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Cameron Diaz Launches Her ‘Body Book’

diazbodybook - Cameron Diaz Launches Her 'Body Book'

All the details from Daily Mail:

The 41-year-old actress said one of her proudest moments came when she received the first bound copy of her new self-help book, The Body Book. She shared this moment with audiences via Twitter on Wednesday in a photo of her holding up the book, pressed close to her heart as she smiled at the camera.

Her excitement was captured in the caption: ‘One of my proudest moments! Receiving the first bound copy of The Body Book!! @thebodybook LADIES!! I wrote this book for YOU and YOUR BODY.. And I’m so excited to share it with you!! You can pre-order it now. #loveyouramazingbody’

Cameron considers the book an act of giving back, according to a publishing source in a June 2012 interview with E! News. ‘She wants to stop their fixation on being thin, and for teenage girls to understand that being healthy is more important,’ the source said. ‘She wants to use her celebrity to make a difference. She knows she is a role model to girls and she really wants to use that position to do good. ‘This book is not about weight, it’s about making the right choices.’

‘Cameron is going to be visiting high schools around the country to talk to teenagers about their food choices and what is important to them,’ the source said. ‘She wants them to know that being thin should not be their priority, it’s about getting the right vitamins and knowing what foods will give them energy and keep them strong. ‘She wants to get their feedback, learn about how they decide what to eat now, and teach them to make more informed choices.’

article-2522882-1A11403D00000578-888_634x625 - Cameron Diaz Launches Her 'Body Book'

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  • melodybrown

    Would have been a little more respectable had she not approved a photoshop makeover of the cover photo. Even if there wasn’t a lot of manipulation of the body itself, her skin is beyond realistically smooth.

    • Daisy

      I agree maybe a photo like the one she tweeted would have been better.

    • Sandy

      You took the words out of my mouth. If you want to preach self acceptance, don’t alter your image.

      • jjj2

        In all fairness to the magazine, she probably probably was made up with makeup and stuff for the photo shoot. And then shows a picture of herself without makeup to compare it to…

  • Hazal

    Why do Hollywood actresses see themselves as nutrition guides? Sorry but I rather purchase a book written by an expert.

    • MissMarilyn

      exactly. This is exactly what I was going to comment. I really like the idea behind what she’s doing, but honestly a nutritionist should be doing this… not Cameron Diaz…

      • HB

        I thought that too, but there’s probably a LOT of contribution from nutritionists, and she has a co-author’s name on the cover.

        I think she’s a good choice, because she has dedicated herself to a healthy lifestyle and has likely learned a lot in that pursuit.

        Side not– she looks SO DARN HAPPY AND CUTE in the pic where she’s holding up the book 🙂

        I’ll happily buy it and report back to y’all about it, hehe.

    • marilyn

      why do all tabloids go to celebs for nutrition advice tho..? same logic/thing, yeah?

    • Sandy

      I agree to some extent, but the truth is that a book “written” by a celebrity with a body that people admire will attract a look more attention than one written by a nutritionist. There are hundreds of books written by qualified experts that no one is reading. As long as the message is getting out there, it doesn’t matter who is delivering it.


    I think it’s a really nice thought. But I don’t see many teenage girls running to the store for this book. Another thing, I would think that schools would want an actual health expert teaching nutrition. Not an actress.

    But regardless, beautiful lady. She seems nice enough.

    • cherryblossomz

      Yeah, but teenagers respond better to the rich and famous than they do to regular old nutrition experts, so I can see the appeal.

    • kia

      well..I konw an obese nutritionist. I’d rather go to cameron diaz to take advises.

      • MissMarilyn

        and i know a nutritionist who promotes anorexia. Definitely would pick diaz > him.

        Still, even though there are some crazy nutritionists I’ve met some very knowledgeable/helpful ones that would be better suited to help teens I think. I REALLY wish schools would teach more about nutrition/make it a mandatory class or at least part of health class. There are so many things that people do not understand about nutrition that should be common sense. It drives me insane.

        • Catherine

          Totally agree! I think they maybe used to teach it in Home Economics in the past? Not completely sure, since I’ve never taken a home ec course, and they may teach diff things now.

          I remember learning about the food guide in grade 5, and then nothing about nutrition until some grade 11/12 biochem on energy metabolism (glycolysis, citric acid cycle, etc). It wasn’t taught with a nutrition angle, even though it easily could have been (eg: NAD comes from niacin, which you find in these foods, etc).

