Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan, a Tiny outfit and… a Strip Pole

brooke-hogan-a-tiny-outfit-and-a-strip-pole - Brooke Hogan, a Tiny outfit and... a Strip Pole

Oh my… these are the kind of pics that have a VERY high “you’ve got to make fun of this”-risk factor.

But I won’t – just watch me being delicate & kind! (You, on the other hand, can go wild).

Let’s let the whole “Brooke performs as a stripper (minus the taking-off-her-clothes thing)” aside and let’s just say that Brooke’s figure is just fine, but just as in Britney’s case (yet another perfectly healthy, but not Hollywood-skinny girl), the outfit is just NOT FINE, especially when you’re planning to do all sorts of bending, spreading, twisting and other such provocative moves.

brooke-hogan-a-tiny-outfit-and-a-strip-pole-3 - Brooke Hogan, a Tiny outfit and... a Strip Pole

You have got to see the pics on the next page!


brooke-hogan-a-tiny-outfit-and-a-strip-pole-4 - Brooke Hogan, a Tiny outfit and... a Strip Pole

brooke-hogan-a-tiny-outfit-and-a-strip-pole-2 - Brooke Hogan, a Tiny outfit and... a Strip Pole

brooke-hogan-a-tiny-outfit-and-a-strip-pole-5 - Brooke Hogan, a Tiny outfit and... a Strip Pole

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  • oh lord. i hope she see’s these pictures and covers up next time. she cannot honestly think she looks healthy and fit. she is clearly overweight. i think if she were to go to the gym and eat healthier she would look a lot better. i do think, however she is a positive role model for young girls who are a bit more curvy. still, no one wants to see that!

    • Kitty

      EXCUSE ME? She looks good here and she’s definitely NOT overweight!!! Of course she’s not skinny, but not being skinny does not mean being fat. I don’t know what’s wrong with you…
      Outfit isn’t perfect, she should have chosen longer pants or a skirt. Don’t know. But I like how her outfit reveals her mid-section which looks great.

      • Anya

        omg you have got to be kidding me?! She is 5’11 therefore she is not overweight. She looks amazing and for me personally, she beats almost every single stick figure from hollywood in who looks the best.

        • korubo_krieger

          height has nothing to do with seeing the over-weightness buddy.
          she does not have a good midsection, it’s just ridiculously tanned.
          and when you start to have those lines in your thighs…
          when one publicly proclaims they’re on the south beach diet
          it’s kind of mandatory to show results……

        • what you got against stick figures?

          • Anya

            Yes height has everything to do with the overall look. You may not be toned but if you weight whats right for your height than you shouldn’t loose weight but maybe only tone op if thats what you feel like.
            Seriously dude you have a problem.

    • Crystal

      Oh please! Do you know what overwieght is?

  • minnie

    blair you must be kidding to say she is overweight!! she is far from that..she looks pretty normal, and actually quite toned to me!
    I don’t like the outfit either…it’s trashy. And to be honest, she looks quite manly, too…

    • stella

      i completely agree with both of you minni and anya i think she is perfectly normal very healthy!!!

  • Lizzie

    She is very muscular and toned. Sometimes it’s so hard to get that extra layer of fat off even with working out and eating healthy. Still, Brooke tries so hard to be sexy and it’s clearly not working for her. Where is the video for this, I bet it’s hilarious!

    • gaby

      hahahah where is the muscle and tone? muscle and tone aren’t dimples in your thighs and 3 rolls on your belly.

  • kat


    • kat

      …shes not fat…but definitely in denial if she thinks she can pull of her choice of outfits!

      • Crystal

        I agree I’m about her bmi and i don’t think id look good in that outfit

  • Alex

    that’s chubby and def NOT sexy

  • anonymous

    Overweight, really? Huh. Yes, the outfit(bottoms anyway) is a bad choice, but I think her body is just fine.

  • Marco

    Overweight? Yes, apparently. She’d look way better, sexier, when she’d go down 15-20 lbs. but that won’t be too easy ’cause her bodytype is very muscular ( see her thighs, beautiful O.K. but large! ).
    Beautiful: yes, she is. Very beautiful: could be, but… she definitely has to lose weight!

  • Rellie

    she’s very tall, big boned and yes, the outfit is NOT good but she’s not FAT. she’s a pretty girl aswell, nothing wrong with her

  • salma’ben

    i think she looks great and hot I am talking about her body and outfit BUT yes guys there’s a BUT her actions/atitude/positions are really odd still love u brooke but u must think about ur actions if u want to look like a nice lady

  • Elena

    I like her. She’s funny and she’s not afraid to make fun of herself. And that’s def sexy! She’s tall, muscular and she’s got great abs. What’s the point of criticising her? ps: yes, I hate the outfit too 😀

  • e

    Eewwwwww, go back to making us wonder about incest between you and your brother and leave the pole alone, it didn’t do ANYTHING to you!!!

  • julia

    hulk will be disappointed with the outfit!!! her body is great though

    • miranda

      he was in the crowd.. she pulled him up onstage after her “dance” haha

  • Charlotte

    I don’t like her trashy fashion sense. She isn’t fat…she def isn’t in shape, but i wouldn’t say she’s fat either.

  • Freedom

    You know how some ppl use the term”big boned” as excuse to why they are fat? well this is simple not the case, becasue brooke is truly big boned. she has a very athletic bodybuild, and it might not the most desirable bodytype to everyone(although I think her breast implants proportioned her beautifully), it isn’t disgusting. Ok. maybe the lude poses are disgusting, but not the body, which is toned. and if she lost weight she wouldn’t look any better b/c of her large skeltal frame, her musclarness (is that a word?) and bodytype, she would look les femine than she already does. So she is fine now, I mean there is not much she can do to change it. BUT she can .. i mean should, change her trashy fashion sense. I know its stripper wear but there are far better choices than that!

