Brooke Hogan, a Tiny outfit and… a Strip Pole

March 16, 2009 in Brooke Hogan by Versus


Oh my… these are the kind of pics that have a VERY high “you’ve got to make fun of this”-risk factor.

But I won’t – just watch me being delicate & kind! (You, on the other hand, can go wild).

Let’s let the whole “Brooke performs as a stripper (minus the taking-off-her-clothes thing)” aside and let’s just say that Brooke’s figure is just fine, but just as in Britney’s case (yet another perfectly healthy, but not Hollywood-skinny girl), the outfit is just NOT FINE, especially when you’re planning to do all sorts of bending, spreading, twisting and other such provocative moves.


You have got to see the pics on the next page!





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