          I agree nutrition should be mandatory in high school though. It could be one of the topics in grade 9/10 ‘Science’ or health class, like you said (we didn’t have health, just phys ed). It was at around age 15 that I started to get more interested in nutrition and read crappy media articles on it. . . would have been great to get the real info at school. Parents don’t necessarily teach their kids about this stuff.

          I’ve actually been thinking about pitching an idea for a presentation to give to high school students, just on some basic nutrition facts. I think changing the actual school curriculum is slightly harder to do lol, since I am currently an undergrad.

          • MissMarilyn

            we had mandatory health class which talked about STDs/body image/drugs and that kind of stuff… so I’m not sure we couldn’t AT LEAST throw in like a little bit about basic nutrition.

            You should do it!! I think a lot of high school students are lightweight interested in nutrition (or at least in body image, which stems from health) but know very little about it. One of my friends in high school thought it would be healthy to only eat fruit for a week. asgfhgiudhfgiuhg
            i mean they should at least explain metabolic rate and how eating too little screws it up and causes weight gain instead. and how fruit does not provide nearly enough nutrients for a body to live off of.

          • PS

            Sorry to bother you, but there are people that eat ONLY fruit as a complete lifestyle and they are pretty healthy – but it takes a lot of effort and knowledge on how to get the right nutrients. Definitely not an option for me but it shows that there are many ways to be healthy -> knowledge is the key.

          • MissMarilyn

            yeah, my friend was doing it to lose weight though, not to achieve a lifestyle. She was planning on consuming less than 700 calories per day with no regard to protein/healthy fats or any other nutrients -.-
            its not to say it cant be done she just did not have any idea what she was getting in to/how it would affect her body

          • HB

            The problem with that is that it’s really misleading. Yes, you can get some protein from fruits, and maybe if you’re doing a lot of avocado, you’ll get some fat in there, but strictly fruits make it difficult to meet your macronutrient (carbs, fats, proteins) requirements.

          • serena

            You are misinformed. A diet of 100% fruit is very dangerous in the long run. The human body requires a multitude of vitamins and minerals, not to mention proteins and fats. That is why people on “Fruitarian” diets consume vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes in addition to fruit. The nuts, seeds, and legumes are needed to provide protein and fats or else our organs can’t function.

            As for eating only fruit for 1 week, that is really moronic considering she’s consuming a ton of carbs and sugar. I imagine it would make the person bloated and diarrheal and any weight loss would be due to eating less overall.

          • kia

            in fact..tons of sugar

          • kia

            -Who are these people
            -Where do they live
            -How long they live
            ->knowledge is the key

  • Lea

    I’ve grown to really like her. She’s really cute and she seems like a very nice person as well. I also think it’s nice to see a 40+ year old actress in Hollywood who doesn’t have perfectly smooth skin. She probably looks “old” compared to other Hollywood stars but I think that by real life standards she looks just fine. Her body is quite nice too.

    • kia

      I think she has an Amazing body. she was origially blessed with very long legs related to the rest of the body, but surfing the waves she built a great great body. I still envy her a lot for having the american waves next to home and a lot of free time to improve surfing like a crazy. grrrrr I want to.

  • cherryblossomz

    I’ve got nothing against Diaz and I think it’s a nice gesture on her part. However, it is a lot different when it is literally part of your JOB to be fit AND thin (those are two different things, btw). I hope what she has to say is realistic.

    That being said, I know that if I was a 15-year-old girl and Diaz came to visit my school and told me to feel good about myself, I’d be pretty stoked and might actually take her word for it. That was all before the cynicism set in, though…

  • amelia

    right…. lets let one of the skinniest/perfect bodied celebrities go talk to our kids about being “healthy rather than skinny”.. c’mon.. seriously?!?! This girl has never had an extra pound on her body.. she is genetically blessed… What does SHE know about kids struggling with body issues… ?!? If kids didn’t have a body image issue before.. they will after they see her perfect, unattainable body in front of them…

    • Adriana

      Health isn’t just about fat though. She clearly works to get her bod and takes care of herself. Her body looks like an athlete rather than a “naturally skinny” person (who may or may not take care of themself).

    • HB

      She’s notoriously one of the most strength-training focused celebs out there! Girl has some serious muscle– NOT skinny!

  • kia

    IF she’ll do what she said in the schools, it will all be for the good. let’s see.

