect.

    • elysie

      I totally agree! You hit the nail on the head for why I don’t like Britney. Well, that and the general trashiness.

  • Dani

    I like Britney Spears better than Stephanie…and Brit’s shoes are to die for…

  • Trace

    i think britney looks better…. her booty *wow! and her legs…whateva! but stephanie?! now way!!! way to skinny!

  • Sara

    Honestly, i would love to have Stephanie’s legs.

  • Deyla

    Britney has unfortunate body: short amrs and legs.

  • Annie

    Britney looks better. For god’s sake she’s had two kids, she’s in good shape..better than my aunt, to be honest. Leave her alone!

  • kate1st

    Personally I think muscular legs look best in daisy dukes so britney wins!

  • Uneedtoknow

    to suzzshhi, id rather be skinny, no ass and wear daisy dukes, rather than be so big and wear daisy dukes and look like a porn star. Skinny women just carry off some things with class, that too muscular or big built women cant.

    && just to clarify,britney is not FAT or Big built,imo both of them carry it off kick ass.

    • artemis

      whats wrong with looking like a porn star? thats why they;re pornstars…cuz theyre hot duh

      • chacha

        Porn stars are not hot they take women who have been sexually abused in the past and expolit them. (it’s proven majority of these women have sexually abused in their past) ALSO they are NOT hot have you seen them?? many of them are overweight, and have you seen the men in porn??VOMIT! They have pot bellies and are over 65 years old!

        • Ninian

          Wow! I havn’t seen Britney look this good in years! Way to go with the bra, clothes, THE BODY(!) and make-up! MILF for sure! =D Stephanie however, is waay to skinny.. =(

    • suzushii

      Oh good heavens, so to you only skinny people can look decent? People with curvy/bigger shapes look vulgar and pornstar-like? You know what makes you look like a pornstar? Staring in a porn. Not a certain NATURAL bodyshape.

      Someone has issues.

  • Jenna

    I have to say Steph suits them more but than that is because I have been brainwashed by the media to think normal sized people are fat. Brit still looks good though, helped by the chunky wedges.

    What I really hate is when you can see the white pockets hanging down from the shorts. It always looks cheap and nasty.

  • Jen

    Pilates can tone without ‘ bulking up’

    I think SP has problems- she became super thin seemingly out of nowhere and after coming out saying she had bulimia. I think IMO she is too thin. I think SP top best but B’s legs. Overall dont like this look because of the pockets hanging down. I know it’s how daisy dukes are but not my preference

  • CK

    i think both of them should forget about daisy dukes, they don’t do anything good nor to Brit nor to Stephanie (whose legs creep me out)

  • nannou

    at least Brit wore makeup and a bra, those things do wonders

  • amazon

    i think body wise both girl look good. its impossible to me to compare them as they are very different and i have no preference between the two. fashion wise, I really like stephanies outfit, but have never gotten britneys style.

  • Wow Brittany bulked up. She looks pretty good. A bit manly for my taste tho – at least on her cosmo cover I thought her face looked very very masculine.

    • artemis

      its britney duh

  • sm

    Britney is far too masculine, her legs are stumpy and chunky. Long slim legs are better imo.

  • sm

    “Britney wins this one for me, Stephanie doesn’t have the bum or legs to work daisy dukes. You’re supposed to be thick to wear them!”

    Even Daisy Duke herself wasn’t “thick”

    • artemis


      • madeleine

        so the woman who started the trend of daisy dukes wasnt thick….meaning in fact that they AREN’T meant for thicker girls…

        • suzushii

          Lol, the internet was invented by scientists, so since they started it, only they should use it.

          LOGIC FAIL.

          • Chele

            OMG…so funny on the Logic fail. Britney looks amazing here. She’s almost 30, so the fact that she doesn’t look like she did when she was 20 makes a whole lot of sense.

          • Ellen

            suzushii for the win!

  • Minnie

    I love Stephanie’s legs ^_^
    She looks so modelesque.
    I don’t thin that the shorts look good on Britney.
    She looks a bit like Hercules.

  • Lisa

    They both look good.

  • size0??

    Britney has some massive thunder thighs and if she was standing straight on they would probably touch together. Her body id much too thick for her outfit. I totally vote for Stephanie.

    • Anna

      because having your legs touch when your standing up is totally strange and makes you obese… um

    • Lisa

      umm. My thighs touch and I’m underweight. It has to do with hip width not fatness.

    • Lauren

      Wow, what is wrong with you?
      Clearly it is the size of the hips that determine whether your thighs touch or not.

  • Katy

    i’d vote for britney if she wasn’t wearing those hideous shoes. Eugh I can’t decide.

  • jellyfish

    BRITNEY! she looks super healthy and pretty. usuali her make up is a bit of a mess but she looks great here. i have skinny shapeless legs. so my vote goes for her. wo hoo!