  • Ramie

    She probably isn’t overweight for her very large build & large bone structure. I don’t like the look but someone probably does. lol. 🙂

  • helena

    sluty outfit-fat legs

  • Toni Jo

    Fat, not fat… whatever. This is a terrible outfit choice. No one would look good in this. A very skinny person shouldn’t wear it, a very fat person shouldn’t wear it, no one should ever wear this.

    The way the bottoms sit make her look much heavier than she really is. A model who is just laying on a bed would still have that pooch… but she would have the luxury of photoshop. Anyone who plans to be up, dancing, moving around should wear higher shorts, or cover the whole area.

    This is what Britney wore when she worked the pole:

    Pay attention Brooke! HIGHER SHORTS PLEASE

  • jess

    Body is fine, outfit is terrible.
    And what’s with her face? Girl’s looking pretty rough. Those bruises are pretty unattractive too, but that’s probably from smashing into a pole.
    It’s great that she loves pole dancing and all, I mean, it’s a great workout. But if she doesn’t want to get made fun of, she should really just stick to using the pole in her house. What ever happened to having class?

  • Looola

    I am NOT saying that she is fat or skinny…. I am just saying that this is NOT pretty…!!!!

  • Ariel

    Wait, does she actually think she is hot? Lose 20 lbs asap

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  • Sally

    She is verging on fat, but even if she did lose weight she would still look like a really fugly man. She needs lipo and a face transplant. That orange fake tan can’t cover everything.

    • korubo_krieger

      i think the tans tricking some people here….
      she’s def pudgy.

  • B.

    she bitch is tubbs.. Im sorry, but Im 5’10 and just because im an amazon doesnt mean that if i stack on the pounds im not considered bigger.. shes HUSKY. I think thats the perfect word.. big boned and thick.. she looks manish and should have the decency to NOT pole dance in public.. especially in that god forsaken ensemble .. its every one of these pics.. if youre defending her.. its because you are tubbs yourself.. be one with it.

  • B.

    also.. to: korubo_krieger youre comments are pure gold.

  • gaby

    ok….shes NOT fat but she is definitely NOT toned or have muscle. She is chubby and could spare to lose like 10 pounds.

  • michelle

    that is disgusting.
    how can she go out in public like that?

  • pOtAtO

    yeah she could some pounds but damn i’ll give her credits cause she’s confident with herself, I would personnaly never go out like that but damn she did it and what she gets… a bashing because she supposedly “fat”…. *sigh

    like others have already said, she’s big boned ok, she’ll never be a size 0… never! and to dance on a pole like that you have to be in great shape!! maybe a couple of pounds less and she would be perfect! looks at old posts of her… I remember the one on rollerblades and she had AMAZING legs!! go Brooke!

  • GIGI

    Um so wait… what the hell is this for? Is she performing this “sex” at a carnival where little kids are running around choking on cotton candy? Well now their parents will be choking on cotton candy when they see that carnivals are NO LONGER unsexual! WTF was this chick thinking… and that photo of her standing with those sneakers on, it looks like she got some sort of tummy surgery… and I thought Hogan was protective of his daughter, well that certainly looks like he doesn’t give a crap! Her face is pretty though and I think she is one of the nicest celebrities (that are famous for nothing) out there.

  • HippoBanana

    I wish I had her confidence, that’s sure.
    Yeah she’s not Gisele but she’s not claiming to be or trying to be.
    If she wants to please people she should ditch the orange tan, she lives in Miami surely she could risk skin cancer for a nice healthy glow. The yellow stringy fake hair should not be seen on anyone, Brooke your family is loaded surely you could afford a better hair stylist Try channeling Gwen Stefani if you want the peroxide blond look.
    You can wear less and still look classy. But maybe you should try covering up first, especially if your stradling a pole at a carnival.

    I tried to stay as positive as I could, she is a really sweet girl (from watching Hogan and Brooke Knows Best) and she has stayed her self and not changes despite her craving fame. You gotta give the girl that.

  • paula

    she looks ok but she needs to ton a bit

  • athena

    well, her singing career isn’t really taking off….good thing she found a back-up career. she has a great athletic figure, the outfit however is just very unflattering.

  • Rahrah

    i feel like every one is trying to “copy” lady gagas “style”.

    but this girl has absolutely ZERO class.
    but she does look relatively healthy.

  • Ella

    Yes, Brooke has a stocky body type. She isn’t fat, but she isn’t slim either. The costume is not the best or most flattering of choices, but she’s brave for going out in that outfit and certainly has the confidence that many girls with her body type lack. Maybe she hasn’t displayed that confidence in a classy way, but you have to admire her for being comfortable with her body despite how everyone criticises it. I mean just look at the messages left on this very page!

    As for the creases she gets on her stomach… I am a US size 2, weigh 108lbs and even I still get creases on my stomach if I curl up that much. The lines on her legs would happen to anyone with skin when they’re sliding down a pole while trying to remain attached to it!

    • Elena

      I subscribe!

    • rahrah

      yes props to her being confident.
      but if ANYONE acted this way regardless of if they were skinny or not. they would be just as scrutinized.
      i admire her confidence, but at the same it its as annoying as hell.

  • maryangela

    wow, she looks really old.

  • princess_x

    Put it away Brooke !

  • jess

    I just watched the video.. She definitely looks much more tall and lean in the video.. Maybe because it’s not as high-def or zoomed in..

    But girl has NO skills, and I maintain that she should really her pole dancing at home.

  • Sarah

    Wow. Props to Brooke for not giving a sh*t though.

  • Lola


    • anonymous


  • klara

    she looks good. obviously it’s difficult to look classy when pole dancing, but she’s obvs having fun and muscle tone – so why not?

