Britney Spears

Britney Spears Is Wearing Shorts, Too

FP_5117609_Spears_Britney_FP1_060110 - Britney Spears Is Wearing Shorts, Too

Bar Refaeli was wearing short shorts just 2 posts below, and Brit is showing off her legs in a small black pair of shorts as well. Here she is at the amusement park at the Santa Monica Pier earlier today.

FP_5117469_Spears_Britney_FP1_060110 - Britney Spears Is Wearing Shorts, Too

Still not understanding the hair situation 🙁 …

See the rest!

FP_5117604_Spears_Britney_FP1_060110 - Britney Spears Is Wearing Shorts, Too

FP_5117610_Spears_Britney_FP1_060110 - Britney Spears Is Wearing Shorts, Too

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  • southerngumdrops

    10 years ago I never would have imagined this is how Brit would end up…..

    Such a rockin body….she could at least dress decently (and no, i don’t mean she has to dress up every time she goes out….just half decent)

    • Pie

      I just puked a little when I saw those shoes 🙁

      Like you said, she doesn’t need to dress up every time she goes out, but it’s obvious the girl is in desperate need of a stylist. She doesn’t have a bad body but she consistently wears clothes that make her look short or thick.

      She could look really good at this weight if she just put in a bit of effort..

      • Jenna118

        [email protected] at shoes

  • MariB

    I think she has nice legs…strong and sexy

  • Dayna

    What’s really getting me is…she has all this money…and she can’t afford to get a better lookin weave? The hell!?

    • southerngumdrops

      ugh ditto

  • hlj94

    I think her legs look really strong, and a bit slimmer than usual:)

  • saribird

    i really wonder if she ever really recovered from her mental problems which she so obviously had. her outer appereance always suggests that everything else is occupying her so much that she just can’t dress properly (hair and clothes) for once. I don’t care about her weight, imo she could gain 20 lbs as long as she came back with a smiling, healthy face and a decent haircut!

  • shelby

    I have that t-shirt! £4.99 from h&m!!

  • Mizzy

    her body looks awesome, but she has two major issues: her hair, and finding a bra that fits properly!

  • K

    Not a fan of her legs. Short, chunky and mannish and stubby. I like longer leaner legs like Cameron Diaz or the VS angels

    • Becca

      I agree 100%. In a perfect world: slim limbs, & ditching the white trash aura that seems to follow her around. Both of which will never come true. 😉

    • kate

      Okay so if everyone had long slender legs, where is the diversity?

      You can see Britney has strong muscular legs and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

  • Balthazar

    yikes. i know – always looks like she is sporting a mullet.

  • hope she isn’t getting worse mentally. saw her in stockholm a year ago, she looked so fit and cute when she and her boys carelessly walked around in the city. if she seriously wants to regain her mental health, she should leave LA and move to a serene place where paparazzis would leave her alone.

  • Jj

    her legs look way better than bar’s in the post a few below. waaaay better!

  • e

    Brit is wearing shorts…and a BRA! Thank god.

  • Em

    Killer legs. She has always had great legs (well that I can remember!!)

  • Jenna118

    Man her body is tight these days! Fit and strong, she really looks good (not the clothes)…. WHAT IS UP WITH HER HAIR?!?! and the FRIGGIN UGLY SHOES?!?! She should just get a cute bob cut or something if she hates brushing her hair….

  • CoffeeGirl

    I looked like this when I was depressed. I mean bad clothes, awful haircut and fake smile

  • Her body is amazing.Look at those super toned, healthy looking legs! If only I could say the same about her hair and fashion sense:( It’s a shame, she’s a very pretty woman who should take care of herself

  • Amanda

    She needs to get a stylist immediately.
    Whats doing on with the hair??

  • 0??

    Should have kept the wig from candies photo shoot!!

  • Tess

    She looks healthy and happy, which is the main thing 🙂
    but i have to say those shoes are mank!! :@

  • Mirabela

    I do not understand what have you with her shoes. They are very comfortable for a log walk and they are fit for the weather. I do not understand, for example, the lady with UGG (in the back of a photo) when outside the sun rise and shining.
    Yes, I do like her legs. And I like her because she don’t give a sh*t about what people saying and have the strength (in a showbiz-world) to wear “unusual” (aka not fashionable) clothes.
    And (the most important!!!!!!!) she is in her FREE TIME (not an official public appearance). What she does in her privat life or what she is wearing it is her bussines. If somebody not take this pictures, you never even know how she looked that day. 😉
    About the hair. I read from other sources that she wearing extensions. It is something stange about how the hair stand on her head. But … this is one more of the Britney trademark. 😀

  • J-J

    She has desparate need of a stylist,her hair is totally a mess and it looks kinda dirty.

  • Vanessa T.

    Her legs are a bit muscular but still look good.

    It is her waist that needs a lot of work. She need to lay off the junk food as well as I do. I still remember her beautiful flat stomach.

    Having had a slim tiny waist and flat stomach all of my life until recently I know that junk food especially fast food of any sort deforms and distorts the midsection like nothing else. Eating healthy and lowfat is the key to a slim waist.

  • Padme

    She is such a mess, mentally and fashion-wise.

  • blah

    would never ever EVER want her face OR body…she makes me proud to be myself.
    sorry, but there are so many sexy blondes out there and she just doesn’t cut it for me. never has, never will

  • blah

    oh yea and btw like so many celebs, she can’t dress either

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