Amy Winehouse Wants Butt Implants?

Amy-Winehouse-Wants-Butt-Implants - Amy Winehouse Wants Butt Implants?

The Sun reports:

AMY WINEHOUSE may have beaten her drug addiction but it’s left her wide open for another obsession – surgery.

The troubled star is so pleased with her new £35,000 boobs, enhanced from a 32B to a 32D just last month, she is thinking of having them enlarged again.

And Wino has told pals she is also considering BUM implants.

A source said: “Amy loves her boobs. She can’t stop touching them and showing them off to friends. She says she feels womanly again and wants to be more curvy like she used to be. She thinks by having another op and bum implants that she will achieve her dream pin-up look.”

Isn’t that how she used to look before she hit the drugs?

Even her dad MITCH has said how good her new pair are. But I bet he won’t support her going under the knife again.

Amy sure is proud of her new acquisitions, she’s always showing them off!

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Amy Winehouse and Her New Cleavage at 2009 Q Awards

Amy-Winehouse-and-Her-New-Cleavage-at-2009-Q-Awards - Amy Winehouse and Her New Cleavage at 2009 Q Awards

At special request, here’s Amy Winehouse at 2009 Q Awards, held at the Grosvenor House in London.

And she’s not alone – she brought her newly enhanced cleavage with her (fact conformed by her father) and revealed it in a low-cut red dress.

How do you guys like it? If you recall, Amy was quite busty, slim & curvy before she lost all that weight a while back:

before-and-after-amy-winehouse - Amy Winehouse and Her New Cleavage at 2009 Q Awards

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Amy Winehouse Suffered from Bulimia

amy-winehouse-suffered-from-bulimia - Amy Winehouse Suffered from Bulimia

News of the World just published a long article about Amy Winehouse’s problems or as they call them, “secret demons” – and one of these problems is an eating disorder. Here’s what a source from Amy’s old entourage had to say:

Amy suffered from bulimia, which is why she looked so thin. She would have a massive McDonalds and then throw it all up in the bathroom. She old me she suffered from it for a long time.

She lived off Crunchie bars-up to 10 at a time-packets of Haribo sweets and bottles of orange Lucozade Sport. Her h~~~~~ problems made her crave sugar.

If you want to read the full (and very sad) article, click here.

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Amy Winehouse’s Stomach Exposed

amy-winehouses-stomach-exposed1 - Amy Winehouse's Stomach Exposed

2 reasons to post these pics:

1. (With a certain OMG factor) – we get to see Amy without the big, tangled up pile of black hair on her head. This short and curly style is actually neat and cute!

2. Amy reveals her stomach, and the same stomach is being fed with cheese on toast! (Find the pics after the jump!)

All I can say is that it’s a pity that she looked so healthy, curvy and amazing once (click here to see!) – but hopefully, that look isn’t just a past look, but a future look as well.

What do you all say?

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