  • Jadey

    her legs are so big n her tummy isnt tonned
    n the outfit ….ok….do i need to say more

  • Actually. I think Brooke is just fine how she is =) She’s a big gal, and big meaning tall. She has that Mariah Carey thing about her. And as for covering up? theres no way in hell you can do pole tricks with pants on -_- some people still are close minded about pole dancing (NOT STRIPPING). And if you’ve watched her show you’d know she’s been taking classes… and me being a pole gal myself I know how hard it actually is. I think Brooke is just fine the way she is and mad props for her progress =)

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  • Leslie

    I dont think she should be pole dancing, espically in that outfit.
    And you people stop b*tching about hollywood skinny, dont you think it makes slim people feel bad? Do they deserve to be ridiculed? Why is it that to be healthy you have to be a chubbo, I know so many people who are naturally twig thin and they feel bad because people call them aneroxic, I am slim and I get it a lot. Brooke isnt fat but that outfit doesnt do her justice, its not appropriate. I hate her mum she really needs to get over her midlife crisis.

  • Natalia


    All I can say is: She looks like her Dad. Which is, ultimately, awful. Women are supposed to be sensual, have thinner bones, a “lighter” stature even if they are not lighter in weight.

    • s.

      This comment really bothered me.

      who dictates what women are “supposed to be?”

      apparently a “woman” HAS to be sensual, light, and small boned??? otherwise she is not a woman??

      might as well add she should be quiet unless spoken to, walk soft footed, and never speak too loudly or bring too much attention to her feeble, weak, weary, pretty little self.

      I feel like I just read a page from the Victorian era. Think what you want about Brooke’s physique, but don’t make broad sweeping generalisations about what women SHOULD be without recognising the impliciations you are making.

      • Michelle

        Amen Sister! 🙂

  • marisa

    how embarasing!

  • Natalia

    hahaha.. “Victorian Era”… no women are supposed to look like men 🙂 YES – SMALL BONED ! I think you forgot the “technicals” of men vs women.

    I simply see her looking alike her Dad, and men look that way, no problem, I have nothing against him. But her? Come on ! Maybe if she would lose a few pounds? I don’t think that would even help.

    So what happened to the women of the, how you called it – Victorian Era? Or even the 30-60’s. What happened to these feminine women, that men love so much.

    Why do you think more American men began going to China and find Asian women as their partners? Because they are more family oriented, sensual… etc..

    I don’t personally know why, but if I had to choose between Hogan and a foreign woman, – Hogan would definitely not be my choice.

    • Miranda

      Are you being serious? American men go get Asian women because they’re submissive. It has nothing to do with being “sensual” or “family orineted” or even “feminine”. Asian women are all raised to do everything their husband says, like a slave. That’s why some american men marry then, and I’d know this seeing as my grandpa divorced my grandma and went and married an Asian woman who let him slap her around.

      And by the way, you’re talking like all American women look like Brooke Hogan. Yeah, right. Bigger, muscular women like her are few and far between. There may be a lot of fat women, but not manly women. Most women here are short and small-framed. Either way, I think you should accept that women come in all shapes and sizes. You’re obviously very ignorant to that idea.

    • anya

      Just because a woman is build in a certain way doesn’t mean she isn’t femnine. Wether she is skinny or bigger or has a boyish body, doesn’t mean she isn’t a woman and feminine.
      And she should deff. not loose a few pounds, you must be insane. She can’t help she is build bigger just like some can’t help if they are build petite.
      And you need to go back to school if you think that Amercan men gets married to asian women because they are more sensual, family oriented and so on, becase you couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • Natalia

    Really. Must have missed that in vet school then.

    Anyway, I have a few friends that love foreign girls.. they love their looks and family values. Really, family values. Verbatim. There are many Americans who have family values and ethics also, but this has been less common these days. I am married to an American myself 🙂

    What women are – naturally women, sometimes they fail to resemble that gender.

    Maybe she could go to a gym and tighten up ? If she can’t lose the weight.
    Why so defensive? It isn’t about you that I am talking about 🙂

    Personally, I do not mind women having a bit of insulation on them… good for winter months – but they don’t look like their own fathers !


  • Natalia

    Asian women are submissive? Are you a racist?

    Haha.. I hope no one here is of Asian descent. I can’t believe you said that… it is the 21st century.. right? No one should have such bad views in regards to other races.

    Anyway.. did you ever go abroad to Europe.. you’ll never see anyone THAT large. Ever.

    • Miranda

      No, most Asian women ARE submissive. I don’t see how that’s racist. I’ve been to Thailand, China, South Korea and Japan. I know from experience that Asian women are submissive, not to mention that my step grandmother (who I love very much) is submissive. It’s just the way most Asians raise their daughters. And yes I have been through much of Europe, including Russia, and Europe is not immune to have big women. I’ve seen them with my own eyes.

      I think you’re the one who’s prejudice, seeing as you’re making some rash generalizations about American women. You’re insinuating that we’re all as big as Brooke, but I’m 5’3 and 105 pounds, and I’m American, so you can take your stereotypes somewhere else.

      By the way, Brooke doesn’t need to lose weight. She’s not fat, she just has a large build.

      • Ella

        Well, I actually am half East Asian and although I disagree that you are racist and do agree that many East Asian women are submissive, I think you are quite misinformed if you believe East Asian women are taught to be slaves to their husbands (from your other comment above). It is a generalisation to believe that all East Asian women are raised to be men’s slaves simply because your East Asian step grandmother allowed herself to be abused. Also, I know from my own family that many East Asian women go under the guise of being submissive, but really control a lot more than you think they do.

        I wonder how much you have really seen in all of these Asian countries, or if you have simply seen what you WANTED to see. I’ve known plenty of people who have been to Asia and are still ignorant enough to believe all Asian languages sound like, ‘Ching, chong, ching.’

        Now I know I will probably get flamed for this even if I state clearly that none of this is meant to say ‘All western/East Asian women are X,’ so I’m just going to go ahead with it. About the comments on East Asians and being feminine, family-oriented and sensual. I think I know what Miranda means. Obviously it isn’t some kind of genetic thing because it isn’t something all East Asians have. However, this is what I have experienced of the general culture.

