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A Closer Look at Britney’s Hair(Style)

FP_5877004_Spears_Britney_MAC_101110 - A Closer Look at Britney's Hair(Style)

Britney Spears didn’t have a ‘great hair day’ yesterday as she went out for some shopping and a coffee in Calabasas… since the high bun hairstyle revealed Britney’s highly discussed hair extensions.

What would you guys do with Britney’s hair… if you had the chance to offer her a makeover?

FP_5877001_Spears_Britney_MAC_101110 - A Closer Look at Britney's Hair(Style)

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FP_5877005_Spears_Britney_MAC_101110 - A Closer Look at Britney's Hair(Style)

FP_5877006_Spears_Britney_MAC_101110 - A Closer Look at Britney's Hair(Style)

FP_5877810_Spears_Britney_MAC_101110 - A Closer Look at Britney's Hair(Style)

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  • Katheryn

    She needs a head to toe makeover, not just here hair! Just not the same as before her kids…. : ( I hate seeing her all smudgy eyed and half-pajama clothes like she rolled out of bed. ><

    • alyssa

      I had extensions put in on a Wednesday for a wedding on a Saturday; on the Friday night, I cut them out.
      They are awful, itchy and painful, and you can’t even brush your hair normally.
      Clip ins are the way to go.

  • woopidoo

    poor britney 🙁

  • Léa

    I would take away her extensions, cut her hair nicely so they would have time to grow back naturally…

    If she wants to saty blonde, I would let her, but more like a Scarlett Johansson blonde…

    I think the most important is to lose the extensions and to cut her hair because they are so damage…

    (oh and by the way a grammar question, “hair” is “is” or “are” ? I pur “are” because in french it’s that way but I don’t know actually ^^ )

    • Aryn

      *Hair is :] You refer to it in the singular

      • Léa

        Thanks ^^
        So I was wrong lol

  • southerngumdrops

    While I’m all for comfort and don’t believe celebs should have to be dressed up to run errands, I do think she needs a makeover and a new stylist. And a new hairdresser to do some better extensions.

    I wonder how long people will stay on team Brit? I mean, she has been the biggest star of this generation, but will people only hold out hope for so long?

    • benice

      Im always going to be team brit.

  • beckers

    I still dont think she’s entirely on this planet, she probably doesn’t care much about the extensions on show, or isn’t aware. I wish she would let her hair grow, she’d look alot fresher with her hair short, you can see its naturally got a bit of length to it.

    • saribird

      yes! not on this planet! these were the words i was searching for…:D i bet she is still on serious medication. i think she has every right to look however she wants. but this is SO unnecessary, why get extensions (which are supposed to make you look more attractive) when mainly using them to achieve the opposite.
      i don’t think that a real short hair cut would suit her, but a classic bob def. would!

    • call-in

      mama looks stoned as hell. check out those eyes!

      • formerly Sam

        Yeah she totally does!

      • Lisa

        yeah! I feel kind of badly for her when I see her like that. I’m not a fan, but seeing someone so zoned out is sad.

  • brena

    @lea – hair, in English, is correct.

    • Léa

      Thanks too !^^

  • Aryn

    I would take those god aweful extensions out. If she doesn’t want to take the time to style her ‘hair’ in the morning or afternoon or whatever and always ends up pulling it back in some rats nesty messy bun, there’s not point of keeping them in. Take them out, give her some simple style she won’t need to work on a lot to make it look good in day to day life. If she really needs extensions though, girl should be able to afford some that won’t show when she pulls back her hair, she’s Britney Spears after all.

  • She does knows that her extensions are visible and just don’t care! what to do about that?? Of course she can afford a better hair job. Her hais issues are just the edge of all her issues!

  • Joana

    Hair extensions are for people who watch themselves. They need a lot of care and maintenance. Brit is obviously not the right candidate for that.

  • Lisa

    lmao, shows how much I know. I thought the black band was a stretchy headband until I realized it didn’t go all the way around her head.

  • udkcoco

    @ lisa-me too! From behind I’m like… When o have a lazy day I wear a head band and bun, big deal? Then I see the rest and its like…. O.O good god woman. Remove those tattered sad things from your head at once. No one cares if you do. Awkward grow out sucks, but so does having a veryy noticeable foot long disparity between your real hair and fake. She could just have short hair and rock it.

  • jenna

    that is straight nasty. i always wondered what those looked like… looks like she got surgery on her skull or something. creepyy.

  • M

    How has her hair not grown out yet? Wasn’t that years ago that she shaved it all off? From what I can see, her real hair isn’t that long.

    But yes, she should get rid of the extensions–that or get better ones, and know how to properly maintain/wear them! This is just embarrassing to look at.

    • Chrissy

      it’s the extensions that are keeping her hair from growing (ironically enough)

  • size0??

    The extensions look like she glued in wefts of hair herself. I totally agree that she has some major mental issues going on. Which is really to bad.

    • natasha

      major mental issues? just because she has bad hair extensions? c`mon, people, grow up ! it doesn`t matter how long your hair is, what really matters is how far can you think. Britney has always been one of my favourite, first because of her music, and second, because she THINKS when she speaks. She`s been going through a lot of difficult times and everyone tends to neglect himself when he`s dealing with something serious.
      She gained so much success when other people wouldn`t have even dreamed about it. I still think that media destroyed her, and now, all she`s trying to do is to get on the right track again, but with these types of comments such as: “I totally agree that she has some major mental issues”, she`ll never be able to gain confidence. Have you ever tried to be in her shoes, at least for a day? Have you ever even watched an interview with her saying how hard it is for her to go at a local market with all those paparazzi following her ? She didn`t choose this life. You chose it for her. And it`s such a shame that there`s a chance that she will never be the same as she did in the past.
      She`s human, she made some mistakes and now you just won`t give her the opportunity to show how much she`s changed. Didnt we learn that we don`t have to judge others by appearance?

