Brooke Hogan Takes Her Strong Legs for a Ride

January 19, 2009 in Brooke Hogan by Versus


Brooke has one of those body types that stirs debates and sometimes attracts criticism. And for what? Simply because she is not part of the mega-skinny Hollywood trend – in fact, she will never be part of the skinny trend, even if she wanted to, even if she put all her efforts into it.

Why? Simply because she is a girl with a big bone structure and a naturally athletic body type, or more precisely, because she’s daddy’s girl. In more scientific terms, Brooke has a mesomorph body type, the kind that is characterized by large bones, a hard and muscular physique and a well defined, strong body. And while we might be able to change our size, we aren’t able to change our bone structure or our body type.

2 more pictures of Brooke’s strong legs after the jump!



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