        Many western women (particularly in North America and the UK) love to wear T-shirts, hoodies, baggy jeans, tracksuit bottoms and trainers/sneakers or flip-flops. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it isn’t feminine.

        Many are very into feminism and a number misinterpret that as trying to be a man, when women are equal to men, but are still different. Again, nothing wrong with it, but it isn’t feminine and is often more career-oriented than family-oriented. Being just a housewife in the west is seen as being a pathetic, weak idiot who has been brainwashed by the patriarchy. Even when a woman is happy that way, she is often looked down upon and people try to teach her she must be an assertive, aggressive and independent person who doesn’t need a man. Why would a man want a woman who is always talking about how men are unnecessary and that she can do everything without him? Even with love there, I am sure he will still feel inadequate and with all her struggles to be in a man’s place he may well feel she’s always fighting just to say, ‘Hah, see I don’t need you at all! Women are just as great as men and I can do fine without you!’ when really he isn’t responsible for creating misogyny. And really many men need to feel needed and wanted too.

        In Asia it’s okay to be a housewife, although times are changing because of the influence from the west. To be able to keep a neat and tidy home, to make wonderful food and to make another human being immensely happy and proud of you is a great achievement. To raise children to become intelligent, well-behaved and hard-working people is an even greater achievement. Women teach their daughters how to be good wives to their husbands because perhaps something else will win him over, but her ability to take care of him will be what keeps him. He gives her a roof to live under, food and clothing and she keeps that house clean, prepares the food and maintains the clothing. A husband who cannot take care of his wife is a bad husband, just as a wife who cannot take care of her husband is a bad wife. It isn’t that the wife is a slave: it is more a symbiotic relationship than anything else.

        Yes, the women can also work and that is accepted, but the point is: there is a choice. In the west, I get the feeling there isn’t one. To be only a wife is to be only a loser, no matter how good at it you are or how hard you work at it, western society will not appreciate it.

        I can’t really explain sensuality, but I’ve noticed that a number of western women will go for the plastic look and a blatantly ‘I want sex’ expression to be seen as attractive. Just take a look at what’s supposed to be sexy on a men’s mag. That’s why Megan Fox is so popular. In East Asia, the women are generally more natural and aren’t so obvious about it. It can be simply in the way they gaze or smile at someone and many do not dress as provocatively to be seen as attractive. I guess it is still more about elegance and grace than being sexy. You have to keep your dignity, be subtle and be a lady to win a man. Not just a slut.

        Note: just as it isn’t true that ALL western women are like the women I’ve described, it also isn’t true that ALL East Asian women are like the women I’ve described. So, if anyone sees something that sounds as if I am saying that, it is probably because I was trying so carefully to avoid generalisations and be PC (for those that freak out about that) at the same time as saying what I wanted to say that I slipped up! Sorry.

        • Ella

          I meant to say, ‘I think I know what NATALIA means.’

        • Miranda

          First, let me clear something up. I never said that Asian women are slaves, I said they’re submissive. So don’t put words in my mouth, thanks.

          Have you even been to a “Western” country? You seemed to be VERY misinformed about the women over here. And I learned quite a bit while traveling the world, I saw what was right there in front of me. I think your long narrative post only supports what I said, that most Asian women are raised to be submissive. By the way I didn’t just base my opinion on my step grandmother, like I said, I spent an extensive amount of time traveling through Asia, and I am in no way “ignorant”, thanks.

          I feel like you’ve done the same thing you’re accusing me of doing; seeing only what you want to see. Housewives still make up a hefty percentage of women in America. Women with rich husbands never work because they don’t have to, but for the rest of us women who choose to work it’s not just so we feel like we’re “equal” and like we “don’t need men”, it’s because we cannot AFFORD to sit around on our asses all day. Not unless we want our children to go hungry. You obviously do not know very much about “Western” culture, obviously you know less about our culture than I do about Asian culture. You’ve made some silly generalizations, so I’m saying that YOU’RE misinformed.

          • Kae

            Watch yourself, you just made some very ignorant statements regarding housewives. VERY IGNORANT. Who’s the misinformed one now? I smell some jealousy and envy here. What a pity.

          • Miranda

            Um, Kae, what the hell are you talking about? I never said a single bad thing about housewives, all I said is they have rich husbands and are luckier than the rest of us who need to support our families, how is that “ignorant”? YOU need to “watch yourself”. And who am I jealous of, exactly? I have no desire to be a housewife. Put down the crack pipe, you’re making no sense.

          • Kae

            I got the impression that you have a certain view of housewives. We have rich husbands and sit on our asses all day. I’ve heard that a lot and it’s certainly true for some, but not all. You also stated something about housewives being needy? Was that you or someone else?

            I can’t believe how many people still don’t understand why some women stay home. If you get it, you understand, then thank you. I may have misread your post, which is entirely possible. And no, I don’t own a crack pipe.

          • Miranda

            Yeah, you must’ve misunderstood. And when I was talking about “needy” I didn’t mean housewives. Ella said that men like needy women, and that “feminists” just run around acting like they don’t need men. And I was saying that most men don’t like needy women, they like their women to have a life of their own. I have nothing against housewives, if they want to devote their time towards being a mother then good for them. But just because you choose to work does not mean that you’re not feminine, and women who do work usually don’t have anything against women who choose not to. I was just stating my opinion on some of the generalizations and ignorant statements that Ella made.

          • Kae

            Okay, my apologies then. Seriously…I’ve heard so many rude comments regarding women who stay at home AND women who choose or have to work. You’re damned if you do, damned it you don’t. Women have to make choices when they have children and there’s guilt no matter what.

            I actually tried to apologize after I wrote my first response to you but the site was having issues, there must be a lot of internet traffic. I wish we had an edit button on this site so we could change our comments if we wish to.