  • Maria

    Britney has tree trunk legs. Overly muscular women . Stephanie Pratt’s legs lack definition, but they are far nicer than Britney’s. If Stephanie started working out a bit to add some shape to her legs, they’d be pretty perfect.
    I’ll always take a tall, skinny girl with long legs over a short, chubby girl with short legs.
    And Britney’s not fat, but she has one of those wide, stumpy bodies that tend to look “thick” no matter what.

  • serena

    I think everything looks better on skinny girls with long legs.

  • Gigi

    My two cents: lanky, super skinny girls with thin legs look amazing and better than curvier girls in daisy dukes and in casual clothes in general, but bootylicious and “meatier” girls look better than super skinny girls in dresses.

    • Lauren

      I personally find skinny and LANKY girls repulsive, but that’s just my opinion.

      • Gigi

        You are so rude. There’s no need to call a body type “repulsive”, especially when 90 percent of all skinny and lanky girls are that way naturally.

        • Ellen

          I think people in general just need to stop calling other people’s bodies “disgusting” or “repulsive”. It’s one thing if someone has let themselves go and doesn’t care about their body’s health, it’s another if you’re slamming their NATURAL body shape that they have NO control over! Some girls are born to be lanky, some are born with a little meat on them. How some people have the nerve to call either gross is beyond me.

      • I think your attitude is repulsive, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Izzy

    Britney. Stephanie is too thin. I think the muscular definition in the legs looks hot (it shows she’s eating and she’s working out = healthy) and she has a nice butt. When Jessica Simpson was her smallest in the D.O.H. movie even she had muscle definition in her legs and people went wild over her. Just my opinion.

  • Kimberly

    My vote is for neither girl. But I would say that Britney wins by a mile in the ass department. No contest there! Britney would have a better body if she would stop eating the wrong things. It’s clear to me that her diet is still giving her trouble. As for Stephanie, I don’t like her body. I like fit with curves and she really doesn’t have much, especially in the butt area. Short shorts don’t suit her, but I’ve never found her attractive anyway.

  • mel

    Stephanie, definitely. Brit looks a bit too “chunky” for those shorts – not saying that she shouldn’t wear that style, but she could have gone up a size because they fit really tightly and are REALLY short – unlike Stephanie, who looks a lot classier. But it’s Britney – what can we expect?

  • Karla

    i vote Stephanie, her legs look great.

  • Mello

    Britney is such a gorgeous girl. I so much want for her to lose 20 lbs and get back to old Britney, but being old Britney is probably partly responsible for why she ended up having difficulties in the end…..At any rate she still looks better than Stephanie with the extra weight.

  • Musaafiruun

    The Daisy Duke was a fiesty, out-going girl who could look after herself in all sorts of situations. She was very pretty but also capable of handling herself physically. Clearly in this respect Britney is better equiped than Stephanie, whose pretty legs are obviously much weaker than Britney’s and leave her extremely vulnerable in any physical confrontation. But Stephanie is hot!

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  • Priscila

    Both look great! But I think Britney wins with her shoes choice! Also I love the color of Britney’s top againts her skin.

  • Stephanie’s legs and britney’s bum. that would be a winning combination.

  • Essence

    I bet that the same people that are complaining about Britney’s legs being too toned/muscular/bulky are the same people that were saying on the
    “Michelle Trachtenberg Asks: ‘Where Am I Fat?’”
    post that she is fat on her legs and needed to tone up. Here’s a woman who is toned up and people are still complaining. This is the problem with people. Your never satisfied, celebrities can never win.

  • Sonya

    I’d probably pick Britney’s torso with Steph’s legs. I don’t mind if someone has short legs, as long as they’re proportionate to their body – something I don’t see with Britney.

  • britney always looks awesome in daisy dukes.. that is totally her look and she rocks it.

  • Starface

    I think I’m in the minority here who prefers Stephanie’s body type. A few extra pounds wouldn’t do her any harm, but overall she looks great.
    Britt does too, but I really like Stephanie’s leanness.

  • lizzy

    it really annoys me when people say britney’s body is too masculine. what about it is masculine? it seriously blows my mind. having a stronger build suddenly makes a woman masculine? it infuriates me!

    what is feminine?????

  • princessdi

    i think both girls look good for their particular body types. Brit is in good shape again and Steph looks better then she use to. But im sure they look diff. in person, since photos sometimes add a few pounds,esp the angle its taken or if a person is in motion at the time. Brit is prob. in great shape in person and Steph might look a little sickly and unwell. None of us can kw for sure based on these photos…as far as daisy dukes go…i think anyone should wear them if they have great legs to show off, skinny or w some muscle!

  • Chey

    booty definately helps

  • Ntha

    Personaly I dont like a skinny body or skinny legs that does not look appealing to me skinny legs are just not eye candy,if their where both were walk in the dalk one would choose Briteny over Steph b cause of the curves

  • Heather

    Britney obviously works out hard and eats properly for that body. The other girl looks sickly. Britney is beautiful. My vote is for her.

  • Toby Weymiller

    Britney is so cute. I love her legs!

  • HealthyBeauty

    Britney wins hands down!