Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood in a Bikini!

Carrie-Underwood-in-a-Bikini - Carrie Underwood in a Bikini!

Unexpected Monday bikini treat!

Who’s in it? Carrie Underwood and her hot beach figure!

She looks really good!

Carrie-Underwood-in-a-Bikini-2 - Carrie Underwood in a Bikini!

More pictures from more angles on the next page!

Carrie-Underwood-in-a-Bikini-3 - Carrie Underwood in a Bikini!

Carrie-Underwood-in-a-Bikini-4 - Carrie Underwood in a Bikini!

Carrie-Underwood-in-a-Bikini-5 - Carrie Underwood in a Bikini!

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Editor of Skinny vs Curvy Website

    She looks amazing! I remember when she was a little too thin and a little too boney. I think she looks toned and healthy now. Wow wow wow

  • Kaiser

    Wow, she looks quite curvy and has a really nice bum. Thank god she doesn’t ruin her body with fake breasts.

    • gigit

      agreed! I hope she doesn’t get fake boobs.

  • Goldi

    wow, I had no idea she looked like this. SHe has a very simlar shape to me except I am more busty

  • crys

    she looks good!

  • Kari

    She has a really nice body; very proportional

  • Ana

    She looks nice, I like her skin…but all I can think of is that in my country is dark after 16 p.m. and efffinn freeezing, and someone, somewhere is in a freakin bikini 🙁 ooh well…

    • caka

      i couldn’t agree more!

      • Lila

        i agree!

    • im in miami, its always like this
      and i HATE it
      i know somewhere some lucky girls get to see snow
      it NEVER snows here. we dont even need jackets. ever


  • rosie

    i love carrie! KATIE is right, she’s not as thin as she was a little while ago, or at least doesn’t appear to be. but i think she looks great and i love her figure.

  • Uma

    She has a really slim and proportionate body. And lovely legs!! Probably her best feature.

  • brittany

    the picture of her bending over is amazing!

  • liza

    very nice body,love her legs. it seems like she’s a ruler shape

    • Sidney

      But do ruler’s have that much of a waist definition? Obv. she’s not an hourglass b/c she hasn’t got much boobs or booty, but i don’t really see her as a ruler.. But whatever the shape i think she looks great.

      • Uma

        I think she’s a vase 😀 That shape was often discribed here and it’s something between ruler and hourglass, to put it simple.

  • doris

    she looks good, looks so hot!!

  • Sally

    Kind of a pancake ass..

    • H

      Come on now, even you realize that was a stupid comment.
      She looks great!

  • kim

    her body is amazing!

  • Jemima

    She looks great. Great skin, too.

  • peachess

    She looks awesome!
    Very soft and feminine, yet toned!


  • Casey

    Her body looks fine but I’m disappointed with her face. When I see pictures of her at premieres she has such a beautiful face, but here, it looks nothing like what I thought she looks like. She looks very plain.

    But it could just be the pictures/sunglasses. (shrug)

    • KJ

      she’s relaxing with absolutely no makeup on.. celebs can’t look glam ALL the time.. just saying. I think she looks amazing personally.. totally jealous and she is now my motivation to get back into shape!

  • she’s gorgeous. she looks REALLY good

  • ckmj787

    amazing! i looove Carrie…great legs!

  • Alias

    Honestly I don’t see anything special…?

    • Alias

      Maybe I should elaborate…

      The girl has absolutely no butt whatsoever. It’s flat as a pancake. And I myself am a butt girl, I love having a tight bouncy butt! And no I am not talking “Kim Kardashian fat ass”, I am talking Jessica Alba, Marisa Miller, Izabel Goulart – toned and tight. A booty to me is as important as a boobs are for a playboy bunny.

      And I just don’t think she is pretty, she doesn’t have any lips :/

      • neutra

        It’s not something she can help (although ‘help’ implies that it should be bigger, which I don’t think it should be- i think people should just make the most of what they have got!) It’s like saying someone looks bad because they have no boobs. A flatter chest and a flatter butt looks better than big plastic fake ones!

        • jojo

          Nicely put Neutra… I think she does a good job looking her best with what she’s got.

        • Alias

          True, I understand what you are saying! But what I am saying is that all she needs to do is some strength training comprised up various lunges/squats, big compound movements and she would gain muscle in her butt therefore making it bigger. It is very possible to change! And about the boobs, I actually like small boobs, to me a smaller chest is much sexier 🙂

      • Hack

        If you want a big butt and big lips, find yourself a nice African-American girl. Carrie is a beautiful Caucasian girl with great features.

        • Meg

          The way you worded that phrase doesn’t sound too great. And Caucasian features doesn’t mean someone has a flat ass and thin lips.

  • jessica

    i think shes prettiest without the glam..she has pretty features she doesnt need glam….her boobs and booty arn’t big thier average size, she looks porportioned for her small frame her body size (boobs/butt) fit her..and her butt is not a pancake, a pancake butt would be no butt cheek like sucken in..and thats not carrie. i think carrie has a nice little body…she has a sporty body more than a curvy body, and quite frankly i rather have an athletic bod !

  • I really thought her ass wouldn’t be as flat as that. A bit disappointed.

  • jessie

    she looks amazing here. what interesting is that i saw her on good morning america live in nashville just a few weeks ago and she was much thinner. my friends are i were really close to the stage and she was wearing a super tight outfit and we could not believe how thin she was. we thought she need to eat a little more. she definitely looks so much better here.

  • Lisa

    Wow, great legs, nice skin…. I would really like to have her body..

  • ppp

    i would never want that body.
    she looks like a plain jane white girl

  • terri

    i think she looks good if she had a bigger butt and boobs she would be perfect but i love her stomach tiny waist and hips average face at best

  • Ella

    I don’t think she lacks a butt, it’s just small and untoned. I’ve seen women with much smaller bums that you could really say ‘lack’ a bum. The kind of size where there is no bulge whatsoever and they never fill out the bottoms they’re wearing.

  • Sidra

    Her butt is probably not as flat as it looks, remember pictures are in 2d so it is hard for one to perceive depth and roundness. That’s why celebs always get shading done around their boobs, so there is a visual cue for roundness, otherwise even nice round boobs look fairly flat.

  • Sidra

    Btw, people are so mean here, I’m a size 0 but if i take a pic of myself, I look much bigger, because people can only see the proportions, rather than absolute measurements.

    • Uma

      omg, almost everyone said she looks amazing or at least good or nice. mean? wow… you have issues 😐

  • Gracia

    I say gracias to whatever GOD has given you!!!
    Your all beautiful….GOD loves us all

  • Gracia

    I say gracias to whatever GOD has given you!!!
    Your all beautiful….GOD loves us all…

  • Gracia

    I say gracias to whatever GOD has given you!!!
    Your all beautiful….GOD loves us all…
    Carrie has a beautiful singing gift…