          • Miranda

            it’s fine, I know there are a lot of stereotypes about housewives, and those Real Housewives tv shows on Bravo don’t help much lol. And what’s sad is most of the criticism on both sides are coming from other women. I feel like we should support one another and our right to choose which path we take, rather it be the career-oriented woman or the family-oriented woman. It’s good that we at least have a choice now, it hasn’t always been that way.

          • Kae

            Okay, good. And I agree with you completely. Sweeping generalizations are never good and it’s great that women have more choices these days.

          • Ella

            Try a search on this page for this phrase: ‘Asian women are all raised to do everything their husband says, like a slave.’ See whose name comes up.

            What makes you think I would even dare to speak about western people without having any experience? I get experience of western women from my family as well as my friends and along with the fact that I have lived in western countries for more than two decades.

            I did not call you ignorant. I said I’ve known plenty of people who have been to places and remain ignorant. i.e. Just because you travel somewhere does not mean that you will learn something.

            You continue to talk about travelling to all these places, but travelling somewhere and actually living there are two very different things. You learn a lot more from living somewhere.

            Right at the beginning I actually agreed with you that Asian women in general are submissive… So I don’t know why you are trying to say I was arguing the opposite.

            Defending East Asian women only shows submissiveness? That doesn’t make much sense. If we’re so submissive shouldn’t I simply back down and accept your word as truth no matter how far from it it is?

            Who is putting words in other people’s mouths? I never said all women in the west are feminists. I said ‘Many women’. I also never said that the reasons those women work are the same for all women in the west.

        • Instant

          You didn’t do a very good job of avoiding generalizations. You are saying that a woman that wears T-shirts, hoodies, baggy jeans, tracksuit bottoms and trainers/sneakers or flip-flops isn’t feminine at all(and why aren’t those things feminine? If they are made for women, they are feminine), how is that not a generalization? You seem to suggest that a woman that isn’t a house wife isn’t feminine, how is that not a generalization? You seem to suggest that that is how all western women are and that we look down on women that are housewives, how is that not a generalization? You seem to suggest that feminism is only about women being like men(instead of equal to them) and not needing men, how is that not a generalization? I wasn’t raised to believe I HAD to be a housewife/SAHM to be a good wife, BUT, I also wasn’t raised to believe that a woman that wants to be housewife/SAHM is some one that needs to be looked down on either.

          It’s not a good idea to counteract misinformation about a set of people by presenting misinformation about another set of people.

          • Miranda

            Amen. No one looks down on housewives here, and you do not have to walk around in a dress and heels all day to be a woman. Also, you don’t have to walk around in a dress all day or be submissive to get a man, American men appreciate women who don’t “need” them all the time, around here clingyness/neediness is a huge turnoff.

          • Ella

            Almost everything you accuse me of you are not sure of and it seems to me that you – along with Miranda – have interpreted this as far more exaggerated and negative than it really is.

            e.g. ‘isn’t feminine’ changes to ‘isn’t feminine at all’
            That you believe I am saying…
            ‘women who aren’t housewives are not feminine’ (this was when I was comparing family-oriented v.s. career-oriented)
            ‘all western women are this way’
            ‘all western women look down on housewives’
            ‘feminism is only about being like men and not needing them’

            These are all incorrect interpretations.

            It’s more difficult than it looks to avoid generalising when you’re writing about something that is so general. And of course, all hell will break loose because in my attempt to type quickly before I lose my line of thought, I missed tiny words like, ‘few’, ‘some’, ‘many’… And you choose to attack me for these mistakes any human could make when rushing?

            Just because something is for women only, does not automatically make it womanly. The outfit I described can be found on both men and women without the man looking weird, so I would say it is more androgynous than anything else.

            It seems both of you take ‘unfeminine’ as such a huge insult, when I never indicated it to be anything negative.

            Miranda – Who said anything about only a dress and heels being feminine?

            Who said femininity makes one a woman?

            Who said only submissive women in dresses get men?

            Who said American men like needy women?

            Again… all of these ideas came from your head and weren’t in what I wrote.

        • Ela

          I do understand what you’re saying, and I note what you say about this not applying to all western women, but I would like to add my point of view to this as someone who probably ascribes to some of the traits you’ve written about. I also have Asian family so have a dual perspective.

          Dressing in a casual style with t-shirts, boyfriend jeans and hoodies: Of the women dressing this was I see a really small number who don’t look feminine and they are the ones who wear ill-fitting clothes and pay no attention to their hair and make-up. At least 80% of the girls I see in this sort of attire look feminine and a good many look sexy. This is all about what we individually perceive as attractiveness.

          As for feminism, we believe in equal rights but I don’t see many of my contemporaries or anyone I’ve met in the business world trying to be a man. Being career-oriented isn’t instead of family-oriented, it’s as well as. I don’t know one woman who doesn’t want to settle down and have a family as well as having a great career. We are taught that we can have it all.
          No-one I know looks down on someone who chooses to stay home and raise a family, but we do judge those who choose to stay at home without children and do that whole ‘ladies who lunch’ thing while their husbands bring home the money. In my opinion… that’s laziness.

          And I don’t think it’s wrong to encourage women to be independent, and when we talk about the inadequacies of men it’s only to our girlfriends. We’re not stupid enough to say it in front of men.
          Also, a lot of men prize independence in women, they want a woman who they don’t have to look after, they want a partner not a burden. Just because we don’t depend on our boyfriend or husband for financial security doesn’t mean we don’t need or want them. In fact, taking money out of the equation often makes for a better relationship.

          I completely disagree that a good wife has to take care of her husband. I guess this is a huge cultural gulf but I don’t expect to have to take care of any fully grown intelligent man. I’ll take care of my babies who can’t do it for themselves. Caring and taking care are different things.