  • AlexD

    I dont understand why ethnic beauties like Rihanna and Beyonce always have this lush, beautiful, fake extensions and Britneys hair always look like shit. I think she could use a nice blonde wig while her hair is growing out, then once its a cute bob let it be without a wig and let it grow. It’s been so long since the shaving head incident, you would think her hair would be longer by now
    also, she always looks so sloppy. The bra straps showing, tags showing, no bras most of the time. she looks like she gets dressed in the dark. Sure, she doesnt have to dress up when she runs errands but whats so difficult about throwing on simple skinny jeans and a t and matching sandals? common Brit get it together :/

  • Polly

    She looks like she would have a bob with her natural hair, it would look very cute on her. Anything is better than what she has now. Just take the extentions out!

  • I’ve seen hair in a worse state than this!

  • Barbie

    This is truly shocking. I understand not going about day to day business in full hair and make-up but this is the extreme opposite. She looks crazy. I mean just crazy. I mean…. I, I can’t even get the right words out. There is sooooo much technology out there as far as hair extensions go. Please call me Britney. I can help you. I am a stylist and I will help you free of charge. You don’t have to look like this. And wear a bra please. At all times. Oh my good God. Jesus, Mary and Joseph let’s help her. Let’s start a Britney relief effort. Sign up here and we will have our 1st official meeting next Monday at 3:00 Pacific time. It will be done by conference call so please stay tuned and check back for the phone number and log in details.

    • :)

      Amen to that, sister, hahaha.

    • RAchel

      Uh what? She doesn’t look bad at all.. Bet she still looks better than you even on her worst day. I NEVER wear anything, no make up, no effort for hair style. Just Brush my hair, brush my teeth, cold splash of water, clothes and I’m out of the door. She might be a celebrity, but least she isn’t one of those attention whores who walks around all made up and in ‘weird’ clothing to get naked. She just wants some peace, unlike you, most girls don’t make an effort when they go out and same goes for britney.

      Don’t act like it takes effort to look normal. You’re just obsessed with looks.

      Your comment shamefully indicates nothing more than jealousy. You should fix that before fixing your hair and make up, cus no matter how much of a cake face you get, nothing looks good with envy 😉

      • AlexD

        dont be silly, you must live in uglyville because where i live appearance is everything or close to everything. and im sure the above commenter isnt uglier than britney, i sure as hell am cuter than britney at this point and have no problem saying that. skinnier than britney, habe better face. better hair. hate on it. not because im jealous. i dont know anyone who is jealous of her. back in her early years, yes sure, but now she looks horrific. the one who sounds jealous is you in fact. you (removed by admin) dont worry theres a light in the end of the tunnel 😉

  • lisa marnie

    ummm shes britney spears and she can do whatever she wants. and she knows that. maybe shes just sick of all the attention! its not always about looking good, she knows she can look good whenever she wants. she just doesnt want to be dictated by people anymore. and this ishow she shows it.

  • Isa


  • Sassy

    extensions are so 2007

  • udkcoco

    I’m so with the britney relief effort. I think she actually has really thin hair, and the constant highlights/dark/back to blonde is ruining it. It has to be extremely weak and constantly needing to be chopped off. But the extensions aren’t helping they’ll make it worse. I myself have gone black platinum blonde black platinum blonde multiple times, I’m lucky my hair isn’t like hers. Haha. I have thick, coarse, sturdy horse hair. Save britney! & I know I was like… Girl went to sally beauty and glues those wefts in herself. She’s too pretty to be doing this to herself.

  • lp23

    It is obvious Britney is still a work in process. The judge( 2 weeks ago) still doesn’t think she is ready to look after herself. She is getting better but she is still not well. Her grandmother killer herself when she was in her 30s and her uncles suffer from mental heath disorders as well.

    Maybe she cannot grow her hair back fully.

  • Jemima

    Britney, take out the extentions and buy yourself a nice wig.

  • :)

    She has such a pretty face, looking at that shot of her smiling a little (although her eyes look a bit sore), it’s a shame, I wonder why she chooses to look the way she does, she could make a beautiful canvas for a stylist/makeup artist…

  • Princess

    She used to look so beautiful and perfect,since 2006 Britney went down the hill,always with her eye makeup smudged,bite nails,no bra,ugly clothes and my God her hair always look greasy and dirty.She defineatly needs a makeover

  • solaxi

    lol she is so cute! i cant help but love her! she still looks really pretty even with bad hair and bad clothes…she just seems like she doesnt give a fark! and why not hey! why not!

  • Diana

    What would I do with her?
    Maybe a lobotomy? ehehhe
    just joking

  • Priscila

    She just don’t care. I feel like she tries to be a regular person and going out like that shows that she is not in for the “fame” game. She does not want attention when she is off-duty.
    I would love to see her with a shorter hair, her face and body are so pretty.

  • sarah holt

    As a hair stylist, I can tell that her extensions WERE NOT done by a professional…

    She would be better off taking them out, letting her hair grow out, and wearing the clip-on extentions or wig until her hair becomes healthy again…She should also go to a level 7 dark beige blonde…and stop going from PLATINUM to ALMOST BLACK like she does so often ;)…

    She really would look cute with a shorter hair cut…and SHORT is back in style and very sexy!

  • Europelady

    I see too much of her bra here. That straps are awful, doesn’t she get that all know that there are not dress straps?
    Awful hair, abscent nails, yesterday makeup…
    She should live with her parents to be taken care of.

  • Nuh Ilham

    Actually, she’s got a pretty face, seriously. Just that she does not seem to be carrying herself all too well. She just needs a little touching up and she’ll look great “,)