Carmen Electra, Then and Now

Carmen Electra Brings the Quote of the Day

carmen-electra-baywatch-swimsuit - Carmen Electra Brings the Quote of the Day

On still rocking at age 40 the red hot Baywatch swimsuit that made her famous – from In Touch Weekly:

Once I got it on, I felt amazing. It was a million times better than I thought it would be. I feel better than I did at 25! I still have the discipline I learned when I studied ballet growing up.’

… says Carmen.


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  • enbo

    Heels in the sand.. D:

    • sara

      i think they photoshopped her on the beach, if you look at her left foot the lighting look very unnatural

      • ****

        For sure they photoshopped her on to the beach. That foot. the Lighting and just the hack job of cutting her out. Amateure.

        And that hardly looks like her… she looks like she’s had so much work done. and not for the better. She used to be much prettier.

  • Gabby

    maybe she feels so good because theres now a little thing called photoshop haha.
    I keep imagining her sinking in the sand with those heels but then again i think shes just been photoshopped to the background.

  • Sofia

    In “tough” weekly? Never heard of it

    • stephc

      It was a typo no need to get snarky.

      • Sofia

        Honey, this is nothing compared to the actual snark written on this website. Don’t be a sensitive little wuss baby

        • April

          Eh she probably just thinks you’re annoying, I doubt she lost any sleep over it sweetheart.

  • Natalia

    Pretty version of average, short the heels in the sand are a dead give away so are the limbs. Breast implants. Nothing special.

  • Aafje

    Ohhh those terrible high cut 90s suits.

    • lc

      Ugh I know lol!

      • Kylie

        Errrbody loves a french cut

    • artemis

      HORRIBLE AND UNFLATTERING, makes the butt look saggy

  • Marty

    I know her quote is meant in a positive way. As in; I’m still as healthy and attractive as I was when I was youger.
    However, I hope that at 40 I won’t be concerned as looking the same as I did now. Of course, I want to feel as healthy as I do now, but after awhile, I think its time to let go of your 25 year old looks and try to age gracefully. And I’m speaking about people like Courtney (from Friends) and others who just seem to desperately cling to their youthfulness..

    That’s just my opinion.

  • solaxia

    Ha ha I’ve always had a love for Carmen! I think she was cute and sexy back then and still is now =o). I actually think she was facially the most pretty in her 30’s.

  • Adriana

    Good on her!

  • Ana

    She doesn’t look anything like that in candids. She’s much bigger and is starting to look her age.

  • BB

    It actually looks as if she is thinner now, compared to then.

  • Vannia

    that’s not the same swimsuit, I can see that they altered it, the new one is sluttier with side boobage and a lower neckline.

    • HB

      “Sluttier”? Really :/

  • Kylie

    Gorgeous then. Gorgeous now. I know people say she’s trashy and fake, but there’s just something really darling about her. I just wish she would have stayed dark brunette throughout her career.

    • solaxia

      I agree!

  • Abby

    I actually adore her and think she has always had a very sexy face. Sad about her very rounded implants though which push her look into overtly sexy

  • HazeL

    I like her, I think she’s a stunner even though she fits the ‘trashy’ stereotype. I watched an oldschool episode of Baywatch the other day and was surprised how curvy and fuller figured the actresses were compared to the current skinny ideal. They looked great and it made me wonder why there is the skinny obsession with actresses, when curvier and fuller figures look just as good.

    • HazeL

      Sorry that was supposed to be *just as good on screen. Of course they look just as good IRL.

    • solaxia

      Yes! That’s so true, they were fuller! Carmen had a stunning figure as did Nicole Eggert. I think that was also before Carmen had implants. I think the thinnest one was actually Pamela Anderson. She also had the most comical proportions (once she got the implants…though she was a stunner before imo body wise). The rest were all slim, toned, and curvaceous. Not cuvaceous in a very thin, Candice way. But curvaceous as in, some may have the curvy whr (not all) but they all had some lean muscle and some healthy fat covering them too look soft and feminine. I love it!

    • Snip

      Wait – is “curvy” being used here as a roundabout way of referring to size & girth (hello 2013), or in its true sense – i.e., “shapely”? The women of Baywatch were all VERY slim. They just had implants and indented waists. In other words, sexy. The kind of body men of all ages and races are biologically wired to love.

      2013 Victoria’s Secret body types (women are the biggest fans) would have had no place on Baywatch.

      • solaxia

        I mean shapely…but I also mean the curves are a little ‘filled out’. No, I am not someone who thinks curvy = fat. However I also don’t think skinny with shape = curvy. I don’t see Candice is curvy for example. She has a curvy whr…but she is not filled out enough to be truly curvy imo. The baywatch girls had curves as in shape, but they weren’t rock hard. They had the essential muscle and fat which accentuated their curves in a womanly way. Like Salma Hayek, Halle Berry for other examples.

        When I talked about their shapes being different, I meant that they are not all as curvy as Carmen was back then (butt, thighs, and hips)…some naturally are not shapely in those areas. This doesn;t mean they can’t be curvaceous in their own way though…like having some fat and muscles to make them appear more shapely rather than rock hard.

        There is more to being curvy than being fat or skinny imo. It’s not so black and white, it’s a mixture of different elements. If Candice was more filled out, she would be curvy. Right now imo she is skinny with a curvy frame…not the same thing imo.

      • HazeL

        @Snip – I was referring to ‘curvy’ as in shape (not the 2013 meaning lol) and ‘fuller’ as in size wise. They were still slim, but when compared to the skinny ideal that hollywood promotes (obviously there are exceptions) they’re definitely heavier.

        The point I was trying to make is that people argue that skinny looks better on camera, you get skinny in hollywood you get more roles etc. Yet these women looked great on camera too.

  • jessica_rabbit

    yeah thank god for photoshop. why this women even feel the need to show their bodies look like 20 years ago, bc they didnt progress with annything since than i guess..

    • jessica_rabbit

      *since then

  • retrobanana

    i think kelly kapowski rocked the thigh high swimsuits better during he malibu beach club episodes then any of the baywatch girls

  • ebby

    i’ve never understood her appeal. i don’t find her facially attractive. same with jenny mccarthy and pamela anderson.

  • jessicav

    You have to see this woman in person.. She is tiny tiny! Very beautiful and sooo sweet! she looks 25. I’ll always be a fan!

  • Rachel

    This doesn’t look even remotely real. It looks like someone cut out a photo of a swimsuit model’s body and pasted it onto a beach background then cut out someone’s head and pasted that on top of the body.

  • Jessica M

    She is hot! So much so that I feel compelled to clog up this comment board with such inanity.

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