          Some women go for the look you describe and I don’t like it either, but almost all of us are more natural than that. Men’s magazines are the same in the West and the East- unreal, overtly sexual portrayals of women. Confidence and sexual liberation mean women aren’t afraid to approach men, but I don’t think East Asian women have any special charms in gazing or smiling that Western women aren’t also equipped with! We’re all women after all, and we all use our feminine mystique to beguile the boys.

          Dignity I agree with, even subtlety, but being a lady? Many of us may behave that way, but having that expectation of women’s behaviour went out with the dinosaurs here.

          I think this is a really interesting discussion.

          • Ela

            I mean to say ‘dressing this way’, not ‘dressing this was’. Oops!

          • Ella

            Thank you for sharing your views in a mature manner. I really appreciate it.

            I agree that it all depends on people’s perception as to whether it is feminine or not and I do realise there are variations among the women who wear the outfit I described. E.g. a woman in a baggy hoody, baggy camouflage combat trousers and chunky trainers/sneakers is not going to look as feminine to me as a woman in skinny jeans, ballet flats and a fitted T-shirt. I think the latter can be feminine and sexy to a degree, but I guess there I made the mistake of not being specific enough! I had an image in my head and quickly typed it.

            I have seen feminist women trying to do that and have also met people who choose to be career-oriented instead of family-oriented. In the west many women feel as if they are forced to choose and more and more are choosing careers first. Many couples have to work so much they hardly have time for each other. Even if they do have children, I don’t think it is uncommon to hear about people leaving their children to be raised by the nanny while both parents are out earning money. I think it is very sad because, although I believe people need to feel they are contributing to society in some way (usually through their work), they also need their family time. Not just quick-cook-stuff-your-face-and-get-to-bed time.

            Yes, I agree that what you described is laziness, but unfortunately I have observed that attitude in many people even when that is not the case. Perhaps I was just unfortunate enough to encounter it and witness it, but I cannot deny I still get the feeling that housewives are not seen as having much value compared to someone who works, whereas in other parts of the world it is recognised and valued.

            I don’t think there is anything wrong with being independent, I just believe that the reasons people are fed to be independent give some the wrong idea. e.g. It’s similar to an article I recently read about how they encourage independent, assertive and aggressive behaviour in students and how it has led to a number of those people becoming ruthless and not caring about anyone else as long as they make a profit. The current economic situation was caused by people like that. I do believe that some women can go through a similar transformation, but I certainly do not think they are in a majority.

            In my description of husband and wife taking care of each other I do not believe the wife was a burden. Though I do realise that, in the west, it usually is that way with the cost of living.

            I know that having money does not MEAN one does not want or need a man, but many men are not so secure that they will not feel afraid of that being a possibility. However, I believe it depends on the attitude of the woman more than whether she has that career and money or not. If she makes sure to let him know how important he is to her, I don’t believe it matters. If she forgets to remind him of this and time with him is just another appointment to be squeezed into her busy schedule… then it’s another story.

            Maybe ‘caring for’ was a better choice of words then? I feel it shows one’s love and care for a partner when one takes care of them in some way. I’m not talking about treating them like a baby: deciding what they wear, feeding them or bathing them. In my description of a husband and wife I don’t think they are babying each other, but are supporting one another. It is something that will only be given to their spouse and nobody else. It’s a way of communicating, ‘You are special to me.’

            I don’t know how else to explain it, so never mind if you still do not see it. We can agree to disagree.

            I did not mean to say that East Asian women have anything special. Simply that they are different in subtle ways. Their manners and methods of attracting men differ greatly. e.g. If an American woman were to go around in pigtails, not just like a sexy schoolgirl, but actually acting the age too and giggling and being girly… no one would find that attractive. She may be seen as stupid and strange, possibly even a bit mentally disturbed! However, in Japan, being ‘cute’ and youthful is a large part of being attractive. Okay, Japan is special, but I just wanted to illustrate a point.

            By ‘being a lady’ I was being a bit redundant as I more or less meant having a little dignity and class. I’m not saying go around curtseying, holding out your little finger when you drink tea, or only speaking when spoken to, but I am saying it isn’t particularly attractive if one goes around swearing like a sailor all day, slouching, spitting, etc. I suppose I should be more careful with how I use ‘lady’ because there are so many different interpretations.

            It is indeed interesting to have a discussion, but only with the right people.

    • Instant

      “Anyway.. did you ever go abroad to Europe.. you’ll never see anyone THAT large. Ever.”

      I’ve been to Europe. Spent about 3 years in Germany, and yes, you will see women THAT large.

      • Michelle

        I live IN germany and yes I have seen MANY large Woman here. I believe statistically Germany is getting pretty damn close to the U.S. with Obesity….not that Brooke Hogan is Obese or Overweight in my opinion.

        • Instant

          Oh, I didn’t mean large in that respect, I meant large like Brooke is large, her body frame and musculature(Amazonian, if you will 😛 ).

          • Michelle

            i was talking about natalia not you Instant. 🙂

  • Natalia

    Germany? Everyone travels to Germany. Europe does not have just ONE country. Anyway, on the other hand with all the sausages and the beer, perhaps they can be large, but not 300lbs. I wasn’t talking about that stripping pole that this thread is about. Germans are not the most beautiful people anyway. Choose a different country next time you go, oh, and yes, military does not count !

    Brooke is definitely overweight. How much do you weigh?

    • Instant

      You’re an ass. Brooke is not overweight. And Germany is part of Europe, just because they may not represent what you claimed when you said that Europe doesn’t have women THAT large doesn’t mean they don’t count. Sure, I didn’t travel a lot in the three years I lived in Germany, but I didn’t see just Germans there, and I did travel to France too. That country’s not filled with dainty little women either, they had some larger framed gals too(and again, I’m not talking overweight here). Nothing wrong with a woman having a large frame, what’s your issue?

