Carrie Underwood, Vegan: “I kind of had to be vegetarian on vacation”

October 13, 2013 in Carrie Underwood by Versus


On how she is a vegan and occasional vegetarian:

‘I am a vegan but I consider myself to be a practical vegan. If I order something on a menu and it has a sprinkling of cheese on top I’m not going to send it back. The vegan thing is something I try to do my best on because it’s a cheesy world out there. We recently went to Italy and they put cheese in, on and around everything. So I kind of had to be vegetarian when I was on vacation, and now that I’ve been back home I’ve been getting back into my vegan lifestyle.’

On her favorite beauty trick – coconut butter:

‘I put it on my food, I put it on my face, I put it on my hair. If it’s winter, the second I get out of the shower, I spread it all over and it feels really good and it smells good too.’

… says Carrie in Women’s Health Magazine.

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