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Kylie Jenner: “I eat so many sweets and so much candy but it’s the Bruce Jenner genes”

January 28, 2015 in Celebrity Quotes by Versus


On her current diet and fast metabolism:

I eat so bad right now. I eat so many sweets and so much candy but it’s the Bruce Jenner genes. I have to start working out very soon. My mom always has so many sweets and so much candy around the house. Every time someone comes over they’re always like, “How are you not majorly obese in this house? There are so many sweets.” But my mom just loves her sweets.

… says 17 year-old Kylie.


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Pamela Anderson: “I never really felt that great looking”

January 28, 2015 in Celebrity Quotes, Pamela Anderson by Versus


On becoming famous thanks to her looks and aging in Hollywood:

‘I don’t really feel like I want to chase youth. I want to get old. I want to experience all the seasons of my life. I just don’t want to be afraid of it. And I think in this industry you’re surrounded by a lot of fear of getting older and fear of your looks leaving you. And I thought, “Well, I’m lucky then, because I never really felt that great looking”.

‘I felt like I could have fun. I felt like I could be sexy. I could be provocative and I could use my image to get attention for things I cared about.’

‘I’ve just signed with Next Modelling agency for commercials and appearances. That is funny. I’ve never felt pretty enough to be a model. I think I’ve provoked feelings with how I look. But not as a beauty but as a mischievous little rascal! I’ve always been a tomboy. That was never the first thing on my list. My mum always told me beauty comes from within. And I know that’s maybe a cliché, but I do believe that. And I think that’s what lasts forever.’

… says 47 year-old Pamela.


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Rebel Wilson: “I just like being who I am”

January 26, 2015 in Beauty & Body Image, Celebrity Quotes, General by Versus


On how her weight has impacted her career:

‘I took something that was seen as a disadvantage – no one thinks, if you’re fat, that you’re going to be an actress and everyone’s going to love you – and turned it into a positive. I just like being who I am. No pressure could change that.’

On her recent style:

‘I’m actually using Cate Blanchett’s stylist now because I’m trying to class up my whole image and go after an Oscar…. and I might have to go naked to get it.’

… says 28 year-old Rebel.

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Snooki Shows Off Post-Baby Body

January 20, 2015 in Celebrity Quotes by Versus


On losing weight after giving birth to her second child:

Almost 4 months post partum and so happy with my results. I still have loose skin and stretch marks on my belly, but it’s all worth it for my beautiful babies. Staying fit during pregnancy was the best thing I could ever do. Now it’s time to build that muscle for summer 15! big thanks to my trainer for kicking my body back into shape @anthonymichaelfit.

… says 27 year-old Snooki on Instagram.


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Kim Kardashian Brings Today’s Quote

January 17, 2015 in Celebrity Quotes, Kim Kardashian by Versus


Being honest about her weight:

“Since it’s award season I will do my #TBT to the time Kourtney and I went to the Emmys. She was pregnant and I was about 15 to 20 pounds thinner.”

… says Kim on Instagram.