  • Natalia

    Who on earth would want to come here, after a “long” day… and constantly discuss actresses. 🙂 I’ve got horses to take care of.

    Anyway, Germany is getting greatly Americanized. That’s not good – have not been there is a few years – about 10 ? Go anywhere else other than Deutschland and perhaps you’ll find less obese women.

    • Instant

      You sure do say a lot for someone that doesn’t want to be here after a “long” day.

      • Michelle

        Why argue with someone who dosen’t know that Germany is part of Europe? HAHAHA!!

        • Michelle

          BTW Instant you are RIGHT with everything you said. I have traveled throughout Europe(Including Germany sense that IS a part of Europe Natalia..LOL) and have seen MANY overweight and Obese Women throughout Europe. Maybe you should come back to Europe…because 10 years can make a big diffrence…and then maybe I will give a shit about what you have to say Natalia. LOL

          • Natalia

            Michelle I did say, Germany is not the only European country, didn’t I? Unless you misread my post. I’m sure you arethe type of person who confuses Slovakia with Slovenia.

            Is that the best you can do? What a shame, and by the way, if you don’t give a “shit”, how you gently put it, then why reply?

            Thank you Ella !

  • Natalia

    There (I hope) still is the idea of freedom of speech. If I have a different opinion of Hogan, that does not mean I must get attacked by some of you who have just the opposite. I don’t like Brooke. I don’t find her attractive at all, in fact, I find that many men feel the same.

    End of story on my part !

    • Instant

      Yes, we are attacking your “opinion” because you are wrong in your assertion that women shouldn’t be “large” like Brooke(not to mention saying she is overweight), and that they should be small-boned, no one like her in Europe(which is laughable, isn’t she of European decent? If there aren’t women like her in Europe, wtf did she get her build from?) etc…, but that doesn’t mean we are trying to stop you from talking, does it? Seriously, if you have the right to sit there and insult people and spout misinformation, we have the right to call you out on it.

  • Ella

    Miranda – You did NOT say a bad thing about housewives? What’s all this about then?

    ‘Women with rich husbands never work because they don’t have to, but for the rest of us women who choose to work it’s not just so we feel like we’re “equal” and like we “don’t need men”, it’s because we cannot AFFORD to sit around on our asses all day.’

    I.e. Insinuating that only women with rich husbands are housewives and those who are housewives just sit around on their butt all day. Sounds as if you are saying housewives are lazy gold diggers. I’m not surprised someone else got offended.

    I never said the following that you’ve ‘quoted’:

    ‘Men like needy women’

    ‘Feminists run around showing they don’t need men’

    ‘If you choose to work you’re not feminine’

    That is YOUR interpretation of what I posted and is incorrect.

    • Miranda

      Oh my god, shut up and stop putting words into my mouth (even though we aren’t actually talking). Nothing in my paragraph “insinuated” that housewives sit around on their ass all day, or that they’re lazy gold diggers. Quote where I said that, you petulant little girl. And YOU insinuated that men like women who make them feel needed, “needy women”, also you did say that feminists run around acting like they don’t need men. You MUST be missing a few screws, that’s the only explanation I can draw from your comments.

      Now stfu, your ignorance is draining me.

      • Ella

        I do not see what I did to deserve so much anger and all of these insults. Your response says much more about yourself than it does about me. I have nothing further to discuss with you.

  • Instant @Ella

    (because that thread up there is so full)

    “Almost everything you accuse me of you are not sure of and it seems to me that you – along with Miranda – have interpreted this as far more exaggerated and negative than it really is.”
    That’s why I said “seem to suggest”

    “e.g. ‘isn’t feminine’ changes to ‘isn’t feminine at all’”
    What’s the difference(and you do say later in this very post that I am quoting from that you don’t view those items of clothing as feminine, so it isn’t inaccurate of me to make that change)?

    “That you believe I am saying…
    ‘women who aren’t housewives are not feminine’ (this was when I was comparing family-oriented v.s. career-oriented)”
    Because that is what it looked like you were saying.

    “Just because something is for women only, does not automatically make it womanly. The outfit I described can be found on both men and women without the man looking weird, so I would say it is more androgynous than anything else.”
    But how are they unfeminine? I’ve seen some very feminine looking jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and what have you that WOULD look weird on a man for wearing them. Nothing androgynous about them. I prefer jeans and t-shirts because I feel they are more flattering/forgiving to my current figure than a dress and skirt is(if you want an example, look at a plus size woman in a dress, then look at that same woman in a pair of jeans and a nice fitted t-shirt, she tends to look smaller in the jeans and t-shirt). And they are more comfortable and practical for my lifestyle. I’m a SAHM, I have a 5 and 7 yo. boy. Very active kids. It would be very unladylike for me to run around and play with them in a dress/skirt ’cause I’d be showing more than I wanted to. If I worked at a job that required more than casual wear, I’d probably round out my wardrobe with more dresses and skirts, but my wardrobe(and myself) is not unfeminine because it consists of mostly jeans and fitted t-shirts.

    “It seems both of you take ‘unfeminine’ as such a huge insult, when I never indicated it to be anything negative.”
    To me, it looked like you WERE indicating it is negative by pointing it out the way you did(but I didn’t take it as HUGE insult, nice way to turn around do what you say I’m doing, misinterpreting my post 😛 ). Just because you see femininity in a more demure and dressy way doesn’t mean your view of femininity is the only view of femininity that counts.

    • Ella

      Yet you still asked me about it and argued against it as if I had said that, instead of listing what you believe I am suggesting and then asking me if you are right or not. I feel I was not given the chance to say, ‘Hold on, you misinterpreted,’ before you decided I had said X and argued against it.

      The difference is that what you wrote was an exaggeration. If someone says ‘Brooke is not fat’ I think it is reasonable that one could assume it is also possible to say, ‘Brooke is not thin, either’. However, if someone says, ‘Brooke is not fat at all,’ it implies she is definitely thin. At least, that’s how I see it.

