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Britney’s Cheetos and Coffee-Free Picture

britney - Britney's Cheetos and Coffee-Free Picture

Britney, where do we start? Firstly, hopefully you are not as big of a wreck as Amy Winehouse about who we recently wrote that, well, she’s got bigger problems then her weight (or lack thereof). You probably have bigger issues, too, so excuse us for focusing on your body’s status. While we do appreciate you working out, as seen in recent candids and while we like your efforts of pulling yourself together and looking better, we are not actually seeing the weight loss and toned up results that, honestly, the majority of the “Britney’s comeback hopers” want to see. However, it sure seems that the “Cheetos – no, no. No good. Frappuccinos – bad, bad for you.” advices are paying off, since well, the above candid pictures Britney is holding nothing but water.

What do you all think? What weight-related advices would you give Britney, if, let’s say, she’d actually hear and listen to you?

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