Ellen Pompeo: “Watching myself age on TV is miserable”


On being on Grey’s Anatomy for 11 years:

“At 33, I was wise enough to know my clock was already ticking in Hollywood. Watching myself age on TV is miserable. To be honest, it’s the toughest part of my job. But as uncomfortable as watching myself age is, I don’t think focusing on physical beauty is necessarily the best thing for your mind. It’s a natural thing that we all do, but I don’t think it’s the healthiest thing. The older you get, the more you realize life isn’t about your looks. Everyone ages, and it’s okay.”

… says 46 year-old Ellen.

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Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Chloe Lattanzi: ‘Having big breasts does not make you stupid’


Chloe Lattanzi is the 30 year-old daughter of Olivia Newton-John and she is an actress and a singer in her own right, but also famous for posting lots of sexy photos on social media. After being criticized on her bikini pictures by certain people saying that her bust size is a clear indicator of her IQ, Chloe replied:

Being unashamed of your feminine form makes you strong. It takes strength to accept and love yourself. This is message is for every woman who has ever been called stupid or a bimbo for having confidence and for loving your body. Having big breasts does not make you stupid. It’s Calling people stupid for having big breasts that makes you ignorant. I love you all. I celebrate the sexy free confident woman.

I want to swim forever

A photo posted by Chloe Lattanzi (@chloelattanzi) on

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Harper’s Bazaar Faces Criticism For ‘Transform Your Body’ Post


Harper’s Bazaar is currently facing a lot of criticism for a Facebook post that users say promotes a “sickly and unhealthy” body image due to the image attached to the message, representing a skinny figure in a bikini. More details from Huffington Post:

On Wednesday, the glossy posted a photo of a thin woman emerging from the water wearing a bikini. The photo was accompanied by the caption, “How to completely transform your body—in ONLY two weeks,” followed by a link to Harper’s Bazaar’s online post, “The Two-Week Body Makeover: The Workout.” (The image on Facebook is also used as the main image for the accompanying post.)

Facebook users were quick to call out the magazine, calling them out for promoting unhealthy body ideals.

This image looks so unhealthy AND unattractive. Promoting this kind of body image is appalling,” wrote one.

“I can’t believe Harper’s Bazaar posted this! My little sister has [an eating disorder] and its because of images like this. She thinks she has to starve herself to be beautiful because that’s what she sees posted on a daily basis as beauty. This makes me mad because this woman doesn’t look healthy,” wrote another.

And while some users accused fellow commenters of skinny shaming, others were quick to retort, pointing out that while the woman in the photo may be “healthy and thriving,” this isn’t a “healthy” body for the average woman.

“I don’t think the issue is with this model personally. She may very well be that thin naturally, and that’s her body and she shouldn’t be shamed for it. However I think the issue most people are having is that using this particular physique for an article clearly aimed towards weight loss and exercise is only aiding in providing girls and women with unrealistic body goals,” wrote one user.

She continued, “Pictures used in this context tend to be the cause of and product of many problems related to both unhealthy ‘dieting’ as well as mental health issues when it comes to women and young girls.”

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Size 10 Leslie Jones: “No designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for the movie”


Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones (48) shared her disappointment on Twitter earlier this week, saying that no designers wanted to dress her for the premiere of her new movie:

It’s so funny how there are no designers wanting to help me with a premiere dress for movie. Hmmm that will change and I remember everything.

Hmm what a difference a tweet makes. Should I name the designers that didn’t look out?Put y’all ass on blast. You will not get my love later.

Leslie, who is a size 10 at 6’0” tall received a long response from stylists, who say that it is the comedian’s falt for not specify ahead that she is not a sample size – here’s the full story from Pret-a-Reporter:

Stylists I talked to estimated that the 6-foot stunner is probably not a sample size, meaning a runway model size 4, but rather a size 8 or 10, and that could be part of her frustration. But not because of any size bias.