      I will admit again that made the mistake of not specific enough with the clothing description. However, I disagree that plus-sized women look fatter in dresses. Yes, it certainly depends on how ‘plus-sized’ the woman is, but as long as she’s not going for a dress that hugs her body in all the wrong places and chooses a style that flatters her body type she can look amazing. Just look at Queen Latifah and Jordin Sparks (if I spelt her name right). I have also seen plenty of women who have gone for the wrong jeans-and-T-shirt outfit and have given themselves a muffin top.

      Let me clear something up: a woman doesn’t have to wear a dress or skirt to be feminine (I don’t think I mentioned them). Some jeans and T-shirts can be feminine (as I said before, I realise I was not specific enough), as can trousers and blouses and flat shoes. I also think some dresses can look not-so-feminine. Especially if they make women look like big rectangles when they aren’t.

      It seems you may have taken things personally, felt that you yourself were being called unfeminine and felt the need to defend yourself, when really there probably isn’t anything wrong with you at all and there isn’t anything wrong with being unfeminine. THAT is what I don’t understand. I didn’t say anything negative about women being unfeminine and only made an observation, yet people who feel they are being called that take it as an insult and retaliate. Most people I’ve known who reacted in that way to something I, or someone else, said DO want to be more feminine in one way or another, but they can’t see a way to do so or feel afraid, etc. Or feel they are being dubbed ‘not women’ when nobody said that. They feel as if they are being told, ‘Hey, you have to be like that to be a woman,’ when that was not said. I’ve even seen people get hysterical and defensive when a man says he likes it when a woman wears a little make-up. They take it all out on that person when really they should be searching in themselves for the answer to why this affects them so much.

      I saw indignation (more so from Miranda than you) and interpreted it in that way, but apparently I have not yet read what you wrote and misinterpreted what you were saying.

      I never said my view was the only one that counted.

  • Natalia

    Oh come on now. We all know what everyone is “really” saying.
    Feminists are feminists.. they act like they do not need men, are feel that they are better than men… but in the end… they all “do” them anyway.

    Women that have rich husbands… my mother is one of those women, never worked since she got married at 23. A little spoiled.. doesn’t know what her electric bill is… but IS intelligent… a good mother, a good cook… and a good psychologist.

    Femininity is not based on your status, it is based on your frame of mind. Even FAT women can be feminine and gorgeous… (Brooke is not one of them) but they need to look the part, too.

    Women who work, work because they have the right to and want to, just as men do… we are not in the 15th century anymore. The trick is to be able to look good in jeans and in a dress, whatever the occasion requires you to – you need to look the part. I guess that is why women are more versatile than men.

    • Instant

      “Oh come on now. We all know what everyone is “really” saying.
      Feminists are feminists.. they act like they do not need men, are feel that they are better than men… but in the end… they all “do” them anyway.”

      What a load of horse apples. I was raised with the basic principles of feminism: Men and women are socially, economically, and politically equal, and that their gender doesn’t have a bearing on their abilities to make it in this world. I don’t think I’m better than a man because I am a woman. I’m better than some men in regards to what I can do, and some men are better than me in regards to what they can do, but hardly any of if it is because of our genders. I don’t “need” a man in the sense that I can go out and get a job, a house, a bank account, pretty much support myself and take myself out into society without needing a man to help me or give me permission for any of that. BUT, if I want to feel fulfilled in a relationship, I do need a man for that, since I am heterosexual(if I was homosexual, I would be needing a woman in that respect).

      I get the impression that Brooke is a tomboy, but I wouldn’t say she isn’t feminine. Just a little more coarse than the average feminine woman. I think that if she really wanted to, she could be the typical “feminine” woman as people seem to think of when they think “feminine”. I think when she isn’t hamming it up like in this particular set of photos, she is a very gorgeous and feminine woman(like in the more recent blue bikini pictures).

      • Ela

        I also agree with what you’re saying about Brooke. Khloe Kardashian also falls into this category for me. They’re feminine but because of their larger, stockier builds they can come across as a bit butch. Still, I know a really hot hot guy that loves women who look this way and wishes there were more!

    • Ela

      I agree with this. Femininity is a state of mind and an attitude, not a dress and heels or a painted face or a meek personality.

  • Natalia

    Men fullfill you? Yes, I guess some do… and I have nothing against homosexual or bisexual women either…. women have different things to offer.. and men do as well.

    By the way, I am not speaking directly to you… as I am sure you have seen overly “feministic” women… that do not enjoy men as most women should. Picking a fight is the easiest thing to do in this discussion – as it seems.

    • Instant

      “Men fullfill you? Yes, I guess some do…”
      What do you mean by this?(I’m not being combative with that, btw, I really would like to know what you mean by that)

      “By the way, I am not speaking directly to you… as I am sure you have seen overly “feministic” women… that do not enjoy men as most women should. Picking a fight is the easiest thing to do in this discussion – as it seems.”
      Then why didn’t you say that, instead of being so general?

  • Natalia

    Quiet on the western front…

    Anyway, I personally do not find that men have the ability to fulfill a woman. Perhaps not these days? As a general rule, at least from my experience with men, they seem to lack certain aspects of a woman’s sensuality – another words they do not take the time to learn… I am not sure if I explained it correctly… but there are women on this board that may agree with me.

    • Instant

      I had no trouble finding men that had the ability to fulfill women. Yea, there’s quite a few out there that don’t, can’t, or won’t, but that doesn’t mean all men are that way. I’m quite happy with the man I’ve settled down with, not a damn thing I would change about him. Not saying he’s perfect, but for me, he doesn’t need to be 😛

      • Kae

        This is an interesting thread. It’s thought provoking, which is really nice. I don’t agree with all the comments on here but it’s still quite interesting.

  • Natalia

    Every woman has her own requirements. I know.

  • her body is normal but she looks like a wh**e