  • lc

    Woah she is not aging well…

    • MerryHappy

      Yeah… She looks pretty terrible, and she looks better than she has for a while there too. All the sun damage and smoking and stuff is catching up her. I’ve got to hand to her, though, because she works out a boss.

      • lc

        Yeah, her workout ethic is boss indeed. I admire her figure soo much. One of the best bodies on an actress (non model), imo. But yeah, yikes, sun damage and smoke catching up to her, indeed.

  • isa

    Hmm…you can tell she loves the sun, but at the same time she looks so young and vibrant in her twitter photo.

    And I think genetics has always been on her side, but she is also 41 now, and her body has pretty much stayed the same! but holy shit I just realized 41…. for some reason she’s eternally in her 20’s in my mind.

    also brunette Cameron for the win!

  • solaxia

    Can’t help but love Cameron! Gorgeous, confident, fun, funny, happy…yay!

  • I’ve always liked Cameron – she seems to have a great personality and is fun to watch. But, like many others here,
    I don’t really get why actresses put out health books/advice (Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc, etc) – it often smacks of arrogance and wanting to make a quick buck! I find Cameron a whole lot more likeable than the others though!

    In the end though, I don’t really think any one person has the perfect health advice for everyone, so I take all those books with a grain of salt, whoever the author is. Cameron’s book will likely sell more copies than some unknown nutritionist would – but I’m not sure how many teenage girls are truly influenced by Cameron?!

    • MerryHappy

      Ten years ago: many. Now? None.
      Cameron used to be the cool fun girl. No teenaged girl knows that now. I like her too, but her fame with younger generating is definitely waning.

  • Snugglepup

    She’s like, “Look girls, you don’t have to be thin to be beautiful – oh by the way I’m on the cover, skinny as f*ck and in minimal clothing” Nice idea but … hmm, what happened between having the idea and the delivery? But generally pleasant idea and Cameron stars in my favorite movie of all time – Love less ordinary – and she’s always fun and actually very sporty looking lady. And I like how she promoted the book without no makeup. She looks kind of old in the face tho for being only 41 – must be all the sun.

    • Snugglepup

      *Life less ordinary damn it ::D:D:D yeah totally know the name of my fave movie.

  • tequilla

    i like her message..the key is always imo to really love your body, eat healthy as possible and staying active! we shouldnt talk that much about fat and skinny, or being “clean” (thats btw, the craziest and stupidest thing i hear lately, when they say “i eat clean” it sounds like OCD or something)

  • CK

    everyone has their own perception of what’s a “good looking for 40y.e” when it comes to face,to me Cam’s face looks amazing for 40y.o and I’m not talking about Hwood perception of age but I compare her to women in real world, and I don’t know about others here but i haven’t seen many women in reality looking as good at 40 as Cam does, esp considering that it was well-known she used to have serious problems with skin, maybe even some skin condition, i don’t remember. She should’ve put that pic on the book cover! Though I’ve always loved her sparkling personality and smth tells me even if her face would’ve been all harshly wrinkled and saggy or someone would’ve told me that this pic had been altered or there’s some make up (cos i don’t see it) I’d still love her, cos she always gives such a positive vibe as a person, that its impossible for me to consider her not beautiful. And she has an awesome body, I see it and always think “health, sports, athletic” rather than “model, Hwood skinny” so I think her book will sell, though is whatever she wrote be helpful to anyone or not I wouldn’t know, unfortunately there too many quack doctors and nutritionist out there and tons of contradicting info everywhere, so i personally stick to basics of human’s body functioning and nutrition principles and add to that my own body’s likes and dislikes cos what many people always forget about when desperate to lose weight or smth is that what worked for others can ruin you.

    • kia

      to me she also seems much younger than 40. with those joyful energetic expressions, so clear blond hair and light celestial brilliant blu eyes,that body..I fill like she could be one of my friends and I’m 22

  • m.lee

    this woman’s eyes *__* gorgeous!

  • Layla Bach

    I have a soft spot for Cameron, she’s one of those girls who give off a lively vibe and she’s always smiling and happy. She seems like she would be fun to hang with. And I love her long legs!

  • Jennifer

    Nothing against Cameron as she seems like a happy, nice woman, but I just can’t get over how badly she’s aging. She is starting to remind me of Ellen Barkin, the way Ellen looks TODAY, and she’s 59!

  • getreal

    no way i would buy that bullshit garbage book, PLEASE.