“It’s just pure economics,” says The Hollywood Reporter power stylist Jeanne Yang. “People have this belief that showrooms and designers have racks and racks of clothing in all sizes. They don’t. When you’re a designer, sitting with your accountant, you have to think about how much it costs to create a sample. It may take hours to do a muslin, and thousands of dollars to create one specific piece. You justify it because you use it for so many things. One dress has to serve for the runway show, for sales, and to get publicity. If you have a sample that has to fit a model, you don’t have the option of creating things for premieres. No one ever does a variety of sizes. No one has those resources, even the biggest designers don’t.

“For something as big as the Oscars or when you are given enough time, designers may lay out the expense of creating something,” she continues. “But then, a lot of designers who do go through the trouble to create things, and spend the money and time, sometimes they take a gamble then the client says they don’t like it. Then you’ve spent $5,000 to $10,000 for a dress that’s not worn. It can be the death of a line.”

Some celebrities who don’t conform to fashion’s narrow body ideals have to buy — not borrow. Size 6 Bryce Dallas Howard bought the Jenny Packham dress she wore to the 2015 Golden Globes off-the-rack.

“I’ve had clients who are not sample sizes, for example Nia Vardalos. Designers are more than happy to lend to her. Unfortunately, she’s not a sample size. So the production company gave me a budget to buy her clothes,” says stylist Jessica Paster, who also works with Emily Blunt, Olivia Munn and Miranda Kerr. “Christian Siriano saved the day by pulling non-sample sizes, and he himself, the weekend of the premiere for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, did the final fitting with Nia.

This is nobody’s fault except Leslie’s,” says Paster. “She should have known four to five months ago the date of premiere, and said, ‘I’m not a sample size, I need to go to designers early or buy myself a dress.’ Don’t be blaming designers and saying they don’t like you.”

It looks like Siriano is saving the day again. He’s confirmed to dress Jones for the film’s premiere during Outfest.

“I love Leslie and I’m a huge fan of her work,” Siriano said by email. “I can’t wait to create something special for her to wear. Hopefully I will see her in my studio this week to make something new and exciting for her to wear. I support all women no matter age or size!”


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Plus-Size Blogger’s Bikini Photo Got Removed on Instagram


Plus-size writer Aarti Olivia Dubey of Curves Become Her recently posted a photo on Istagram where she and 2 other plus-size models were wearing bikinis – shortly after, the image got removed for not following the platform’s guidelines. Here’s the blogger’s response:

“Instagram THIS is the image that was reported by fat shamers and trolls, and YOU deleted it.
HOW is this image being hateful, hurtful, abusive, trolling or obscene? Do 3 fat girls in swimsuits equate to gore, porn, racism, sexism? Or is it that people only want to see slim girls in swimsuits?
IF this image is reported and deleted again, please trust that I WILL pursue this matter just like @rupikaur_ did when her image of lying in a period stain was removed (she is referring to this story).
I am so disappointed and beyond livid right now. No Thanks to you and the people who had the gall to report this image, for making me feel so badly this Monday morning about my existence as a brown fat woman.
My dear friends on social media, if you would like to help, please do so by reposting this image and sharing this post all over social media platforms, as many as you like.”

She continued in a lengthy post on her blog – read it all here:

Take a good look at us three. Do you know what we have in common? The belief that Any Body deserves to look good in what they wear. Be it a swimsuit, a pair of jeans, a dress, lingerie, a crop top.
We have seen and heard the shaming directed towards us. We have also seen plus size role models in the West – be it bloggers, models, magazines or advocates – teach us that the world will judge you no matter what and that does not mean you go into hiding.
While shooting for this, I realised how I hadn’t been around other plus size friends in swimwear and This made me reflect on how important it is to stay visible despite the hate that might come your way. Because while ppl might shame you, there will be people who look upon you with respect for Who You Are.
Follow more body positive people online. Screen who follows you and who you choose to be inspired by or you can relate to. Surround yourself with that and you will see that: 1) you’re definitely not alone in this and 2) you are not supposed to be at war with yourself all the time.
And if few celebrate your personal triumphs, it is okay to feel sad but remember that That is not something you have control of. Take charge of what you Can control – your sense of self, your self respect and willingness to view the world with different perspectives.”

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